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What games define you? What are the games that left an impact on you, that you'll never forget? It honestly didn't take me long to figure it out for myself. An honorable mention and 10th would be MGSV for me as well.


Chrono Trigger - The first game that introduced me to time travel.
Megaman X - Bonded a lot with my father on this one.
Final Fantasy II/IV - The first story I read.
Secret of Mana - I don't know why. Probably the closest I had to a 'trascendent' experience while being a kid. There's so much of this game that you just end up walking in the ambience.
Sim City - Bonded a lot with my mother on this one.
Earthbound - I was young enough that this was a grand adventure.
Link to the Past - I was young enough that the 'puzzles' were nice.
Megaman Legends - Just wholesome.
Steambot Chronicles - I went through this period where I couldn't find a single game worth playing, but this kind of snapped me out of it. I remember playing this thinking, "Holy shit, this was what it felt like to have fun playing a game."
.flow - I don't know why. I was just in a weird place when I fell into this game and really liked it. For whatever reason, I bonded with the grotesqueness of this as opposed to Yume Nikki.
Undertale - Similar experience as Steambot Chronicles.
Harvest Moon - Whenever it's winter, I think back to when I grinded this as a kid.
MGS2 - Too precient.
Solarus DX - Some of the puzzles are genius tier.
KSP - Taught me a lot.
Embric of Wulfhammer - Just fun. Plus the plot is O.K. too.
Morningstar Academy - Comf otome gaem.
Dwarf Fortress - Go read Boatmurdered.
Knytt - Another weird, transcendant, ambience thing.
Passage - I fell for this gimmick.


do you guys think that games from the 2010s and beyond can have the same impact on younger generations?
did you make that 3x3? don't wanna be 'that guy' but I only see four games correct? two repeats of each franchise my guy.
I envy your memories, wish I had something to cherish


>do you guys think that games from the 2010s and beyond can have the same impact on younger generations?
Undertale, KSP, and Minecraft (came out in 2009, but p.much was a 2010s game) have a pretty big impact–Minecraft especially, so yes.
Now, that is a smaller list, but I feel the reason is that videogames are unique in that they're having to 'compete' against a ever expanding library of older games that are essentially abandonwared and reknown as part of a sort of 'gaming canon.' Final Fantasy I's only real competition was Dragon Quest. Final Fantasy IV's competition was FFI-III/DQI-IV. By the time Final Fantasy IX came around, its JRPG competition was absolutely insane.

Because of this, I think there's a sort of 'logarithmic capacity' of good games, and therefore mathematically it makes sense that people are going to remember the 90s/early 2000s as "the classics."


There's also Demon/Dark Souls that almost birthed a new sub-genre, although it's not as big as the names you mentioned obviously.

More recently there was the whole Battle Royale fad, I don't know how popular PUBG and Fortnite are these days, it seems to have died down a bit.


Final Fantasy 9
Dungeon Siege
Neverwinter Nights
Planescape Torment
Fallout New Vegas
Hotline Miami
Lisa The Painful
GTA Vice City


File: 1632076004008.png (111.55 KB, 920x1024, 115:128, mvc3 chris.png) ImgOps iqdb

Dead Rising 2, Resident Evil 5, Ultimate Marvel VS. Capcom 3, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (remember when Capcom used to be cool?).
Grand Theft Auto IV and New Vegas for me as well; good taste OP.
Death Stranding, Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers, and Wizardry 8 would probably be the remaining 3.
Since you did an honorable mention, I'll do one as well: Bug Fables.
I haven't played it long enough to know if it can be a top 9 contender, but it's shaping itself up to be one.

Here's a Chuck skin for Chris in UMvC3, two awesome characters come together.
I never thought about how sad it is that in just 10 years, Capcom went from being a company that if their label was on a game then you knew it was a guaranteed 10/10, to a guaranteed 0/10.
I remember being 9 years old with my Playstation 2 and I didn't have Internet and didn't read magazines or anything, so I had no idea what games to buy. I'd just buy whatever had Capcom on it and it never led me astray.
Four games on my top 10 list being from a single company that is now a piece of shit is extremely depressing.

Dead Rising 2 and New Vegas came out just one month apart from each other. 2008-2010 were the best years of my entire life.
I feel like crying now.


File: 1632117047150.jpeg (1.83 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, A70C0763-0C62-4345-8B89-6….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

to think I was there when minecraft was still a browser game, replaced what others built with tnt blocks haha (that's as far as griefing went)

correct me if I'm wrong but most of those games required a nintendo to play ;-; wonder what games poor countries bonded over, maybe bootleg cassettes with some unknown romhack
were you there during the souls and dayz-battle royale peak? or any popular mod or new genre? had my handhelds stolen so I missed quite alot :/
some magazines used to come with demos sometimes, those were awesome. did you ever plug that ps2 online? wish I played resevil outbreak online, still have the disc but not the adapter :'(


File: 1632122384649.jpg (440.58 KB, 1600x1081, 1600:1081, s-l1600.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

No, I didn't ever hook my systems up online. I wanted to really badly to play Metal Gear Online, upload custom tony hawk underground 2 maps, and I wanted to hook my Xbox online to play Ninja Gaiden online (i was only 10-12 and didn't know at the time that Ninja Gaiden's online functions were only for comparing high scores, lol.)
But speaking of demos, a Gamestop clerk gave me this when i was only 8 years old I guess, and i played it for hundreds of hours. I ended up buying the game years later and I didn't play the actual game as much as the demo disc haha.


ssx (2000)
ssx on tour
gta san andreas
call of duty modern warfare 2
gta 3
gran turismo 4


i forgot Alliance of Valiant Arms (AvA)
and Need for speed world


i forgot to add tekken 4


all the love for GTA IV here is making me happy.
no game to this day has even come close to its physics system and NPC animations and response to being damaged. Their near-death-state where they'd limp off into cover adds a lot of sadistic satisfaction that NO GAME SINCE OR BEFORE IT has come close to.


and battlefield 3 + 4
You're right, not to mention the incredible atmosphere of the game (especially when it rained)


Medal of Honor Allied Assault. It was one of the first fps games I really got into, the expansions, multi-player, loved it.

