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I only got back into gaming recently, and while there are some simple games I do enjoy playing, there are other more complex games, that I just enjoy watching guides and gameplay of rather than playing myself.

Lately I've been watching cinematic battles from WH3. And while I'm a big history buff and not into fantasy. I can see now why Total War has moved in a more fantasy direction. Men in identical uniforms shooting spears, muskets or tanks at each other, just doesn't compared to dinosaurs battling magic mummies.

Its just so cinematic. Like a whole fantasy series of novels, shows, films lead up to this climactic epic battle. But its all climax no plot needed.

So let's talk about consuming rather than playing gameplay.


And in the opposite direction a peaceful scenic tour around the RDR2 map.

I've heard a lot about RDR2, but never had much desire to play it, and gunsling and story. I just wanted to tour the map.

And its like a 3d version of like old 1890s city footage. Feels like a time machine.

And rather than wandering alone. Being on a horse carriage. It feels like you're some rich nut who paid a taxi cab to take you across the USA.


If you enjoy the realism of the scenery in RDR2, you might enjoy destination journeys and tours done in Euro Truck Simulator and Flight Simulator. I personally enjoy these atmospheric ambient / downtempo music loops and mixes played over driving game footage.


i hate fake gamers

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