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do any wizards like tea? specifically loose leaf teas? if so, any specific blends or varieties you like/recommend?

i recently got into gongfu brewing and it's pretty much the only thing i've been thinking about these days. i found this hole in the wall tea shop in the chinatown in my city and purchased a shou pu'erh tea cake that i've been picking away at.
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the taste? like i said i loved roibos and i also made my own jiaogulan. i would still do it i'm just too lazy to heat water


I am asking why you don't just buy stuff already made if you are too lazy to make stuff.

Why make "tea" at all when you can just buy it if you are too lazy to do the basic step of heating water?


it's too expensive to buy drinks. i drink water to save money. tea is really cheap if you make it yourself though, it only requires water, and it tastes really good. i guess i want to solve the problem of tasteless water whiel still not paying much


I tried a new kind of green tea called White Monkey. It was the first time I've ever had trouble with brewing. The instructions on the packaging said 180 F for 2-3 minutes while for green tea, it's usually, 175 F for 2-3 minutes. Also 1 teaspoon for 1 cup of water. I ended up doing 175 and maybe 2-3 teaspoons in a cup of water. All measured out in the beginning to test their way of tea preparation. The first tea ended up being light like white tea with no colored liqueur. At the end, I managed to get a light yellow liqueur, so I made some progress. I think next time I'll purchase more tea instead of a sampler to do more tests.

Tea was nice of course. It had some fruity tones to it that almost but not really reminded me of Jasmine tea for some reason. That being, Jasmine tea has the taste of the Jasmine flowers/essence while this tea had a fruity aroma and taste. I think I'll try a smoky tea next. I'm too scared of Gaiwans to go there yet.


You have running water
You have tea
You presumably have electricity
You clearly have time

Just make tea then.
Why the flying fuck can't you heat water?
Using the fridge for 12 to 48 hours is easier than 10 minutes to heat water for you? Both involves putting water in a container then waiting. How is heating water the step you just can't bring yourself to do?

Nevermind that you seem to not want to use tea at all yet keep pestering the tea thread.

Go get some flavor aid or other cheap powdered drink mix and fuck off already.
You don't want to use tea, you don't want to do the process of making tea, and you don't seem to get why people in the tea thread would find your request for spoon feeding of a solution to your self imposed non-tea problems as annoying.


who would be annoyed by my initial request for an alternative tea preparation method? since half the people here probably have depression, where minor inconveniences like this seem like insurmountable obstacles, if anything it's a highly relatable struggle. the very reason hot water heaters exist is because heating water on the stove was too much effort. shame me if you will, but i think even hot water heaters are too much effort.


Don’t know anything about your conversation but you can fill a container with tap water and teabags and just place it out in the sun for a while and you’ll get nice tea


>Making tea is too much effort
Then fuck off of the tea hobby thread. You don't belong here as tea isn't your hobby.
>But muh depression
Seem to have enough viggor to try to butt into a place you don't belong.
Or if you must post on /hob/ then fuck off to the cooking with depression thread.

It's like someone coming to the movie thread and complaining that the pictures move to fast so could someone explain how to watch something frame by frame with the duologue on a separate page they can read along with.

Go get some cheap powered drank mix and leave.


That only works with the right weather conditions. Otherwise it comes out weak or skunky.
It also still relies on heating w


im not sure how price efficient instant or powdered drinks are comparing to making tea yourself, but i thought it doesn't taste as good. if you are seriously recommending instant tea and not just dismissing me i am open to suggestions

this is what i was thinking though, if heating water is necessary, just do it in bulk very infrequently. ie cook up pounds of tea bricks in a huge pot, then just store it in like a water dispenser so one can flavor their water anytime they want with a tiny concentrated amount of my brewed tea. that way they only need to heat water tea once every… who knows how long

going this route i think cooking is necessary, a lot of tea looks disgusting and almost dirty in dried form. that's also perhaps a big reason why they make sun tea by steeping it outside, i guess so the uv can kill off bacteria


Just buy an electric kettle…


>and not just dismissing me
That is exactly what I am doing.
You don't have this hobby so you should leave.
How blunt do I need to be?


