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What are some games to look forward to for some hopefuel?
I like watching these new MMO videos because it gives me hope we are closer to someone making a good new one.


The Elder Scrolls 6. It's been 12 years since we've had Skyrim and Bathesda has kept up their tradition of allowing mods of any extent. If TES6 has modding capability in the form of new races, places, and mechanics, than it should offer a good decade or so of playability. This rolling shot of a valley is still all we have.

Fingers crossed they learn from their Starfield mistakes and don't offload character and asset production on to poos and AI


Hades 2
Hollow Knight Silksong
Dragon's Dogma 2


why are games filled with succubus showing cleavage


Robocop Rouge City looks like it'd be fun. Realeasing in two days


Because most of the audience for those kind of games are young straight makes who enjoy looking at beautiful succubi with their breast tastefully displayed.


Mullet Mad Jack and Wet Nightmares are both upcoming on my wishlist.

Beyond that I don't really keep up with gaming news so I don't know what is the latest gaming hype.


Are you gay


There is no joy looking at things you cannot enjoy.


There is enjoyment in the looking.


literal sour grapes for boob
hatsa matter crab, snibbidy snabbers too short? hahaha snap snap


File: 1702622653078.jpg (137.86 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Screenshots_December_Updat….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

crazy that this is the gta:sa engine. i thought it died in summer but moddb just moved it out of the linux section


Kalos chads we won. We are getting a main game next year!


They are going to innovate and try to put effort into the digital versions of the cards rather than having them be merely copies of the physical version, the immersive art shown in the video is a nice addition. The game offering two booster packs for free everyday is a nice idea as well. Having a speed battle mode akin to yu gi oh duel links' speed duels format is great.

I predict this game will succeed.


wizards of the coast is in free fall and hasbro is seriouslly trying to find someone to sell them off to.
They have fucked up nearly every project they have been involved with for the past few years because they went full DEI, SJW bullshit and fired everyone competent because they were white and male.

I predict their attempt to turn pokemon tcg into a microtrasaction hell like they have been trying to turn dnd and mtg into digital products will fail and fail hard.

Fuck wizards of the coast. Let them keep failing. They fully deserve it.


Wizards of the coast will have no involvement in the upcoming TCG pocket. It's a renowned long-established japanese company, Creatures Inc., behind the development of the mobile game. I think it's been over 20 years since Wizards of the coast had anything to do with pokemon.


I was going to call bullshit but I looked it up.

Apparently all my cards are old and I haven't looked closely at the "newer" cards because its been 21 years since they printed a card set for pokemon and they were dropped as a licensee not long after.

My bad, sorry for the rant. I just really fucking hate that company.
I hope the game is as good as you hope it is.


Just give us Pokemon Stadium 3


File: 1709134237714.jpg (1016.1 KB, 2050x1590, 205:159, Fennekin.full.3347454.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Legends arceus was the only mainline pokemon game I played since sun and moon, and it was alot of fun. I'm excited for this too.
It's cool that they're revisiting older generations and doing new stuff with them outside of just remakes (Reminds me that people are still asking for gen 5 remakes for some reason, as if those games even need to be remade). And Kalos is definitely a region that deserves to be explored more.

Still no new PMD game, though. That's disappointing.


MMO's will NEVER be good again. If you don't enjoy the trash that is popular now (Modern WoW, FFXIV) then you're not the target audience for them anymore.


For this year:

Dragon's Dogma 2
Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes
SaGa Emerald Beyond
Sand Land
Ghosts of Tsushima PC port
Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance
Super Monkey Ball: Banana Rumble
Skald: Against the Black Priory
Visions of Mana
Metaphor: ReFantazio
Hades 2

Also various indies that might come out this year but seem like they're in development hell (Hollow Knight Silksong, Gestalt: Steam and Cinder, Isles of Sea and Sky)


I want more SaGa remasters, where are Frontier 2 and Unlimited

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