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Almost every single major fuck-up in my little life, and every long-lasting consequence I still suffer, is due to media: Watching m*dels in magazines when I was like 5, or when I was 6-14 in dr's waiting room, social media, hollywood shit, hours and hours wasted on vidya. Being a weeb\nerd due to anime, and even I watched the shitty ones. PMO, of course for pete's sake.
I can't change the past but how do I stir the boat in the good direction now? Do I make a "bucket list" of media to consume (anime, netflix cartoos etc) + an alloted time per week to use internet for new media of those series? I want to literally stop using the internet, netflix\TV or vidya. Just be ALIVE and LIVE.
How do I even start accomplishing this? I want to be a real human, for once.


It's not that media and the Internet is so so enticing, enough that you choose it over the splendid real world with all its amazing things and experiences, but rather it's that reality is constantly swinging between boredom and suffering and offers nothing to you and any moment spent distracted from it is more enjoyable than actually experiencing it.

You should cherish the fact that there is anything in this world that still excites you and attracts you, even if it's a piece of escapism. It's a whole lot better than nothing.


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>i want to be a real human for once


The problem is there are no real Humans any more, it's all been replaced by phone addicted zombies


>real world
>real humans
chan of wiz, now.




>Just be ALIVE and LIVE.
You mean being a normalfag?


Just read again and again this anon:
and accept that your brain is wired differently.
Reality and people for us are boring and depressing.
Life is not for everyone.

If you don't feel like that's the case, and that you can be a normalfag, then start by abandoning this site, get a sport and a job, and start getting out more, and you will automatically stop using media because you will feel that you don't need it anymore.


this, have you been outside? I rarely look at my phone whe I was outside, but it turns out I'm the weird one since everybody is on their phone. Well seems bird watching people is not for everybody.


You sure it was because of these things you are the way you are. Anyway, it's pathetic to see all these failed normies whining all for the same stupid normie deceits outside there…

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