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File: 1716159891587.png (7.69 MB, 8192x5322, 4096:2661, 2000-2020BestDemMargins.png) ImgOps iqdb


I used to cut myself but my parents forced me to stop.

Now I make maps to keep myself from committing suicide.

What do you guys do


File: 1716160320247.gif (233.23 KB, 2800x1700, 28:17, 1912CountyMap.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Ugh. I'll post more maps I guess. This one is the 1912 Presidential Election with both Taft and Roosevelt's votes combined. For most of these I finish the map and never end up bothering with the legend.


File: 1716160419513.gif (237.77 KB, 2800x1700, 28:17, BestPerformanceRepublican1….gif) ImgOps iqdb

This one is the best performance of the Republican party in each county, dataset was the 1868 to 1892 Presidential Elections. You can tell I mainly make US politics stuff.


Why is one side red and the other is blue?


File: 1716160637031.gif (227 KB, 2800x1700, 28:17, BestPerformanceRepublican1….gif) ImgOps iqdb

This one is The same as the previous one, but the dataset is 1896 to 1928. These maps are mainly Wikimedia maps that I edit. The county and state lines and such were made by people before me, it's the calculations and assignment of the color of each constituency that's original. Nobody who makes political maps bothers drawing their own county lines, it's just not possible and it results in inaccurate maps. We just take free to use images from Wikipedia and edit them.


Well, Blue is the Democratic Candidate Woodrow Wilson and Red is both the Republican Candidate William Howard Taft and the Republican splinter candidate Teddy Roosevelt's votes combined. (Roosevelt had been president and a Republican prior to this election, but left the Republican party and ran his own campaign.)

Important thing to understand about American Politics is that historically, the Democrats won all of the South. This is because the Democratic party used to be more right wing and the Republican party used to be more left wing, to grossly oversimplify. The South supoorted the Democrats on account of their conservatism as well as their opposition to the Republican party, which was the leading force of the North in the Civil War, while the confederacy was mainly comprised of Democrats. In the modern day, white southerners vote Republican by enormous margins, while northerners and minorities vote heavily for Democrats. This map is 1912, so back then the South still voted for Democrats consistently.


File: 1716161104047.gif (3.25 MB, 1024x648, 128:81, 1876-2020National.gif) ImgOps iqdb

In this gif I made (Which is comprised of maps that I did NOT make, I simply turned the maps into a gif), which shows every Presidential Election from 1876 to 2020, the Southern US gets less and less and less blue and more red as time goes on. Meanwhile, the north (Especially New England) got bluer.>>292373


Fuck, I completely forgot but I actually removed a couple of Presidential Elections that were outliers from this gif when I made it, I should have mentioned that. I know that 1968, 1964, 1912, 1992, 1996 and 1924 are not here at the very least.


I cut myself for the first time about a week ago. Did not realise just how sharp razors really are. Went too hard with the first few strokes and made pretty deep gashes. Went more slowly after that. Usually I just listen to and produce music to stay sane. Reading too.


Also these maps are really cool. How do you make them?


I had the exact same experience not realizing how sharp razors are, but now doesn't have access to one and cut using tweezers. I don't produce music but also really enjoy listening to music and reading. For the same reason; art makes living a little less unbearable


File: 1716169784700.gif (235.14 KB, 2800x1700, 28:17, PresidentialCounty1960Colo….gif) ImgOps iqdb

I always loved bandaging myself up afterwards. It made me feel safe.
The data collection depends on the type of map. I generally get data from Wikipedia as a lot of the other stuff is behind paywalls. There's a whole wealth of election information of Wikipedia, you can find specific county vote totals dating back to 1796. Some of them I've had to make spreadsheets of election information and calculate percentages in order to get the data.

As for actually creating the map, I use some website called Photopea. I remember using the site for graphic design in High School. It's pretty much just a more simplistic version of Photoshop. I find existing maps that are free for anybody to use on Wikipedia, I save them, and then I edit them. I said this earlier, but to actually draw the county borders yourself would genuinely take weeks, nobody does it. They would also look like shit and be inaccurate. This is an example of an unedited map on Wikipedia, you'll notice it's very similar to mine in terms of the template, the difference is the actual data of the map itself.

There's also https://yapms.com for making maps. It's very easy to use and is pretty much universally utilized for this kind of stuff, especially election predictions. It's not just the US either, it's a lot of different countries. The only problem is that with more complex maps like county maps, you can't just save a picture of it and use it whenever, because It would be too low quality to identify smaller areas. The maps look perfectly fine on the website, the problem is just saving pictures of them.

I'm not the only person to do this kind of thing, and there are many people far better at it than me. I've seen people make some truly incredible things.


"Cutters" and any other faggots who mimic e-succubi should just cut their own throats and be done with life.


I wish I could just fucking kill myself. I really just want to die and rid the world of the burden that is myself. I'm too much of a coward to do it, though.


I'd say it's you who should slit your throat to do everyone a favor. At least you can explain these e-succubi that they are unhappy because they act as something they're not supposed to be. But you are almost hopeless. It takes a prodigy to penetrate your thick head. Maybe you're immune to reason at all, but let's not get pessimistic.

That guy isn't all wrong though, he's aggressive cunt, but it's a fact that you must stop bewailing yourself. You must stop doing that internally, and you don't need anything from outside to establish that. If you were born, then you're needed here for some reason. You have fuck all to do, so channel all your efforts to not bewailing yourself. Unconditionally. Because in truth nobody cares. Ya think ya a burden? Man I don't give a fuck, he doesn't give a fuck, nobody gives a fuck. You just bitch yourself like a dumped succubus all the while nobody gives a fuck. If you stop bitching only one thing changes, namely you become happier. The rest won't be giving a fuck any more than they ever did.


