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A new dragon's dogma will be released, what are you thoughts on it? expectations? fears?
For what I saw in the trailer, they wantes to make everything works so it will be super fluid but alas, the graphics don't catch up. (maybe with DD III or in a new generation).
I already played DD I but didn't like it. I hope the second one will be enjoyable


Will it have actual multiplayer? Don't remember where I heard it, maybe from someone here, but they said it was a salvaged MMO project. The way everything was designed, it really does seem that way. I didn't hate the game, but it wasn't anything special (though I think actual multiplayer would have made it a great experience). There isn't anything that would play quite like DD multiplayer that I know of. Vermintide seems more like Left 4 Dead or Deep Rock Galactic and open-world sandboxes don't really feature traditional classes, if they feature classes at all.

I played whatever that class was that maintains a weapon enchant and conjures then repeatedly smacks a large magic orb like it's a baseball so that it pelts enemies in front of you with tons of smaller orbs. Was really satisfying. Before that I played whatever the climbing class was. It was also decently fun to climb large enemies and stab their eye sockets or whatever miscellaneous weakspot they possessed.


dragon's dogma was awesome. i played in 2016 or 2017 for the first time and had a blast. i did not do any of the expansion stuff, wasn't interested. i thought the pseudo-multiplayer pawn system was dumb (reminded me of nintendo style online systems that are handicapped to the point of being suitable only for dumb babies). i liked the combat and the story, so a second dragon's dogma that provides nothing else but the same combat + new story would satisfy me

i hope for dd2 we are able to play as pawns for friends online, that's really my only wish. i'd like to play cooperatively with my brother

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