i like tea and herbal drinks and have grown few varieties over the years in my own garden, i've been using my own plants for at least 8 years. mostly types of japanese green tea, and i've tried homemade matcha, herbs like sinicuichi, zacatechihi, jiaogulan, and i've made floral teas from local plants in my region, not counting just experimenting with parts of plants that aren't typically even used for tea. i still have a tub full of various leaves and stems that are dried out. i don't care what you say at this point, you believe tediously making tea everyday is somehow necessary to enjoy tea, but i think only consuming it is. the very first sentence in this thread asks simply "do you like tea?". yes i do. the very first reply is someone that admits to being so lazy they are drinking instant coffee. i don't know why you are behaving like a snob but it's pissing me off


>can do all that
>can't heat water
Fuck off troll


>i don't know why you are behaving like a snob
It's called gatekeeping sweetie
Poser anti-fans who don't actually like the thing come in and try to change/destroy the thing then leave once they are bored.
That is you. You are the anti-fan infiltrater poser who is coming in to fuck up something you don't care about.

Also I 100% Don't believe anything you said in that your post.
Words are cheap and your whole deal is that you are far too lazy to actually make tea. So obviously you would be too lazy to do all that shit you are lying about.
After all, making a cup of tea is "tedious" in your words. So gardening, harvesting, and processing teas and herbs is just absurd.
You are a lying poser and you don't belong in this thread.
Fuck off.



Iron Goddess of Mercy is outstanding oolong tea.


I've been enjoying some cold brew tea for the summer. Less flavourful than normal brewing however.


File: 1664163202803.png (714.14 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 7_Blossoms_edited_1024x102….png) ImgOps iqdb

Get "Té de 7 Azahares" ("7 Blossoms Tea" in english), it tastes like heaven and it helps you with anxiety in case you have it. Add a bit of evaporated milk for maximun flavor.


I got some green Tea at a Vietnamese store some time ago, but I've yet to try it. I'll probably end up drinking a lot less tea than the average connoisseur. I can't really get myself to make tea or anything at all these days. I also find it hard to try new things. Still, I might be able to read a book about tea every once in a while, so I can probably talk about that when I finish a tea book. I do a lot more black tea than green tea, and I usually use a lot of tea per cup, so samples don't seem viable.

I do like tisanes though. Rooibos is by far my favorite.


Just tried out poring tea from cup to cup to cool it down.
It's really fast, only taking a few seconds to cool the tea to a drinkable temperature.

Anyway, does anyone have any recommendations for a loose leaf tea sample/multipack?


I know this was posted months ago but…is there a story behind that name or did they use a random name generator to come up with it?


I have finally found somebody who likes tea here! In my opinion the oolongs, especially from anxi are the best, they usually have some awesome taste and smell, similar to honey or lilac, also they give you some kind of chilling effect. IDK where do you get yours, but if you are from Europe, i suggest moychay(maybe there are better ones, I just have it near me and I know they dont sell you some overprice as “tibetiian wisdom tea” or something.)


I think of them as infusions. Otherwise, the liquid in a can of kidney beans can be called coffee.


I missed the taste of sage tea. Finally, I got some sage, and it's great. I put in just enough that it flavors the water, but it isn't too powerful. It's really refreshing. Also, I got some lemon verbana, and that's pretty good too. I have enough tisanes for a long while now.


>sage tea
That sounds unpleasant.


ive been gongfuing a lot of jasmine oolong recently, its the better oolong ive tried so far


It might be an acquired taste. I first tasted sage when it was cold outside and I was in the middle of my playthrough of Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor. The associations with the tea made me nostalgic for it, so I kept drinking more of it. Eventually, I ran out and had to get some new sage tea. It's from a different company though, and doesn't color the water as much. Also, it comes in bigger branches.

I use sage tea on its own, but I also combine black tea with sage or with mint. I love black tea with mint. I do about a teaspoon of black tea with a teaspoon of mint. It colors the tea green on the sides. Azerbaijanis also flavor their black tea with cinnamon, rosemary, mint, and more. I tend to flavor my black tea the way it is in inspiration from Arabic teas. Mint adds a cooling and sage adds a heating, I think is what they say.


