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File: 1714536996909.png (156.11 KB, 343x354, 343:354, imagen_2024-05-01_01163855….png) ImgOps iqdb

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You always make threads of "I will never be pretty enough", "I will never have a job because I am ugly", "I am horrible :(". Everything related to physical appearance, and complexes. The truth is already unpleasant, and pathetic that men , and especially chaste men, give importance to something as trivial as appearance.
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>appearance being important is succubi mentality
>but a man by nature is made to be stout
You contradict yourself in the same post where you claim that appearance doesn't matter while stating that men are "supposed" to be stout. You do know what that word means at all? It's based on a certain look, an aspect some men have. Even when you try to deny the importance of looks, you just admit to it in your own post.

> we'd really need to investigate some real statistics to say whether being ugly creates a very significant bias.


lmfao even
Yeah, we need more "real" statistics.
> I do not approve of acting as a succubus
You approve of bullying virgin males for feeling down when society is already shitting on them.
Men will suffer and you will scream "stop acting like succubi, guys, that's so unmanly of you" "crying? that's succubi! men are not supposed to cry or feel sadness"
You are, like I said, a dishonest faggot. You will never be a wizard.


It is funny how you talk to voices in your head, while not giving any arguments at all, and then just summing up that I can't be a wizard. Man if being a wizard means being crab like you I'm thankful I can't be like that.
>You do know what that word means at all?
You do know? Tell me more about it so I'm not mistaken about your definitions.
>You approve of bullying virgin males for feeling down when society is already shitting on them.
Projections, never stated that.
>Men will suffer and you will scream "stop acting like succubi, guys, that's so unmanly of you" "crying? that's succubi! men are not supposed to cry or feel sadness"
Projections, never said that.
>You are, like I said, a dishonest faggot. You will never be a wizard.
That's pretty much you only argument, that is, no argument at all. All your mentality is so centered about looks that you don't even notice that you're a crab.


File: 1716063745652.gif (258.99 KB, 500x375, 4:3, internet fight.gif) ImgOps iqdb


>angry cuck says men by "nature" are stout while affirming appearances and looks don't matter
>he says there isn't a bias against ugly men in the same post
>claims men who complain are by default behaving like female because in his nigger brain men should never complain about being shitted on by society otherwise they are feminine
There is no winning with dishonest fags like you. You don't even know what you believe in.

Keep hating other virgin men and larping as a wizard when in fact you hate wizards.


As long as you keep imagining statements I did not make it will indeed seem as if there is not winning against me. The fact is that you do not even know what you are arguing about. I tell you not to act as a succubus, because that will make you unhappy, but you keep twisting my posts as much as you can just to… act and whine like a succubus, all the while adding no value to the discussion.
>Keep hating other virgin men and larping as a wizard when in fact you hate wizards.
This way of trying to ragebait me is really the kind of womanly thing I could expect from you. What do you expect appealing to hatred like this? I hate no one, but I indeed have much of contempt towards certain people. I will make no secret of despising myself also, for I used to act as a succubus not long ago. But I am at another attempt to stop being a mangirl. As for you, keep greentexting me, if that helps you to relieve stress. Just look at your pathetic self:
>he says there isn't a bias against ugly men in the same post
Where did I say this, show me please? For if you have eyes, or at least one, you will notice that I said there is probably a bias indeed, but as to its magnitude I indeed said nothing, since I have no data to back me up.
What do you proceed to do? To cry and whimper that society shits at you. Now that you had your dose of whimpering, do you feel any better? Did society stop shitting at you? Why do you confront the unwelcoming society like a succubus, by cries? Do you expect it to headpat you? Expect no such, for only beautiful females get free money and headpats on this Earth, but you will be kept shitted upon. What then do you achieve by acting as a succubus?
Or, on the other hand, where did I say you can not complain? Who does not complain when something hurts? But instead of complaining as a man, you create a long thread lamenting about how your ugly appearance destroys yourself as a person. Man, what destroys your? What did your face do to you? Do you not see that by lament you perpetuate the wounds psychos afflict on you? And you keep to advice me to act as a succubus, to complain and lament, so I may remain unhappy. And after this you accuse me of hatred. Whom do I hate, if I wish wizards to be happy? But you wish them lamenting about something they can't change and miserable.


>t. doesn't know what stout even means
>screams crab at everything
>projects and accuses real wizards of acting like a succubi
>he creates a strawman where I am so frustrated and alienated guy because of my looks
You are mentally ill, retarded, or just a troll.

Looks matter. Common sense tells you that. The science backs this up with plenty of data and facts.

This is a site for wizards and they can complain about whatever they want, it doesn't make them less "manly"

You are dishonest and miserable.


