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Serious question for any wizcels:

Do you ever wonder how you got here…as in, how or why you "woke up" when you did, where you did, to the people (parents) that you did? It's impossible to make sense of. Just on one fucking terrible day, we took up consciousness, literally out of nowhere we are in bodies and tasked with learning the mechanics of entire material world. What caused us to be born when we were, to whom we were? I don't accept that it was random, or mere bare biology..I feel within myself that this life is a targeted punishment and that were I smarter I would have avoided being born entirely. What piece of shit god thinks he/it has the right to do this to us? We are born, thereafter we spend a few years simply making basic sense of things, go off to school, probably suffer a lot, continue to grow up, endure more sadness, and now through all of it we just continue to get older and weaker and sadder. This life is a crime against our souls and whatever caused us to come here HAS TO PAY. Really the only thing I fear is being forced to come back to this shitheap of a world to suffer again…and I do worry about this precisely because I don't know how I got here in the first place. I feel deeply sorry for all the new souls born to this world…there is just so much to learn, but even more there is just so much to suffer through…and I cannot understand what kind of god would force this sort of existence on tender helpless beings? The demiurge must be overcome.


Just enjoy the good times while they last and hope you aren't brought back here when you get your sweet release of death.

Death being the end is too good to be true.


>Death being the end is too good to be true
I fear this is true I don't want to wake up again


You were already ripped out of the void into this planet, there is no guarantee it wont happen again even if you commit suicide.

It might be on a completely different planet in a completely different galaxy. But there is still a chance you have to be reborn.
Over and over and over with no escape. No memory of knowledge of your past existences, since it wont really be "you", it will just be a bunch of atoms that organize in a way that creates consciousness somewhere in the universe.

That's what is hellish about life. The idea that even suicide might not be the final escape, you close your eyes after taking a sip of pentobarbital, the next experience you have is as a 2 year old humanoid who starts forming his first memories 200 trillion miles away from Earth.

Fuck this life.
There really is no solace except trying to be as comfortable as you can in the current existence, and even that is impossible for billions of people.


File: 1710854538574.jpg (117.4 KB, 1500x1000, 3:2, swns_oldest_cat_021_4891b7….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm aware that everyone perceives their own suffering the strongest. There are a lot of people who suffer so much I have to avert my eyes to not get my already low mood even lower. I hate watching documentaries about people in some village working 16 hours a day processing nuts or something.

This might just be 1st world privilege and immaturity but I feel like there is this special kind of "slow burn" suffering when you are shown all the heights of life but also you are not allowed to have them and if you are allowed something you know it won't last. It's like I'm on the street starving and some rich guy holds this wagyu steak to my face. And when I do finally try one I know I can afford to only try it once and then it's back to stale bread and water.

Also I am an atheist but I start to wonder if we exist for the entertainment of someone by the way we humans rarely are satisfied with what we have and cause our own problems because of boredom and ambition.


You're suffering because you can observe that there is a hierarchy (or maybe multiple of them) and that certain humans get to experience things that you don't. On the one hand, you realize that you are not on the bottom and that it could be worse, that you could be working 16 hours a day in some shithole turd world country, but that doesn't seem enough to shake the envy and demotivation at seeing the heaps of people above you that are born with a silver spoon or a genetically superior body and mind, that not only do not suffer the same as you do, but also experience many good things that you can only see on television and social media.


For some reason, maybe because of prolonged isolation, I have a strong sense of individuality despite having quite a low opinion of myself. I understand that the odds of being born into super wealth are near 0 but I can't help but think of life as a video game where goals exist to be reached rather than just this thing that evolved where everything is a consequence of something biological. Like how with genetics and with chance there will be people born into circumstances that will allow them an amazing life of wealth and self-fulfilment. Not because they were destined by a higher power but just random chance. Same way I am suffering as a loser not because of some punishment but again chance. Yet I can't help but try to apply some kind of video game-y movie like narrative to life. To see myself as some kind of punished hero being teased by images of things I can't have.

Idk man I'm getting quite burnt out talking about these kind of things. It all seems pointless. Most of the time I get ignored, told to grow/man up or "it is what it is". I think I just need to accept myself as a cog in a biological machine and just see the thoughts that try to make sense of it all as my mind going crazy.