However, don't take me too seriously if you're mentally ill or whatever. I sometimes have some weird experiences popping up randomly and they're not exactly manageable though reason. Mental illness is something that takes more than free will to fix or whatever.



Self-destroying cutfag freaks such as OP are usually the victim of and are themselves ingrained in to some internet death cult run by subhumans who get off sexually to seeing guys and succubi slice themselves up. For OP to admit such a thing in a way that doesn't even suggest he had quit on his own volition, is for him to propagate such impulsive, destructive behavior on to the impressionable young men who frequent these places. It's his duty as someone who suffered by his own hand to warn others of the dangers, but he did not. So now it's my duty as someone who doesn't want to see children and adults mutilating themselves to encourage faggots like OP to make the final cut before they have a chance to indoctrinate another poor soul in to their freak fetish lifestyle.


Admirable aspiration, but if you approach it through aggression the impressionable young men will get offended, get deeper in their mental pain, which makes them vulnerable, and ultimately end up cutting themselves, just what OP wants. To help them, we'd need to point out that by cutting they make themselves worse than primitive animals, who have the nobility to kill themselves genuinely and not make a display, lol. I'm rambling for sure, but you don't take them by aggression. They gotta understand that by cutting they gain nothing but self-destruction and are headed nowhere. As for OP, why do you think he's one of those psychos? Also I've seen people cut themselves and not understand why, or at least so they claim. No idea what's going on in their mind. I'd gladly cut myself if that promised to solve any of my problems but as it is I'm bad enough with my inability to focus. Direct focus fatigue, as one wiz shilled here, haha. Maybe he was right though, I could really be that.


File: 1716240608333.gif (100.27 KB, 1513x983, 1513:983, 1972-2020 GOP.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Made a new map. I had already created this one in Yapms in the past but I decided to copy it onto a better template. It's 1972-2020 Presidential Elections Best Republican performance in each county.
I don't want people to cut themselves. That's stupid. I'm not encouraging anything of the sort.


>I don't want people to cut themselves. That's stupid. I'm not encouraging anything of the sort.
That's why the keyword here is "Impressionable" young men. Displaced young men and succubi will always look for a place to fit in, and in doing so will adopt the behaviors and interests of those who they share a common interest with (Wizardry in this case). By casually admitting to self-mutilation with your only reason for stopping is that you parents didn't let you bleed all over the house, you're giving the impression that such a behaviour is normal for someone who would be at home on a site such as Wizchan. By not actively discouraging the behaviour, you're validating it. If you weren't going to elaborate on why self-mutilation is gay and stupid, you never should have brought it up.


I really don't give a fuck if someone cuts or not. If someone is impressionable to cut their dick off or cut the skin than they're fucking stupid and would've eventually done it or something else retarded; proselytized bitching all for nothing is what this is. OP don't reply to these guys.


Raging this hard constitutes "giving a fuck"


Not giving a fuck about X and not giving a fuck about people talking about X are different things though


What's so unfair about them? Something real or is this mere snowflakery?


The guy must have not realized he belongs here not


File: 1716504426810.gif (110.14 KB, 1513x983, 1513:983, 1932-1948 Best GOP Perform….gif) ImgOps iqdb

Best results for the Republicans in each county
Dataset is 1932 to 1948 Presidential Elections


>If you were born, then you're needed here for some reason.
Sorry, I'm not religious.


Cool hobby you have, OP.


It's not about religion though. Universe is subjected to a certain set of laws, so if you were introduced, than it was required by the system. In a universe bound to heat death there's this stupid humanity thing. I hope you get my meaning. You're not here to be unhappy. Seeking happiness is the only worthwhile thing.


Thanks man. I'm currently working on expanding this map >>292498 to include 1952 - 1968 Datasets. It will look drastically different given the fact that Republicans actually won in 1952, 1956 and 1968, while this map is actually made up entirely of Presidential Elections where the Republicans lost.


>What do you guys do
Frankly, I do nothing. I think it is cool you found something to do. I had a hobby in mind I really wanted to try out, but I developed some mental condition that prevents me from thinking clearly most of the time. I really wish I'm not going schizo, but even if it's just DPDR I don't know what to do.


File: 1716896459937.gif (111.63 KB, 1513x983, 1513:983, 1932-1968 GOP Best perform….gif) ImgOps iqdb



File: 1717622229592.gif (103.15 KB, 1513x983, 1513:983, 1972-2020 GOP (1).gif) ImgOps iqdb




That's a really cool hobby wiz, keep it up.


>Now I make maps
I do something similar with worldbuilding, just create fantasy maps of my own little kingdom.


can you post some please?


I wish I had the patience to do that. When I have the urge to numb my mind, I drown myself in sims 2 for hours until I want to sleep, no one's stopping me from cutting but I just don't like how it permanently scars, so it's a last measure kinda thing if I'm not sane enough to reason with myself. I've been building a cool mormon family in sims 2 which brings me joy.


File: 1719118975362.png (695.68 KB, 3000x5000, 3:5, imperial city 7 labels.png) ImgOps iqdb

Here's two different fantasies, one is based off ancient Rome, the other a modern city planned to house 7000 people per km2.


File: 1719119076080.jpg (511.23 KB, 1062x1683, 118:187, Aria.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Ngl, thats a sick looking map. Looks fun and interesting.
How did you make it? Did you use paint or something more sophisticated like Krita?

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