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Has anyone read 5e's fucking Ravenloft?
Just some of the horrid shit in it:
>Strahd's played off as what amounts to Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Angelus levels of edge, literally feels nothing and seemingly has no interests above the usual, though not for the same Bram Stoker's Dracula tier reasons, Literally just wants Tatanya as if a meaningless trophy on his belt
>These dumb faggots made it so that Strahd wants to turn whatsherface not into a vampire bride, or hell, even a true vampire, BUT VAMPIRE SPAWN (You know, sniveling wall crawling nosebleed assface monster vamps?)
>Tatanya's a nigger
>The reincarnation is a nigger
>Strahd's wives are niggers
>Nigger Mayor of a town surrounding the land
>Evil white "everything is fine man"
>Strahd's a Bisexual sodomite degenerate with two male consorts to boot
>Made Barovians "Diverse"
>Made Strahd's conquering of the land sound tyrannical as fuck and less just
>Made it so that Some have Barovians have souls and some don't because of 5e's ravenloft being in a private demiplane, stopping newborn bodies from getting souls, in a piss-poor attempt to mimick the Old demiplanes of dread thing where some residents are literally just NPCs made by the powers, even though this makes no sense to anyone who's had to deal with Gulthias in 3.5 and Ashradorn in the whole Soul font thing with the ban on unborn souls in lore, so these people should be getting souls, because otherwise the demiplane would have to deny all positive energy for this shit to even remotely work
>All done because they're too lazy to redo the demiplanes of dread just like before,
>Strahd now heals for 20 in his fast heal
>Mongrel Men are the results of Racemixing past the half-race stage suffer for it, check their description and it's fucking played off as a good thing despite them being ugly mutants beyond redemption in their racial descriptions, the self-unawareness is real

This is why warhammer roleplay and castle drachenfels will always be superior


Why not just play 3.5e instead?
Not only is it better in all ways, all the original ravenloft splat is built around it.


File: 1485992379055.jpg (204.66 KB, 1000x1285, 200:257, a2e3f748780b7c6df77ea8a1a5….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

PETA: Make Warhammer Fur-Free

>nothing on the bloody battlefields of Warhammer’s conflict-ravaged universe could match the terrible reality that foxes, minks, rabbits, and other living beings experience at the hands of the fur trade.



So I bought Conquering Heroes

Hoo boy.

I'm one of the few who is interested enough in new games in the CoD to risk the kool-aid and check them out. From just its base book I didn't find Beast that bad, certainly not as bad as the use of third gender pronouns in Promethean, and even then Promethean 2nd is quite good. But holy shitballs is Conquering Heroes bad.

Overall its another in the Night Horrors line, NPC's and ST content, with refining lore on how and why the antagonists of Beasts operate. Usually these are pretty good and full of at least interesting plot hooks. The Autumn Nightmares in Changeling 1st Ed. was awesome. It does boast some new powers and tools Heroes can use to take out Beasts.

Unfortunately, the motivations for these antagonists make no sense.

A hero, according to Conquering Heroes, can perceive the Primordial Dream and unable to shut out the psychic assault strikes out at Beasts as the cause. That's unchanged from core. However, this apparently turns Heroes into monstrous sadists. Its not enough to fight the Beast, not enough to dedicate oneself to their destruction and gain power from it, but they do it expressly because it allows the Hero to hurt and torture other people just because they can, or for headlines, because intrinsically everyone everywhere believes they're the hero of their own story.

So, to use three examples, the knight in the myth of the Lambton Wyrm, the condemned prisoner in the story of the Gaston Wyvern, and the Christian saint who pacified the Tarrasque were all self-obsessed murderous narcissists who acted out of self interest even though the former two were about people falling to or overcoming their sins, and the latter concerns how faith protects and guides the true believer in the face of certain death. Heroes, according to the Beast game line, have no redeeming values whatsoever.



But the real winner is in the later chapter on the subject of the Insatiable, the supernatural antagonist type of non-Beast Beasts with strange and alien concepts motivating them. So if a Beast is the incarnation of the human fear of powerlessness, an Insatiable is the incarnation of an abstract, like a mini Cthullhu.

The Insatiable are horrible monsters that, if one wanted to present the Beasts in a positive light, have no restraint. A Beast in theory castigates those who deserve it or in some way have it coming whereas Insatiable just eat everyone and Beasts would theoretically protect normals from them because they're too monstrous to exist.

The ur-example? Shitpost the NPC.

I am not kidding. They have an Insatiable called "Null Snyper" whose entire shtick is that she is a basement dwelling net user who feeds off of other people driven to commit suicide by mass trolling with a cult of evil MRA and gamer minions who unknowingly help her. Because, of course, men aren't smart enough to have opinions of their own without a succubus to guide them. Even if it's an evil succubus.

Just the entire section is the most painfully contrived 'We're hip! We know the internet!' thing. All of it is designed to make Beasts into dindu superheroes and strain out what interesting internal conflicts the setting had. When all is said and done you have Beasts (who are everyone's friend), stupid sheeple who don't know any better, sociopathic murderers, and eldritch abominations who do whatever, and since all the other supernaturals are just Beasts and don't know it nothing matters and no one has agency of their own.

It's utterly repulsive.


Poor Imperium citizens being mindfucked in a warp storm for eternity, captured by Dark Eldar to be their fleshtoy or trapped in a Kafkaesque nightmare of Imperial bureaucracy in their Hive world would disagree.

Not that being flayed don't suck (but you get flayed anyway at the hand of Dark Eldar or Chaos).


>implying Space Wolves run fur farms

Bonus edgy comment from the article:

>When I read bullshit like this I always eat an extra burger.

>I already had some food now and I was going to be done until dinner because I have a bunch of errands to run. Now I’m going to stop at McDonald’s while I’m waiting to get a new tire and eat a burger in honor of this stupid article.


File: 1486257169413.jpg (1.32 MB, 3024x4032, 3:4, 4caff8830743868add6a28b770….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

They actually doing it, Guilliman is actually alive and gets off his butt, Cypher show up and tell him he will help him if Guilliman bring to Earth, Abaddon crusade is doing a siege of Macragge

Well shit is hitting the fan


I haven't followed warhammer since I lost most of my collection in moving years ago. I notice that they've advanced the story. Abaddon finally capturing Cadia is pretty fucking huge, and now bringing in a primarch feels a bit like an arsepull because they realised the magnitude of what they actually did.

It's just weird that after all this time stagnating the setting, it seems like they're starting to try and push for 41k. I just hope we don't end up with an Age of Sigmar 40,000. From what I've read on the fall of WFB, it is really fucking bad.



I need pics of this… Right now we're in 'That's bullshit, but I believe it' territory, but I need to see this… if for no other reason than so I have an example of just how bad it's gotten.


File: 1486320918995-0.png (670.49 KB, 831x1076, 831:1076, 6051657f92300b9f26bd91c63f….png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1486320918995-1.png (847.18 KB, 831x1076, 831:1076, ca11658a6a9494602ef9a646dc….png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1486320918995-2.png (940.44 KB, 831x1076, 831:1076, c759a9f26216b89d665655e122….png) ImgOps iqdb

Here you go buddy, enjoy


File: 1486321431797-0.png (679.95 KB, 831x1076, 831:1076, d4a682a324123fea252f31b64d….png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1486321431797-1.png (828.97 KB, 831x1076, 831:1076, 38743d3530b49b6760cef6643b….png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1486321431797-2.png (902.33 KB, 831x1076, 831:1076, f23044a43710f01282fa98e15c….png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1486321545677.png (621.27 KB, 831x1076, 831:1076, dfba8431ab31bd1b535542a5c5….png) ImgOps iqdb

Bonus round: the writers decided to prove just how much they didn't learn from Sleeping Beauty and decided to make a succubus who got raped by a Beast a baddy



>Other kids teased her about her name, her accent, her dark skin, her family's poverty, and even the fact that she spoke fluent Spanish

So cheap.
>The only time she ever felt at peace was in the fleeting moments she could escape to the school's library computers.
So cliche.
>and her empty, hungry tendrils reaching out across the electrons.
>Emotions would run high, tempers would flare, and a once thriving forum of people coming together in common interests would end in a virtual smoking ruin with at least one persona unable to endure the emotional devastation
Too bad they're completely serious about comparing shitposting to war crimes, because the idea itself is hilarious.
>she found she had an instinctual understanding of networks. Information found online easily answered any questions she had about technology.
succubi can program too ya know xD
Alright I'll let this slide, the paranormal works in mysterious ways. She's a monster now, makes sense she's attuned to her "element". But the intent is obvious.
>Recently, Null Snyper discovered the adolescent man-children that exist where gamers and men's rights activists blah blah blah
This is terrible.

Also just noticed this:
>If u can't take criticism, GTFO n00b! LOL


Oh you haven't even seen the beast who leaks fisheggs from his dick and makes people eat them so they leak fisheggs from their dick, the beast who sank the titanic for bragging rights or the beast politician who gets conservatives to pass stupid laws to ruin their political career and this is presented as a good thing. Fuck Onyx Path, I'm waiting for the day White Wolf takes their licenses back from them


File: 1486439746459.jpg (152.31 KB, 1000x506, 500:253, b2d363254f5598f7426dd609ed….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

How will they fuck it up?

>social justice up the ass

>no Rite Of Talisman Dedication required for anything


Apocalypse is very heavy in social justice by default, you should go back and reread it. Very new age gaia shit and rebellion against the man and rage against the environment being destroyed by corporations, it's just that since it's The World of Darkness it takes a very very dark bent like the lesbians who don't need no man are actually pretty extreme crazy fanatics. The real problem is appealing to fee fees and scaling back the dark elements that portrays SJW fanaticism in a more good light. The real fuck up will be how you're supposed to be an unstoppable death machine murdering waves upon waves of enemies with tooth and claw through pure unbridled and raw rage. Then there is the spirits and the umbra that's very easy to fuck up too.


File: 1486440018232-0.png (261.57 KB, 557x776, 557:776, 4a944b293f965443d8cc03bccd….png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1486440018232-1.png (111.37 KB, 557x384, 557:384, 23ed2b41b1a88778db3361fa99….png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1486440018232-2.png (69.91 KB, 499x269, 499:269, b68fbd94300deb96220291b199….png) ImgOps iqdb

The Pentex stuff is so fucking goofy I honestly can't tell if it's supposed to be slightly tongue-in-cheek or if it's genuine, misguided rage towards the evil capitalist patriarchy. If it's the former, I got the laugh they wanted me to have. If it's the latter, then nothing's really going to change since it's fucked to begin with.


>Cypher gets a new model
>he's helping the Imperium



File: 1486609922164.jpg (17.82 KB, 244x329, 244:329, 416c9df660db977f115545fcec….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


this is nothing compared to this

>In the Grim Darkness of Warhammer 40k‘s Far Future, There Are Only Men, and It’s Terrible


>#NotMyGodEmperor: Why Are There So Many Actual Fascists in the Warhammer 40K Fandom?


>3 Actionable Ways to Make Gaming Culture Safer



File: 1486699036228.png (73.73 KB, 1200x250, 24:5, aa1df51f795118543b3fd694b1….png) ImgOps iqdb

How the hell are you even supposed to get into the game anyway?

The starter set has been sold out for well over a year, there are only 6 Lance Packs available (all of which are out of print and you're better off trying Amazon then their own god damned site to buy them), sheets are only available from third parties, nothing that isn't a novel has been updated in over a year, and all this when the hype of not one but two games is basically acting as free marketing or the IP.

Honestly, even Games Workshop isn't this bad. We'd harp on them to no end just for loosing the ability to use the MechWarrior name for the role playing game, but that's the least of Catalyst's problems.

How the actual fuck is someone supposed to get into the game at all at this point?


The game has been a clusterfuck like that since its inception. It needs a reboot really where they can consolidate product into a manageable format. It'd also probably benefit from what Steve Jackson Games did to GURPS and make it a good 75% digitalised so that even with limited print runs, the product is always there, and in digital form is quite affordable, usually under $10 per supplement.

I think I've seen the core rulebook floating around a couple of game stores in my city though. They aren't common but they are around, and the good thing is that it's very easily playable on a scale where chits make more sense than minis anyway so the virtual nonexistence of the models anywhere doesn't hurt the game. It's basically the perfect system to go primarily digital and yet they've fucked it up.


Well you take the ruleset and make your own world, like I did.
If you check the catalogue you'll find I'm actually running a DnD game for wizards.
Been going for 9 or so weeks at this point.


>check the catalogue
The catalogue on /games/, sorry.



Looking at miniatures for contemporary warfare I wonder, has somebody every made a skirmish game for Stalker or something like Stalker? The Setting would work perfect for that, you have different Factions who all hunt for Artifacts, in a easy to oversee location. Fitting miniatures are easy to come by and terrain would be easy to made for it


File: 1487390526756.jpg (199.86 KB, 618x800, 309:400, 3803344_orig.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Modiphius is proud to unveil the brand new cover for Robert E Howard’s Conan: Adventures In An Age Undreamed Of Roleplaying Game

>Brom is an iconic name in fantasy gaming and literature. Well known for his work on the Dark Sun setting for Dungeons & Dragons, he also contributed to Magic: The Gathering, Alternity, Forgotten Realms, Planescape and Deadlands. His covers have graced Michael Moorcock, Anne McCaffrey and Terry Brook’s novels. Brom went on to work as a concept artist for movies like Sleepy Hollow and Van Helsing as well as illustrating DC, Chaos and Dark Horse Comics.

