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You might not like it, but peak wizardry is to play on your mobile phone on the train.
What games do you play on your portable telephone
Bonus points if you don't got any phone


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I played a Succubis' Frontline and Succubus Alone


i'm afraid people will make fun of me if they see playing a game on my phone. usually i'll just scroll through my pictures if i'm waiting somewhere.


>i'm afraid people will make fun of me
Very unhealthy. There's no reason to expect anyone will make fun of you, and even if some vapid schizonigger does, there's even less of a reason to care. Mobile gaming is a huge industry and everyone your age probably does it or has done it at some point. Stop inventing stigmas in your mind and then being ashamed to do innocent things based on imaginary reactions from faceless strangers. You're not infringing on anyone's peace by tapping on your phone be it in a game or your picture gallery.


Used to play a bunch of chink gachas but got sick of them. East asian grinding + microtransaction + increasing hardware demand turned me away. The only one with good gameplay I played is Arknights, the rest are turn based auto battler trash. I also played Genshin on PC which has fun exploration but it'll probably look like shit on the phone. I heard succubi Frontline 2 will be an XCOM clone. Looks fun.


mobile games are trash you have to be a foid to even try them


Only good gacha and mobile game in general that I played was The Alchemist Code. Tactical RPG.


my phone's lcd and battery have a limited lifespan. i only use it for reading at low brightness at night primarily

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