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>deformed eyes since childhood
>dark brown acne ridden skin
>only redeeming quality is being 192 cm in height(at least that made me safe from being seen as a punchable pathetic maggot by normies, I would haveprobably roped sooner if I was short.). (Not hating based shortcels, I cannot experience it but understand that there is suffering)

It's been 23 years in this earth without touching succubi bros. When do I get my wizard powers.


Oh jolly, the 4chan faggotry of word replacing is present here too. I wrote wimmin, no succubi


>The poojeet cannot bear to go a single post without mentioning WIMMIN
>Complains and cries when his talk of WIMMIN is altered
>On the "Don't talk about WIMMIN" board of "Don't talk about WIMMIN"-chan
There are no wizard powers on your horizon.

You complain about 4chan faggotry but are dropping phrases like "based shortcels" and "normies". You have no bros here. There are entire imageboards specifically to contain you and your ilk, and this ain't one of them.


I thought the bad cert was supposed to keep these retarded zoomer phoneposters out?


There are no wizard powers for those who get butthurt this easily :D



casyinng, "kill thyselfo, whitemannum"


I still don't see any reasons about why you would not be an apprentice wizard. Ignore the snowflakes whining against buzzwords, mods just won't headshot them once for all


The decade-old written rules are not 'buzzwords'


insert everything except height(173cm) and you have me.


File: 1717015698973.jpg (80.07 KB, 640x640, 1:1, baby-giraffe-born-at-local….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>deformed eyes since childhood
>dark brown acne ridden skin
>only redeeming quality is being 192 cm in height


this is getting really boring.
why is this board filled with >i'm ugly threads ?

I guess this board's population has been replaced by the new generation, and not many old users remain.


If /meta/ allowed VPNs, I could suggest adding a /look/ board, and contain all these threads there. Otherwise you and I are risking getting ban right now, reason "<insert something here> outside of /meta/". It's not like the ban wouldn't be fair, though. Anyway, I don't find it very nice that boards are flooded with lookism. Look, we contain all our butthurt in depression crawl thread, why can't you do the same and contain all your woes in one thread?


Because of failed normals. Just bully them out.




I'm 45 so this world is alien to me, but my younger cousin is 21 and became a total shutin due to the horrible lookism he endured in school.

It baffles the mind because back in my day it only affected succubi/succubi, not men or boys.
As a youn ugly guy in school you get torn to pieces socially, bullied and ostracized if you're ugly in 2024. It's disgusting.

I guess some of these apprentices come here, and it's the normal process of younger generations slowly replacing the old.
Not many old wizards remain, many just give up on this site, commit suicide or have other endeavours.

The new generations struggle with problems that didn't exist when I was in school.
It has to be at least partially TikTok, Instagram and the general media shoving images into their brain of how a person should look. The more you deviate from that, the worse you get bullied by other young people.


This, I'm in my mid 30s and even I realize the world is completely different for the TikTok generation than it was for me.

Looks have already been your main asset in societies like South Korea for decades and that same attitude is seeping into western societies.
Your employment opportunities, dating opportunities, social opportunities can be destroyed in the 2020s if you're ugly.

Wasn't really the case when I was young.


I think everything would be solved if India was rangebanned. No more failed normalfags, no more whining about lack of union with succubi, no more crab.


File: 1718460327840.png (82.44 KB, 1183x586, 1183:586, Indian driver.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

This, Indians pollute and desecrate any space (online or otherwise) they're allowed into.


The high IQ, hygienic and intelligent ones move to western countries to be architects, doctors, lawyers and programmers.

The problem is the 99% who stay in India. They are for the most part internet terrorists who harass, ruin and break things. There is over a billion of them, it's impossible to stop their cavalcade of retardation.

And people thought Brazilians were a scourge.


jfl cant even escape racism on a coping cel forum
stfu nigga being 192 puts you on tutorial mode
here i am who doesnt have a fucking job and is fucking starving in 135f sweltering poojet shithole


It's easier when you're tall but being ugly is still hell.


Crabs don't understand this. One good standalone feature like very good hair or very good height doesn't save an ugly face.

And I know all about having an ugly face, how devastating the treatment from all walks of life is when you have it.


no human owes any other human anything.peak predator mindset.
Some day when I learn to avoid cyber-police I want to create a FB group full of 1000s of indians, then drop all the photos and social media of the succubi who bullied me in high school, so they have to deal with millions of bobs vagene messages everywhere


you're literally tall, you're fine retard. trying being 168cm succubus height, it's fucking hell and no one likes or sees me as a human being


>no human owes any other human anything
Caring for other people and fostering community is ultimately how civilization was made and down the line lead the white race to dominate the world for centuries. "Predator mindset" in this case and in general is nothing but being a piece of shit nigger who only thinks in the short-term and bounces around in life not going anywhere; predator like a pitbull ravaging a cat or infant rather than the wolf you think you are.


File: 1719501006951.png (977.32 KB, 1280x600, 32:15, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

World is predatory, ignorant to think otherwise. The whites that "built civilization" had to exploit other whites and other races to do so.


In the beginning when homo sapiens truly began it's very likely they didn't and came to a collective to make sure the future did better than they did. And the shitskin you're praising didn't do it out of any lone wolf Nietzschean worldview but because he is a double-digit IQ subhuman.


I'm not that anon and I'm not praising the Indian guy. Modern human societies are disgustingly exploitative, lower status males like ourselves usually get shat on.


And there millions like you in the same position. I'm not saying treat every man like a brother or think your job cares for you but this behavior just makes it shittier and uglier.

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