>When the new Conan roleplaying game was first announced early in 2015, Brom was unavailable but with the delay in launching, Brom was able to fit the cover in to his schedule. The original art by Sanjulian will take its proud place amongst the other mighty covers by Carl Critchlow, Mark Schultz, Tim Truman, Phroilan Gardner, Alex Horley, Tomas Giorello.

>Robert E. Howard’s Conan roleplaying game has been in development for the last year and promises all manner of adventure for those who join the Kickstarter launching soon. The campaign will unlock a wide range of high quality full-colour hardback books, each cover featuring a maor Conan artist, accessories including beautiful dice and stunning collector’s items.

>Jeff Shanks, award-winning Robert E. Howard scholar and essayist (Conan Meets the Academy, REH: Two-Gun Raconteur, Critical Insights: Pulp Fiction, The Dark Man: The Journal of REH Studies, Zombies from the Pulps!) has been hard at work guiding the Modiphius team for the last year.

>“As a life-long fan of Robert E. Howard's Conan stories, as well as an avid gamer, I cannot begin to describe how excited I am to see this project nearing completion. The dedicated and inspired writers and artists that I've been working with over the last year have been pouring their lifeblood into this game to make it something truly special. Howard's original tales of Conan the Cimmerian leap off their pulpwood pages, teeth bared, sword in hand, to grab the reader by the throat and drag them along on a whirlwind adventure of blood and steel, savagery and sorcery. This game captures that essence like no other Conan product has in the 80 years since Howard's death and I am proud to be a part of it.

>Over the last year I have worked closely with the talented creators on this project to make sure that this game remains true to Howard's vision of the Hyborian Age – an age undreamed of – and I believe that the final product will show that to be case. I have been honored to work together with such legendary artists as Brom, Sanjulian, Mark Schultz, Tim Truman, Tomas Giorello, Esteban Maroto, Alex Horley, and many others to bring the world of Conan to life and I'm so excited that the fans will finally get to see some of their spectacular work. And finally I would like to thank Modiphius for having the courage to make this game the way it need to be made – respectful of the source material and true to the core of what makes Howard's Conan the Cimmerian one of the great archetypes of fantasy adventure.”

>Tread the jeweled thrones of the earth or die in towers of spider-haunted mystery. Crom cares not!



What board games, TCG sets, expansions, splats, and new games are coming out this year? Was there a kikestarter you backed that is delivering this year? Or an announced set that will be going on sale? A reprint of a rare game?


File: 1487884628755-0.jpg (243.77 KB, 1200x863, 1200:863, C3nJmgaWQAsaeVn.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1487884628755-1.jpg (268.04 KB, 1200x863, 1200:863, C3nJmglWEAQvL4O.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1487884628756-2.jpg (306.73 KB, 1200x863, 1200:863, rincon1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

NSR is remaking an old suplement of aquelarre called rincon, i never played it, but this looks really cool.

If somebody want to konw more, just follow this page, is in spanish, but you can always found news about the new suplements and info about the life in medieval iberian peninsula



File: 1487943999943-0.jpg (344.78 KB, 700x918, 350:459, Decameron__pdf__585016f452….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1487943999943-1.jpg (118.51 KB, 500x224, 125:56, subportada_Decameron585017….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Glad to know you are still out there and wanting to know more about medieval spain.

Every time i found a new suplement for the game, im going to post it for you.

>Nadie dijo que fuera sencillo vivir en cualquiera de los reinos medievales de la Península Ibérica, hervidero de traiciones, de heroísmo, de leyendas, de fe y de magia; plaza común en la que se dan la mano la cerrazón y la tolerancia, el odio y el amor, las tinieblas y la luz, los demonios y los ángeles, lo irracional y lo racional. Y nadie lo sabe mejor que los aventureros de Aquelarre, el juego de rol demoníaco medieval.

>Decameron es una colección variopinta de fábulas que llevará a los personajes de tus jugadores de un extremo a otro de la Península, una serie de cuentos que narra el ascenso de los marginados y la caída de los opulentos, el poder de los miserables y la debilidad de los poderosos. Entre sus páginas encontrarás:

>Nueve aventuras ambientadas en diferentes épocas y localizaciones.

>Una campaña en siete partes sobre viajes, libros y el terrible poder de la ambición.

>Siete profesiones nuevas, tres criaturas para tus partidas y catorce hechizos nuevos (con reglas para utilizar la Cábala).

>Seis personajes pregenerados para empezar a jugar sin perder tiempo.



Considering that Isha is the mother of all Eldar, what would happen as a result of the Emprah impregnating her with his gene-seed? A new race of hybrids? A new terrible form of warpspawn? Absolutely nothing?


Does the Imperium of Man still make use of man's best friend, the canine? If not in battle than at least at pets? Does the dog even still exist in 40k or were they replaced by some xeno equivalent?


Isn't Isha being the mother of all Eldar a part of the mythology they created after their fall to explain the existence of their gods (because they forgot they had created them using psychic energy thousands of years ago)? I thought that most intelligent life native to the Warhammer's galaxy (including Eldar) was created by the Old Ones before and during the War in Heaven.


File: 1488640616953-0.jpg (76.77 KB, 857x408, 857:408, 3db19f689860a747867b6bd339….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1488640616953-1.png (613.04 KB, 860x537, 860:537, b00d3dd62f378d09540a81bb29….png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1488686048834.jpg (1.97 MB, 6412x3292, 1603:823, 8a6052fb075267a6de9b20cac3….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Explain this shit. Are the orks right on the orcs ? How did the orcs get worse than Brendan Fraser ? There are now between 3 and 4 comics about sex starved elves assaulting defenseless orcs.
Is mucking about that bad ?


File: 1488691666918.jpg (2.03 MB, 2268x1880, 567:470, gargant.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

never muck about, ya git.


File: 1488945372162.jpeg (250.04 KB, 995x740, 199:148, 528e6e9a96e0fdcb0ae3af1ab….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Why are the Lizardmen of Warhammer Fantasy the best race along with the Skaven? And why does fantasy in general have so few fascinating, exotic or even alien cultures? Fantasy authors get a fucking hard-on talking about how their dwarves are, like, totally unique and memorable because they are 1,50m and not 1,40m, but they can't seem to come up with cultures other than "Medieval Europe", "Viking" (lel) and "Chinese".

Also, fuck how magic is handled. It sucks a great deal of the mystery out of a setting when throwing fireballs is an easier skill than hacking at something with an axe. Part of this is because magic is used so inflationary, another is that it's treated like an exact science and not the mysterious force that it's supposed to be.


Evil Campaigns

It's very hard to go full Evil with your players because there is always a line that they won't cross because "dude", and I don't mean magical realm tier stuff here. Pillage and burn towns yeah sure, desecrate holy stuff fine, but then there will be that one thing like maybe just torturing and killing some shmuck they grew fond of before they went through with the murder him after he talks plan might be too much cause you're terrible at making nameless masses of disposable townsfolk seem like people who you off handly do such a good job of showing what life is like for their subjects under their rule it makes them uncomfortable.

That level of evil is strictly disposable villain territory.


>So what's Cyberpunk 2020?
Second edition of the Cyberpunk game line by R. Talsorian Games. They also made Mekton (universal system for mecha games, very flexible but a nightmare to develop a character for) and Teenagers From Outer Space (the first universal system for anime-based games). It is a distilled version of the original, Cyberpunk 2013. Cybergeneration does not exist. Cyberpunk V3 does not exist.

>So how is this different from Shadowrun?

No magic, spirits or Native American bullshit. Cyberpunk 2020 is 100% cyberpunk, 0% bullshit. High tech, low lives. If you want a pure, Gibsonean romp of megacorps, antihero protagonists, distopia, more cyberware than you can shake your cyber-dick at (Mr. Studd Sexual Implant: All night, every night, and she'll never know) and a small drop of Mad Max outside of the megacities, then this is the game for you.

>How does it play?

A simple system of Attribute + Skill + 1d10. D6es are used in some occations, so keep those handy as well. The game is not grid-based, but it does use maps. Players have "roles", rough classes with access to a mix of skills. Some include Solos (the street samurai with the biggest guns), Rockerboys (musicians/political agitators), Techies (grease monkeys), Medias (intrepid reporters), Corporates (the guys working for the Megacorps), Fixers (the guys on the street), Nomads (the aforementioned Mad Max expies) and more. Each have a special ability pertaining to their role: Medias get credibility for their stories, Techies can jury rig things, Corporates get access to corporate resources and so on.

Now, the game is not very balanced as is. Upon character creation you get a fuckton of points to spend, with you being able to max out certain stats with ease without gimping your character in other stats. Reflexes are imperative when wanting to be good in a firefight, Body Type allows you to tank quite a bit of damage, Intelligence flat-out gives you more points to start with and Empathy allows for more cybertech to upgrade yourself with without turning into a Cyberpsycho and losing control of your character. This means that if just one or two members of the party are fully optimized the others have to do so as well, lest the threats are either too lethal or no threat, which is not fun. The game does encourage players to minmax and play dirty and for the game master to do the same.

>What's Decking like?

It's called Netrunning, and it suffers the same problem as Shadowrun does: while the Netrunner does their thing the other players can go sit with their thumbs up their asses waiting until they're done.

>What's the Cyberware like?

Ah yes, the meat and potatoes. The stuff is a mix of the regular cyber limbs and weapons, but also upgrade your senses with a base upgrade and all sorts of plugins, get yourself a cyber-dick (or vagina, the game does not discriminate!), upgrade your bones and muscles get bulletproof skin and a subdermal bulletproof layer, get all sorts of weird upgrades (The kill count tattoo! Keep a number of all your kills to impress your friends and intimidate foes!), use all sorts of interesting bio mods for new/more/different organs or just say fuck it and get yourself a chainsaw arm! And don't forget the plugs for your smartgun!

>What's the setting like?

The main setting is Night City, your tradiitional big Cyberpunk city filled with megacorps and its executives living it up while in the lower parts of the city the scum, lowlives and those trying to make an honest living in a dishonest world. Night City is located in California, not too far south from Monterey.

>Which books should I get?

The core rulebook is a fair start, but your collection is not complete without the Chromebooks: four works with varied content but a similar theme: they contain all sorts of weapons from cheap firearms to missile launchers, fancy shotgun rounds and a custom-made 14mm pistol. But the most important parts are the massive amounts of Cyberware in there: from lighter/heavier versions of existing things to all sorts of new, interesting and mostly deady stuff. Maximum Metal is great if you want to focus on the Nomads and their vehicles, and Night City is the go-to supplement if you want to play in the titular city.


I've never been able to enjoy tabletop RPGs. Board games yes, but not tabletop RPGs. It always seemed like an awkward combination of improvisational acting (at which I'm terrible) and tedious bookkeeping. The advantage of a video game is that you can delegate all the boring rule-management to the computer, but in tabletop RPGs you have to keep track of that yourself.

I guess it can be good with the right group, but I've never been able to find it (online). Also, the campaigns I've been part of nearly always die within the first 2 or 3 sessions, because inevitably someone loses interest and leaves the group.


File: 1490226318940.jpg (268.62 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1382371455657.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

computers are more limit than aid when roleplaying. the game framework inevitably throws 99% of the creativity out of the game, because the gameworld can't handle out of the box thinking.

at best you'll get several choices to resolve conflict, which are usually (talk) (kill) (pre-set trap/obstacle #1) or whatever. you can't combine spells in any real way, retreat, move "outside" the world or innovate.

RPGs are great fun but it depends a great deal more on people, and you're right in that the effort requirement is far higher than a computer RPG.

but if you get the right combination of things it is far more fun and interesting, IMO.

if you don't like roleplaying, have you tried a sort of "story wargame"? there are many wargames that sort of cut down the roleplaying but enmesh the strategy in an overarching framework that lends it a sort of campaign feel.

i've played several battletech campaigns, which are a great deal of fun (and even do have a java-coded framework for running them, cutting down the work immensely) and dipped my toes into battlefleet gothic and mordheim games, too. you could try those.



I can actually understand Warhammer having fur farms, animal cruelty, and the such. It's a game, and these games might show the worst of reality, but these are also worse realities compared to our own, so it makes sense something like fur farms, massive slaughter houses, and the such might exist.

These are alternate realities we know are worse than our own, so doesn't it make sense to look upon these atrocities as motivation to make our world better and dissimilar?

This coming from someone who just wanted to comment. I actually know very little about Warhammer. I know a bit about D&D, but only some skills, classes, and stories. Nothing to make me qualified to even say "I know games similar to this".


So, it's basically Shadowrun without all the good stuff? I'll pass then.


File: 1490236605154.gif (212.24 KB, 625x373, 625:373, 1363986349717.gif) ImgOps iqdb

ah, don't say things like that wiz. you'll start a fight.


I really wish he'd finally release an updated version/an actual new edition.
Are there any news regarding the PC game?


Mike Pondsmith develops new games at the same rough speed of Gabe Newell. Though to be fair he's not a full-time developer. The game by CD Projekt RED won't have anything substantial to show until some time next year. We do know that more people are working on it than were working on The Witcher 3. So until then, enjoy the three and a half years old trailer.