Someone said I had a succubi personality until they seen my face almost killed myself that day


File: 1716207557490.jpg (890.46 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, Downward_Spiral1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Men have always been evil. We have stolen everything from succubi. We created a world where they get raped, murdered and enslaved. We invented a society to perpetuate it. Read Friedrich Engels "Origin of the Family". As per Marxist theory, prior to the advent of agricultural society, gender roles were mostly absent. This is why many pre-agricultural societies such as the Iroquois Confederacy or the Amazonians were matriarchal. However, after agriculture took hold, men gained power on account of having superior (On average) upper body strength, and we were therefore more able to control the main source of power in this new society. The moment we gained power, we solidified it. We invented concepts like "Masculinity" and "Femininity" in order to keep succubi subjugated. We literally just made up a lie that they're naturally mentally inferior. This has gone on forever now, and men have benefited from it while succubi have suffered as a result.


>Men have always been evil.
>We have stolen everything from succubi
yep, kill yourself.


I only understood that taxation is theft. Marxism be crushed


I'd love to. I consistently contribute to an evil world. I am a settler, I am a misogynist, I am a white man and I just want to fucking die. succubi want me dead. I just want it all to end. I deserve death. I'm such a coward.
Libertarians should be rounded up and shot like pigs
Pretty much, yes


Where a chastity cage and get fucked by black people to pay reparations faggot leave space on the board for shit posting, that has more value than your self deprecating cuckholdery


Well I agree with what you say, that doesn't mean succubi are good either. succubi can ruin lives of even other succubi than just men, they can rape, they can be pedos and do horrific shit that causes harm to others. Humanity is just a complex confused beast trying it's best to find perfection but will sadly never achieve it.


File: 1716303487398.gif (122.62 KB, 500x375, 4:3, DSC0139.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Look, this is a guy with insecurity issues trying to justify his feminine behavior.


Bribery has nothing to do with this.

And succubi lose their looks just like men do.

99,9% of succubi past 40 can't bear children and 99,9% of men past 45 will not have their first child at that age.

The human prime is very short, around 18-40. After that both genders start decaying. It's a stupid redpill myth that men age like fine wine.
No, men peak physically around 21-35 and it's a descent after that, not a rise.

From nature's perspective there isn't a greater blessing than being a good looking chad while young because it gives you maximal chances to impregnate lots of succubi and have lots of casual sex.

In western societies that's something even money can't buy, succubi in the west are wealthy enough to be completely repulsed by ugly rich geeks in 2024.
The only place where you can still bribe succubi is in developing third world countries. Even then, you will likely be required to marry them.


Now watch him accuse you of being a dishonest faggot.




Cope and seethe, abomination.


>I'm an ugly man and I know that being ugly has been detrimental to me. It has basically ruined my life. You're not gonna gaslight me with your bullshit like the rest of the normalcattle does. I know how this world works, kiddo. This ain't no fairy tale where good people win in the end. People care about your looks and how much money you got. That's all they care about. And if you're not rich or good looking you're gonna go through hell in this life.
Bless you for speaking the truth anon. I'm about to give up on the internet because even the chans have been subverted by normalfags including 'spiritual' types pretending to be completely detached from the flesh. I'm about to give up on life as well because even as a middle aged man I get harassed by strangers whenever I take a walk in broad daylight because of how I look. Whenever I have the misfortune of needing to talk to a succubus I'm being overwhelmed by her obviously disdain as if I smell like a trash bag full of shit. There's no recognition or empathy for what I've been dealing with my whole life except from other anons going through a similar experience. I can't take it anymore. I have not mistreated anyone but they're making a monster out of me. Is it then any surprise a monster is what they will get?


This. I'm 43, knew I'd be a wizard by age 10 and year by year I get worse and worse treatment due to my looks even by absolute strangers.

It has gotten to the point I've been assaulted a few times by teenagers (including succubi who were wielding knives) because I look 'weak and bald'.

Going forward from here, I basically don't leave my house or want to interact with people in any shape or form.
And the former is merely the tip of the iceberg. The abuse, vile looks and ridicule has happened during employment, on the street, in hobbies, everywhere.

Even my own elderly family has made fun of me for being fat and balding as if I'm a source of personal amusement for them.


Normies do not understand the language of mercy, but the language of power. Had you broken some arms you'd done a great service. Those bastards are probably tormenting other younger wizards and you didn't even manage to track their faces to know where they live.
>Even my own elderly family has made fun of me for being fat and balding as if I'm a source of personal amusement for them.
Please stop whining. It is way too clear what must be done about bullies and circlejerking about this will only worsen our weak disposition.


Not everyone has the fortitude to risk prison or jail which will happen in most countries if you fight back.


File: 1716477816705.png (305.56 KB, 790x676, 395:338, 1716400649180.png) ImgOps iqdb


The system is set up this way on purpose: violence is taboo because it's the only kind of power that wizards can possibly have to fight back against the normies.