File: 1710901105021.jpg (700.22 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, VT-00-3R0_8.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

'And I declared that the dead, who had already died, are happier than the living, who are stilt alive. But better than both is the one who has never been born, who has not seen the evil that is done under the sun.'


Quads and quads and quads of sperm who could've been, didn't and they were the true lucky ones. In the end the people who is born is cursed.


This is just unconstructive. You are already here and dying doesn't satisfy any desire. Might as well try to think of ways to make existance better.


>not only do not suffer the same as you do, but also experience many good things that you can only see on television and social media.

Idk man it seems like suffering is a universal part of life. We all lack perspective because we only know our own life. So the rich and beautiful people got used to their wealth and now have new problems. It's the hedonic treadmill. They might be happier overall but it's not the ideal existance one might think. There are of course rich content people but I think it's more because of their personality and less about the wealth.


I don't get the point of suicide or constantly pondering on it.


If you don't want to die then you are entirely too comfortable.


because you don't suffer like me


I don't think you can, because all of us are the demiurge. Parts of a whole cycling through scenarios (consciousness). You've probably cycled through enough suffering on a loop for all eternity. It's a nightmare if you think about it, absolutely horror. What i do know is, if you see entities when you pass do not speak to them. Do not go into the light. Stay in the dark. I would love if it all meant nothing and there is an ending. That's what i call "nothingness", God. Even the name God is beneath it. Keep struggling.


I'd say I'm mentally stable and love the virgin life.


whether there actually is a demiurge that needs to be escaped remains to be shown. however remaining calm and rational and confident in the power of our souls to make it to a better place than this world seems like a very sound strategy against such a being if he/it really does exist.


>If you don't want to die then you are entirely too comfortable.
you realize that being suicidal is not a normal state, right?


"normal" is a social construct. Nomal people are the sickest (Erich Fromm)


being sick is wanting to kill yourself and feeling sadness, anxiety, depression, frustration all the time.

It's not a social construct that you are mentally ill.


wizcel is an acceptable term here now? Jesus fucking christ


> Orthodox Jewish parents
>strongly involved in Zionism, under the influence of the religious Zionist rabbi Nehemia Anton Nobel.[6] He was very active in Jewish Studentenverbindungen and other Zionist organisations
every time


I was just recently watching the new "X-men" cartoon and realized its (((creator))) originally intended the comic/show as a social critique of traditional society and its unwillingness to accept abnormal people (mutants). This unwillingness is cast dramatically as extreme unreasonable hatred. The strongest mutant (Magneto) is naturally a jewish character. Children of course rationally have no understanding of these things when watching a simple cartoon, but I do think that it works to quietly erode their sense of group or racial exclusiveness and therefrom by reflex extend sympathy to people who are nothing like themselves. Comic books are another avenue of jewish social engineering.


the outcasts aren't necessarily people from different races.


Reading on the topic, I find that Magneto wasn't always jewish. It was only after 18 years since the introduction of the character that they made him a jew.

And the guy responsible for this change in the heritage of the character was a jewish writer, Chris Claremont, who is a notable and popular figure in the comic industry and innovated and took a serious approach to comic writing. He also holds the longest stint writing X-men, sixteen consecutive years, so he's left an imprint.


The demiurge is a meme from /x/ like goetia, angels, the parasite pill, remote viewing, and the nobody. If you've internalized it that means you've spent too much time on the imageboards


i'm not an /x/tard so i don't know what parasite pill and the nobody are, but the rest of those things are real and not memes. you can start to experiment by trying astral projection.


