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do any wizards like tea? specifically loose leaf teas? if so, any specific blends or varieties you like/recommend?

i recently got into gongfu brewing and it's pretty much the only thing i've been thinking about these days. i found this hole in the wall tea shop in the chinatown in my city and purchased a shou pu'erh tea cake that i've been picking away at.
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i drink Uncle Lee's Organic Green Tea.
they sell it at my walmart for $4 for a box of 100 tea bags.

i was concerned with the cheap price, but it tastes fine and it has an extremely high caffeine content for some reason. i drink a half liter of two tea bags and i'm shaking from the caffeine. it's very cool.


I can chug a pot of thick coffee, where the filter is filled halfway up, and almost not feel anything.

Is that tea of yours gonna work on me?


the strongest caffeinated teas are probably at most half of a cup of coffee, so no


but you're getting fucked up from only two tea bags, so is the tea highly caffeinated, or is your caffeine tolerance just low?


>I can chug a pot of thick coffee, where the filter is filled halfway up, and almost not feel anything.

It is more that yours is just way too high for it to be effected by non-artificially enhanced teas at this point no matter how strong their caffeine content is relatively speaking.

Coffee has more caffeine then tea, and you already can drink large amounts of strongly brewed coffee and feel almost nothing. The only step up caffeine wise is energy drinks and pills at your stage of tolerance.



File: 1587560947867.jpg (85.21 KB, 650x650, 1:1, 575233.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

For me it's mainly Lipton Earl Grey, packet of 100 bags. I'm a lazy fuck and it's very convenient to flip on the water cooker, pour a cup and throw a bag in there. Occasionally I get some loose tea, my favourite so far has been a fine ground Ceylon whatever it was called. It would be cool to get deeper into it but the whole tea ceremony thing seem to require buying so many items for preparation.
How do you guys store your teas btw, once a packet is opened flavour and fragrance tend to go away quite fast, the first few bags always taste the most. Using a metal box now but I feel like I should try getting some air tight jar or something instead.


i like to drink tea while doong stuff, but i dont like making it. i usually just take portions of caffeine pills otherwise ill get a headache at the end of the day. instant tea might be suitable for me idk


Teabags have flouride in them

I just recently learned this, so a heads up to you tea wizards


I make my chai tea in a pot.


The fluoride comes from the tea leaves. Don't know why he mentioned teabags specifically.


File: 1588302433586.jpg (86.54 KB, 466x999, 466:999, 61AEb6w2UhL._AC_SX466_.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This is good. It's the best loose leaf tea at the local grocery store at least. I want to get into a bigger variety of teas and tisanes but I struggle for NEET reasons.


Any tea recommendations?


File: 1589321284659.png (77.9 KB, 132x300, 11:25, Untitled.png) ImgOps iqdb

for me


This brand is terrific in general. I like their decaf black tea. The flavour is really strong.


never drink a jasmin thea that infused too long, the boiling hot water masked the taste but afterward i realized how horrible it was and it made me wanna puke.


Never boil the water for jasmine tea wizzie. Remember, jasmine tea is just green tea, Heat the water until large bubbles start to form at the bottom of your pot and use it at that temperature. Here's a wiz video to explain the whole thing.
(it starts at 6:40)


nice. was thinking about doing a similar thread. I just spent all my money on teaware and shit.
I especially like the flowery oolongs



>How do you guys store your teas btw, once a packet is opened flavour and fragrance tend to go away quite fast, the first few bags always taste the most. Using a metal box now but I feel like I should try getting some air tight jar or something instead.


Try that.


>Here's a wiz video to explain the whole thing.

ngl, a wiz video on tea reminds me of cocoa wiz all those years ago.

So I think from what I've seen, I'll try Earl Grey tea, maybe >>53006's chai recipe, and matcha?


Man I forgot how much I love mint tea.
Really need to get some more the next time I am at the market.


Buy a mint plant in a pot. Pluck a leaf every few days. Put that leaf in a cup and pour hot water on it. Freshest mint tea ever.


Can someone recommend me one of those tea infuser mug things? I was wondering if they were a meme or it's worth the $30 to spend


The ones that allow you to make loose leaf tea on the go?

