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I want to play neotokyo° but no one plays it…there's this steam group that organize parties every weekends and gather together to play the game. I also want to do the same but with my fellow wizzies: I want to create a group on steam and schedule so american wizzies and europeans wizzies and aussies wizzies play all together, so we could all play together. I was thinking of sunday, no wizzies work on sunday

what do you think of my idea? I think it's a good idea


you first need to convince everyone why the game is worth playing


There used to be one group hosting games at certain times…. 10-12 people. It's not a great game, go heavy and just walk real slow slicing the pie around corners with an AR. Better game is Project Reality for miltactics and that's also kind of shit


I played a bit back in the day, it was fun but I'm really bad


It looks fun, I might install it to give it a go.
I could play Sundays, or any day tbh lmao
Is there a steam group already?

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