I'm going to try azerbaijani tea making now, but without a samovar. I have one, but I don't want to use coals or anything. It was more of an impulse buy if anything. I have everything else to start making azerbaijani tea except maybe their specific black tea, but I can get that really easily. Also, I don't have rosemary, but I do have pretty much all the other herbs they use. I've been watching videos of the tea making process, so I'm confident I'll do it justice.


ive been drinking a lot of black tea. i really enjoy its full flavor. i assume the fermentation process allows water to get in and pull everything out, it works well. if i got deeper into it, then i would definitely go loose for darker teas

perhaps your problem isn't that you are too lazy but that your setup isn't conductive to heating up water. you should consider like an electric kettle. it takes about as much effort as pouring water and a basic one only costs like 10 dollars


i think it was just a pain having to go upstairs to do everything, but i'm in the process of creating a kitchen in the basement among other things

what i ended up in the year or so since, i just make extremely concentrated tea/brews. i then pour bits of it into my water bottle. basically like those drink flavor squirter things. it works pretty good, i think even when the kitchen is done i'll continue it


File: 1684962518659.png (959.47 KB, 741x609, 247:203, Screenshot 2023-05-21 12.1….png) ImgOps iqdb



Me too, I can't imagine a day without coffee


>hey anonymous

Back to 4chan


I love Moroccan mint tea, drink it weekly with some biscuits. Delicious!


should share some pics with us next time!


the thread interested me so i ordered some loose black teas off amazon, specifically lapsang souchong and kopili assam because guides online really recommend them to people interested in black teas. id say kopili assam tastes like an extreme of what youd expect black tea to taste like from pouches so id recommend it to anyone. lapsang souchong is more interesting so ive been drinking it much more however. it almost tastes like a broth, very smokey flavor, like smoked salmon type smokey, its an experience. i imagine it would be excellent to use in soups


i learned that the tea plant, camelia whatever, can survive winter perfectly fine. and i want more plants that aren't simply destroyed every year by cold. i will try growing some. anyone does this?


To the tea mixing anons, try camomile and black tea 1:1. Both cheapo bag and moderately priced looses works. I liked the herbal astringent bitterness back when I drank. Anyhoo, cheers.


Mostly just Earl Grey without anything.


Made a nice tea here with Elder berry, Dragon berry, Valerian root


I'm having a cup of this mix now and it's really good thank you for sharing!


I have been enjoying matcha power accompanied by various fruit flavorings. It is expensive though!


i remember trying matcha years ago. it was disgusting and the flavor wasn't even good. i've had actual grass taste better


It is an extremely popular flavor in Japan. You just have pleb tastes or didnt brew it properly - it needs to be whisked and boiling water is too hot


yeah i whisked it with hot water. i think i used too much powder for a single glass. i'll google for some real ass japanese person making it next time probably


I hate tea and tea drinkers they are crabs. Volcels drink coffee.


Volcels need to pee faster tha crabs who are waiting for the toilet in a queue


As a wizcoded truvol crabpilled sigmacel, I decree that both coffee and tea, with any capacity of sweetness or dairy, is a worthy drink for a wizard who is thirsty.

Unless you use soy-based lighteners. Those turn your orbs in to little gemstones that resonate at a feminine frequency.


I've heard of that combination. I think it's pretty alright. Although, my chamomile is probably a year old or even older by now.

In other news, I've decided to try herbals from Celestial Seasonings. Their Raspberry Zinger and Country Peach Passion is pretty good. Their blueberry is very strong for one mug, and is okay if it's diluted a bit in a tea pot. It also smells like blueberry pancakes, for some reason. Their Orange and Spice is pretty smooth and has a delicate flavor. It's probably one of their best next to the Raspberry Zinger.

On actual tea, I still drink black teas like Earl Grey and Lady Grey if I find it. I like Lady Grey a lot more, but Earl Grey's still a great choice. I want to get into Moroccan mint tea, but I'll need fresh mint, which means growing some, since stores around me don't sell it. That's the only thing preventing me from making Moroccan mint tea, pretty much.

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