So what do you actually see and experience while you AP? Would you have decided it was le demiurge if you hadn't heard about it through the internet
>there must be a supreme being
>there must be a supreme being that created a false reality
>the supreme being that created the false reality must be evil
quite the unsupported deduction


>Would you have decided it was le demiurge if you hadn't heard about it through the internet
you can prove metaphysically that there must be an entity that created this world and sustains it, but not in the way you have in mind as implied by the following lines. it's similar to the reasoning used by modern philosophers to argue for an external world and other minds, and not the ontological or creationist arguments. the problem is that they have fallacious materialist presuppositions to begin with so everything they derive is also fallacious (e.g., one fallacy is that they assume that if something is outside one's own mind, and perhaps also outside of that of all humans and animals, it automatically is something non-mental and of an entirely different kind, i.e., material, or physical, etc.; another fallacy is that they assume a mind depends on something external to itself to exist). that established, all that is then needed is to put together a great bulk of these experiences and testimonials people have during AP, RV, and NDEs. we can find there a common thread which leads to some conclusions about the nature of this particular world (which is not by itself the beginning and end of all reality and existence).

regardless, there is a key insight included in what you're saying and it is what i think determines whether one is an /x/tard, and that is whether one merely takes at face value and believes literally everything that one encounters during those practices, instead of having a more "meta" and empirical approach to analyzing it as more data and what factors influece those experiences (one's thoughs, beliefs, and emotions, for example, that they read something online, like you point out, and so on). if a christian dies and comes back to tell us what he saw, it is pretty much always something that follows from their christian beliefs, e.g., they saw jesus, or maybe they were in hell, maybe god tells them it was only so they'd change their ways 'cause that is what they're heading to, etc. of course, the same thing is prominent in these modern "don't go into the light", "escaping prison planet", etc., online communities. they take mdma and say how they looked at the sky and saw the grid around the earth, etc. that is how most people naturally are, but we have to be more objective and critical.

the key insight is that our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions create reality, but because we're not alone and there's all sorts of realms and creatures out there, which themselves have evolved to be how they are (and we're not really human anyway, the same way that one playing a character on a video game is not that character, their species, etc.), there's a way that things are and objective truths beyond a mere person's beliefs. and free will is a fundamental aspect of the mind so things have come this and not to something else. this entire "physical" world is a ultimately a very stable and powerful mental construct. the truth is that we are all already under the control of extra-dimensional entities, and this is what we can gather from putting together all testimonals and experiences, interpreting them critically and not at face value as in, "yes, this christian lady actually met jesus".


I'm interested in what you specifically experienced while astral projecting and what specific testimonies you would quote to support the idea of a demiurge. I own several books on AP and have tried monroe, my assessment is it's an exercise in using strong internal mental imagery


Demiurge is derived from a Greek word originally meaning craftsman. One interpretation in the mystical Christian tradition of Gnosticism states that the material universe was created when Sophia (Wisdom) attempted to emanate (and this is a simplification the actual account given in various Christian apologists/Church Fathers of the Gnostics, who they viewed as heretical are more involved) without her partner or ayzygy. Durning this process the demiurge sometimes named Yaldabaoth created the material universe which was viewed as something that never should have been; hence the neverending suffering characteristic of this life. Gnostics did believe in a manner I'm unclear about that theres is a way to reunite with the primordial and unindividuated One or God which would be an ideal existence free of suffering.


Should read "syzygy" (meaning yoking) in place of "azygy"


>I'm interested in what you specifically experienced while astral projecting
(i originally had typed quite a lot here, but i realize that you're asking in relation to these matters.) i don't have personal experiences with these beings and actually decided to avoid this sort of topics some years ago because i don't want it to leak into my private mental world and bring me closer to realms i'd rather not. but there's overwhelming evidence regardless that we all will encounter these beings when we die, but it doesn't seem that there's, at that point, anything to fear (if they can't deceive or guilt-trip you into reincarnating they are known to pull other, somewhat silly, tactics to make you quickly forget what's going on, like telling you to walk over somewhere and wait in a line, etc. — more latter on how we even know this). i also avoid all relation to supernatural entities as the ones you listed and that are common in occult spaces (but have inevitably formed a certain sort of connection to some beings i unaware devoted too much emotional and mental energy).