Note that the guy at the end is hilding a Militech 12 gague, which is a nice piece of hardware.


I always appreciated how lethal the combat in CP2020 was.


Oh yes, armor can easily substract 20+ damage per roll, but when you roll like 6d6 and half all armor, you can get real dead real quick.

Plus, I kinda like how the injury system works: it's a mix of limb damage, Storyteller and D&D's negative hit points system. Damage to your cyberlimbs won't hurt you, but it will damage and eventually destroy them


For the record why aren't the big SJW groups and sites shilling Cyberpunk 2020 and the new game as well since Podsmith is black and all. I would have figured that would have made them cream their jeans.

I get the feelings its because Cyberpunk is not as common and to be frank casualized … for now ;_; name as say MtG or DnD.


I've never seen L5R be talked about

What unconventional ways can two samurai duel?


>For the record why aren't the big SJW groups and sites shilling Cyberpunk 2020
leftists, just like anything in american politics, can only pick one site. Team A or team B, team red or team blue, left or right, sexist or progressive. The cyberpunk trailer caused some, minor outrage amongst SJWs, because a lightly dressed succubus get's shot by a man. No way they can shill that.


File: 1491620558890.jpg (205.73 KB, 766x1047, 766:1047, 3a4fe61e3bb1cb7db17706d07e….jpg) ImgOps iqdb



Even though it's Onyx Path, and they are pure cancer to the industry as a whole, I'm kind of looking forward to Pugmire


File: 1491877617694-0.jpg (1.24 MB, 2365x2850, 473:570, 1463598832441-0.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1491877617694-1.jpg (571.14 KB, 919x1200, 919:1200, 1463598559313-4.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1491877617694-2.jpg (225.09 KB, 1081x1354, 1081:1354, 1463598559313-0.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Can someone help me understand The "feel" of Planescape?

An example: in any other RPG you can occasionally let the party rest and regroup at an inn or a tavern.
Are there even inns and taverns in Planescape? Or is it too busy looking like one of Lewis Carrol's nightmares?


Planescape is set on the Outer Planes - so Hell, Heaven, Nirvana and Valhalla are all places you and your party can visit. Of course, since we're talking about different planes of existence here, traveling between them can be a bitch. This is where Sigil comes in: the city in the center of the multiverse, the place where you can find a portal to anywhere and anytime. This makes Sigil a hotbed of politics, trade, and adventuring. You need a rare spell that can only be obtained by trading with devils? You can find it here. You need a sword blessed in the waters of the River Oceanos? You can find it here. Need to hire viking mercenaries to fight off giants? Yep, right there.

Because you can go anywhere in the known multiverse from it, and because you can find anything in it, everyone wants to take Sigil over. From demons to angels, everyone wants to rule over the City of Doors. However, the only thing preventing them from actually doing that is the Lady of Pain - a mysterious thing that floats around the city, rearranges it at will, and kills Gods without breaking a sweat. Because the LoP is constantly floating around, the demons, angels and other critters have to work in the shadows and manipulate politics and mortals into doing their bidding and gain more power.

So how does anyone in the multiverse gain more power? By making other people believe what they believe. The Outer Planes are defined by belief - so if enough people believe something, their belief will make that thing real. If enough people believe that Heaven is stronger than Hell, it will become stronger. If enough people believe that the sky is red, it will eventually turn red. And this is where the Factions came in.

The Factions are part political organizations, part philosopher clubs. Each has an unique system of beliefs that they adhere to - one group believes that everyone has the potential to become a God, others believe that the multiverse is doomed and that there really is no point in being a jerkass if everyone's fucked already, still others believe that the multiverse should be ruled by a Lawful and Firm hand and would make Judge Dredd look like a pansy by comparison. Of course, since in Planescape belief equals power, all these factions try to get more members, or convert more people from other factions to their system of belief, or just fight it out in the streets.

Your players are expected to be members of some Faction. And they don't have to belong to the same faction - so this means that your players will have to think about why their Faction would send them on this mission (or let them join), or how they'll interact with members of the other Faction, or will they work together or eventually try to backstab each other over who gets the prize in the end. Of course, it can also happen that they're best of friends who simply don't agree on how the multiverse works, but whatever.

And that's not even getting into the Blood War and the other Planar clusterfucks going on. Each of the 17 Outer Planes is ripe with conflict and political shenanigans, which your players can get involved in. Smuggling weapons for demons? Spying on some devils on behalf of other devils? Blackmailing angels? Slaying eldritch dragons that nest in the root of Yggdrasil? There's ton of stuff going on out there, and your players can get involved with all of it.


It's a game about ascended Dogs and Cats going on fantasy adventures in a world where magic and the supernatural may actually be some remnant of human civilization. Also, "Man" is revered as God, and one of their religious commandments is "Be a good dog"


mega <dot>nz/#F!tBV3FQaK!7E-dQkPePf1NL2AwNTJyrA


I never understood why high level wizards are evil when they could just be dicks. Imagine a group of four or five elderly wizards who, once a week, meet up, then run around, polymorphing people into cows and then tipping them over.


How about inviting themselves into the king's castle on a "friendly" visit then secretly enchant all his doors so they can only be opened by answering riddles?


How about one getting drunk and accidentally creating a race of man-eating frogmen in the sewer?


How random are dice REALLY?

How accurate are dice as random number generators?

If the numbers are off, is it significant enough that I should use a computer randomizer?

For that matter, are computer randomizers any better?

Are there dice/computer randomzers you trust more than others?


Computer generated dice rolls are random enough. It's not crypto-level random but it is definitely more than adequate.
The problem with computer randomness is not that the results will be skewed or biased, it's that they might be predictable.

For example; an RNG system that takes the last digit of the number of milliseconds since 1970 (UNIX time) will be 'random' when called, but will be entirely predictable. You call it a thousand times and you'll get an even spread of dice rolls, but you could predict every single one, with a computer program that reads the time.

That said, it's actually still difficult.

I'm making computer RNG sound much less reliable than it is. For dice rolls, it is crazy random. But if you get a program to roll 500 billion dice rolls, you might find a pattern.

So in short; so long as you're doing less than a million dice rolls per game it's fine.



Wizchan could use a dice app in-board


Technically still an Evil act…
Petty, Chaotic Evil, but your still terrorizing some saps for your own jollies.


File: 1492740838607.jpg (95.5 KB, 600x859, 600:859, 28ce5ad94e272ac4c44a4fe52b….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Harlequins. Is there anything worse?

I'm really asking.


>The real problem is appealing to fee fees and scaling back the dark elements that portrays SJW fanaticism in a more good light

Goyim, white wolf already solved that problem by making the nWoD monsters into innocent dindus.


Eldar are the best in 40k.
Harlequins are the best of Eldar.


Which book has the draenei in it?


None. Warcraft the RPG was canned before the Draenei as they appear in World of Warcraft came out. The only time I recall them appearing, at least without sitting down and reading the books from cover to cover again, is in the "Warcraft the RPG: Manual of Monsters", which based them on their appearance as "Lost Ones" in Warcraft 3.

If you're curious, they were given racial character stats of +2 Str & Wis, -2 Con, Medium, 30ft base land speed, +4 racial bonus to Listen & Spot, and Favored Class: Fighter. Not really any connection. Believe me, I'd love to figure out 5e stats for the WoWCraft draenei myself.


File: 1493366582049.jpg (79.74 KB, 736x533, 736:533, SrFyYRC.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Eldar are the best in 40k
No, they are not.


File: 1493367284639.jpg (84.44 KB, 817x588, 817:588, Nurgle.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>japanese commies
>fucking blueskinned
>what are noses
>4(four) fingers

>"the best"



File: 1493368583629.jpg (61.49 KB, 800x800, 1:1, slowpoke in tau armour, ho….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

They have the privilege to be the only 40k race that is not covered with skulls. I also find their benevolent despotic actitude to fit 40k quite well while still being original.


>Favourite Class: Fighter

What idiots. They were clearly assassins and casters in War3. Their main hero had permanent stealth.


how they are benevolent, they fool people into letting them in but I heard they cull humans


>culls humans
>not benevolent


5ed and Pathfinder only exist to show us that 4ed wasn't really all that bad.


There are plenty of cities. There are entire economies and ecologies going on across the planes, and tons of locations, many of which aren't all that hostile. There are cities, nations, kingdoms, etc just about everywhere.

So for example, the Plane of Fire … sure it's a infinite plane made out of fire, but it's also the home of all of the fire elemental beings that come from there, and they're not just waiting around to be summoned or put in encounters. They have their own societies and civilizations. The Efreeti Empire has a capital city (the City of Brass), that can be run with most of the same potential concerns that you would address in a normal city in a normal setting, complete with politics, agriculture, economics, trade, foreign policy, etc … It just happens to be ruled by Efreeti and floating on a sea of magma.


There are cities in heaven and hell (or heavens and hells) your PCs can visit, and everywhere in between. In the Outlands there are the gate towns. These are very much like normal "D&D" settlements, but also each is slightly toned after the planes that they link to, and make a pretty good compromise to get a feel for those planes without being overwhelmingly different.

Even "empty" places like the Astral and the Ethereal have native societies and locations. Well, sort of.

In addition, all over you will find settlements and groups that still have the flavor of whatever prime material setting they migrated from. So over here you might have an enclave of Qualinesti from Dragonlance or a longhouse of Northmen from Faerun or a temple of Pholtus straight out of the Theocracy of the Pale. There's really no limit, and the setting is built to accommodate all of these things, and put them together in ways that actually make sense.

Sigil is huge, and awesome, and detailed, and full of fun. Sigil can be the basis for an entire campaign, but it is far from the only city or civilization.


Intent is important. Fooling someone isn't good. Two wrongs don't make a right.


Fucking Roboute ¿Where was he been for the past 10000 years?


Albino drows are a thing, right?


Is it possible to become a Techpriest in D&D?


He's been in stasis on Macragge for a long fuckin' time, pilgrims would come to see him every year.


>To those that have actually played l5rg:
Who is Best Clan, and why is it Scorpion Clan?

>To those that have not yet played this game, but plan to:

Who do you think is Best Clan, and why is it Scorpion Clan?


I always wanted to play this game, but i never liked how the lore was determined by the card game and viceversa



If you are interested, here are a bunch of Cyberpunk 2020 books.



File: 1494798217871.png (9.19 KB, 364x205, 364:205, ae45c58228b164a993ca772bca….png) ImgOps iqdb


Honestly, this doesn't seem a bad idea.
Being a forever DM doesn't seem to bad if people actually pay you for it.
Beside, shit like patreon already exists, might as well allow the rest of us tard handlers to have a way to milk them for cash.


Are there any translated Touhou RPGs? How would you guys run a Touhou campaign?


File: 1496115482257.jpg (39.79 KB, 375x480, 25:32, goldenSkyStories.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

At the risk of being ripped to shreds for even bringing this up…does anyone like peaceful rpg stuff?


Op here- I dont like it, but as long you post it here, you can post whatever you want about a peaceful rpg


Pentex gets sillier the more you delve into it. Kinda like oWoD in general, but Werewolf takes the cake with it.

It works best if you keep it as this shadowy megacorp that may or may not exist, and which deals with all sorts of insane (if not outright evil) shit. For example, the players run into an actual human farm. A giant ranch, just outright the city, where kidnapped kids are kept and eventually processed into food. They're force-fed steroids to buff up their muscles, all of them have had some weird surgery done on them that put tubes down their throats so they can't stop eating, all had their hands and feet removed so they can't run away… You get the idea. Now, make it even more disturbing by making it obvious that this is an industrialized process - something is manufacturing the equipment used for human farming, some doctors obviously performed surgery on these kids, all that shit. This isn't just one dude going over the edge, this is an entire fucking industry.

Then it gets worse once you figure that nobody knows who the owners of the place are, that they apparently know that the Prince is a vampire and are actually bribing them with anonymous blood deliveries (which are also highly addicting - meaning these dudes know what vampires are), and that nobody can actually find any proof about billions of dollars being used to make a fucking human farm.

Scary shit, right? They're like a Nephandi-run Technocracy, except these guys have some purpose. Some goal. Which involves horrible shit happening on an industrial and worldwide scale.

Then it gets silly when you realize that the people in charge of Pentex actually sold their souls to the embodiment of Destruction, who's a giant worm, and who hates the environment for some reason. To the point of actually becoming a fucking Captain Planet villain, who enjoys dumping chemical waste in a lake because HE'S EVIL AND FUCK NATURE.

Keep them mysterious, faceless and a horrible machine that only produces misery, and Pentex becomes great for horror scenarios. Delve anything deeper into their lore, you're turning your horror game into a Saturday morning cartoon.


Actually that sounds pretty cool and right up my gaming alley. I'll keep an eye out for that one. Would play.


I'm completely fucking new to Shadowrun. I've only flipped through a couple of the books and played in a demo session. If I wanted to get started with this system, where would you have me start? Got a preferred edition? Must-have splats? Shit to avoid like the plague?


What sort of stuff do you play?


File: 1496954761361.png (29.05 KB, 209x145, 209:145, 23434466.png) ImgOps iqdb

>terrible beer makers are the penis devil
I hope that was goofy



I'd be more convinced that they would be chaotic neutral wizards that do that. If ill spirited cow tipping is the worst they do then they are surely not evil. The best of us all love a little schadenfreude.