Tribes 2, just the map music alone is enough to make me smile. It was perhaps the only online game I could play in my youth that never truly angered me if I did poorly in it.


>Soul Reaver
Because it has the best dialogues I have seen in a game to this day and introduced me to gnosticism
>Silent Hill
First horror game I've ever played, couldn't sleep for days after playing it for the first time as a kid.
>Metal Gear Solid
The first game that teached me not to kill everything in sight and it was the first game I've played that had a "serious" plot
>Brave Fencer Musashi
Underrated as fuck, it was meant to be the "Zelda" of Play Station. I used to discuss tactics to beat bosses and discover secrets with my friends as a kid.
First game that introduced me to modding. Made me feel in love with PC gaming.
I got my first job to buy a PC good enough to run this game, back when it came out. I was in love with Morrowind modding scene and the mods for this game looked awesome, I just had to play it, and when I finally got to run it on my new PC it was one of the happiest days of my life.
>Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodliness
Because it was awesome
it was a knockoff of Lineage 2, but it was the first MMO I've played, and I met a lot of people there.
I haven't really stopped playing it since it came out.


Is it really a repeat though? Truly unworthy of separate praise? Also, I'm not too bothered by samesies. The games I listed were due to the impact it had on me.
But yes, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. SOC and COP were pretty much the same game with slightly different stories and gameplay mechanics. To call GTA's III and IV the same, and
also FO3 and NV the same is kinda crazy though. Especially the Fallouts, they're two drastically different games and I'd even go so far as to say it's quite a
bitch to get the hang of one games mechanics if you've been playing the other for a while. New Vegas performs well in gameplay mechanics and Fallout 3's story is
pure nostalgia bait, it was an 80's movie plotline dialed to an 11.

You know I used to be on the other chan around the time GTA IV released and I remember the hate it got for being so bare bones yet I just loved everything about
the game; from the story to the gameplay, to the side activities and even the mechanics. It had the same allure as GTA III to me, only with a bigger script and more
dialogue. To me GTA III felt like an old Tarantino movie. Very vague, sparse information and backgrounds on characters, almost like a dream-world. IV on the other
hand was a good story for me, but that gameplay was crazy. It was very sharp, is the only way I can put it. The sliding towards walls/cars when pressing the cover
button. The easy of aiming upwards to toward the head and getting a headshot. I used to do playthroughs with nothing but the glock for "realism" when I was a little
spergy kid. Also the fucking fighting mechanics was the best Rockstar had since maybe The Warriors. The ability to keep aiming at a dead body to stomp on it or hit
it with your bat was fucking amazing especially once you learned that most downed enemies were still alive. Rockstar always knew how to advance each game. Which is
why their current practices are odd to me. They're still leaps and bounds ahead of everyone else in what to put into their games, but now they're lacking the sort of
logic and thought-process they seemingly put into their previous games which is worrisome. Still, you play any other game like GTA and it just doesn't hold a candle.

Bloodlines was a broken fucking mess but the concept, the dialogue, and the atmosphere is second to none. I will never forget this game, and I'm saddened by what's
currently being done to the VTM/WOD IP. It's a damn shame.


Pokémon Yellow
Crash Bandicoot
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (and the sequel)
Mass Effect Trilogy
Dragon Age: Origins

pretty boring taste but those are the defining games of my youth that I'll never forget


Bowman 2


GTA3, GTA:SA, Okami, Hitman Blood Money, Oblivion, Jurassic Park Operation Genesis, and Sim City 4 will forever be the games that defined my childhood. Especially SC4, I've spent thousands of hours on it and has gotten me into my obsession with world building that still allows me to escape this shitty chaotic world into a world that is perfectly balanced and ordered. I still listen to the Oblivion and Jurassic Park soundtracks while I worldbuild too.


File: 1649283095024.png (1.45 MB, 1115x617, 1115:617, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

these ones


This has to be trolling, a fucking lolibait DS game? a fucking pachinko game?


no hes probably just underaged. i made contrarian stuff like that when i was 19, too. weeaboo crap is mystical and fascinating when youre just finding out about its sheer scope. theres tonnes of unheard of japanese PS2 games that are all very interesting when you learn of them the first time. then you come here and try to impress people with your obscure knowledge.
it's kind of endearing.


Leave the man alone to his loli games. Ffs, the most oppressed group in existence.


the ps1 game has me intrigued. the katakana… phota trek?


>Steambot Chronicles
That game was a diamond in the rough. I think it still has yet to be recognized.


Wonder Trek.


I remember being a huge weeb during the PS2 era.


There's no way a zoomer would have bothered to have delved into so much obscure trash from that era.


Got to be honest, this looks like a derivative veecore template 3x3, where you only picked known "socially acceptable" titles and anything RPGCodex fellates. But I'm not one to assume too much, maybe these are all games you've played to completion and genuinely thought impacted you. I do have to ask though; how many games have you played besides those?


