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Why vidya community in general is full of nostalgiafags, tryhards and elitists?


The end phase of retail games sales coincided with the meteoric rise of console and PC sales. We had the full saturation of desktop and console ownership about a decade prior to replacement of hardcopy media through online-only sales/services. meaning that an entire generation of men who have essentially aged out of purchasing new titles are doubly afflicted with the fact that Things Just Aren't How They Used To Be, but who have managed to trade, pass on or orchestrate piracy of media that was never going to make the digital transfer, and argue that it is always moral to restore and cycle "abandonware." And in online forms the longer and more deeply entrenched past has a way of overwhelming the present, smothering it. Zoomers know what tamogatchi are. Gen Alpha will know what furbies are. Generation Beta will master speedrunning Demonophobia.


Souls series.
>tryhard ESL youtubers and ultracasuls have a stranglehold on the competitive balance of the game
>Nobody can let go of Ds1, to the point they don't even know Demons Souls exists as it wasn't their first game
>casuals and gankers think they're genuinely better than a single invader, will tbag after ganking


are you being sarcastic? if not you're sounding like a big elitist tryhard yourself right now


>Why vidya community in general is full of nostalgiafags
Because most gamers are "old" and thus have fond memories of when they were impressionable youths during a better time.
It's that simple.

>tryhards and elitists

Gatekeeping is the only thing that keeps the hobby safe from going to total shit.
Both are effective means of gatekeeping. If you have a problem with it then fuck off to a diffrent game/comunity/hobby.
There are thousands of examples of what happens when posers aren't gatekept out. The results speak for themselves.
If you don't like the hobby as it is, or come in wanting to change things to what it's not, then it is you who don't belong and need to fuck off.
Unlike you, they actually give a shit about the hobby. They are willing to invest time, effort, money, etc. into it because they love. They have passion for it.
If you don't then that is your problem.


nothing has been worth gatekeeping since 2012 or so it's just zoomers larping as oldguard now to pretend to fit in


It's fine you feel that way. You can go fuck off out of the hobby then.


No, I don't think I will.


Factually most new big name games coming out these days are absolute drivel. Slop is the new-fangled term for it but it fits so well. We have remasters and remakes of old classics which just do not live up to the OG even now with the advancement of technology. For the generation which grew up in the PS1/PS2 era and especially previous generations, current games just look utterly pathetic in comparison and many have lost the most important thing people seek out in video games: fun. Movie games frankly aren't that fun. Nor is having political messages shoved down your throat (Spiderman 2) particularly fun. Another thing is the lack of innovation. Indie games at least seem to remember these but it's a mixed bag as just as many like to force their leftist politics where it is not warranted.


Why does the anime/manga community tend to be less nostalgiafag than vidya for example? If you ask the average /a/ user if the old thing was better they will usually answer that there are good and bad in all eras. Is it because cute drawings give fewer negative emotions and have worse taste? Is it the fact that there are many more new IPs due to the format than vidya and in general it is more varied? Or is it because vidya guys are too pessimistic or again due to format differences, a bad anime is more enjoyable than a bad video game?



i dont know if what you are saying is true but for the sake of generating discussion i will assume it is true. it is objectively true that older videogames are harder to consume than older anime, and i believe this imbues older videogames with less nostalgia

there have been probably thousands of videogame platforms, console, computer systems, game engines, etc created. you need a specific combination of all these things set up correctly, in addition to any peripherals necessary, in addition to the game itself, and sometimes if the game had online functionalty it cannot be played at all anymore, but even if the game is multiplayer/co-op you then need another person to play with to consume the game. the game mechanics themselves are also outdated and incredibly difficult

with old anime, once someone digitizes it, from that point on anyone can consume it as easily as newer anime. it is a video file, a stream of data requiring no user input. you could say because the majority of anime is not translated/subtitled that it is more difficult to enjoy than videogames, but this is equally true for videogames produced in other countries


You can keep replaying a game over and over without getting bored meanwhile you can't do that with anime. The barrier of entry is lower for anime than video games.


The primary form of manga consumption in the anglosphere comes from the use of hentai as a form of high-novelty pornography.
Since novelty is the primary point of the primary consumption of manga, it is impossible for the primary audience to subsist entirely off of nostalgia.
There is no similar incentive towards perpetual novelty for videogames.


The supposed popularity of Palworld baffles me. It's an early access open world crafting survival game which does not excel or do anything different in any of those areas. The one defining feature it has is a lazily tacked on monster catching feature which "pals" who look like AI-generated creations trained upon Pokemon.

