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hello fellow wizards, i was wondering if you knew some good wizard related audios to listen for long session gaming that doesn't require your full attention like grinding for example.
any recommendation is welcome.


i usually just listen to streams. Typically Iĺl listen to wings play rainbow, or asmongold, it takes the boredom out of grinding.


the things i listen to while playing tend to be either political or philosophical and historical (and conspirational, lol) or not in english so i won't list them here as it would be off topic and might displease you and derail the thread

history podcast

true crime podcast i used to listen to

some paranormal stuff


I have been listening to Darknet Diaries while playing MMOs. Its a true crime podcast about computer crime.
I have also been enjoying The Art of Manliness. They talk philosophy, history, and general life advice. Its pretty chill to listen to.
If there is nothing else to listen to, I listen to Hello World by CGP Grey.


Back when I played MMOs, when I wasn't listening to music (which is what I did most of the time with internet radio) then I put on those long research heavy amateur academic videos like Teal Deer, Aydin Paladin, and ThunderF00t.

Sometimes I would put on streams but honistly I didn't listen to those all that closely so I ain't going to list them.


File: 1587993124430.jpg (126.87 KB, 565x1024, 565:1024, 20200503.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I listen to gaming-related audio/music.


File: 1587996966029.jpg (63.71 KB, 644x670, 322:335, 1579533350439.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I mostly listen to stupid podcasts, sometimes audiobooks. I won't admit what podcasts I listen to but I can recommend audiobooks of Lovecraft and the other weird fiction authors for some great atmospheric storytelling while grinding in MMOs, they work really well in audio form. I also listen to stand-up comedy specials and radio and talk shows I'm familiar with; in particular I never get tired of Norm Macdonald

If you're doing something really mindless and you have enough attention leftover for something more elevated then you can listen to some academic stuff. Sadler is a /lit/ meme but he's pretty good and pleasing to listen to if you're into philosophy or if you think you might be interested


also inmendham videos
he makes me laugh a lot and he's kind of comforting to listen to because at least he has an understanding of how fucked the world really is, even if his 'solution' doesn't make sense and isn't a solution and there are some huge blind spots in his thinking


File: 1588809502267.png (523.34 KB, 597x594, 199:198, 1588197974829.png) ImgOps iqdb

ReportoftheWeek was decent before he appeared in a bunch of news programs, years ago back when he was just a depressed nocturnal NEET out of high school who had an obvious distaste for modern society. Mostly it was just rambling but I liked his voice and it was comforting to listen to someone who wasn't on the normalfag path. Unfortunately he turned into some kind of Mr. Rogers-like figure for normalfags and all his videos have felt disingenuous ever since.

TCR Radio Graffiti. I've listened to all the 2011-2012 radio graffiti and shoutout segments more times than I can count. His return in 2016 around the time of the election was also entertaining but it gradually got to feel more and more fake as time went on. Not that it was ever entirely genuine, but it just got worse over the years.

Dan Carlin podcasts about history. I think I listened to the WWI and WWII related ones years ago while playing Mount & Blade and they were pretty good. Tried to listen to one on Japan during the war but I found it kind of boring. Might've been because I've read so many books on that subject though, so he wasn't saying anything new for me.

Inmendham. Besides his presenting a good philosophical view watching him rag on idiots is entertaining. The year or so before he had to move had some of his best content IMO, more thorough and logical than just about anything else he's produced outside that timeframe. His newer videos have gotten kind of old but it's still funny watching him rag on people.

Korea and the World, another podcast. I only watched a few episodes after someone recommended them years ago. They're kind of hit and miss, some of the people he has on are boring.

John David Ebert, lots of good continental philosophy videos. Also a lot of weird shit with him trying to contact dead spirits that I always ignore.


old art bell shows


zabujard podcasts


I like to have SorcererDave's Morrowind and Skyrim Playthru's on in the background. Good for taking naps also.


File: 1590741837356.webm (858.56 KB, 578x720, 289:360, [RipFrom.net].webm) ImgOps iqdb

Joe Rogan


Normie shits


When I do that I lost the story context of the game.
Please no bully, my head isn't the problem, I'm just not that good in English.


Generally not the best thing to do for games you care about the story.

Great for MMOs, driving games, and sim type games though.
I used to love listening to internet radio while playing games like civ 2 and shitty Koren f2p mmorpg


Beethoven's Fifth


I liked Report of the Week some years ago too, especially his VORW shows, but they haven't been good for a while, turned into a normalfag who supports BLM, fuck that guy.
There aren't too many podcasts I like now, I listen to the Harvey Zone and Nerdotic a lot, even though I don't really finish their long livestreams, they get boring after an hour or two and they usually last three to five hours, also EFAP is another where they go for about ten to twelve hours a livestream, but I get bored about an hour or two into them. Still the only "podcasts" I listen too. I used to listen too some horror/true crime shows, but they are all too much bullshit for me now, seem very phoney.


