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I might genuinely be autistic and I'm not even joking… though the thing is, a part of me feels perfectly fine with it. I mean, does anyone else here do this? I've never finished a single Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Pokémon… and that's just for the major Nintendo IPs, if I go for other major ones, I've never finished a single Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, Metal Gear, Elder Scrolls, Mega Man, Castlevania… and then there are also so many licensed IPs that are successful in video games aswell, I haven't played many in the last few years either… and whenever I try, I just drop it after a while, they're not much fun to me. I essentially have these dozen franchises I grew up playing and loving so much, and nowadays I either replay the ones I grew up with, or go after new installments from those very franchises that I hadn't really played before, over and over again…

>Is this a sign of undiagnosed autism or ADHD?

>Have you ever gone though something similar?
I've attempted to get started on some of these major franchises before, those lists with the so called top video games of all time, the ones you have to play, the ones no one in this hobby should miss out on at all… and yet I never get truly immersed in it and often drop it in favor of playing yet another installment from a favorite franchise of mine… is it because I didn't grow up with them? I suppose so, perhaps if I did then they'd be among these franchises I always go back to, though there's no way to be sure… still, it's cozy in a way, the familiarity, and discovering a new favorite among an old franchise you know and love, though at times it feels like I'm genuinely missing out, at least from what is written everywhere online, but whenever I try to break away and try these interesting IPs people acclaim, it just doesn't do it for me, a part of me wishes it did… but that's fine.


>i got bored half way through a game…
>i think something is wrong with me…do i have a mental illness?
>how do i enjoy the game so i can have the Correct Opinion™ about it??



If this isn't bait;

what is your playing _environment_ like?

I found out the hard way that I had set up my recreational arrangement to be an assault on the senses - whereas in the days of my youth it was a cozy environment with no negative or distracting influences.

When I bought a new desk and a new computer chair (and switched to GeForce NOW to sidestep my computer situation) Wrath of the Righteous grabbed me and did not let me go until I finished it, whereas up to that point it felt like a chore - or just straight up work.

The body and mind are decaying and lack of maintenance can seep in to detract from enjoying things - especially new things - when you're naturally keyed up to absorb as much as possible from the subject.

If you have the option, try enjoying something in a class that fell short from your bed; see if you can eliminate that as a factor.


Welcome to 2024, everyone is mentally ill


I just think it's funny that people will gaslight themselves into being mentally ill because they didn't enjoy the thing that they were supposed to. What the heck is wrong with me that I don't enjoy Le Award Winning Game that reddit told me was the best?


Are you saying your new environment is very calm, and quiet so you can enjoy things better?

> try enjoying something in a class that fell short from your bed;

I've no idea what this means.


actually it should be %environment%


yeah it's just adhd switching and dropping games constantly

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