>anything RPGCodex fellates
only VTMB and Stalker fit this criteria, and they are pretty memorable so idk what you are getting mad at the op for. the fact that he's included oblivion means he didn't care about scoring internet forum credibility points otherwise he would have never put it in there.


Why don't you list some games you think deserve more appreciation? I don't see how there is anything is wrong with most of those games just because they might be popular. The thread isn't designed to be an obscure tastes contest. I'd probably put Pokemon Gold/Silver on my own list and that is literally the least obscure franchise of all time.


i myself did though starting at 16. thats why i said that. im 27 now and no longer care about swinging my dick around and pretending that playing Simple 2,000 games from japan makes me cooler than you though.


What makes you think he doesn't genuinely like those games? Is he only allowed to select from a list of authorised western games? This isn't some primary school playground, it's a relatively obscure image board for voluntary recluses; naturally some of them gravitate towards more niche entertainment too.


I have a very very hard time thinking that someone (even an actual japanese) would consider 2 lolibait games and some shitty pachinko game that is part of a 14 or so series of shitty pachinko cashgrab games to be the "games that define you".

It's obvious that he took some legit games he liked and threw some weeb shit there just because.


There are plenty I could mention, but this game is one of those mystery games that I had weird dreams about after playing as a kid.


I would say Shadow of the Colossus and Metal gear solid 3 : Snake eater.


Because it's a lone guy with his horse riding in the vast openness to kill ancient colossus. The whole past apocalyptic set rings some strings in my soul.

>MGS 3 : Snake Eater

Because I found the main character a cool & lonely chad and I wanted to be like him.


Quite a number of games fit that or the veecore template actually. It makes you wonder if they actually picked games that defined them, rather than games that influenced what they think is the "approved meta".


fallout3 cringed and made me want to die. please delete this image. thanks.


In English, please.


>some shitty pachinko game
It's actually a pachinko-themed adventure game, kinda like Yakuza.


To each his own. Don't act like some flash porn game on newgrounds wasn't a part of development for many anons, maybe even more than any of the ones from OP.


Midnight Club 2 and 3 * Just a good racing game to zone out on. MC2 had a nice soundtrack too.
Zoo Tycoon * It got me into environment building. I wanted to play Sim City 2000 but I never got to. Honorable mention to Rollercoaster Tycoon, but it was only on "my Mom's computer" which I always got kicked off of.
Ratchet and Clank 2 and 3 * The levels were so good, I would play through them over and over again and draw my own on paper.
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas * "Midnight Club, but you could get out of the car and walk around (real cities)." I always wanted to play something like that and GTA was as close as you could get. Honorable mention to GTA 4, but SA was definitely more memorable for me. I still play San Andreas sometimes.
Sims 2 and 3 * I liked to build realistic cities in Sims 2 using the public lots, and I played every inch of Sims 2 gameplaywise, but I thought Sims 3 had a better system for making complex social scenarios it was just a huge pain to play it fighting the lag and slow load times. Even today I hate doing anything other than playing Sims 3 in live mode.
Civilization 5 * The historical flavor and after action reports got me into alt-history.


hmm quit lying about bethesda games guys. you all created a new character, modded it and got bored after a while then started all over again :))
lost track or how many skyrim characters I've dropped, tried everything from sekiro combat mods to dayzfying it with survival modifications
can you write down the names of those japanese games?


Tori no Hoshi: Aerial Planet
Inaka Kurashi: Nan no Shima no Monogatari
Yarudora Series (4 different games)
Hizashi No Naka No Real
Wonder Trek
Doki Doki Majo Shinpan!
Steambot Chronicles
PachiPara 14: Fuu to Kumo to Super Umi in Okinawa
Koufuku Sousakan
Armored Core: Last Raven

Not the poster, though, and I'd like to advise him to put names next time, otherwise it's bad netiquette.


Oh, I forgot, clockwise from top left.


I could tell you what games I like the most but I can't really say that any game has impacted me in any way. It's just a way to pass the time. Not like I'm getting my life understanding from the philosophical exposition in video games.


File: 1658213544984.png (2.6 MB, 1200x1200, 1:1, noname.png) ImgOps iqdb

It's hard to pick just nine titles but I've decided to pick the ones that I played the most, often multiple times from beginning to end through the years in no particular order:

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones - the only FE game that I love to play from time to time to this day, also love the fact that the community is still making roms for it

Spellforce: The Order of Dawn - I think that's the game I played the most through my teens, like every vacations included full playthrough of spellforce 1. It was released, and often called a "copycat of Warcraft 3", but to be honest it was much better.

Zeus: the Master of Olympus - as a child i really loved building sims like RollerCoaster Tycoon, and what's better than building and managing your village in ancient Greece?

The Witcher - I decided to include it on my list because it wat the first boxed game I bought in my life(I come from rather poor family, so most of my games were pirates or included in videogames magazines), really liked the atmosphere of the game, even through controls we're pretty annoying even at the release date

Sacrifice - undervalued gem, I pretty much loved everything about this game - from the world ruled by grotesque gods, to the mix of strategy and rpg games, it's a shame it sold so poorly

Age of Wonders II - most of the people really loved Heroes 3 back in a times, but there were really great games like Warlords Battlecry, Disciples II or Age of Wonders II, the handdrawns landscapes are really great looking to this day, shame they ruined the franchise with third part of the game

Dragonica - when i first played it I was amazed, as i never saw enything like this in MMORPG before, it was such an amazing idea to not make it another "click your enemy and spam your keys to kill it" game, but rather you had to make jumps, slides etc. to fight it.