File: 1600082459989.jpg (118.02 KB, 653x900, 653:900, 20200913.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Listen to the classics


I don't listen to black music.


Beethoven was black?


I usually listen to blind guardian on repeat


Some kangz seriously believe he was.


If you listen to black history revisionists every single important person in the world was black.
That's pretty nice wiz, all of their album or some specifically? I'm a huge fan of Nightfall in Middle-Earth


Don't they have proof to back up there claims?
Next you'll be telling me they invented the light bulb


>Don't they have proof to back up there claims?
Of course not.
>Next you'll be telling me they invented the light bulb
Oh you


French songs



really good history podcast has a lot of references to literature from their age, very well written comfy to listen too has a really good "feel"

a channel where primary sources are read out, very comfy though you might not understand some of the archaic/anachronistic terms used, I was able to somewhat understand it with context

really good politics channel, has a lot of interesting and well informed takes.

I also like listening to cum town but I doubt this is a wizardly preference™

I can also shill the "technical difficulties" and "2 of these people are lying" series of tom scott, I find them funny but yet again "not wizardly"

it's good but not really amazing.

his interviewing protestors series is good though it's not "wizardly"

I can also shill the uncommon knowledge episodes featuring thomas sowell, sowells audiobooks are good too particularly discrimination and disparities(politics yet again)

generally just listen to audiobooks or whatever, there are far too many to run out of.


I listen to Mark Felton in the background.


>but I doubt this is a wizardly preference™
>I find them funny but yet again "not wizardly"
>good though it's not "wizardly"
Don't worry about what's wizardly and what's not. Especially don't try to apply "wizardliness" to your life by looking for "wizardly" things. Just do what you want and post what you want. "Wizardly" things are just a board meme. The only important thing is that you're an 18+ year old male virgin and you follow the rules.


Listening to gaming videos while gaming; gaming inception.


Cis White Male with Extra Privilege reads audio books on bitchute. Sometimes he's kind of goofy and plenty of the material is too radical for the average person, but his reading of White Identity by JT was good

Myth of the twentieth century is one that came on my radar lately. Their collapse of the soviet union roundtable was surprisingly good. Reminds me of a college undergrad seminar


If you don't give trigger warnings then certain users get hyper pissy if stuff with sexual content is involved and will derail the thread due to their outrage.

It is much better to just point out what those types won't like then to deal with the full force of their tism fit.


I like to listen to cumtown and the old Karl Pilkington XFM Shows


I listen to demolition d while playing games even if he mostly just plays Yakuza games. There aren't really any other streamers I can even partway relate to.

cirno_tv might actually be a wizard. The last time I watched him regularly was years ago and he was a 28-year-old virgin at that time. I don't watch streamers in general as much as I used to.



destiny, jordan peterson and thorin (if you're into esports) have some good stuff


Todd thundercock on youtube





Try OsakaSyndrome. Lots of long form, rambling videos for long gaming sessions from the perspective of a mentally ill NEET. Their recent wagie arc was funny.




He's a known doxxer, suicide-encourager, and group harasser who uses his Discord to cancel out and mass-report anyone who dares mock transsexual men. He has drove a regular Wizchan user off the net for saying the word "tranny" in passing in a video from 2018. Star / OsakaSyndrome / His current troon name is part of the LGBT Uboachan clique that militantly make pro-tranny memes out of every little game from Yume Nikki to Omori.

If you are HIM (yes, HIM), then kill yourself RIGHT NOW.


>Their recent
Considering you're trans-affirming on WIZCHAN I can only assume you are in fact him or one of his goons. Want a video to listen to while gaming? Listen to ASMR A Bullet Entering Your Skull in surround sound


Osaka has said he is not transgender? I don't support trans ideology. I support hearing interesting or funny things.


>I don't support trans ideology
By promoting the content of transsexuals who try to destroy people's lives over "misgendering", you're supporting trans ideology. Also his voice, video subject matter, and production are all awful so even if he wasn't a creepy his vids would still be bad listening.
>Osaka has said he is not transgender?
His videos claiming he identifies as a female are still up. His history of collaborating with others to attack random dudes on the net is set in stone.


>Guilty by association
>Unironic cancel culture
>Unironic deplatforming
>Destroying people's lives
>Links a video about one guy's video getting reported
What group of colored hair keyboard warriors have I seen this much autistic screeching from? And you're saying the guy who says he's not trans is the troon here?


File: 1659293135576.jpeg (67.66 KB, 640x829, 640:829, FVK25fbX0AENs7X.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

>Guilty by association
>Unironic cancel culture
>Unironic deplatforming
So I explain how this guy is a cancel-warrior towards anyone who interacts with him… And suggesting against interacting with him on these grounds makes me the cancel warrior. Right.