Hey wiz, do you still come here? I still come back to Aquelarre's books from time to time. I just read about the book you mentioned, Retorno a Rincón, released just recently so no scans online yet "that I managed to find anyway". This http://grimorio.sociedadnocturna.net/Listado.php site keeps a pretty good collection of Aquelarre books, probably all the stuff published so far, except the last one.



is good to see you again.I used to wonder what happenend to you. I live in venezuela. some fuckers are robbing the internet wires. Now i nedd to come to this fucking cyber. keep loking for aquelarre stuff. Best game spain have


File: 1504813104428.pdf (8.14 MB, 1000 losses ed1.pdf)

Not sure if Blood Bowl would count as RPG, as it's a tabletop. I just don't think that there is enough interest in BB for a new thread.

So, I found this guide to be pretty good, and I wanted to share it.


File: 1514061632535.pdf (2.27 MB, ArtifIce v2.pdf)

So I just found this.
Artifice, a game where you play as AI. Doesn't seem very rules-heavy and has a unique premise, so I'll probably memorise the manual or something.


It belongs here, thanks. I love BB, only play on PC though because no friends. I do have quite a few teams painted up, though.


What the fuck happened?


File: 1519244287943.jpg (714.22 KB, 1920x2891, 1920:2891, fuckyobooks.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>mfw I'll never get to play a Lich

I'd love to play an actual evil campaign but most just want to play the good guys.


File: 1519430467941.jpg (1.19 MB, 1920x1440, 4:3, 1277245406711.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

my qualm with this was always

1. what do you do (IE, now that you've achieved lichdom and are nearly 100% immortal what's your objective / character motivation)

2. how do you prevent an evil party from splintering or sticking knives in each others' back? if you have a party of good aligned types they will stick together typically (with the occasional small squabble over law vs. chaos or methods and means, maybe over resources a tiny bit) but evil? how do you even feasibly give them the same motive let alone keep them from slaughtering each other for short term gain?

i think you would really need to constrain your campaign very heavily to keep your evil guys from betraying each other day 1 hour 1.

i guess maybe you could make the campaign downright cosmic (evil PCs home plane being invaded by force of domineering cosmic order or something) which would keep their knives holstered for at least as long as they considered the enemy a threat. granted, maybe backstabbing and shenanigans is what you are going for but i don't know if it would be possible to find several players that could keep it from becoming personal- in theory it's all just make believe but after a dozen+ hours making a character it really sucks to see them die, especially when there's little to no warning (something that's inevitable if you are playing a minimal-OOC campaign)

not saying it's impossible and/or wouldn't be interesting though. just much harder to run, i think.


I've ran a few campaigns with GURPS and BESM set in the modern day, with a superhero background, and just allowed the players to sandbox the world along with a variety of prepared plotlines and many many improvised materials. Anyways, for some reason periodically I'll get a group of players who quickly degenerate into a party of cannibal, murderer rapists.

However I've never had the players betray one another. Why stab your friend and companion in the back? That thought has never seemingly occurred to anyone I've ever played with. No matter how many young succubi's corpses they have stuffed in the trunk of he car, your bro is your bro.

It strikes me as extremely easy to prepare a D&D evil campaign, be it with a party of bandits, or with high level supernatural types like Liches. Just give them a simple goal of power, or an adversary to fight. It would be just as simple as running a good campaign.


That's weird, since in the wizzie D&D campaigns there's been a player backstab pretty regularly. The GMs have to fight to stop them from killing each other.


File: 1519552474376.jpg (55.81 KB, 594x766, 297:383, 1514759331299.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


What do you expect from Wizards of the Coast? They're overrun with politically correct social justice proponents. D&D has been going downhill for years, it's complete shit now. Magic has been going down hill for years, it's complete shit now too. 3rd was worse than second, at least in terms of lore and content. 4th was worse than 3rd in every way and meaning; and 5th was better mechanically, but they went full SJW for the lore and content.


>Hey wiz, do you still come here?
Sorry for writing this in spanish, but i dont have time for writing this response in english

Vengo aqui cada vez que me alcanza el tiempo. Se robaron los cables de internet de m icalle y no tengo esperanza de que los repongan. Tengo qeu esperar por que mi hermana se saque el pasaporte para hacerlo yo y largarme de venezuela para no volver mas.

Aquelarre sigue poniendose mejor. Estan sacando una nueva edicion de dracs, el suplemento que hablaba sobre cataluña de la primera edicion


El dia que compre el libro mas el pdf, te pasare los que no se consiguen en internet


Best idea I've ever come up with for how to keep an evil party together is to have them all enthralled to the same Evil god/deity/demon/Lich/whatever evil force, and play the campaign sort of like a Dark Heresy game, where each session you're sent off on a new mission to go fuck something up in the world at your client's behest, keeping it mostly episodic until the much later levels.

Without something cosmically/magically tying them together, you're right, they splinter into scavenging vultures around level 2, like clockwork.


The apocalypse is happening. The Demon lord Fuckurshitupu has been revived due to an idiot breaking his seal thinking his level 5 paladin powers should be enough to banish a demon. Obviously this went very very badly and now not!Satan is walking the Earth tearing shit up and leaving nothing behind, not even bones to turn into skeletons.

Well Evil guy 1 doesn't want to die to this shit. Evil guy 2 wants to rule the world not see it turned to dust. Evil guy 3, well he's just an asshole who doesn't like someone bigger than he is stepping in his territory. Evil guy 4 saw Fuckurshitupu on the edges of his evil kingdom and decided to get out of dodge as the Earth split in 2 and hundreds of flaming sluts with lasers for dicks crawled out of it.

There's your party, there's your motivation, there's your party binding. If they do not work together then the apocalypse happens. You can even push this further where they have to work with Good characters to collect together the 8 magical trinkets. Maybe the only thief they can find is lawful good and just raids ancient forgotten tombs to feed the poor. Now he's their only hope of getting into the ancient barrow of Shinythingicus so they have to work together. Thief lacks a party to fight with without them, but there alignments is a constant open wound they must over come or apocalypse time.

You have room for political play. For comedy play and you can even make them feel not so special because there will also be rival good groups trying to find the trinkets but maybe they lack some of the brutality needed (maybe a human sacrifice is the only way to open a tomb). If you want to really push this make the last trinket require the surviving Good party and Bad party members to work together in some way, even if they had previously come to blows


File: 1522962387237.mp4 (1.21 MB, 720x480, 3:2, FNoaVCQ.mp4) ImgOps iqdb


some people are working on an augmented reality version of the dungeons and dragons monster manual using qr codes tokens, but it appears some terrain and other props are being made too, maybe eventually this will become the norm for tabletop rpgs

thought it was interesting and relevant to thread


I have been concocting a story to gather a group of low level adventurers together as they subjugate the land to their dark will.

One mission would be sacrificing a town in a means of harnessing a demon's power or summoning an old god.

I am running 5E Princes of the Apocalypse. It's been pretty fun. My detractions on the campaign is that as the DM I have to tie up a lot of loose ends pretty quick (the heralds of the titular Princes) otherwise there will too many plot points to keep track of.



Search in this place if you want more games



Aquelarre fan here. You should try looking the other games nsr publish



Is there a dnd thread and game currently running? Ive looked and cannot find. Interested in joining if possible!


There's two running, apparently. https://wizchan.org/games/res/36308.html

There's some contact details buried in there somewhere.





Is the thir edition worth playable?


File: 1524674151830.jpg (174.07 KB, 924x600, 77:50, 1518024191497.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Does anyone want to play Deathwatch or WHFRP? I don't know the mechanics or much about tabletop RPGs, so I'll learn if anyone is interested. I know all the lore basically of both universes, hence my interest, but I don't have anyone to play with


WHFRP Is one of my favorite games. The game went donwhill with the third edition. I think zheinhander is very similar.


I like the idea of being GM, but i cant cope with my stuttering, and the lack of ideas if the playes wants to do something thats ints in the module. Also, i need help with the voices of the npcs


If it's anxiety making you suffer you can try talking in a mirror to yourself. It helps some, but not everyone. Trying to talk with a deep voice and slower could help also.

As for players going astray, that depends on the players themselves. If you clarify beforehand that you are a beginner/ not that great with improv/ ask the players to keep on the path, and if the players comply, then it should be a relatively smooth sailing, however, you shouldn't outright punish players if they come up with something smart or inventive either.

As for voices, i either try to intimitate a voice from media i heard, or just talk to myself out loud in character (not really a good idea if you live with others, and somebody else's home with you, though you can cheat by duing it in the shower a little bit quieter)
Experiment with different pitches and rough/softness. You can also try moving different muscles on your face and trying to keep them in place to augment your voice (like pushing your bottom jaw out for an orc voice)


Thanks man. I will shoud try this. When im alone. I talk to myself sometimes as a rpg campaing.


how can you be a wizard and be into ttrpgs
you need friends for them


TTRPGs are a social activity by the rules, but that thread has stayed up despite that for months. Is tabletop somehow considered fine?


A social activity is an activity for the sole purpose of socialising. Going to a bar is a perfect example. The primary activity is socialising, the bar is a means to do so.

Playing table top games gets close but the primary purpose is to play the game, not to socialise. If you start counting things with social elements as social activities, you get to the point where saying you don't want a receipt to the cashier in the shop counts as a social activity. The social interaction is secondary to the primary purpose of buying shit.


I've been thinking about this all day, and it just doesn't sit right with me. Review the definition given in the rules:
>social activity: An activity that at its core involves socializing, like going to a bar, party or club. This includes things done together with friends, like visiting a cinema. This, however, does not include simply having friends, or just making contact with another person in real life (e.g. a cashier or therapist).

"Includes things done together with friends, like visiting a cinema." Going to see a movie is the purpose here, hopefully, rather than socializing during the movie. There aren't any social elements in play there, and yet talking about it is banned. Socialization takes place after the movie's over, when the purpose of going to the cinema has been accomplished. I don't doubt wizards can play without being friends, but I do doubt whether it's going against the spirit of the rules in light of the cinema example. It occupies dangerous territory where how you read it decides whether it's within or outside of the rules, and the way I read it, it falls outside of them.

I don't have anything against tabletop games. The escape in them is something I enjoy a lot, and I haven't found a better alternative to it yet. I'd rather not see the thread taken down or topic banned, but it just seems odd. I guess because it's something you choose to do, and seek out. It's a social activity. It's not like being forced to interact with family or co-workers or classmates. It's not like you can control how you interact with others, like in a video game where you can disable voice chat or ignore text chat. You're seeking out company for entertainment purposes that requires regular communication. That looks like the basic definition of socialization to me.

Maybe it's that the activity is virtual in nature. That's the only way I can see it not being self-contradictory. Real-life is an important clause on the rule. Physical space is the realm of succubi, where they have full power. The virtual space seals it awy, and they must try to break that seal to regain their powers by injecting the physical, posting photographs and voice clips and generally being an attention whore.

And then I re-read the definition of social activity yet again, and see that therapist visits are fine, which makes the previous four paragraphs a waste of time with no answer. I don't know what to think anymore.

Sage for off-topic.


I tired to inmerse myself in the world of cyberpunk 2020, but i cant. It must be beacuse of the current year


Well if there is to be a discussion of ttrpg, it should avoid discussing the social element. I also dont see how one could play a trpg without alot if socializing, unless it was some rare instance of a bunch of wizards getting together to do so but how would one prove that and it would still be a possible violation because they all might wiz out and socialize. I for one like looking at the online rpgs we have running here on the image board but in the end I just end up replaying some kind of crpg all by myself like Baldurs Gate if I want feed my appetite for d&d.


What is the point of having Global Rule 2 if everyone here is allowed to break it? Next people will be discussing going on dates and having sex and no one will be banned.


Shadowrun is way better


There is a million way of playing PnP RPG without actually meeting in real life. Fuck off wizkid.


The game is old and it shows, it’s pretty flawed. You can pull it off but you’d need a lot of house rules to fix the system.


why is so dificult to make simple or easy rules for magic or netrunning?


it's difficult to make simple rules for complicated things.

"but what if the players want to do X" means the rules always have to be complex.

it's a good thing though. complex at the cost of being interesting rather than simple at the cost of failing to handle things in an interesting way.


Risus might be what you Are looking for.
It is super simple and the most flexible system I have played. Great for when dealing with noobs or you want to get very "different" and no other system or rule set can handle the shenanigans you want to get up to.
It is not called the anything rpg for nothing.


What is the best world for dnd?


Scarred lands is coming back with a new edition and rules for 5 edition and pathfinder.


For the aquelarre Anon. Im the guy who posted about the game for the first time. I just found the new edition of the cataluña supplement. Enjoy it



Holy shit, wiz, thanks a lot! Really appreciate it. I'm sure there's like 3 or 4 of us talking about this game itt.
I'll be reading this tonight. It's been a while I read the first Dracs so this will be refreshing. If I ever come across Retorno a Rincón I'll post in here for you guys. I do a throughout search every couple of months for it but so far no luck. Still quite a recent book (released 2017) so it's expected.


You are welcome. Im glad you like it. If you find something of pathfinder in spanish post it here. When i used to have internet on my house i used to seek for this books for days.


I posted this link before but just in case you missed; http://grimorio.sociedadnocturna.net/Listado.php
They have a bunch of Pathfinder in Spanish there. I'll look for more stuff and eventually post here.
Anyway thanks again for the Dracs, man, this is awesome.