Gothic - when people played Morrowind I prefered to play games from gothic series - sure, you didn't have so much freedom over your character customization, but that heavy atmosphere of fantasy penal unit was really great - no wonders people are making mod to this game to this day

Legend of Mir 3 - I've played only on modded pirated servers so I may be biased, but I really liked the game, from graphics, to combat system, to music to which I like to listen to this day


What other FE have you played? I liked Sacred Stones but it's very easy, and less memorable than its predecessors on the same system, and the monsters are pushovers…


File: 1658231655142.png (2.36 MB, 1442x958, 721:479, FEBloodlines.png) ImgOps iqdb

every FE from 6 to 10 (+ Heroes on android and Remakes: Shadow Dragon and New Mystery of the Emblem)

I know a lot of people doesn't like monsters in FE8 but I liked Valni tower, I stopped playing new ones after Fates came out and started playing GBA romhacks some of which are pretty much amazing!

I like the handmade sprites animations much more better than this crappy 3D combats in newer games, right now I'm playing Bloodlines and just love the gameplay and the story


File: 1658252053533.png (1.27 MB, 1280x960, 4:3, ev6003a.png) ImgOps iqdb

Subarashiki Hibi still lives rent free in my head 2 years after finishing it. It changed my viewpoint the most out of any other game.

>inb4 VNs aren't video games


just because you inb4'd it doesn't make it any less true


is age of wonders 3 bad?


for me it is, I don't really like the switch into 3d graphics as I really loved handpainted graphics from second game, the campaign is just boring, there are no gods anymore and there are less races

it's not all bod through, I really liked that in order to get resources from mines they have to be in your domain, also the class/race system adds a little bit of variety, the game overall is just worse than AoW2, but that doesn't mean it's utterly bad


little big planet
COD games after 3 and before bo2
Fallout games before 4
donkey kong games
some flash games I forgot


The Talos Principle
Paper Mario
Silent Hill 2
Donkey Kong Country 2
Zelda: Majora's Mask
Pokemon Emerald
Pokemon Silver
Pokemon Fire Red
Pokemon Fire Red Omega
Smash Bros N64


Skyrim lead me down the Elder Scrolls rabbit hole. It's been over 10 years since it came out, and I've explored all but Arena while having beaten every single quest in Morrowind and Oblivion. If I'm lucky I'll complete Daggerfall and Skyrim before the next release.

Dwarf Fortress impacted me by giving me something to look forward to in the future. While I don't particularly like the fortress mode too much, I'm really hyped about the changes in Gods. I'm especially hyped at the possibility of starting and joining vampire cults and a better conquering system for adventure mode. Also, the ability to become an apprentice of a wizard sounds cool. I want to be the master though. I can't wait until 2040! I hope we're not all dead by then~

All of my childhood games have left their mark on me. I've been trying to beat them over the years. My favorite of them is Majora's Mask. By far the best atmosphere. All those other games, I beat because I felt like I had to. Majora's Mask was like that too. Still, I appreciate the journey. Same with Banjo Kazooie + Tooie. Those were by far my most favorite N64 games.


Jesus I made this thread offhand, it's still up? Nice.


Pokémon red
Pokémon silver
Golden sun
Super Mario sunshine
Civilization 3 and 4
Tropico 3
The world ends with you
Hearts of iron 4
Kingdom come deliverance
GTA San Andreas
Not necessarily the best games I've played or the games I've played the most. It's just the games that felt like significant parts of my life when I was playing them.


Aidyn Chronicles
Crusader Kings II
Star Wars Battlefront 1&2 (the old ones)
Star Wars Republic Commando
Star Wars X-Wing Alliance
Descent: Freespace
Baldurs Gate II
Total War: Medieval II


xcom ufoextender mods (xpiratez)
civ 2 scenario league
battlefield 2 mods (project reality…)


File: 1667764289533.jpg (1.83 MB, 1280x1280, 1:1, Top 9 Favorite games of al….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

God theres so many games that ive played but I managed to narrow it down to nine I love these games they define my taste in videogames.


Freddy Fish series
Jazz Jack Rabbit 2
Age of Empires 2
Medal of Honor Allied Assault / Spearhead
C&C Generals / Zero Hour
BF 2 / BF 2142
Red Alert 3
CoD 4

Not /v/ approved but an honest list


Jazz Jackrabbit thats a pretty obscure game wasnt that a 2D platformer similar to Sonic The Hedgehog.

Psychonauts good taste I was thinking of putting this game on my list along with Okami but they didnt quite make my list.


Not exactly my favorite games but the ones who defined or influenced me the most:
- Pokémon games (GB, GBA, N64).
- Age of Mythology (PC).
- Neverwinter Nights (PC).
- Golden Sun (GBA).
- Zelda: Oracle of Seasons (GBC).
- Wario Land (GB).
- Rome Total War (PC).


love almost all those, great taste. DKC2, Tooie, MM, OoT and Sekiro were great games.


Jazz Jack Rabbit 2 was one smooth sidescroller, just downloaded it again recently. The music and design is really something that stuck with me since childhood.


*or platformer whatever it's called


Pokemon Crystal, Bloodborne, and GTA: SA. Nothing else matters.


