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File: 1683051570575.jpg (44.89 KB, 341x204, 341:204, elden-ring-63fe3aedb1ef0.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


elden ring is getting a DlC, what are your hope for it? for me, I just want a HUGE map


Ranni naizuri


I'll allow it, but i don't have much hope for it. Wish the world wouldn't feel so empty.


unless it's a new fucking game I don't care, I'm done with elden ring


It's the first souls game that makes me not want to replay it again so the DLC better be something new entirely

I would like to see something like a massive battlefield group PVP like when you first ride through Caelid to Radahns Castle and there are ballistas and siege weapons trying to take you down. Maybe something like 30 people trying to storm the castle while there is fewer on castle defense but have access to ballista and rock throwers


>It's the first souls game that makes me not want to replay it again
I think i know what you mean, it wasn't a bad game, but there is something amiss with it, whatever the issue is i hope that dlc will dress it.


My problem with it it's that everything is just too big and scattered, like if I wanna replay dark souls I'd be fighting O&S in like 5 hours, but in this game everything takes forever, it's great for a first playthrough but I just can't be bothered to go back to it.


man this is not encouraging, I like the souls games but I have yet to play this, the horse and high fantasy settings are not my cup of tea


i uninstalled this game the open world feels pointless

but also im severely depressed


This game was a gift from God and the best escapism in recent years, and it's not even close. I have complete trust in From when it comes to making more great content gameplay-wise, so I just hope there's some satisfying conclusion to the story that ties it all together. The hints regarding Miquella and Malenia are pretty fascinating.
>first souls game that makes me not want to replay it again
For me it was the first that made me start a second playthrough right after the credits rolled. I don't know if you guys are dead inside or just being contrarian, but either way this is sad to see.


As someone who loved DS1 I couldn't stand elden ring.


They're retards. I have literally 1000 hours on this game. Very few games past the 360/PS3/Wii era I've enjoyed like this. Honestly it felt like something from the 8/16/32bit era with it's atmosphere.


agreed, i thought it was the first great game to be released in 10+ years


is this a good souls game for someone for someone who has never played a souls game before, or is there an easier game?


Dark Souls 1-3, Bloodbourne, Sekiro, Elden Ring, and the last 3 Amoured Core games a pretty much easily accesible for anyone who hasn't touched any of them. Elden Ring has the same skill ramp but it comes slower due to the less linear nature of ER.


ER is easiest and by far the best. If you dont want much challenge you can just over-level yourself by doing other content first.
The difficulty is overstated if you played old games. It's only difficult if you compare to casualised modern games


https://youtu.be/a8k8R0Q2ubY?si=Mws0eccsvCbHtpgm I'm late but here's the new dlc trailer


I will let you know in another 8 years when I can finally afford to buy elden ring on sale for $5


haha that's a good take. I made the mustake to pay full price the game and now I don't play anymore. the dlc and this video https://youtu.be/CxMYD3YXzlQ?si=p4uHlh7ts6lg0lv0
make me want to play it again


It's been easy to pirate it since the beginning. Worked fine for me. Whats wrong with you?


why no money?


well I mean I'll only buy the DLC only if it has a HUGE map


> I made the mustake to pay full price the game and now I don't play anymore.
lolwat nigger? This is one of the few games I didn't mind paying full price for.


File: 1713300326649.jpg (513.2 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, er-sote-screenshot-4.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm someone very critical over games (especially made nowdays) because developpers want to give us the best of the best, but always miss the main problem. and in elden ring, it is the empty world, and too difficult for me (I need help to beat the bosses because I suck at soulslike games (it is my first soulslike game too haha))

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