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Are there any video games I can buy at my local Gamestop for $1.60 or less with my debit card? Like a handheld Neopet or someshit?


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Blows my mind that one could buy a game like Osmos on Steam for $2.99 right now whereas a quick look-up for Tamagotchi on Amazon showed me one for $19.99. I mean, you basically need to buy like a $100 device to be able to play Osmos on but technically it should be a lot cheaper nowadays.

I dunno. I don't know enough about technology to say for sure that one should be able to get a standalone handheld game like Osmos for $1 in 2023.


Nobody owns anything they bought on Steam. They are renting it for an indeterminate amount of time, and they're not allowed to share it. The $2.99 which permits you to play a game today may not be enough to keep playing that game tomorrow.

A $20 Tomogatchi is yours to do as you wish, for as long as you like. You will be arrested if you throw it at a government official.


assuming that steam will die one day and all the games purchased will be lost:
you can just transfer your entire steam directory to somewhere else, and play all the games in offline mode. this is basically a time capsule of all your purchases

but online features won't work in offline mode:
true, but games inevitably lose all their networking and servers anyways. you should not expect commercial games with a focus on online multiplayer and so on to remain playable. typiclly as soon as the playerbase dwindles the servers are cut

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