20 years of his life gone because some succubus found him repulsive. succubi are truly evil.


Because appearance is social currency. Unless you are completely isolated you should care at least a little about your appearance.


Unless you're a japanese style hikikomori whose parents bring you food behind your door, you need a job to survive.

Jobs in 2024 don't hire unkempt unhygienic people even if your job requires zero interaction.


Shave, wash your face daily, wear good quality clothing, brush your teeth, and diet.




Do you think it's funny to repeat normie memes or do you unironically assume that wizards don't take care of themselves and are therefore abused? Either way you're a scumbag who's shitting up this board. Kys.


That moron really thinks succubi detest ugly men because "they don't brush their teeth".


Any reason will do


I dont believe this thread to be serious, let alone one made by a wizard. But I would like to post about my thoughts on this idea. I have a feeling that there is no answer to whatever call to retribution or reparation either sex makes. Who sinned fist kind of deal. Female nature to manipulate socially vs male nature to manipulate physically. Did the man rape the succubus first? or did the succubus cheat/commit harlotry first? should this whodunnit game be played to the point where one sex should have bias against another in society?
I do not agree with your presented theory that men and succubi are mentally (intellectually and psychologically) similar. I do not have any studies, let alone anecdotes (heh, why would I?), but from what little ive seen online succubi simply think differently. Since this is coming from Marxist theory I have mind to say that this is just a "deconstruction" effort by the commies in an attempt to present the idea that natural orders and hierarchies don't exist. I even remember in social studies class as a child that hunter gatherer societies had male and female roles so I doubt this claim made by the marxists. men would hunt and succubi would gather, as well as process the hunted food.
My opinion on the male v female dynamic is that both sides work differently, to the point where different expectations are applied to both sexes. however in modern days (and maybe historically too, considering that one book written about the fall of nations that says before every fall there's a rise of feminism) the females are goaded/baited/manipulated into believing that their roles are some kind of oppression, and attempt to upend them, hypocritically so as no one is demanding that men stop being he workhorses of society. their claims are kinda true in the sense that civilization is built on limiting ourselves with laws for the greater good of da collective, but men also play by those rules.
>We created a world where they get raped, murdered and enslaved
doesnt exist exclusively to succubi and when they do happen they are generally violations of those societal laws (ie criminals and not the norm), or a prejudice against another society.


disregarding the most basic flamewar bait that is this thread. I do find myself acting in a feminine manner whenever I get into an altercation with the mum. I find that I argue in the same complaining/spiteful/not respecting the other party manner as her and I hate it. I catch myself after the fact but what good is that? I guess its a byproduct of being raised by her but It makes me even more adverse to wanting to communicate to people since I feel like Id start spouting womanisms.


Retarded rambling


The true "social currency" is in power. And the two most efficient forms of power are money and above all things, knowledge of both self and practical skills.Socially, a person with education and good purchasing power is worth more than a simple worker, regardless of the physical qualities of both.

That's why no one really cares if a succubus is an engineer, businesswoman or doctor, the only thing that matters is that she has a good appearance. Limiting his value as a human being to this, or at least before society. That is why in social situations that involve having sex like a rabbit or having a better relationship with a succubus, physical appearance is irrelevant, and does not mark your value as a person, much less as a man


Your life is undoubtedly sad and miserable, even if you don't believe it, there is still time and you can change. Stop worrying about issues that you couldn't choose, and start taking the direction of your life once and for all.

Learn to weld and make furniture or crafts, learn mechanics to buy cars or car parts to resell, create, repair and build a future.


>, I am a misogynist, I am a white man and I just want to fucking die. succubi want me dead. I just want it all to end. I deserve death. I'm such a coward.

There are two kinds of Yankees, the nationalist racists who love guns, and the racists who hate their country and race who love guns.


Because God decided it would be funny to make my mind feminine and body masculine


You sound like a transvestite.


Elaborate. What prevents you from acting as a succubus, exactly?


43 is too late to start fresh.


You can start unfresh


Id rather listen to crabs than your tradtard polfaggot rhetoric.


And this is why men have been gang pressed and conscripted and forced to die all throughout history to the benefit of succubi who aren't, because we actually live in a "patriarchy" that benefits men at succubi's expense? You subhuman clown, fuck you.


So he was meant to fight someone wielding a knife, disarm them like an anime character and break their wrists? Are you people real?

This is why being a wizard means nothing, no empathy or respect, just callous strongman posturing and dismissal of lived experiences, no different to the response of your average pleb on the street.


>So he was meant to fight someone wielding a knife, disarm them like an anime character and break their wrists?
Absolutely. I haven't read the thread yet but I can say that in any fight-or-flight situation, fighting is the only option for a man. Kill kill kill


You have two legs, two hands, and a thinking brain, you can learn and work. You can be fine.

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