>what specific testimonies you would quote to support the idea of a demiurge

as i said in the previous post, and as i detailed at length in a theory i posted in another demiurge thread some years ago, the idea of a demiurge can be derived from a few basic metaphysical premises and some observations on how this world works, but what you're more interested in is all the other information on this world's prison-nature and its reincarnation trap. no one has put together a better compilation of it than the creator of the escaping prison planet subreddit ( [link](https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapingPrisonPlanet/comments/pyijav/ive_researched_the_afterlife_for_nearly_10_years/) ), though there is, like i said in the previous post, much retardation in that place.

i think that guy's posts should be a good intro, after which you can notice instances of it all over in, e.g., new age types, many of whom have also come upon these phenomena but interpret it in a different (retarded) way. someone i find very interesting is thomas campbell, he's the physicist monroe mentions in far journeys who invented hemi-sync. he's mastered ap as much as it seems to be possible and his experiences validate completely this prison planet theory — however, he interprets them the other way around, that this is a training center for consciousness to learn and evolve, the usual new age silliness. but anyway, this guys talks of a time when he'd be working for the people running this simulated world, where he'd be at the "reality frame" (that's his term, which i do find very useful for distinguishing between "worlds") in which people who die go to be reincarnated, and doing things like the one i described above of telling people to go wait in some line so they'd quickly forget their past life, like one quickly forgets the dream they were having when they get up to do something, so that they'd accept reincarnating without quibbles.


monroe is in fact one of the sources for this theory, see far journeys.

>it's an exercise in using strong internal mental imagery

i'm not a fan of monroe's works in general because i find travelogue ap books to be painfully boring, but i can assure you that you don't need any mental imagery for ap, and there are many persons in ap sites who have aphantasia. what you need is to maintain self-awareness while your body falls asleep. as the body is falling asleep images and sounds start to appear, and not as if you were imagining it (nikola tesla also describes doing exactly that and going to other worlds just as real as this one). but it's tricky because if you get distracted by thoughts you lose that thread of self-awareness and switch to auto-pilot like everyone does every night, and if you start to examine the images too early they vanish.

finally, to conclude this post that is getting too lengthy, the reason why i recommended ap in the first place is because it's a phenomenon that anyone can actually experience for themselves regardless of how skeptical they are about it or how ridiculous it may seem at first, and is one way one can directly experience the supernatural without relying on what other people and texts say. instead of monroe, i recommend [frank kepple](astralpulse.com/frankkepple.html) since he takes a more critical and empirical approach to it than monroe.


As per your link
>Evidence under hypnosis
>Evidence under past-life regression hypnosis
>cobbled together Gnosticism
>remote viewing
>David Icke
>Psychedelics as direct evidence
>A CIA agent, various other bullshit peddlers
IE hokum. I've read this one before, and it is exactly what I'm talking about as peak /x/. I personally think Monroe is fraudulent after observing in his first book that he was unable to even accurately verify a basic OOB projection test. I've lucid dreamed of course and practiced mental imagery but that is not the same as claiming a person literally enters different planes of existence doing so.

peak /x/ is when people mold together various religious traditions with trendy new age concepts and not a lick of evidence proving it. Oh well


That isn't even an argument. You will never enjoy life with your mentality.
You don't have to be miserable, we are all going to die so why add more fuel to the fire.


what level of confidence do you guys have that once we've finally died we'll be at peace forever from whatever the hell this wretched existence actually is?


Hello buddy, I see that your post was insanely subjective and seem to come from hatred of Life and God.

But don't worry this hatred is not absurd and you're right, But don't be hatefully ignorant, Life is trully a punishment but you must know beyond punishment that the life you were given is atleast better than what the other misfortunate person had.

Be thankful that you atleast see and live in a better place and can afford internet and electricity and water. I know this may seem as sophism but truly you need to be thankful that in this punished World atleast you had the advantage 60% didn't have.


It seems unlikely that we will be reborn in the same conditions, but since we don't know what consciousness actually is we can't say for sure that we do not live again. Things are always worse than imagination.


Zero. There is no escape.


false, ultra false.


i practice tens of times every day to be ready to dodge this fucker when i finally happily die.


It is dependent in how you live. If you are a degenerate normalnigger or a feminist whore or someone obsessed with the material world then you will not escape. If you live like a frugal monkcel who keeps to himself, does not harm others, is morally righteous and avoids suffering then you will escape.


What's wrong with extending sympathy/empathy to people who aren't like you? Would the average wizzies' life not be better off if normalfags extended some empathy? Not everything is a Jewish plot to erode the white race.

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