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I have been debating if I should get a GameCube or not. I have seen a few good gems on the system but a friend of mine told me not to bother because it's extremely expensive to get the system and some games he said. Is that true or not.


why not emulate?


Ultimately the games are rather simplistic because they are all for children. The gamecube came out before it was normal for adults to play video games. Doesn't mean you can't enjoy them, just don't expect them to be great compared to modern games.


switch pro controller + dolphin + https://github.com/Davidobot/BetterJoy


dumbest post on this board right now


If you are a neet or shutin why not playing old school games I am not sure if GameCube is now classed as retro. I am gonna get one my last one broke


Why not get a Wii? If you're worried about graphical fidelity it has hardware-level emulation of the gamecube. You can also use programs like nintendont and usb loader gx and not even bother paying for games.


Gamecube emulation is great, if you just care about the games just download the ISOs and get dolphin


>James Bond Nightfire
>RE remake
>RE zero
>mario sunshine
>loz wind waker
>the usual collection of j-rpgs too many to count
if these titles don't interest you don't buy it


Gamecube has some good games but it's definitely not worth buying one. Emulate.


yueah buy a Wii, will run some GC games better and also allow you to play them Wii games


if someone would make like a gamecube/wii/old console PCIE thing that i can put inside my computer that would be cool. im so tired of having a million electronic gizmos


my favorite games on the gamecube
>Super Mario Sunshine
>Alien Hominid
>Wind Waker
>Smash Bros Melee
>Resident Evil
>MK Double Dash
>Call Of Duty Finest Hour
(yes cod was on gamecube)


also pikmin is great, luigi's mansion, eternal darkness, beautiful joe


Fucking worthless, but its my oldest functional console. My NES keeps requiring me to blow my games, and my N64 sticks are getting filled with pixie dust. It's like nintendo wanted to make a really cheap ps2.
>but a friend of mine
pretty bold of you to say that on this board.
>because it's extremely expensive to get the system and some games he said
even in 2010 I was trying to buy old games for it and instead of getting them for cheap this was the first time I started seeing used games go for $100.

There are a few niche titles that are ONLY available for gamecube. The only one I have is Eternal Darkness and PN03, but even as good as those games are I'd say investing in a high end PC is better.
>Alien Hominid
I felt pretty stupid buying this game when there was already a free flash equivalent version of it
>Wind Waker
I beat this game but I feel pretty salty this is what I got while ps2 players got Shadow of the Colossus.


I forgot about pikmin. The time pressure in the first game always made me too anxious to enjoy playing it, but pikmin 2 is actually quite fun and worth playing


Yeah I wish there was a timeless mode, just to explore and goof around the map, the game is still easy enough to beat with a lot of days to spare, I beat my first run at 23 days


Glad to see this one get a mention. I personally found it to be much better than Goldeneye on the N64. Had much more fun on the multiplayer as well.


It really is a great game, I've spent hundreds of hours on the multiplayer doing coop and that part is better than goldeneye anyways. The missions… not so much. The castle level was great but after that I felt like it dropped off and became rather linear


The Gamecube Era 007 games were great. Loved the driving segments.


Maybe one day.


the last good nintendo console to be made. after this I can't see why anyone would buy anything nintendo made especially considering the awesome current state of emulation.


unless i just missed out on all the good games the gamecube is not worth buying for the games alone
the games i played:
Star fox adventures
Spiderman 2
Smash bros: melee
mickey mouse game
mario party 5
mario strikers
luigis mansion
godzilla: destroy all monsters: MELEE
i think i had a digimon game at one point
a power rangers one too
Peter jackson's king kong
monkey ball
teenage mutant ninja turtles
and ones that are so insignificant i don't even want to post them

I had a gamecube setup and i only occasionally played a few games just out of intrigue and not much of it really holds up to me. basically what >>59702 said. I played star fox adventures a bit because i like the aesthetic of the game, liked king kong and i would say it's worth buying just for luigi's mansion but good luck finding a copy

honestly i have 100x more fun replaying the shit out of gears of war on the xbox 360 then i do any of the gamecube games. the gamecube is nothing but a feels machine whether its the mysterious and soothing menu screen or the small bits of nostalgia i get from a bygone era.

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