>Crash Bandicoot 3
This is the game that got me into gaming. It was one of the first games I had on my PS1 and I still have the disk lying around.
>Silent Hill 2
Untill I played this, gaming was a jeuvenile past time. SH2 was the first serious game I ever played that confronted me with serious art and some pretty profound questions.
>Metal Gear Solid
Shaped my political views like nothing else. The codec calls with Natasha are burned into my head and really made me think seriously about nuclear weapons and international relations etc.
>Steins Gate
My first VN, the game really blew me away and introduced me to modern physics, philosophy etc. and how you could take all this boring stuff and tell a really awesome story with it.
>Persona 3
I absolutely love this game. It's just perfect. I still play it from time to time.


>Persona 3

I like burning bread. It has the most mature cast and two best grills - Mitsuru and Aigis.


File: 1670715658291.png (4.22 MB, 1526x1522, 763:761, mostplayedgames.png) ImgOps iqdb

This was suprsingly hard as i really couldn't find anything that "defines" me except runescape. But these should be my most played games.


Silent Hill 2 is something else.


File: 1670716256743.jpg (161.99 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, MV5BNDhjMzBkZjItMDNiNy00Nz….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Jazz Jack Rabbit 2
I can't remember which Jazz Jack it was, but it was the xmas edition! Me and my brother loved that game even if we were really bad at it. Feels like a life has gone past since then…

We also played a lot of Worms!


File: 1671824807958.png (1.58 MB, 900x898, 450:449, 3by3.png) ImgOps iqdb

I'd play most of these again


File: 1671835487652.png (1.33 MB, 765x765, 1:1, wiz.png) ImgOps iqdb

If restricted strictly to 9 and strictly "top of mind" titles

Chronological order as to how I discovered them, left to right and top to bottom


File: 1679433334715.jpg (72.76 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, tp.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I have nothing to add as to what's been said in this thread but when my PC would no longer run it I got dejected and decided that I didn't need to play it again. I have the best memories with it of any game I played.
>American McGee's Alice
It appealed to my aesthetic, angst, and pathos to say the least.
>Metal Gear
Gave me my political perspective and furthered my then interest of guns.
>Stalker, namely SoC
Actualized my love for camping, forests, and urban decay.
>Rule of Rose
Circumstance of time and place of when I was introduced to this game is what makes it for me.
>Silent Hill
I didn't care for any other game in the series because they didn't match the tone and atmosphere of the first game. PS1 games have an inexplicable charm to them that adds to the soul of the game, not to sound like a consolefag.
>Black Ops 1
>Saints Row 2


Civilization IV
Harvest Moon
Stranded II
Fallout 3 (and NV)

Those are the only five games that I can say really changed anything about me, mostly in shaping my interests. I don't really play games anymore, though.


Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne too. I played the former for months straight and declined going to a classmate's birthday because I thought it would be lame and just cooped up in my room playing it.


File: 1679512226115.png (1.85 MB, 1200x900, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

favorite games throughout various points of my childhood (under 18 years old)


Age of Empires, I, II, & III
Team Fortress Classic
SimCity 4
Civilization III
Star Wars Galaxies
Star Wars Battlefront
Roblox - when it first came out
Pirates of the Caribbean Online
RuneScape 2 - after the HD update & 3 - after EoC update
World of Tanks


forgot about that, cool ass game


I'll be surprised if there are more than three people who remember Warhawk or any game in that series.


i only played it a few times when my brother's friend was away. he would bring his ps3 over and they would both play stuff on it and i had to wait for them to leave before i could have a go. i remember driving a jeep and flying a plane and having fun. what was cool to me at the time was that it was a digital game, i distinctly remember him not having to load in a game disc, and that was still relatively new at the time and impressed me because it was a whole ass game


File: 1679653472439.gif (353.97 KB, 839x842, 839:842, 1.gif) ImgOps iqdb

these got me through some painfully boring times, bless em


File: 1679656372165.jpg (22.67 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 3269083-hannibal_kannibal.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I´ll stick to a short PC list, or i´d be here all day.
- NFS Most Wanted v1.3 + Mod Loader
- NFS Carbon + Enhancement Mod
- Carmageddon II Carpocalypse Now! GOG version + Zeckensack´s Glide Wrapper
- Re-Volt ( GOG version or RVGL )
- American Conquest GOG version ( Original Game, Fight Back Expansion, Gold Edition a.k.a Asiatic Theme )
- Age Of Empires: Rise Of Rome Expansion + Upatch 1.4
- Age Of Empires II HD Edition
- NFS World + many mods
- GTA San Andreas + A BEHEMOTH OF GAME ALTERING CHANGES.. ( thanks internet )
- Stalker Shadow Of Chernobyl ( GOG version ) + mods
- Stalker Call Of Chernobyl.. ( a masterpiece that rivals my Extremely modded GTA San Andreas game )

And like a proud enthusiast, i also make videos of said games.. ( at least some of them )
- https://www.youtube.com/@singleplayerretrorenegader9580

I still have yet to try getting some good content out of the consoles, but not any time soon..
Too many games on PC to uncover, before that happens.


File: 1679719181891.png (9.59 MB, 3228x2284, 807:571, Untitled.png) ImgOps iqdb

I enjoyed COD ghosts a whole lot more than id like to admit


If someone threatened to shoot me unless I pick one and only one - Might and Magic VII:For Blood and Honor, without a doubt
If I could pick a few, I'd also include Diablo 1, Baldur's Gate 1+2, Starcraft 2, Dungeon Keeper 2, Dungeon Siege 2
also Bug's Life and Grinch for PS


I rescind my choices, I don't know what you really mean by define and I don't think many video games have defined me.


