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What do you think of grinding in videogames? Do you find it relaxing, or a chore?


Depends on the game.
Some games the grind is fun or satisfying. Most games not so much.
I don't mind it so much when it's a optional late game grind in a game I already like with good gameplay. Just gives me a excuse to play a game I already like longer.


grinding the [-] on this vtuber DRECK


Grinding is shit. What language is that?that?


If the gameplay is enjoyable by itself then it's fine.

In other games there's a whole aspect of optimizing/automatizing the grind as much as possible and that is also a lot of fun.


thumbnail shows EN/ID SUB. i'm guessing indonesian


learn some shit


Classic grind story.


File: 1678481474309.jpg (150.48 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 💙_.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i pug cs for 6+ hours, so u can consider that as grinding

its more like a chore that nobody likes to do but its sort of a thing everyone has to comply with if u wanna get better at the game. its hard to enjoy the game that way and i know a lot of ppl who just get burned out/depressed bcz its hard to genuinely enjoy grinding unless u enjoyed school or naturally have a LOT of patience.


This could've easily been done with basic scripting. None of the monsters are challenging at the start of any final fantasy game, it's simply a loop of walk around, fight, regenerate hp, save. By the time you reach level 20 the regenerating health isn't needed as you're basically one hitting everything and starting first by that point.


>there's a whole aspect of optimizing/automatizing the grind as much as possible and that is also a lot of fun.
Fully agreed, finding ways to maximise the results while decreasing input needed is just a satisfying task and in most cases the developers had no clue anyone would push the game this far.


File: 1678506836264.jpg (146.34 KB, 775x666, 775:666, 1557598390112.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Why grind? Why should a man challenge the his own patience? Why should he compete with a dishonest asshole who broke his promise to an entire community and then acted as though he was never in the wrong? Why do ANYTHING when you can just program a SmartApp to do it for you?!?

The divide between human males and whatever the hell you are is astounding. To even suggest that not doing it with the tools provided by the devs, and to go so far as to entertain the idea of a bot.. Shameful. You missed the entire point of the story and learned nothing. You are probably a bot yourself. Dead internet.


really the entire point of him doing this was so he could have something to stream, there is nothing else to it. it is nothing serious

so yeah i get what he's saying. i automate the boring parts of mmos for example. but he was doing this specifically because it's dumb, this sort of self imposed challenge forms the CORE of game replayability for autists. as long as there is something slightly different and potentially more difficult, they are content replaying and doing fundamentally the same shit over and over, not counting speedrunnign and shit aside

for anything else in life this sort of dedication and focus would be applauded, but it seems for videogames you either appreciate it or think the person is mentally ill


Playing Monster Hunter now, most of the game is grinding, but it's fun. I don't mind it when the gameplay is good, if the gameplay is "just spam attack" turns based combat I don't like it


wish i would get into it but world never clicked. i tried one of the psp games and i hated that too


Main reason why I stopped playing RPGs. I don't have time to spare like I used to.


Fucking this. JFC, I've gotten to the point where I _daydream_ about grinding, and I find those daydreams pleasant!


No I don't have the patience for long grindy MMOs or JRPGs anymore.I prefer a game with no fluff that is fun from start to finish.I prefer shorter games like Metroid Prime or RE Village or 2 over long games.


I play mostly arcade games on MAME. Beat em up's shoot em ups, fighters, and maybe the occasional platformer if I'm playing on any other emulators.


File: 1678944448389.jpg (110.07 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, FDfMXfEVkAU_jwH.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

it seems like, consistently, a major problem with older games' replayability is the grinding. random encounters, things you cannot skip, forced grinding… i think a way to design a good game is to limit the amount of required grinding, or at least give an optional setting (akin to difficulty selection) for turning it on or adjusting it. that would have future-proofed SO many older games. their story and actual game content is held hostage by grind tho


they should add in payed options to older games to skip the grind or let us open lootboxes at least fr


File: 1678955605513.jpg (6.78 KB, 168x300, 14:25, grind.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

All games is sorta of grind same as everything in life u can't escape the grind chore thats what makes everything is meaningless what kinda of shitty thread is that fucktrad.


File: 1678966288445.jpg (9.54 KB, 192x192, 1:1, 76.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

When did this board became loaded with zoomer faggots..
You´re the reason why games fucking suck.
Too bad, you can´t ruin what has already been made in the past.
That´s the only good thing.


how old are you?



the wizard troon


his post is mocking my post above his. i don't think he is being serious.

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