Thanks man, but i already know that site. I was talking about the books of pathfinder that devir publish in spanish. Is almost imposible to find something. I have the campaing setting because i used to be a collaborator in the rpg collection before that site existed and somebody give me the link.

Anyway. I want to show you this other spanish game. This about a fantasy sumeria


Heres the video. If you want to know more spanish games or if the game looks interesing, just write in here. Sorry for my bad english,.


I just wanted to tell you that roll20 already have an aquelarre character sheet. In spanish of course


Hey Its me again. I just found taht the new campaig that tak the characters to travel to all mediaval europe is on mega.

For you




Sorry for the bad grammar. This keybord lacks of some keys. Fucking cyber


Holy shit wiz you must be the most dedicated fan of Aquelarre ever. I just got it. thank you so much. I see you haven't left your town yet, weren't you moving to Spain? Anyway best of luck to you and thanks again. Really good stuff.


fuck 5e play 13th age



There must be bigger fans of aquelarre in spain than in venezuela. The one who moved was my sister, she is in colombia, at least shes not in this hell hole anymore. Im going to meve with her the day i finish the course of computers im doing.
next time i found something you will be the first one (probably of a english speaking country) in have it


That game has worlds like eberron or faerun?


File: 1546552339063.jpg (190.52 KB, 1024x737, 1024:737, shadow_of_the_demon_lord.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Anyone read of played Shadow of the Demon Lord? I've been reading a lot of positive things about it, just wondering if any wiz is familiar with it.



Hey wiz, just wanted to say I finally had the time and the mood to stop, sit down and read Tenebrarum from beginning to end. Great book, nice stories, a good GM and players could have a wonderful time with the stories and places from this book.

Hope everything is well with you. Cheers.


Thanks for caring about me. I was thinking about aquelarre and you yesterday. I stopped posting because the guy from the other cyber closed the place. The one where i writing this is not as good as the other one, but it could be worse. I stopped reading rpgs because i spend most of my time reading fantasy, science fiction books


My group are all wizard apprentices. None of them have been on a date or are interested in succubi.
>social activity: An activity that at its core involves socializing, like going to a bar, party or club
The core of an RPG is the utilization of imagination along with the unpredictability of another person. It is a game. Playing it in meatspace is just to avoid dealing with internet connection issues. The people are the worst part. It's not a social activity, it's a game. There is no socialization aspect.


While I think this thread is fine, that's bullshit and you know it.



It's only bullshit if they blog post about their exact activities


File: 1579000437137.mp4 (1.21 MB, 600x338, 300:169, EIpT5yRXUAAUA04.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

Doesn't anyone play Modern Campaigns?


Why do you ask? What do you want to know?


I had no idea something like this existed.

I think it's a wonderful idea.


Seems like it would take the game part out of RPG.


It just takes a bit of creativity to come up with conflict and a way to resolve conflict other then violence.


What happened to the huge amount of campaign settings for dnd 3.5? In reading the midnight campaign setting right now. It may look a little to edgy, it’s basically the lord of the rings were Sauron won, but it has the idea of how to be a hero in a world where everybody despise you for causing trouble to them, because most of the people of town and villages only wants to live in the most peaceful way, in a world where legions of orcs can steal the crops, kill your family, and rape your succubi (mostly if you are a dwarf) and there’s those people can do about that, because if those people tries to do something, or even worse, get help from adventurers and the local movements of resistance, you can be sold as a slave and be the food of a bunch of hungry orcs.
Scarred Lands was like a Midnight with a brighter spark of hope. It was created by a White Wolf Team, so you can expect the plots of the campaigns to be based more on interpretation than combat. It was based on greek mythology, the gods and the titans fought 100 years ago, destroying almost everything in the world. The setting even had a city based on the necromancer stories of Clark Ashton Smith.
Forgotten realms was okay, but I never liked who generic it was. The most interesting part was the Yuan Ti and the part of Faerun based on Babylonian mythology.
I know there’s a bunch of settings, Eberron, Kalamar, Kingdoms of iron and Ravenloft and one where it was at the dawning of time or something like that. They have new editions or nobody wants to see them anymore?


What of those minor games of White Wolf like Hunter, Changeling, Demon, Mummy and that game about Asians vampires, have a 20TH Anniversary Edition?


Does anybody know what happened with Kult after the 2 edition? That game was way darker than the White Wolf ones. It was basically a Gnostic Clive Barker. Target games stopped making tabletop rpgs, now they are making strategy videogames. They were also the creators of Mutant Chronicles, but that game looks like a 40k Rip-off


Yeah does a post-apocalyptic /x/ russia campaign count? Bit like stalker but weirder


File: 1603400982932.jpg (648.58 KB, 1000x1379, 1000:1379, 1280772215.34741237.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Want to roleplay in any RPG, minimal experience. Was told to post e-mail here.

Animes@tfwno.gf (not joke)


Actually no, this is not the right thread. This is the RPG general, you're looking for the other RPG thread.
You should send an email to the DM there.
wizrobe at cock.li


¿Is the BADD still relevant in the news along with other organizations against role-playing games? ¿What was their problem with the games? ¿Why they are against fun?


File: 1616153706696.jpg (771.57 KB, 1000x1139, 1000:1139, 672a717ff182831cb1efdf07bf….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


A few pages of games tagged as playable solo.


Android app for dicerolls, small with no ads or bloat


¿Is the Anon who liked Akelarre still out there? Is me the guy who posted the game for the first time in I just wanted to post the supplements lasts supplements who were released until this day.

Liber Nobilium. A supplement of how to be a noble in the medieval Spain: https://www.4shared.com/office/lbQc[....]Aquelarre_3E_-_Liber_Nobilium.html?

Decameron. A campaign, who takes the characters in a travel for the entire iberic peninsula, (I don’t know if the term “iberic peninsula” is correct): https://mega.nz/#!HA1gCIBa!GRRCBtPpY5RQiCqZLE68L4U-OtX3NU_BJgg0ClFB_1c

Dracs: A new edition of the supplement who correspond to medieval Cataluña. With new rules, information and legends: https://mega.nz/file/mQ0lRYiR#2tGTLM8fmpY-qix1h0MsuJWFtNReRbKtqPRp7Fhz_zE

Ex Mundo Tenebrarum: An European campaign. It begins in Spain and it ends in Transylvania: https://mega.nz/#!jY92HSjB!md1Fss9jetDVWp6kz1gNql1IQ3kpXWQRRQ2ZP4ENNuE

Retorno a Rincón: A remake of the first sandbox campaign of akelarre, and I think this was the first campaing of this type to be realesed for a Spanish game: https://www.4shared.com/office/vDqHYvUxiq/Retorno_a_Rincon.html

Ars Carmina: This is for the second edition of the game, is a bit old and the system is a bit clunky compared to the actual one, but I post it for the legends of Spanish medival songs: https://mega.nz/#!mDwCEQ5B!xdzDXwYKempIjwNABSnEc7rR7fGUESdtXUH8aRfukb4

Angelicum Natura: https://mega.nz/#!rXh20A4L!pdQHTrMaIcSEnvfeNGe3YoYECZ0zjsaAoN7IJNOFezQ

El Aquelarre del Tiempo


Yeah I'm here. Holy shit you're back with more stuff, wiz, thanks! Did you finally moved in with your sister? Thanks for sharing more Aquelarre books! It's been a little while since I last read any RPG books. Last one was Shadow of the Demon Lord. I might as well come back to it now that you uploaded so much stuff. Thanks for sharing these, Aquelarre really is an unique game.


Im also glad to see you again, but no, my sister did not move. Im still living with my mom. I been Struggling Trying to learn how to draw, because i want to draw the monster that not have their onw ilustration, and maybe become an ilustrator.

If you are tired of the same medieval settings, you should give a look to a Spanish game called “La Puerta de Ishtar”. Is a game based on the Sumerian (that includes Babylonian and Assyrian) history and mythology with a bit of the exotic of the pulp stories of Robert E. Howard and Clark Ashton Smith. 2000 years in the past, Sargon the alchemist, first emperor of Akkad, lead the rebellion of the Awilu (the principal race of the world of the game, that also means “human” in Sumerian) against the old gods, with the aid of the Igugu (the star gods), Sargon Killed Enlil and with his blood he created the two slave races: the Mushkenu (mostly humans like the awilu, but the color of their skin is defined by the hour of their birth. If one of them born in the afternoon he will be white, the same Mushkenu would have be black if he was born in the night) and the Wardu ( a race of bull people who are sterile, the only race who continues being created by magic and the blood of Enlil) After that, the awilu begin their decadence, now they are the very same thing they rebel against 2000 years ago.


I never left the site, its only because, in the other cyber café (it’s not really a cyber café, but I don’t know what’s the exact name of the place where people pays to use the internet, in English, because I still don’t have internet on my house) I used to go, the internet was to slow to download new aquelarre books from mega and post them in this thread. The only thing I could do there was download pdfs, read news about cartoons and search for art in wikipedia. If you gonna play it again let me recommend you some books. Most of them are in Spanish, but I think it won’t matter you. Go to a site called “Lectulandia” a search for a couple of books written by a guy called Jesús Callejo. Search for the books with this names, and for anyother one who got your attention: Seres y lugares en los que usted no cree and Guía de los seres mágicos de España. The first one is for Duendes, the second is for faeries and the last one is for gnomes. The 4 books are about feeric beings in spain, even had real stories, you gonna have a lot of ideas for your campaigns, when you reach the part of el doctor Torralba and Zaquiel. Search from other books called: La España extraña, from Javier Sierra and Jesús Callejo. 1000 sitios que ver en Espana, El paraiso maldito, Guia de la Espana misteriosa, this one is obligatory, it talks about every weird event in spain, or at least the writer know, from the times of the Romans to the time the books was written (2009), La España maldita, Las cuevas y sus misterios, Milenio 3, Un mago en la corte and Cuentos populares españoles.


I almost forgot these 2; Leyendas españolas de todos los tiempos and Leyendas de Euskal Herria.Every name is a book in Lectulandia Just copy paste the names on the white rectangle of the upper right. Also search for Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, the last romantic of spain, and maybe from the world. Almost every one of his leyendas is an idea for an Aquelarre campaign, and he was a very good writer. Tales of the Alhambra by Washington Irving is the only book of this you could find in English. Sorry if this looks extensive, but I really like the myths and legends of spain.

If you want to know more, search for a tv show called Cuarto Milenio and a couple of radio Shows, milenio 3,Noche de Misterios, La Rosa De los Vientos,Turno de Noche and Zona Negra. Search in youtube something like, cuarto milenio pueblos abandonados, la santa compaña, edad media, ruta de los pueblos malditos Also, I’m gonna post the Aquelarre apocrifo for you. This is basically a relic from the internet of the 90s and beginnings of the 2000s. Is the old email list of the game, the original fan club of the game, who used to post a lot of stuff about everything in medieval Spain. Take a look to chapter 6, it has a lot of recommendations, to music for the campaigns, essays relevant to the game, movies, works of fiction, like Don Quijote or La Vida Es Sueño, and a few other medieval games you could like. The 1 chapter is where the legends are, the one about Pedro I of Portugal look like a Shakesperian drama or like the theater of el Siglo De Oro. I hope this will be useful to you

Aquelarre apocrifo:https://mega.nz/file/XBMHnQ7a#CLSnCCn6NRE3CF7zWkJWOun5RPYHTX7R4KIKphgRaqk


Does anyone know any channels where the guy does a in-depth analysis of D&D adventures? Preferably for old AD&D models and such. This channel is pretty nice but I already watched everything he had on D&D.


I been reading some books of Kindred of The East, one of the minor games of White Wolf, the other minor games are Hunter, Mummy, and Changeling. I can say the lore of the game is more interesting than the Vampire lore, but the game don’t have the same impact of Vampire. The concepts and the story are interesting, but I think the game didn’t have the best writers of White Wolf on it. I found the books a little bit boring, not because of the game itself, just because of the manners of the Kue Jin and the Asian terms I always forget their meaning. Other thing I don’t like about the is the majority of the Kue jins, their ancients know making deals with the Yama kings, drug dealing, sexual slavery and other crimes only brings the sixth age a little bit closer to them, but they still do that kind of things. They think they are the best thing in the world only because they are the corrupted descendants of the Exalteds. Read the 1000 hells book, the wicked city is the most horrible place in the old world of darkness, is the hell where the Asian wageslaves end their lives. Basically your soul is tortured just for being there, you have to work in some dead end jobs for less than the minimum wage, every other people will try to fuck with you just for a promotion, every street looks like a cyberpunk nightmare from 1984, some demons will try to eat you or kill you just for fun in the streets, and even worse, every time you get back to your apartment after work, you are tortured. And the worse thing after all is the fact the wicked city is incoming to the real world, people enter without even notice it. This game deserve a 20 anniversary edition with better writers working on it


File: 1624049953108-0.png (125.57 KB, 474x479, 474:479, Sefarat 2.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1624049953108-1.png (387.32 KB, 395x679, 395:679, Mago49.png) ImgOps iqdb

Nosolorol already released Nahui ollin, the game based on the conquest of America, but only of the South American part. It is written by Ricard Ibañez, the same guy who created Aquelarre. I want to read it, but I’m waiting if Nsr release more supplements for the game. Also, I’m still waiting if I found all of the old Changeling and Wraith books who were published in Spanish.

