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let's talk about sound novel games. have you ever played one of them? most of them didn't come out of japan/overseas so the best you can do is to watch video of it on yt but it's in japanese. not enough translation. I like sound novel games they're comfy with element of horror


Always wanted to play Machi, the supposed spiritual predecessor to 428 Shibuya Scramble, but alas I don't know Japanese. Texthooker MTLbros… the sound games have us beat.


never even heard of this but seems like a good problem to throw AI at

detect japanese speech, remove japanese speech, translate it, add in english speech or whatever in the same style

if the results from those AI music videos where original vocals are dubbed out and replaced with the style of cartoon characters is anything to go off, it should be great quality in like 5 years from now


The hard part is the programming/disassembling and ensuring it never crashes.

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