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What games do you play on your box, wizzies?

Starting out with a classic, Minecraft works flawlessly. Really enjoy it on my machine, especially since I can afford more generous RAM allocation.


I've recently played through all the campaigns included in repo for Lugaru, and have been thinking about trying to make a dumb anime mod for it.
Next up I'll either dip into The Dark Mod or finally play through the repo installs of Beneath A Steel Sky and DarkWeb which have been kinda rotting on my drives.
One of the other in-repo games I enjoyed in the past and would like to see others pick up is called Antares, it's the source release of an ancient 1994-or-so Apple game called Ares that nobody played.
It's pretty surprising how expansive the OpenSUSE gaming repos really are.
If reliable multiplayer communities or large modder communities existed for them then 0AD and Unvanquished take their spot in the sun too.


Isn't linux gaming just PC gaming with less options?


I'm testing Witchfire (Unreal Engine game) through Wine but I'm getting much lower fps than in Windows. In Windows I can play 1440p on Ultra settings. Do you think there is a way to fix it?


here is russian forum with torrents for cracked linux games


I downloaded some of games from here in Past

its useful if you dont want ot use steam


Valve is pushing hard to make Linux gaming a thing. It never was a thing and gaming on Linux was a hit or miss. Either you managed to get the game running through Wine or you gave up because even the most modern graphics card doesn't have good driver support on Linux. It did have a nice community of opensource software. You could download and play Linux games for free, and even modify and rerelease them at your leisure. id largely lead this by opensourcing the Quake engine. Even playing the Dark Mod on Linux is amazing. But then indie devs, moble phone developers, and Valve are coming in and making people pay for shitty games that have no guarantee of working or that you will have perpetual access to them after you buy them.

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