Or is it just a normal mug with a tea strainer that comes with it?
Because you can get a basket strainer that works about the same and fits mugs you already have.

Like do you have picks of the product you are talking about.


You can get those steel tea strainer for around a bug a piece
Otherwise I would recommend trying grandpa style brewing where you just drink directly out of the mug/glass with leafs inside and pour new water in when it's around a quarter empty
It only works with teas that don't tend to get bitter like green tea.


Pu'er Babi boi, classic, fuck wet pilings


I bought a mint plant for mint tea.


But then the leaves get in my teeth, i don't wanna look like a grandpa with teeth leaves :(


Grandpas are cool though.


Just be sure to keep it in it's pot.
Those little buggers can take over whole yards and not in a good way if you let them run rampant.


I prefer drinking black tea nowadays. Here are some teas I tried (names from the online shop):

* Earl Grey: very flavorful, and a pleasure to drink, but I prefer a more neutral black tea to drink regularly because the flavor gets old
* Assam: a little more special taste than Ceylon Orange Pekoe, and stronger too
* Ceylon Orange Pekoe: very neutral black tea
* Lapsang Souchong: smokey flavor, very nice smell, very different from normal black tea, doesn't work well with sugar
* Keemun: his one has a bit of a green tea vibe
* Yunnan: and this one has a bit of a Pu Erh vibe

I usually don't add any spices or condiments, but often add about one spoon of sugar per mug.

I brew my tea in a mug in a tea strainer. I pre-warm the cup quickly with hot water, and brew two teaspoons of tea for two minutes.


I like nestea


the instant tea shit in the jar? I used to buy that all that time until a year ago

why can't I find jars of nestea instant tea in any big name grocery store around here? what happened?


I recently learned to appreciate ripe puerh again.


You should look into semi and post fermented teas
There are also a lot of "black" oolongs out there.


File: 1604648417309.gif (870.64 KB, 350x199, 350:199, owl.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Where do you get your tea?
Local dealers here are quite expensive and the quality leaves to be desired.
this place sells some solid tea
all puer cakes I got were genuine.
They are propably lying about leaf grades and such, but the maofang and longjing I bought there also tasted pretty genuine. Due to the low prices it's good if you're getting into tea. I recommend getting the 35pcs tea assortment first.
Next I want to try some more expensive oolongs from taiwan sourcing.


because they use the cheapest tea you can find in there and the leaf is completely cut, it releases the contents in a completely different way


File: 1604648852733.png (1.79 MB, 1028x750, 514:375, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

all you need is this.
you can hang it in a glass brew gongfu style



contains some useful information regarding tea


try mixing some dried fruits or flowers. most tea shops now sell this kind of mixes.


File: 1604723048854.gif (2.72 MB, 598x754, 23:29, 20201206.gif) ImgOps iqdb

What's a manly tea drink?


probably rooibos, it looks like fucking mulch and has little sticks and shit in it


ripe puer


File: 1604744291005-0.png (274.31 KB, 550x367, 550:367, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1604744291005-1.png (282.51 KB, 750x293, 750:293, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

it's literally composted tea and the brew is a thick heavy liquid that tastes like old lake water
it also has sticks and shit in it


Having tea grampa style.
Just put the leaves in a cup. Pour hot water over it, then just drink it without giving a fuck about straining it.


assuming you're talking about puerh or whatever right



I got some tea containers finally. Even the biggest ones I could find, about 6 inches tall five in diameter or something, was not enough for the massive amount of herbals I got at a store. I have about 5 containers. The price was quite small for the product, but the shipping was as much as the product itself. I will probably get more later and establish a tea cabinet.

My next plan is to maybe get more varieties of tea and containers. I still have tons of herbal stuff that I barely drink. Despite everything, I drink mostly herbal teas since there's no caffeine. I'll try to change that.


I like the roast oolong and lapsong souchong


i like all kinds of tea but im so fucking lazy as it is i never make any i need a bathroom and a water source in my room or something to overcome this


You can cold brew tea pretty effectively, just have a big jug of room temp water that you put the tea in and let it steep for a while. I've been doing this ever since the weather got warm, I just put the jug in the fridge overnight.

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