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Im 29 years old and on semen retention, celibate streak. Even mental celibacy as much as I can ,but Im extremely aroused by, and attracted to, succubi in the 6-11 year old range. I feel so very bad morally and spiritually. Im 29, a full man, and lust after a 7 year old succubus or even 5 in some special, less frequent cases.
I genuinely feel like dying. What can I do? what do I DO now?


if troll, what is your goal and the target audience. if not you're a pedophile. try to become a hebephile


I am glad I lucked out and became an ephebophile and not a pedo. succubi in high school and college are way hotter to me than succubi my age, but thankfully I am not a pedo and prepubescents do nothing for me. I still feel guilt about it so I can relate somewhat, but I imagine it would be much worse to be a pedo. Just resist the urge and you should be good though. Don't look at that porn because it's a crime. Sometimes I get a craving for ephebe porn and I start searching for sketchy websites that used to have that sort of content, and clicking on increasingly sketchy links, but now they pretty much cleared it all up and that strategy doesn't work anymore. I was always really grossed out when I came across prepubescent stuff. It also makes me fear going to jail even though I never saved anything and it was many years ago. Best not to deal with the fear of being vanned and just avoid it. Stick to loli hentai or whatever floats your boat. As long as you don't actually do anything bad, you shouldn't feel guilty.


>What can I do? what do I DO now?

Enjoy your life as a wizard.


When is the last tiem you had sex with anything or anyone?


I don't watch ANY p0rn. When I cant help it I search for "mild" content on google like stock photos, general use photos, etc very plain stuff
my hand, like..5 months ago?


Thoughts are just that. It's nothing to be guilty for.

>What can I do? what do I DO now?

Realise it makes no sense to berate yourself for something you were burdened with against your will. You're just part of nature and evolution doing its thing.
You could try following meditation principles to quiet the thoughts. Just let them come and go, like clouds in the sky. Acknowledge them and move onto whatever else you feel like doing or thinking about


Hope you understand many of those are honeypots as well.
Not to mention three letter agencies like NSA expending massive resources on wiretapping internet service providers to intercept traffic that comes from onion users and other sketchy people with man in the middle attacks.

I mean you could have gotten away with that in like 2014, but even googling that stock stuff is increasingly risky in the modern world no matter how well the user thinks they are protected.

If you live in the US, it's no fun being prosecuted for something like that.
People in the can or county jail will be a real threat to your life the moment you step in.


File: 1710954115249.jpg (1.59 MB, 1637x1158, 1637:1158, 91b968d3d904477e2bae92e74d….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Learn how to illustrate, sculpt, model, paint, or carve succubi in the 6-11 year old range. Buy a loli sex doll. Little succubi are like animals in a zoo. Perfectly fine to look at and even to throw treats to sometimes, but don't ever touch. They're more afraid of you than you are of them.

And keep up the semen retention. Soon you will have lucid wet dreams of the loli. Such dreams are wizard fuel. Only through dream-ejaculation inside a dreammädchen does a wizard's orbs increase in strength.


Im not from USA.
No one in (my country) goes to jail for visiting pedo sites. you have to actively share, downloaded and uploaded content for police radar to start beeping.
Im sure 80% of 15+ yo guys here jack it off to 10 year olds if possible. Humans are shit, latinos are all pedos and succubi are pedos towards cute children too.


There's literally no reason to feel guilt. You bear no responsibility for your thoughts or feelings.

>>290339 said it perfectly


File: 1713722384809.pdf (7.36 MB, Sex in the Yellow Emperor'….pdf)

The trick of no-fap is not just resisting: you are lost if you do only rely on that.

It needs cold showers, it needs to eat less meat and stimulants, it needs fasting, it needs to set your gaze away from visual stimuli, it needs some strenous sports like calisthenics or lifting…

you must learn to redirect the energy where you need it to be.

Sorry, you. This is serious.

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