File: 1681500280437.jpg (36.58 KB, 410x380, 41:38, excited_about_atari.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Some of these are just memories of core gaming experiences and not my all time fav video games

Tom Clancys Rainbow Six 1 - First tactical shooter I ever played i remember i always failed the first mansion mission only got to level two. I was around 6 yr old

Garys Mod - First PC game i ever owned besides playing TF2. Best years of online gaming on there

Dead Rising 1 - This was at a point in highschool where i started hating video games and this ended up pulling me back because of all the passion, replay value , and content in one game. Good summer break overall

Silent Hill 1 - Great atmosphere probably a better one then 2 mostly because i went in fully blind unlike 2. Great music aswell

Sly Cooper 3 : Honor Amoung Thieves
- This was the last classic ps2 game i think i ever played or owned. Still have fond memories playing this

Tony Hawk Underground 2 - A other classic ps2 game that i have fond memories of. The soundtrack influences my music taste till this day

Uncharted 2 - First game I remember that had the most memorable set pieces on the ps3 console. If most people complain about the lack of ps3 exclusives … look no further

Downhill Domination - this and ATV Offroad Furry were the only sport or outdoor games I enjoyed playing would come home from 1st grade and boot this up to enjoy

Skate 2 - First non arcade skateboarding game i ever played but never owned myself which i kick myself still this day. I would go over my older cousins house and would play it all day

Left 4 Dead 2 - First online co op game I played.

Kingdom of Hearts 1 - That fucker Riku always beating me on that boat race. Never got of the island ironically but intro and song is unforgettable

Pokemon Silver - First gameboy and Pokemon game i ever owned


hey, DarkMTS, I know you from .club, feel greeted


File: 1682842323165.jpg (24.65 KB, 400x400, 1:1, pbs.twimg.com_profile_imag….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

HAHAHAHA cool to see a poster from there in this sphere!
Well, it´s not that surprising but still cool nonetheless.
- Cheers!


File: 1683757330846.jpg (532.39 KB, 1200x1552, 75:97, games-99.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Nice selection. I never played Ultima Online, and I know I missed on something magical.


File: 1684768605095.png (602.11 KB, 802x600, 401:300, Ultima Online.png) ImgOps iqdb

Thanks. Yeah I began playing UO right before the Renaissance expansion and spent many years doing pretty much nothing else with my life but playing that game. It's hard to describe how amazing it was to be able to play games with other people using the internet. The concept was mind blowing. It basically ruined every other MMO for me and as a result I lost everything that came afterwards, WOW specifically. Good times, I even convinced a couple of kids in my school to try it and they also became very active players. I have 2 kind of funny UO stories, I'll write it down just in case you're interested.

It was 2001 and I had just convinced two of my classmates to try UO after playing by myself for a month or so. They soon became hooked themselves and one of them (let's call him Cosmo) got so addicted his mother forbade him to play games altogether. Cosmo turned out to be quite the cunning, scheming kid and would take none of it, which is weird because at school he was an extremely reserved, yes-man individual and never showed any social prowess whatsoever.

Cosmo's plan to continue to play UO with us during weekdays was rather convoluted. There was no way he could bypass his tiger mom at a home with a single computer (a common thing for middle class back in those days, one computer per household) so he found an Internet café a few stations away from his house and convinced the owner there to install UO in a couple of computers. He did this by promising the guy he would bring a couple of friends with him to play there everyday. The couple of friends he was talking about of course was myself and the other kid, let's call him George. Keep in mind we were like 12 at the time and Cosmo was this scrawny Chinese kid I never saw talking to anyone else but me or George. That was a pattern during my school days where I always happened to befriend the Asian kids. Turned out they were usually the ones that shared with me a good grasp on mathematics and a hatred for retarded ball games and P.E in general. In fact the reason we even began to talk to each other was because of some math olympiad crap they advertised in our school at one point. George's parents were from India and his mom is part of the second story but I digress.

Anyway, soon we were going after school to the internet place every other day to play Ultima Online, and we continued to do so for years. To go along with Cosmo's plan we learned to use the public transportation system, something none of us had done without adults at the time, find ways to lie for more pocket money and even come up with more lies about school projects and other bullshit just so we could spend more time playing games. And that's the story of how Cosmo, the guy who never talked to anyone and never cared for anything but factoring quadratic equations found his inner strength to go around downtown to strike a business deal with some stranger and how he used the collective wallets of his friends and propped them up and himself with a new arsenal of lying, scheming and bullshitting just so he could continue to play Ultima Online away from his mom. Now, to be honest, Cosmo already knew the online cafe owner before, we learned later his parents used the place to send emails to relatives back in HK, Taiwan or whatever it was before they purchased a PC. Still, pretty impressive.

The second story happens many years later. We were already teenagers and almost done with highschool at the time. Cosmo, George and I continued to play games in that same Internet cafe and there were also more people playing with us who first got interested in UO after watching us playing. One of these guys was George's cousin, let's call him Jerry. He was older than us, around his early to mid 20s. His dad had a business selling AC units to office buildings or something and he actually made a good amount of money by being a sales agent for the company. It was probably not that much money but from our jobless teenager perspectives it was a lot.

