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File: 1623367901526.jpeg (174.58 KB, 800x600, 4:3, battlefield 2042 pic.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


does anyone think that this game is going to be a garbage fire like battle field 5


>will an EA game be bad


Last BF games I liked were the bad company games.
Haven't actually been interested in the serie since. Especially with how shit EA is in general.
I have no interest in this new game ether.


not all EA games are bad you know right sure the new EA games have been bad because of the company but games like burnout paradise and some of the older battle field games are very good


They're taking the IP in an… unexpected direction



I remember this show also NOOT NOOT!!


Will there be furries in it?


if there are I will stop playing video games.


I fucking wish.


>Announced no weapons or vehicles locked behind a paywall
it's a start


Don’t believe the lies, they’ve been doing the bait and switch for decades. They said BF 3 would have all free DLC and not a lick of it was true.


does it matter if it is good or bad? retards will pre-order this, and they will pre-order the next regardless


I mean the battlefront 2 remake bombed. Or at least it did until they made a half assed apology and then all the retards bought it.


Bad Company 2 was a blast. I don't care if it wasn't "real Battlefield," the high degree of environmental destruction meant some maps never bored me, I'd always run into new fun situations.
Haven't played the series since EA fucked me when I bought BF3 and couldn't play online even once since something on their side fucked up my battlelog account. EA support was fucking atrocious if they even responded at all. Tried to get them to do anything for months but they were all 80IQ hindu and paki shits who couldn't even comprehend what the problem was, retards kept defaulting to their standard flowchart and insisted I had to reset my modem or some shit.
How's the destruction going to be in this one? Still limited to mere decorations and predetermined set pieces for a shitty cinematic experience?


It seems like people arent liking it


>Online only and not campaign
Fuck these people, not even CoD does this.


of course it will because DICE listen to the redidt faggots and they either make a good game and ruin it or make a broken game and fix it.

I hate dice so fucking much


This is the 1st BF in a long time to have bots, so I'm considering getting it on sale just for that. Could be cool feeling like Rambo slaying vast armies of bots, turning the tide of an epic battle.


or you could just git gud fgait. BF is easy to stomp on.

if you buy this game you will only be dissapointed.


Black ops IIII


Its funny how ridiculously hyped this got after the 1st trailer, and under every COD video the top comment was see your in Battlefield 2042

There were only a handful of skeptical killjoys moaning about the lack of in-game footage


To be fair, it was a very good trailer.

Too bad the game is very bad compared to the trailer.

I rarely if ever buy games when they come out so I don't really get into the hype cycle. I only even saw the trailer after the game came out.


File: 1638474371410.gif (303.35 KB, 512x422, 256:211, pc92newi36381.gif) ImgOps iqdb

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