>Destroying people's lives

>Links a video about one guy's video getting reported
Yeah, because posting only a single evidence is never evidence enough. As that video explains, and as I've witnessed twice so far, TrannySyndrome doxxed (name, address), spread the dox, and encouraged others to harass using those dox. A single event of this happening is warrant enough to avoid the tranny at all costs.

>And you're saying the guy who says he's not trans is the troon here?

Please read the post you're replying to. His video where he says he is female is still up. His other videos referencing himself as a female are still up. If he changed his mind again at some point, then link the video yourself. And even if he's not a troon anymore, he's still did the full course of tranny mischievous so there's no redemption for him.

He made the delusional decision to call himself a female.
He forced others to decide to do the same same or face the consequences.
The consequences were an attempt to dox, discredit, and demoralize

Deciding after the fact that he's no longer a tranny doesn't change what he did.

>What group of colored hair keyboard warriors have I seen this much autistic screeching from?

We have a guy who's a massive faggot and dangerous to interact with. What else should I do besides screech autistically? Just let his video and abusive history go uncontested? Yeah, real good ownage there. Trannychan 2022 where warning wizards about the tranny who trolls wizards is looked down upon. Kill yourself now OsakaSyndrome.


Is watching a video the same as interacting with someone?

The video you linked does not provide evidence for a terrible crime. You would think there would be evidence shown immediately if he had seen something that extreme.

But again. I am not a moralfag so even if all of this were true outside of the small instance of someone's video getting taken down, I'd still be the outside observer that I am. But. So far you've only been able to prove one small thing.

I don't care. Keyboard warrior somewhere else. I'll keep suggesting long form content that is wizardly. And no.
I won't link the detransition video. I did my kike shilling enough. It's one of the highest viewed videos on the channel. Find it yourself.


>long form content that is wizardly
>Very attention-hungry crab with a history lamenting that he doesn't have a GF and real fiends who decides to take female hormones and insist he's a female before attacking anyone who criticizes him
LOL you suck so much it's unreal. Go back to Discord. Even you saying "detransitioned" as if there ever was a transition at all is a big indicator that you're just another cog in the big poopy 51%-er machine.
>I don't care
Obviously you do if you are so passionate to defend him.


The only thing I've defended is the idea of watching content that may have bad ideas from a neutral, outsider's perspective. I set the record straight on a few things about the personality in question but never went further than that. I defended my post, not a jewtube "creator" or whatever they're calling it now.


>set the record straight
I'm the only one who's provided any evidence of my claims. Blow the dust out of your GPU fans.


Despite also not providing evidence for the majority of the claims and most importantly, the worst of the claims. The most important claims I made did not need a video to be cited as they were a defense for the concept of viewing a video as an outsider that might have disagreeable ideas or are made by a potentially bad person. The one thing I did say that could have a video to it's name is so easy to find that linking it would be silly. I mean, the thumbnail is him with an AR-15 with the word "detransition" (his, not mine) in the title. I'm not that much of a kike. But if you think this is an own, you might be.


I sued to listen to Caleb Maupin Streams while grinding on flyff




We need a wizard guest to be on this show



Ive been curious on this douchebag, does he have any wiz related episodes


Is that a trans man?


how do you find content you could listen to and relate to? I'm always nitpicking and turn it off as soon as they say something crab like.
wizards that listen to clubbing music and drinking all night party ambiance


Sleepycast and Dead Rabbit Radio are my go to podcasts. I know my buddy likes to have movies on in the background. Personally I don't really like to listen, unless playing multi-player I listen to music



listened to a few episodes and the hosts are obnoxious (the one who sounds jaded is particularly annoying) and don't know what they are talking about
i know podcasters in general are dilettante and this is an unserious medium, but come on


Either you were listening to the first episodes, which are terrible, or more likely you didn't. myth20c is a bunch of econ/history/International relations graduates and they're extremely well read, although after dark is dodgy.

CIA: Wilderness of Mirrors is one of their better ones


yes, that was a while ago


I like listening to Mr. Daggers streams.


i watch his game streams, like his oblivion one that he's doing now. went to check out his nongaming channel and its banned lmfao


I listen to philosophy, antinatalism, efilism and gnostic youtube channels.


does it influence the tone of the gameplay? like turning the hero into Rust from True Detective or something.


I'm a wrestlefag so I listen to jim cornette something to wrestle with and some other podcasts on spotify


what are your thoughts on the whole Vince debacle?


I Listen to CastleSuperBeast whenever I play through an old game that doesn't really hold my attention well but I beat anyways. I recently beat FF1-4 and I'm on my way to 5.

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