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Albatross 18 / PangYa - anyone remember this?

This Korean game began in 2004 and had several seasons. Got a Wii adaptation in 2006 called "Swing Golf PangYa" ported in English as "Super Swing Golf".

in 2011 they had an expansion called Wiz City https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caogK7f8Djw

which is about when it got a Steam group https://steamcommunity.com/groups/albatross18

I remember running this back on my Vista PC, it was just a nice zen waifu fest. I want something like this again. Not a golf fan but it made me want to try.

Not sure when this game fell apart, maybe 2012ish? I'll admit not to playing it in it's end stages since my PC was having probs gaming and I'd switched to anime.

I'm wondering if finding the ROMs for Wii emulatorwould be the closest I'd get to playing the original PC game again. I'm just curious how it felt, I don't remember clearly.


Yeah OK gangschizo fedglowie. I downloaded a Rom for Pangya PSP like 3 hours ago and just tried to launch it. It kept crashing so I came to Wizchan to take my frustrations out on other wizards and the first thread is this.


great game


>wiz city


are there good arcade golf games on pc like everybody's golf?

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