I’m been taking screencaps of the rpgs pdfs I have on my computer. Is the only way of having the work of John Cobb, because is almost impossible finding something about him on internet. I think there was a thread on the white wolf forums where people try to know what happened to him and if he still doing art.

The first picture is from Sefarat, the Aquelarre supplement of the second edition dedicated to the Jews. The comic book style don’t match to much with the idea of the game, the expressionism of the illustrations of the first edition was better, but sometimes, in the second edition, you can see things who are absolutely impossible to publish today, like this


Nahuiollin GM Screen:https://mega.nz/#!BgAWHACT!DKqEJ6xc7buNAUsNosambfb79juWqVIfcTXmJ3dqaBw

Ps: if someone is interested about la La Puerta de Ishtar, here are the Links

Manual Básico:https://mega.nz/#!D08lzACB!X4NToDSypd6DU2jlL6CEpsTtJGyVaB4JA3ND45_YiR8

Belleza Eburnea:https://mega.nz/#!O1diiYCC!2aWrknK2cahGTZnZKOnizoG2c2iMSHorrF-qKCpSwcE

Lo que los Brujos Anhelan:https://mega.nz/#!PxdhxQ7S!7_CvDPU2stc3fLOv6uOkykligzFR_9LK_EiFLG3sVUE

Los Muchos Rostros de Kishar:https://mega.nz/#!CotkTaLA!Vh_M-FSKQX0N5DPsTjZ_AdzaNVzbN3Nq521v_BVe6d8

Los Rompeasedios:https://mega.nz/#!65FyFawJ!7Rfdi6q-6KmPMzeI5lv9wJLvpOzY_BtaLam7UkX9tSM


Secretos Enterrados:https://mega.nz/#!GodmjIpL!6OtQYIZuD6MFBujWGHaVVewA0nos3tmYYPkobKnL6fE


Descriptio Corduvae:https://mega.nz/#!fckmULSY!izZp93KgZqR_ZS8scgnii0idA1rKr-vsu_GNxR-wSyM

El Tribunal de la Santa Inquisición:https://mega.nz/#!3MNV2YIB!y4dVkN_D4pDxvHsm7Mz3-4UDpZmMY8s55infqmgtRDQ

Jentilen Lurra - El Brumoso Norte I:https://mega.nz/#!iFMxUICA!V6GPbakzoSXDgDruTbrJ78Q1H9ihrebPUDTY8kN7RmA

Fogar de Breogan - El Brumoso Norte II:https://mega.nz/#!rQtkBDDR!jyVC4n2BsFGRt_UjCUW8erAtJtYFCEhBZgsOm6pMe_U

La fraternitas de la Vera Lucis:https://mega.nz/#!iEl1hJbY!e5r4k6DfcZVTlVwEV-rHOdTxMY2keCfO_NDgD8NMjoc


Medina Gharnata - Grandes Ciudades Vol II:https://mega.nz/#!jRFyQAKb!28sKHS1VxrUbGBxz9MwjhtGSX_UKTEOHGi1KSfPxMYc

Rerum Demoni:https://mega.nz/#!KYtmmBxY!EE9HN-a0wk6D70qKIjT56UNjy7h8BYA0SvtqjWJNlbY



Villa y Corte:https://mega.nz/#!2IUgkLjY!XZHAZ1VFYuJSon4m7OlkvNi36-by_0lQ41T1oGZYUZw

Ars Malefica:https://mega.nz/#!PZ1TGY4Z!C7LPrY00tW4zBYkuRrRAgFrZUIrybNFUQYd9qB5PuWo

Asturies Medievalia:https://mega.nz/#!fBU31RjD!sZxZ1n_rcAWcFHFrd3nTZJKArebnkpByqouhTygHkCo


Bestiarium Hispaniae:https://mega.nz/#!PF8k2DqC!Adm3yM5en7MKv7acxr7W6gJ1zsKY7YKI9uwsWopF_Ww

Ars Medica:https://mega.nz/#!qIMBCQrb!Zh_1c-oyjfLTVuKW3MUExKqHg95p8M_Pcb8fP1qYFy4


Ars Magna:https://www.mediafire.com/?569dco67k1ng76g

And the new Supplement

Imago Europe I:https://mega.nz/file/RdlWQQhS#uU89mMkzjdjYjfw421w32GY_X7C0Q3SR4vJUmv_RZRQ

As i promise, here is the rest of the books of Aquelarre. I hope you like it


File: 1626291410853.jpg (54.49 KB, 500x661, 500:661, d3f.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

absolute heresy


I’m trying to remember the name of a tabletop rpg based on the works of Clark Ashton Smith and Robert E Howard. Does anyone know if a game like this exists or is just my imagination?


The Hp Lovecraft Tabletop?


call of cthulhu


It as a sword and sorcery game, something like Conan in Zotique or Hiperborea.


Wraith the Oblivion, along with as Changeling: The Dreaming, are the most beautiful, sorrowful and horrible of the world of darkness. Wraith is about of the things we don’t appreciate when we are alive, the regrets your character think is gonna left behind if you die, the things you appreciate, and the things you hate about yourself. All of those things chase your character to the underworld. The game begins when you die, and your character discovers that being dead is way worse than being alive. Styx, the kingdom of the dead people of the west, is the worst burocratic nightmare of Kafka. Everything is made with souls, the buildings, the weapons and even the money. You can actually hear it scream if you pay attention.


Too bad actually playing it sucks because the system is bad and there hasn't been support for either in almost a decade.

I like the lore of mage the assention but you couldn't pay me to play it again.


Don’t know if I should post this in here but it’s a tabletop game and don’t wanna kill a thread. Would anyone be interested in playing this through tabletop sim or something? I thought it looks fun


Go Back to /b/ where you belong.


File: 1641956856162.jpg (300.15 KB, 1259x1605, 1259:1605, add-i6.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Bit of advice. If you want a "true" D&D experience, avoid any "D&D" product after Gygax was forced out of TSR, so basically any product after 1985-1986. It is for this reason the OSR is so popular. Ignore anything from WoTC calling itself D&D, which is really just SJW capeshit dressed as medieval fantasy tabletop gaming.

And also forget WoTC Gay-venloft. Get the AD&D 1st Edition module I6 - Ravenloft. Pic related. And use the AD&D 1st edition ruleset for it.

Stick to the "Golden Age" of D&D, from 1974 - 1986. As such, the true D&D rulesets are Original D&D from 1974-1975 (White Box and Brown Box), Holmes Basic D&D, AD&D 1st Edition, Moldvay/Cook Basic D&D ("B/X"), and Mentzer Basic D&D ("BECMI"). Also the Rules Cyclopedia D&D is OK, since it is just a compilation of the BECMI set into one book. EVERYTHING ELSE IS GAY TRANNY SHIT.


Since someone upped this one, I might as well talk about my rpging as of late. I've been wanting to play D&D for many, many years but the whole playing with other people and using a mic thing was really hard for me to accept. About 3 or so months ago I ended up finding a group on a discord dedicated to download the books after thetrove went down and it amazed me how quick the whole thing lost appeal to me. I played with a couple of different groups now and all the guys are great to game with but damn it this really is just another game. I guess I created this whole aura for tabletop rpgs as the ultimate game where imagination is the limit and you can play for 20, 30 years as so many people have but it really isn't the case for me. Another interesting thing is that actually playing it made me lose interest on reading the books as well, which is funny in a way since I read rpg books for years without losing interest in them. Sure there were periods of low interest but now I'm done with it. I have a strong sense of responsability as it turned out because I'm in this group that loves the game and take it seriously and I continue to show up to play every week, take notes and sound (hopefully) excited about the game but I really don't care, I just don't want to spoil people's fun at this point. We're in for a 6 months long campaign. One guy left about 3 weeks in and everybody kept talking about why he left and if they did something wrong or what was it that didn't work for the guy. Well imo is because tabletop rpg is just another fucking game and he got tired of it is all. Just like with everything else, it takes a special mindset to manage to really love this activity and play it for decades. Can't see how one can be excited about disarming another trap and stab another whatever in the eye but there you go, I'm happy they can have so much fun with it, really. There was this week we had to cancel and I was so glad about it. lol Terrible. My plan is to reach the end of this campaign and quit. DM is already talking about how he's having some ideas for a next game. Amazing how this shit never lose its luster to some people. I wish I was like that. Oh well, blog's over.


D&D and other tabletop rpgs are best played in-person. A good DM is also critical. A game can be awesome or can suck based on the DM. The longest tabletop game (D&D) I’ve played lasted over 10 years as a campaign before we finally had to retire it. I wonder if things for you would be different if you got a good DM/GM, or at the very least a good campaign concept, or a good module if you are doing one-offs.


We're following a couple of old published campaigns stitched together with a twist here and there by the DM and it's actually quite nice. I really don't think it's his fault, everybody is enjoying it a lot. It's 5 people and the DM and another guy are in their late 40s or so and have been playing this stuff forever. In fact I'm the only noob in there. I was maybe a little unfair on my first post. When I'm actually there playing it it's OK and there are some good moments but in general, if say this thing fizzled out tomorrow I wouldn't care much about it and I wouldn't bother finding another game, either. I don't think it's the DM's or the campaign's fault, it's just me.

Also, I said it's just another game and it is, but I do think it's much better than video games. I mean I never bothered to play a particular video game for more than a week but here I am playing D&D for 3 months now, so it's something. What I'm trying to say is I do get this can be very fun for a lot of people to the point of becoming the best thing in a person's life. Unfortunately I don't think it's my case.

>D&D and other tabletop rpgs are best played in-person.

I'm sure it is. It must be even better if you're playing with actual friends that you care about. Better yet would be to play this when I was a teenager and didn't have a care in the world but I'm in my early 30s, I'm broke and my parents are old, so lots of concerns that get in the way of immersion.


Well I think we all have our issues. It's been a good escape for me, a means to get out of depression for a time. And it could be that you'd make a better DM than a player. I prefer being a DM. I like being creative and telling stories.

Have you considered that the game would perhaps work better for you if you were the one running it?


Well, the campaign is over. We wrapped it up a couple days ago. It lasted a little over a year. Amazing how lucky I was to find an online game that lasted this long with just a couple of guys having to be replaced along the way due to irl stuff. I have a castle now and retainers, also we're basically demigods at this point and slaughtered our way through 90% of the Monster Manual, so we called it quits after the the death of another big bad.

What can I say, I'm happy to have had the experience. The guys are already talking about playing something else, Jesus Christ, I so wished I had the passion for rpgs like that. I said I loved playing it (emphasized that part a lot) but I was a little burned out and was going to take a break from gaming for a couple of months. We're keeping contact on Discord in case I want to come back for a monster of the week or some other thing they'll probably be playing soon. It amazes me how some people can enjoy this so much for decades, I wish I was like that. I'm repeating myself but man.

How are your gaming wiz? I hope you're still enjoying it and escaping depression and whatever else through it. I'm sorry I didn't respond your question, I completely forgot to ever posting itt. I would be a terrible DM, I can't keep up with loads of information and I'm not very organized. I guess I'm decent as a player but can't imagine myself DMing anything.

What else can I say. D&D is nice. I had hopes for the longest time it would be my main hobby and time waster but it's not. It got kinda close though.


Wow, I just saw this. Sorry for the late response. My gaming is going well. We're playing several games at once. We're doing some old school gaming using 80s D&D and we're also playing a few 5th edition campaigns. There's always something going on as the group seems to be getting bigger and we all have plenty of free time.

I guess D&D has given me something to look forward to.


File: 1664113892723.jpg (75.83 KB, 500x710, 50:71, 876875.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>>61898 is me. I'll be playing some D&D again soon. My mood for this stuff is like a roller coaster. Sometimes I'm super excited for it when I'm flipping through the books, sometimes I feel like I never want to play this shit again. One day I see all the cool possibilities, next day it feels like it's complete garbage. It's not a good quality of me and it really ruins my fun half the time. The group will be starting a small thing and I figure I can at least endure 5 or 6 sessions. I'm very conflicted about a lot of things but for some reason D&D really brings it out, I think it's because you have to interact with people too much and it never gets comfortable like you would with a video game. Oh well.

That's amazing. Several games at once? I wish I had that enthusiasm. Maybe if I found a text only to play it would feel better. Having to endure people talking and worse, having to talk really burns me out.


File: 1665933423586.jpg (103.32 KB, 497x600, 497:600, 01.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm coming back to roleplaying after a good while.I'm even writing an adventure. It's for OSE which is basically D&D from the early 80s (BX), meaning it's a more sword and sorcery type of thing instead of the super hero type of game that 5e is. I remember long ago another wiz tried to get a game going but failed because nobody wanted to use a mic. I wonder if anyone here is interested in playing some tabletop using text only. I'll probably make a thread on games when I'm ready to go, which should take another week or two. I'll be using roll20 and maybe discord (strictly for scheduling and game discussion) in between sessions. I wonder if anyone would be interested.
No experience with roleplaying is necessary. Only requirement is being able to show up on time.


are japanese tabletop better than the western one? who has the best adventures/campaigns?


Castle & Crusades is currently free on drivethrurpg. Is anyone here willing to give it a shot on a text only game? It's an OSR game that is really easy to learn.



It's been almost 5 years, but there's Cyberpunk RED now, which, I know nothing of except that it's made by CDPR following the release of 2077.