Yet it allegedly is selling millions upon millions and is breaking all kinds of records. This game. Of all things.

When I question why games have become as bad as they are and see that THIS is what is popular, it does not surprise me. Consumers are fucking idiots and they have destroyed my hobby.


It's a legitimately fun game.
What is there to complain about?


normalniggers follow trends and will rather spend time playing what's popular and trendy among their friends than spending a single second playing masterpieces, it helps a lot that it's mash up of recognizable trash and absolutely easy so any braindead kid can play it.


I've played palworld. I think it's a fun game. But he has a point. It's early access, buggy, and directly ripping off an already established and huge franchise.

In a perfect world, games that do well would be polished, made with dedication, and wholly original. But this is never the case. I like palworld succeeding more than yet another shitty pokemon cash in, but is it "deserving" of selling MORE THAN SIX MILLION FUCKING COPIES WITHIN WEEKS OF LAUNCHING IN EARLY FUCKING ACCESS? no, i don't think it is. I liked lethal company succeeding because it showed the best of indie games. It was a hobbyist made game, with a unique premise, and didn't release under early access (and they still update it). The palworld devs have 0 obligation to keep going. They could literally take the money and run right now, cause EA has no accountability, and everyone who bought palworld would be left with a truly unfinished product. It's a fun game, but it is not deserving of the success it's gotten.


it's yet another crafting open world game. looking like pokemon is the least of its problems, it's not like the pokemon company has a monopoly on the monster catching/breeding type of game


>, it's not like the pokemon company has a monopoly on the monster catching/breeding type of game
They kinda do. Digimon fell to the wayside, no one even considers SMT or Persona to be in that genre anymore, and every pokemon killer that tried before utterly failed (temtem, lol). It's not that pokemon was the only one available, it's the only one that people were buying.


Sure it's fun. For like a few days maybe. I do not see the long-term appeal. It's very unfinished, unpolished and shallow in all areas after the initial glitz and shine wears off.

It's just utterly baffling that this game of all things is the one breaking ridiculous sales figures. Hell I'd understand Baldurs Gate 3 (though that's a whole other story, it being unfinished just being one facet of that) being immensely popular. This game is simply riding off the coattails of being Pokemon but more…."adult". And I use that term loosely.

What this says to me if anything is that people REALLY want a more open world Pokemon game. Just fucking imagine if Pokemon Company, and Nintendo specifically, loosened the restrictions on the series, got the fuck rid of Game Freak and made a hyper polished open world Pokemon game with all regions and multiplayer on top. They could do it. Nintendo 100% could fucking do it no sweat at all. It'd sell astronomical numbers. Hell it could be a flagship title for a Switch 2.0 and I bet it'd be the best selling console of all time. They could put it on PC and Steam would buckle under the weight of people rushing to buy it.

But they won't ever do it and the series is going to be shackled to the incompetents at Game Freak for all time.


Everything I said was a hard fact. Elden Ring has plenty of casual players and that's a good thing, but the community that it's cultivated is worse than it ever was.


>For like a few days maybe
It's a game not a life long commitment.
I don't need to marry a game. A game that offers a few days of fun then I put it down to do something else is fine.
Everything trying to be a forever game is part of the problem with this industry.


It's perfectly fine for a game to be a "one and done" sort of deal. In Palworlds case you'd think it's something amazing and a game you can play for lightyears with all of the insane hype around it. Yet you play it and you're bored after a day. It just does not compute.


It depends on what the game is. If it’s a linear story game, I expect 12 hours of gameplay. Which is about a week of playing for the average person if not longer. Palworld is honestly starting to bore me already and I only have like five hours on it. That’s probably just cause survival crafting games are about as fun as watching paint dry to me though.


>That’s probably just cause survival crafting games are about as fun as watching paint dry to me though.

Fair enough.
Not every genre appeals to everyone.
For example I can't get into rts games while some people can play the same rts game over and over for a decade or more.

That said it does seem a popular genre, which is one of the reasons palworld is doing so well.
I mean think about some of the most monstrously popular games of the past few years. Most involved building shit+try not to die+
whatever x factor.
Fortnight, minecraft, etc.

I just hope they will be supportive of users making their own fun with mods and eventually community servers when networking is added.
Jap companies tend to be suspicious of internet communities more often than not.


Lightyear is a measure of distance not time.


It's how much time it takes for light to travel around the earth, which is 365 days. What he sense makes perfect said.


That's not what a light-year is anon.

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