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2000s Bioware made the best RPGs in the history of the genre. No, they're not crunchy. No, they're not infinitely replayable. But they were memorable, meaningful, evocative, and fun.


mass effect 1 was awesome. mass effect 2 was a weird cover-shooter shaped so heavily by the current era of fps console gaming, all the rpg stuff was gone which sucked. still need to play 3 and beyond

i really hate in first dragon age how everything just plays out all together at once it's so chaotic and makes being tactical difficult. the first fun memories of that game by the way are when important people join your party. i would always strip them of all their gear expectign them to die or be removed from my party. so my early battles in that game were as a bunch of naked bandit beating up low level monsters

bioware was fun that's for sure


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I tried to replay Dragon Age Origins recently and it doesn't hold up. It's just repetitive and like you say, the early battles got tiresome fast. I like the writing though, it has all the Bioware 2000s hallmarks.

KOTOR is of course the standard-bearer of all this. That they had to go into MMO bullshit direction with that still annoys me.

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