Warhammer has been getting pozzed the last 2 years. The franchise owner let's anyone do whatever they want with the license so there's a bunch of goofy kids video games now, and one with a female protagonist. Another one that was supposed to be good was Necromunda:A Hired Gun but it was a nu-wolfenstein tier flop as well


I heard it used elements of later versions of D&D. I’d want to do pure old school


Welp the DM just cancelled the session for the third time now, 3 weeks in a roll and the last game we had he finished the thing almost 2 hours earlier than normal. Nobody said anything so I kept my mouth shut but I really wanted to know what was the reason behind cutting the session short like that. The lack of enthusiasm for his own game is showing pretty bad at this point, I'm almost wishing for the next game to be cancelled as well so I can just quit.


File: 1669692192278.jpg (461.09 KB, 840x2000, 21:50, 1362470586214.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

that's sad to hear wiz. As someone who's dm'ed before it's sometimes pretty difficult to keep enthusiasm up especially if you are running weekly. I think it takes a special kind to really run a game consistently, or at least most games I have played in fell apart. I have only really "completed" one campaign which lasted over 2 years IIRC and that was long ago.

You could perhaps try talking to the GM and ask if he has any gripes with what the player(s) are doing. but sometimes it's just a lack of zeal or changing life priorities. Still, I hope it gets better friend.


It did get better, the cat went out of the bag past weekend when he sent a message explaining he's also running a game irl for his real life friends and keeping up with two games a week was too much. Then two players immediately quit the discord server, which was childish but kinda funny.

It was no surprise really, you can hear in a person's voice when one has stopped giving a shit. I understand, it's fine. I'm glad this is finally over, it's a little annoying when you try to psych yourself up for a game and then the whole thing gets cancelled over and over again.

I'm just not sure what I'll be doing as far as gaming goes now. I liked having a game going but just the prospect of lurking on roll20 and having to learn how to interact with a whole new group of people already feels pretty exhausting. Damn it.


i remember doing a virtual dnd session years ago and it was so fucking awkward and painful, everyone was clearly as autistic and socially inept as me and the fact no one had much experience really made it diffuclt. idk how people get back into roleplaying. everyone seems capable of it when they are kids but it's like we just grow out of it, even dogs seem to lose interest in playing and dog toys as they get older

i suspect for most people the solution is to be with your friends in a positive environment, no criticism. basically to place you with people you are comfortable with in an environment where there is no judgement. maybe im just not social enough and so this is why i play videogames instead. but i feel like im missing out of the creativity and imagination possible with tabletop roleplaying. i know single player stuff exists, but a big part of the fun from gaming seems to be the human factor, not knowing what the other player is going to do, anticipating and being surprised by their decisions


it takes time, I would imagine especially for wizards to learn how to drop their guard so to speak. It took me like 6months or so back when I started playing shadowrun. It's a process that you just have to go through if you want to play and enjoy it outside the wargaming elements.

Granted nothing wrong with playing for the wargaming elements. it's part of the fun.

I think though it is much easier to play in text, rather than voice. but text is much slower. so it's a tradeoff.


where do you find friends/people to play with?




anon who likes aquelarre, if you are still out there, i just find a link with all the books published untill 2022


I found another spanish. this one is called 1800. A steampunk game in the end of the world



thanks for the virus


Hey anon, yeah I'm still here. This is quite a find! I'll download it and read when my interest spike again. It's been a while since I've read any RPG books. I hope you're doing ok.


thanks for asking. Im trying to learn how to draw to become an ilustrator. Just if someone wants to know the english translation of aquelarre was supposely published by chaosium, but the links were 404

maybe they lost the rigths of the game


That's nice. Way better than what I'm doing which is just reading shitty comic books. Also I tried hosting a game >>62974 but yeah, no responses at all and I ended up losing interest myself a couple of months later, so it all worked for the best I guess. Good luck with your endeavours!


I still need to learn how to draw. i want to learn the fundamental stuff, but perspective is a bitch. i Dont know how somebody can draw something just using his imagination. Give a try to 1800 too is a very interesting game. read Thorgal, is the best sword and sorcery comic i ever read


File: 1681092990360.jpg (138.67 KB, 825x825, 1:1, 6511.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Theres another spanish game that you may like. Is an homage to the first edition of D&D. is called Adventures in the Mark of the East

>Adventures in the Mark of the East is a world brimming with adventure, legendary characters, monsters, dark dungeons, impregnable fortresses, powerful magic and all the other elements that make up the highest fantasy.

>The game is a retroclone of the famous red box of Dungeons and Dragons Basic, the first role-playing game that came to Spain by Dalmau with TSR, Inc.

>Being based on the first edition of D&D, material such as characters and/or adventures are compatible with this game which uses basically the same system as the old D&D with some subtle improvements from the original.

>Character creation, being based on the original system, maintains the same philosophy in the character classes such as Cleric, Dwarf, Elf, Explorer, Warrior, Halfling, Mage, Thief and Paladin.

>The fantasy setting is similar to the original system where each of the areas has its own particularity, Forest Kingdom is the typical medieval fantasy area, Ungoloz would be the powerful Norman empire, Visirtan with a clear Arab inspiration and Neferu that drinks from Pharaonic Egypt, as well as the bestiary where we can find the typical orcs, trolls, giants, dragons, liches, skeletons and all kinds of elementals. As for the combat system itself, there are the typical rolls for surprise and initiative, monster reaction, movement, combat sequence and attack, and depending on the adventurers' class, there are 3 different types of attack tables. In addition there are the tables of saving throws of the different classes of adventurers. Optionally you can use the critical roll and the critical rolls.


Is there no miniatures thread? Do you use this one?


Use the catalog >>63795



miniatures are for kids, hex and chit is for men


What is the difference between age of sigmar and fantasy?


Fantasy came first, its been around since the early eighties. In 2015 it got rebooted into Age of Sigmar, which is like fantasy but with more trademarkable names (Orcs vs. oruks) and weird-looking WOW-inspired space marine clones. Apparently the rules aren't very good and the lore is retarded, but some of the miniatures looks nice at least compared to 40k. I wouldn't know, I just collect the old rulebooks and sometimes play WFRP in chatrooms.


Thanks. Now, what happened after the awakening of roboute guilliman until now?


Is anyone currently playing something? I miss the days we had a wizgroup that wrote their weekly sessions in another thread.

Thanks anon, sounds interesting. I've been slowly going back to reading some RPG stuff with OSR material lately and it's kinda fun. Do you know an art book called Vermis I? Since you're trying to get into illustration, I think you would like to see that. I'm still waiting for someone from /tg/ to scan it and upload to the archive.



you're welcome.I dont know that book but thanks to the recomendation.I be waiting for a spanish release to be posted in the site where i find the games i post, but i cant download it because i have a virus called Winbigdrip.life that dont let enter in almost any site and i dont know how to delete it.


What version of Windows are you using?


Windows 7. In scared because i think the virus also infected the router of the neighbor, we share the internet bill, also this government laptop is not even mine, is from my brother, i can give it back to him with this virus on it. I swear this thing knows when i try to find a way to erase it because dont even let me enter in the antivirus sites and almost every site. Im scared of rebooting it because my brother have some important files in it, i dont want to screw it trying to do that


Adware which redirects to that site when trying to browse normally.
Download an antivirus installer with a separate machine, load it on to a USB drive, and install it in the infected computer while it is not connected to any internet.


File: 1685848018618.swf (11.66 MB, MSEInstall.exe.swf)

Alright anon, let me see if I can help you out. For Windows7 you can use Microsoft Security Essentials which is more than enough to take care of a browser hijacker such as Winbigdrip.life. Maybe you never installed it in the first place and that's why this happened.
I downloaded the installer for you from Microsoft's website. You'll download this annexed file and then remove the .swf from the filename. The reason I put it there is so I can upload an .exe file to wizchan. You'll download it and run it. MSE will probably identify a bunch of viruses and whatnot, you follow the instructions and quarantine them all. Next you'll reset your browser to default settings. Let me know if you have any problems.


thanks for the virus scanner


Thank you for helping me with this. In using a cracked windows 7. Is there any danger for my brothers files or for this laptop?

I tried with rouge killer and 360 antivirus, but this thing is still here.

I also tried with adw cleaner but the virus knows thats an antivirus so he cuts the connection every time i try to instal it.

The virus dont redirect me to a fake advertise, only shows an error of privacy, and sometimes and buch of numbers in the upper part of the browser


There's no danger in using Microsoft Security Essentials even on an illegal copy of win7, give it a try. I don't koe rouge killer or 360 antivirus but Winbigdrip.life is just a browser hijacker, it's not serious. You'll lose your cache and browsing history though because to remove this thing completely you'll have to reset whatever browser you're using to default settings. If you have any important passwords saved on your browser you'll have to save them somewhere else.


I dont know if i istaled it correctly, because it says, Virus and spyware definitions couldnt be updated, every time i try to use it. I have the same connection error when i tried to instal malwarebytes. i fear this thing also infected the router of the neighbours, because my sister cant enter to certain pages using her phone.


I'm having a hard time finding a table in roll20, most are for 5e. I found this guy, said he'll be running a game using the system I'm currently interested in but he's so damn incompetent. It's been 5 weeks he's looking for players yet he didn't fill out the schedule, didn't write a synopsis or anything about what he'll be running other than the system itself, if it's a module or an adventure he wrote himself, if it's an one-shot, a campaign, nothing at all. He didn't upload any maps to the game either, no discord contact given so I don't know if he'll be using the shitty voice thing on roll20 or what. This thing has red flags all over it. Assuming he can even find 2 more players I doubt this thing can survive more than 2 sessions. God damn it.


Sorry for keeping you waiting, but the internet was cut for 11 days. I already confirmed that the problem is on the router because I try to visiting the same sites with my bam and I didn't have any problem. I don't know what to do because the router is in the neighbour's house. Is there any method of deleting a virus in a router.

I swear this thing is getting smarter day by day. He can cut the connexion every time I search for a way of getting rid of it. Rigtrh now this shit don't let me enter in google, even if I was watching the video a moment before, so I will have to wait until I can post this.


File: 1687552703173.jpg (283.46 KB, 540x786, 90:131, 1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Found a group to play AD&D with. Our session zero ended just now. We basically talked a little about the game and made some characters. It was mostly ok, I think this group is solid enough that we can complete an adventure before things fall apart. DM is a family man and is probably using the RPGs as escapism from wife and kids, but I don't know. Could hear the kid nagging at the background a couple times, kinda funny. He's decent, can describe a scene and know the rules but loves to come up with new prices for stuff in order to make it "a realistic economy" but imo it's just annoying and changes nothing.

One of the players is a complete noob, which is fine. He made a character with a comical name inspired by Monty Python and that was a little concerning, I'm in it for a serious game and the other guys seem to want a serious game as well. We'll see. Another player seems to know what he's doing but kept complaining about "micromanagement" the inventory and stuff like that. As if ticking one torch off after x turns is micromanaging something. Obviously he wants to have infinite amount of arrows, torches and rations and is testing the grounds to see if the DM will turn a blind eye on the issue. I hope he doesn't. The world only feels realistic and immersive if your food runs out, your torches burn away and your arrows break.

Third player kept asking about darkvision of several monsters and every time the GM asked "why, you want to play as creature X?" he would say no, that he's just curious about it. Now, it's obvious he's looking to play some weird creature. He made a million questions and in the end made no character, said he's going to work it out before next session, which means he's going to hit the books and try to sneak a flying mutant with a breath weapon past the DM.

So all in all a very average DnD group.

Anyway, I just rolled 3d6 in order and ended up with a mage. 3 hit points. I'll have to play smart here and be cowardly otherwise my character is doomed.


It's pathetic that you wizards feel that answers like these are actually worth your silence, or despair. You guys know your posts are max quality when crabs like this one get roasted.

Mock this piece of cattle. It might even lift your energies


>It might even lift your energies
Hardly, friend. If you take the time to dignify with a response every derelict and slow-witted buffoon that wanders inside our /hob/ domain, this place will take a turn for the worse. Only those with wizardly words should fetch a wizard's response. It's how we keep the best board the best.


Shooters or tabletop, playing online games with guys who have had sex does not make the wizard a normalfag. Tabletop is part of hermetic male culture, and the opportunity to indulge in a bit of roleplay should not be discarded on the grounds that one of the participants has children he'd rather not be around at the time of play. Maybe if you assholes got online more, Wiz here wouldn't have to settle for a bard who only knows the Paw Patrol theme song


I wouldn't play with a DM that's a redditor with kids and a wife. He is probably a failed normalfag or something.
>Maybe if you assholes got online more,
Yes because wizards have nothing better to do than to be online and socialize with you so you don't feel alone playing with normalfags.
Back to reddit.


File: 1688163949295.jpg (421.91 KB, 539x805, 77:115, doors.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Just had my first session after a very long time without playing rpgs. Going for an ADnD game was probably the right choice. People showed up at the game today, 3 guys, two characters each, a main and a backup, and not a single one of those characters had anime avatars, which is something you wouldn't think you need to take it for granted but there you go, these are the times we live in. I noticed for the past few years it's fairly common for at least one person to bring a really goofy anime avatar to the table. I don't mind manga and anime myself but that's like bringing a renaissance painting of St. George to your Dragonball game or whatever. It just doesn't fit, unless you're going for anime-specific type of thing. Showing up in a sword and sorcery or a high fantasy Tolkienesque game with Goku as an avatar is just a complete lack of common sense and basic courtesy to everybody else at the table. If you're playing with serious roleplayers at all worth their salt be warned, everybody is now wanting to murder your ass and then kick you out. Here we are wanting to meet Gandalf the Gray in a muddy, stormy night on The Prancing Pony and you show up as a fucking fairy with a Touhou avatar.