He often would pay for our hours on the internet place just so he could have people to play with and at the peak of his gaming days he was pretty much banking 100% of our bills there. He also introduced eating junk food to the mix, something we always avoided because we had no extra money for it. He had the money though and he really indulged in it. Jerry's lifestyle was the first glimpse we had of a manchild, though we were not aware that was the term for it. I myself only realized that's what he was years later. The internet was very far from being what it is today and to know what a manchild was you had to happen to see one in the wild and even if you did, you were not sure what it was. It's like birdwatching. You can just open YT nowadays and see 4k HD videos of any bird under the sun now but back in the early 2000s you had to go out and hope to catch a glimpse of one in the woods. Again, from our still rather innocent perspective, Jerry's life was perfect. He would show up at around 4pm, order pizza and play games, sometimes all the way to closing hours.

It was quite a sight to behold so see this overweight adult in a business suit playing a video game. The idea of adults playing video games is quite hegemonic nowadays but it certainly wasn't so back then. Granted, the list of adults I knew was rather limited to my parents, Cosmo's and George's parents, a neighbor and our teachers. But none of them even knew what a video game is. And here's Jerry eating greasy pizza and playing a game that even for the time was outdated both in gameplay and graphics.

This thing with Jerry lasted for about a year and it ended with a bang. In fact his demise kind of ended everything. We recently heard he began to skip work to play UO and other games and George told us he was about to lose his job. We kept asking for more info about it but he kept being evasive. Then, one fine Wednesday afternoon, we were all together playing whatever it was and two middle aged Indian succubi went inside the internet cafe. Immediately they drew our attention. It was bizarre enough succubi coming inside that place and even more bizarre the fact they were middle aged motherly figures. As soon as they enter the establishment, George just melts in his chair, trying to hide himself behind the monitor in the most ridiculous, cartoony scene imaginable. Jerry on the other hand has this dumb look on his face and he stares at the succubi for a good 10 seconds and goes "Mom? Mom?! Mom!!!"

She has this furious look on her face and without saying a word, makes a hand gesture, signaling him to come as if she's dealing with a lap dog. Like a brainless zombie, Jerry gets off the chair and follows the succubi towards the exit, the computer still running the game, he never even closed the window or anything. His bowls of chips left untouched. Complete defeat, not even a fight. They caught him in the act and he knew he was fucking busted. Before the two succubi get out of the cafe place, one of them shouts "I see you there, George!"

And that was the end of Jerry. I never saw him again. We stopped going to the cyber cafe soon afterwards, if not that very week. UO was pretty much dead at that point in the sense many other games had superseded in every aspect and people still playing it was pretty much doing it out of nostalgia. Internet Cafes themselves were quickly dying off due to very affordable computers and broadband internet becoming wildly available. In fact I think the one we went to closed down not 6 months after the Jerry incident. Not long afterwards highschool was over and I lost contact with George and Cosmo as well. End of an era.


Man, UO really was a different breed.
Carebear WoW paled in comparison with ruthlessness and ingenuity you'd have in world of UO.
Since I'm from Eastern Europe, local, pirated shards were extremely popular here.
Craziest story I heard is how a friend of my friend hacked another player's account or somehow tricked him into giving his house key and then just cleaned out everything.
The guy who's house got robbed got pretty fucking upset and tried to find the guy who did it IRL. He was an amateur boxer or something and literally wanted to beat him up.
There were also "strelkas" aka organized fights between different nationalities that took place both IRL during the early 2000s and in UO in form of guild wars.
It was wild and I recall how the peak of passion I experienced getting PKed and the wild fun never compared to any other game.
I guess it just feels that much more exciting when there are real items at stake that you can lose at any time.
We should bring back GPT agents and fill them in some UO shard and just enjoy it all over again.


is battle network that good? It seems like a turn-based rpg with some realtime movement on a grid. Switch has been selling it recently but as soon as they kept playing up the music and art that was available with it I got turned off. I'm not using my Switch like a PC or music player.


not gonna lie this is pretty much all i play. as well as an occasional fighting game like mk or smash. In fact this is all i've really played since i was like 13. I seldom play other games. recently i've played postal 2 and got the half life games while they were on sale so i could play through all of them. If your wondering what i do in gmod. I used to build things and do a lot of NPC battles. But now i just fly WAC aircraft and bomb NPCs using gbombs and SW bombs. over. and over. nonstop.


mods won't let me post pictures because i am banned for something someone else did.
The games were:
Garry's mod
Left 4 dead 2
Team fortress 2
Gears of war trilogy
Star fox adventures
Chivalry: Medieval warfare
Cod: waw
and three of those are dead.


guess i'll go into more detail

Garry's mod
got it when i was 13. barely played online and just messed around in sandbox. i think garry's mod is the best game of all time due to the enormous creative potential it grants the player giving you unlimited assets from nearly all games to do whatever you want in a physics-based engine like source. Its a dream come true and shouldn't exist in our bleak world.
>Left 4 dead 2
hands down best zombie game. there are other good zombie games but l4d is perfect
>Team fortress 2
got it when i was 12 and been in love with it since. Still has that old quake gameplay. objectively better than any heroshit today which all take from it. I actually have some good memories on this game
>Gears of war trilogy
i just love the game and replay it all the time. never gets old for me but its always depressing as hell how dead it is.
>Star fox adventures
first game i ever played as a toddler, this is just purely nostalgia based though i still love the games art direction and music
>Chivalry: medieval warfare
another dream come true game for me where your attacks actually are real, physical things happening in real time and not a pre-scriped button press. most people will not get why this game is a shining beacon for me in a industry which seems to just hate the concept. In this game not only skill, but grace matter. i routinely just play it offline with bots
>cod waw
this game is considered kino by all. It introduced me to ww2 and i just see a lot of passion and soul in it

sadly theres not much in modern times that i want to play. i just see them trying to be the games i posted but shittier. Theres really nothing for me. I've just been living a fossilized life gaming-wise. Though recently i've been trying to play other games from the past i may have missed.


