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I know i am being vague, Basically stuff that Can run on an old PC and Can give me lots of hours of Playtime:
Fallout New Vegas
Project Zomboid
Stardew Valley
Hollow Knight
Hearts of Iron IV
Darkest Dungeon
Don't Starve
Paradox Interactive games (dépending on The year which they Were made in)
X-COM UFO Defense
UnReal World
Earth Defense Force
Risk of Rain
Tales of Maj'Eya
Daggerfall unity
Cataclysm Dark Days Ahead
Caves of Qud


Life is strange was pretty good. It was like watching a tv series instead of a game. Some dialogues were bad but hilarious at the same time.
The intro was pretty funny when Chloe was stuck on train tracks and you had to find a crowbar or something to get her unstuck, the whole thing was timed, so the time was limited. And I genuinely had trouble finding the crowbar, so she died over and over again LMAO
Some mid game trippy shit was cool and overal you can sink a lot of hours untill the whole story get's solved.


Age of Empires II
Sim City 2000
Jagged Alliance 2
Planescape Torment
Diablo 2


You could try some older MMORPGs, specifically private servers. Those are massive time sinks.


JA2 is my favorite game of all Time




Yes it's definitely a great game. It's funny, I never managed to finish it because every time I lose a guy I have this urge to restart. Can't have dudes dying at my command, it's too much for me.


Same, I would reload all the time and get frustrated whenever things were not going perfectly my way. I felt like playing it a year ago but it's just too mentally taxing for me now lol
The writing was some of the funniest I've seen in a video game


So nostalgic


Dwarf Fortress is thé G.O.A.T


so whatchu gonna play op


Advance wars


Yes, I play unique 2d RPGs like Noita, Dwarf Fortress, and caves of Qud, I have so much to talk about.


Neverwinter Nights has just about infinite content considering how long it's been out. There are a ton of user-made campaigns and servers for that game. The servers often called "persostemt worlds" or PWs are basically small MMORPGs. I played a mod based on an original adventure by Gary Gygax "The Keep on the Borderlands", which I think is pretty fun for giving a new character a test run. Also the character building is very in-deprh since it's based on 3e rules.


Also I will shill a PW I play, "Ever Cursed", it's basically a dark fantasy EverQuest. This is all I will say.


Diablo II runs on any toaster and I could play that shit forever

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