But that didn't happen, which I attribute in part for this being an ADnD game. People playing that tends to be older. This group in particular, by voice and some of the stuff I heard about they talking is probably a bunch of 40 yo olds, a couple of them maybe even older and showing up with anime stuff is usually something younger people do. Anyway, everybody had appropriate imagery, which is always a good sign, it means the group is more or less going for the same atmosphere. One of the guys (the noob player) had an elf that looked like from wow or something and that was the goofiest one at the table. Very acceptable. I have a couple of pictures from one of the splat-books. When in doubt, always go for the art of the book you're playing.

So we get to this small town and start to ask for any rumors, fishing for some plot hooks and the DM tries to have us in a bar fight. That was way too common so we backed off, talked around with locals and found out those ruffians were also committing petty crimes at such an such road. Basically some low level brigands. So we get lucky with a sleep spell, ambush and arrest them without having to kill anyone.

Then the paladin wanted to know if any of the criminals had wife and children and one of them had. So he dragged us to the dilapidated house where they live to inform the wife her husband would not be returning because we arrested him and then gave her some money to help with groceries lol Typical paladin shit, props to the player for knowing how to play one. It turned out this was some crazy bitch and as we were leaving stuck a crossbow outside the window and shot the paladin in the ass. We ended up arresting her too. The 16 yo son ran through the alleys behind the house and we couldn't find him. I'm sure that's going to be problem soon.

Then we had a 20 min discussion about horse speeds and caltrops. All in all an average, enjoyable game session. We'll be visiting the graveyard soon, there's a corpse there with a key we need.


>People showed up at the game today, 3 guys, two characters each,
never knew people play as more than one character at the same time, cool


The old modules can be brutal and we're probably playing one for 6 to 8 players. I'm guessing that's the reason for the DM to have us show up with 2 characters each. It was either that or waiting to find more people on roll20.


File: 1703084187168.png (154.81 KB, 683x884, 683:884, 123.png) ImgOps iqdb

Our first adventure for the campaign is over. All in all I had fun. It's a little too combat-oriented for my taste but I can't really complain. The players were a somewhat flaky for the first couple of months but now everybody has been showing up consistently. It was a very run-of-the-mill adnd adventure, I can tell the DM just did a few tweaks here and there and based most of the thing in a published module. Again, I'm not complaining, that's the game. I lost my barbarian character out of sheer stupidity on my part but his death was cool (he was buffed by a couple of spells so I managed to kill two monsters at -2 HP before the char finally dropped, it was funny). We'll be exploring a more urban environment next adventure (I'm guessing it will be in and around the capital, we'll see).

As for my general mood towards tabletop gaming it's awkward, the night before and all the way up to the start of the session I feel like I don't want to play this shit anymore and I'm ready to quit and never talk to those guys ever again (they're fine btw, it's strictly gaming talk) but then, during the game and afterwards, I feel like this is really fun and I hope there will be more of it in the future. It's the eternal struggle between having to use a mic and deal with real people but also knowing tabletop gaming beats any type of game due to its virtually infinite possibilities and freedom of choice. Video games feel like connect the dots compared to it, even though I'm fond of several video games myself, it's hard not to see the difference when you play both.

The adventure ended very well btw, we beat the big bad, found the old treasure and returned safely to the duke's domain (the guy who hired us). Myself and two other players lost one character each and another guy lost 2. I felt like the DM might have pulled some punches in a couple of encounters in order to avoid a TPK but oh well, maybe he realized the fight was too hard a little too late and had to correct with some fudging. It happens.

We'll see how it goes from here.


File: 1706549940117.jpg (431.74 KB, 1000x608, 125:76, Gelatinous_cube_1e.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

So two of the players quit today due to irl reasons, or so they say. Now it's only two players, myself and another guy, and the DM. I don't know what we'll be playing now but two players is not that great. Specially because me and the other guy are too comfort with silence, so we're running the risk of having one of those gaming sessions where nobody says anything and the thing keeps grinding to a halt. We need a third player but the DM said he prefers to adjust instead of risking fishing for another dude in roll20. I don't know, I would personally risk bringing in a new guy but fuck it.

Where do I even stand on tabletop games at this point. I've been enjoying a couple of video games as of late but deep down I can feel how empty they are and tabletop is the only type of game that still scratches that itch for fantasy. I might go back to reading books again and ditch video games, keeping the tabletop rpg as my only gaming outlet, we'll see. Also I've been posting pretty much alone itt for the past 3 years, is anybody even playing anything? Hard to believe I'm the only one.


playing games with other people is too hard. i feel like the part of me that could imaginatively engage in play with other people died as a kid. the best i can do is watch other people playing


If you have any interest at all for this hobby give it a shot. It's so much better than video games in a lot of ways. It's also a lot more fun than just watching other people doing it. I guarantee people posting their gaming sessions on YouTube doesn't make for an accurate picture of how things go in most groups. People on YouTube use cameras and generally know each other irl, so those groups are a lot more socially inclined and socially apt. Most times online RPG groups are made of introvert nerds and chances are there is always going to be 1 or 2 guys out of 5 that speaks maybe 10 words in a 3 hours session, so don't worry about having to talk much, or at all during most of the session.

All you have to do is show up on time and knowing what your character does. If you're playing for the first time make a fighter/barbarian and when it's your turn in combat simply attack the nearest foe. You just roll 1d20 to see if you hit and if you do roll damage. That's it. Keep hacking those monsters and the other players will be happy to have you.

It's really not hard at all. And if you don't like it for whatever reason just say you can't show up anymore due to irl stuff and quit, that's what everybody does.


File: 1708992069517.jpg (89.9 KB, 479x697, 479:697, rpg.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

So yesterday we continued going deeper into dungeon number 182347819234. One of the characters got stabbed in the eye. Another guy had his hair melted. We found another secret door, and then another one. Investigated a statue, then a chest. Then another statue. One of the corridors had a trap in it. We disarmed it. Dispatched some monsters, I think it was Goblins (we began a new campaign, everybody is lvl 1 and 2). None of them had anything of value. They tried to flee but we shot them. Gruesome. Etc, Etc, Etc, Etc, Etc.

Seems like I’ve grown fond of disdaining this game. I only like it halfway through a session when I manage to immerse myself in that absurd situation. A bunch of mercenaries going down a cave just because it’s there. A monster under a flagstone spits acid in your friend’s face. There’s a room you can only access from the ceiling, and it’s an abandoned butcher’s shop. There are human carcasses pinned to the walls. Sausages made of human flash in a box, everything is rotten. Nothing quite makes sense, it’s dream world, it’s the escape through the absurd.

I keep saying to myself I’ll quit next week but I don’t. The GM and the other player are pretty committed to the game, it’s amazing. They never show up late, they never cancel, they’re reliable. If I quit I’ll never find people like that ever again to play with. I’ve been around in online rpg communities for many, many years now. Those guys are the crème de la crème. Believe me, I know. I can’t just ditch the game. So I go on. Dungeon number 182347819235. Oh no, some corrupted abomination lurking around the corner. Corner number 239572539820395. Secret door. It’s the 234235235th one. We kill whatever it was, it’s dead now. Some treasure. The mage will carry it, he won’t get encumbered and he won’t die in the front line too far for the others to loot his body. The duke is impressed with our efforts. Or was it the captain of the guard? Or was it the king? Someone important. Plot guy number 239485. You can create millions of corridors with the click of a button. Millions, billions of corridors. Castles and dungeons and inns, sprawling by the billions, enough to fill the entire universe several times. We keep going. Another character gets stabbed in the eye. He’s blind now, we’ll need a new character. Let’s get some horses. And a torch bearer.

It’s the Gm’s birthday. He bought himself another old module from the 80s as a birthday gift. He’ll appropriate the maps and some of the monsters for his next adventure. Those corridors will show up eventually, indistinguishable from the other corridors. A copy of a copy of a copy. A secret door leads to a secret room. More treasure. One of the monsters fell into a trap and it’s starving inside a hole. We throw a morsel at it. The duke is very impressed with our efforts. No, it was a grand duke. A monster negotiates his life for the location of secret loot. There are more secret rooms than regular rooms in half these places. A bunch of rings. A hand still attached to them. Half of them cursed, we tried one anyway, for fun. Curse of never ending urination. The guy who lost his eye now has to cut his finger or he’ll dehydrate and die. We pocket the dead hand with the rings. The grand duke is pleased.

Me, the Gm and the other player keep it going. We meet once a week. Do they despise the game like myself but fail to quit? I don’t know, but we never miss a session, ever. Nobody is ever late. Slowburn dungeon crawl. Then a chase. More skeletons, more goblins, more dragons. Our imagination is a machine pumping out corridors for monsters to lurk in. Treasure inside a chest. There’s a trap, we disarm it. We almost never do small talk. When there’s small talk it’s about tabletop games. What the fuck normal people talk about? All I ever talk about with other humans seems to be about tabletop games. We talk about monsters. We talk about magic properties of made up weapons. We talk about other stuff, made up stuff, more stuff we read somewhere in a module nobody cares about anymore.

It’s mind numbing. Yet I can’t quit. Maybe it’s because it’s my only source of social interaction. I don’t want to disappoint my fellow players. They have put too much work into this. If I quit the game dies. GM said he’s creating a second pantheon. You know, for that parallel dimension from that game 8 months ago. Now that’s cool, I guess. I can’t kill his enthusiasm, so I help him organize an excel sheet with all that nonsense. Cool garbage.

Sometimes when I’m playing, I find myself in an intermediate state between sleep and awakeness. Running inside infinite corridors. Infinite monsters, the absolute and tyrannical rule of cheap imagination. Billions upon billions of magic swords. Another big bad croaks. A hundred more lines up. We roll new characters. 16 charisma!

End of game. Everybody is happy. ‘See you guys next week, take care!’ Yup, you too. The tyranny of cheap imagination continues. More corridors. Corridor number 239850236. Sure I had fun but it feels like we’re trapped inside a Kafka novel. We’re committed to playing this game because we have been playing so long. The fun diminishes but it never reaches zero. It can diminish forever without making us quit. It feels like we’re building towards something… then you actually look, there’s nothing there but millions of made up corridors, millions of made up dead. 3 guys building a communal fairy tale whose only goal is to churn out corpses and corridors. We’re far too deep into it. But then you look back, there was never anything but a surface. Fucking game. And there’s more next week. I won’t cancel it, nor will anybody else. And somewhere inside I know I’ll miss it when it ends.


Wow anon, that's the kind of game I love most. Pure old-school dungeon crawl. I wish I could find people with that dedication.

>If I quit the game dies.

I wonder what you mean by this exactly. Because a game of this type is much easier to handle, both for GM and players, when it's played in an "open table" format, with a party leaving on expedition every week, composed of whoever is present. Instead of the typical format of "okay let's stop for today and continue from this point next week", which kinda forces the players to be present yet again next week.
In an open table format, you could skip sessions without problem for the rest of the group, since your characters would stay at the safe place from which all expeditions begin (the inn, your stronghold, whatever).


File: 1719407318416.png (712.16 KB, 860x488, 215:122, Troglodyte_knight.png) ImgOps iqdb

Love? Well each person is different. To me it's a prison. I call it the 'prison of just enoughs'. Just enough fun to make you not quit. Just enough imagination required to make you dedicated. Just enough tactics to make you pay attention. Just enough for you to care. Just. And it has the odd property of eternally diminishing fun without ever reaching zero, again, just enough to make you show up session after session, month after month, year after year. To me it became this bizarre lingering experience, a looming haze perpetually distorting my days, folding my mind into moss infested corridors, lurking monsters and magic artifacts. I don't even consider quitting anymore because it's better than nothing, again, just enough to make it worth it.

What I mean by if I quit the game dies I mean exactly that. This group I'm in doesn't have the open table mindset and can't even consider bringing someone new in. They are extremely averse to change and newcomers. It's 3 people laser focused on churning fantasy dungeons, there's a rhythm, a comfort and a delicate dynamic we've built through countless hours of gaming together. A year ago when I tangentially suggested bringing in another player it was like I was asking them to commit murder, one of the guys even got offended, like I was trying to destroy a sacrosanct inner circle or something. I don't know, maybe I was. Fucking gamers. And so that's what it is. A prison of just 'enoughs' just for us 3 guys, which is fitting I suppose. Fucking gamers. Fucking troglodytes. Fucking dwarves and wizards and old relics. Next session is in a couple of days. I'll be there early to write the recap and organize the gear for the hirelings. One of them leveled up recently but lost a couple of fingers.


A lovely prison. Thanks for the reply.
So 1 GM and 2 players… indeed, it would probably mean the end if either of you quit.
Well, I hope you have fun next session, and make it to name level one day, if you guys haven't already.


NP, I was quite surprised someone decided to respond to this thread. And thanks, it's probably going to be fun. We have a party at name level working for a king but right now we're dungeon crawling with a thief focused chaotic party, little bit of an evil campaign of sorts.

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