Double-kill: SimCity
Third time's the charm: Spore
Fourth: Did you know that Sid Meier and Will Wright collaborated back in the day? But, anyway. Civilization.
Fifth: Will Wright mentioned Diablo before releasing Spore. I agree.
Sixth: Unrelated to the other two dudes. Mostly. I think. StarCraft.
Seventh: Probably not as influential as Civilization, but Alpha Centauri.
Eighth: Half-Life, its sequel, and all their mods. Holy shit that's a lot of vidya linked up to those. Counter-Strike? Day of Defeat? Team Fortress? Garry's Mod? I could've been a Valve drone for life.
Ninth: Didn't play this one as much as Diablo and StarCraft. WarCraft III.
Tenth: Age of Empires II, maybe.


While I've played and enjoyed a lot of games, extremely few of them have been very influential to my personality to the degree that books/shows/music has been. I think the medium is still fundamentally in its infancy when it comes to not only storytelling but motivating why it should be a game in the first place. A LOT of commonly brought up games to counter this viewpoint are ironically often very movie-like (and trying their hardest to break away from feeling like a game), but with the cliché of putting the player in moral situations. Those are often not very interesting moral choices, nor is the story that unfolds really tied in to the fact that it's a game.

The games with the best experiences are games with so elegantly interwoven gameplay+story that it actually wouldn't work in another medium.

Hotline Miami 1&2 are to me very close to being perfect games. Amazing gameplay, amazing soundtrack, amazing artstyle. While the story or themes are certainly not unique (which is what keeps it from being perfect), your adrenaline-pumping hyperviolent experience of the gameplay is in a sense "part of the story", making it interactive in the truest sense. It's not a bland choose-your-own-story book but actually hijacks your neurophysiology in such a way that you experience the story much more intuitively than if you just passively sat in your sofa watching a movie.

Gameplay/story are truly inseperable here and as such I don't really think the story would hit as hard as a movie. Well-known movies with similar themes are in my opinion directly inferior, which is what really made me respect said games.

Minecraft is to me the single greatest game ever created which can get away with not having a story because it's as far as I know telling the story of man to you when you play it, something that becomes especially apparent on multiplayer. I would elaborate on what I mean but this is already a wall of text as-is.


Was spore really fun? I remember downloading it when it first came out and playing it for a bit but I remember it being really boring. Maybe what I had was a demo, I can't really remember.


File: 1705522003798.jpeg (1.8 MB, 1280x1280, 1:1, Untitled_Export-xUJUmSpm-.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Made a slight modification had to put melee on my list heres my actual list this time.


File: 1705658991118.jpg (38.45 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 10413136-spyro-the-dragon-….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Spyro the Dragon. It created a huge fascination in the surreal for me. Spyro is fundamentally a dream-like, imaginative and fantastical series with all of the different hub worlds and levels that you get to explore. The first Spyro especially drives that home and feels more like one, long all en-compassing dream with the colourful skyboxes, almost schizophrenic variety in worlds and the lack of NPC's (outside of the Dragons you rescue). Spyro 2 tones it down somewhat since every world has a 'story' of some kind and NPC's to talk to, but it still keeps that childish imagination and a strong desire to explore and find secrets. Spyro 3 is my least favourite and least played of all three game (partly since for whatever reason I never owned it as a child whereas I replayed 1 and 2 endlessly) but I still hold a lot of affection for them. The series spawned my love for exploratory platformers in dreamscapes such as Psychonauts and Ratchet and Clank (to an extent) and I've recently refound my love with more recent offerings like Onirism and especially A Hat in Time which has a lot of Spyro influence.


Did you wrote about these games before? I remember someone praising Spyro in one of these threads years ago. Growing up I always felt Spyro games to have an odd gaudiness about them and a general phony feel to the whole thing when compared to games I did like like Mario 64. Like the developers were trying too hard to have a fantasy game for kids but all they could come up with is cliched dragons and castles. On the other hand they do have an odd charm about them. I actually never played one for more than a few hours, maybe I'll try to beat the first at some point.


Playing Mario 3D World recently gave me a pang of nostalgia for Melee, which I've hardly touched since 2005. I think it was the first game that made me go seriously autistic, I was skipping school learning to wavedash and downloading matches off DC++ it really captured my attention like hardly anything has since. And then I just stopped for whatever reason. But looking up all that stuff now gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. I could go on for ages about this game. I think if I remember rightly I did try the Wii game and I was disappointed it was less competitive. Which is kind of retarded to say out loud now but it made sense at the time. Man I wish any game now could have even half the effect this did back then. Oh well. Your other choices are great too.


The only spyro game I played was Enter the dragonfly. It was pretty meh.


Not him but I enjoyed those games as a kid largely just because it was "platforming, but you can fly"… I was a sucker for that. There's a flying power up in mario galaxy that I loved even though you barely get to use it. I guess if you can just fly everywhere it defeats the purpose of platforming but eh it's fun.


Nah nah the only Spyro games worth talking about are the PS1 trilogy by Insomniac. Spyro 1, 2 and 3. Any game after those three are by other developers and generally are regarded as trash.


I see what you mean, I was ecstatic when I played Sonic 3 as a kid and Tails could fly for a few seconds in that game.



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