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Not jumpscare horror, but actually well-written dark or weird games. What are some you like?


Planescape Torment
Thief 1 and 2
Return of the Obra Dinn


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that game is so instantly recognizable and i've never even played it, though i've watched others play it. i could probably recognize those thumbnails if they were even smaller just as well. very impressive feat for games nowadays


There's something unnerving about the broken, empty spaces of a lot of N64 games. I remember as a kid being really weirded out by accidentally looking inside a character and finding out there was nothing there. Or looking at the seams of a block and seeing the skybox through an odd angle. I find Quest 64 to be a good example of the unsettling, low poly atmosphere.

Anyway I recommend Yume Nikki.


gotta be that yellow filter


I'd say avoid Sunless Skies. The game's been made after the series was taken away from the original writer when he got dubiously me too'd, there's weird agenda driven stuff in there. And the original guy was already a leftie so, you know.
Cultist Simulator written by the same dude is a fun little mystery game. The title makes it sounds like it's one of these garbage cheap meme things but it's actually an alright card game with an occult horror theme and an entertaining gimmick where you have to discover all the mechanics and backstory by trial and error. It can get tiresome towards the end when you've already discovered most stuff and achieving your victory conditions is down to busywork managing counters and shuffling cards.



I haven't been able to figure Cultist Simulator out. If it's just an alright game then all it has going is the atmosphere and writing of the Sunless Skies guy, which I do enjoy.

Is there other stuff with that Lovecraftian, kind of humorous but still fucked up type of writing?


>The title makes it sounds like it's one of these garbage cheap meme things
this is such a stupid name for any game that is not a dumb gmod-like shovelware for streamers or an actual niche german work thing
i automatically dismiss anything on that basis and i am sure i am not the only one


Book of Hours by the Cultist Simulator people is coming out in August. Same setting as the previous game, other than that I haven't read much about it. Looks like a puzzle/light RPG mix.


you should try Tension (original) from the same devs. Tension The Void sucks, they made it linear and cut off all the dialogues.

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