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Who here likes to walk? Where do you walk? How long do you walk for? What kind of shoes do you like to wear? Do you take photos?
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cool picture


why do you keep posting these street fighter pictures?


I dont go outside during the day so its a must for me


There are so many legit studies showing that vit D deficiency is widespread and has real health consequences. Even though normal people go outside a lot more than a typical wizard. So why not pay a couple of dollars for the pills? They are cheap and may have a big effect, especially with mood


This is a really good photo


Sunlight provides us with a neligible amount of the vitamin D we get. Your diet is the biggest driver of vitamin D growth.

But as far as sunlight goes, the production of vitamin D is stimulated by UVB radiation. Unlike UVA radiation, UVB is absorbed by the Earth's atmosphere once the solar altitude drops below ~30 degrees.
I live on the 57th parallel. That means there's a "vitamin D winter" starting at around September 30 and lasting through March 13 where the sun never gets high enough in the sky to stimulate Vitamin D production.


From my 7th to 12th years I went outside about 8 or so times, and all of those times were to go into a car and drive somewhere else. I never even went into a yard or looked out a window, I didn't take vitamins, and I hardly drank milk. Vitamin D deficiency sounds like a myth in the first world unless your diet is literally chicken nuggers and pizza rolls every day.


That is because most processed food is "fortified" with additional vitamins.
Rickets is unfortunately still a thing among certain smaller populations in developed nations though.


File: 1609522235824.jpg (6.59 MB, 3024x4032, 3:4, PXL_20210101_171857544.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Right now I'm walking on a comfy trail while listening to music.


Any recommendation on walking shoes? Need a new pair and want to do some heavy walking


Why don't you take more pictures of your trail?


There's really no secret when it comes to footware. I've walked hundreds of miles total the past few years in everything from sandals to steeltoe combat boots. Every type of shoe has its own ups and downs. Running and skate shoes are comfy to walk on concrete with, while hiking boots are good for all terrain. Avoid a flexible sole if you're trailing on gravel. Tall boots can take a load off your calf muscles. Thick foam rubber outsoles will help if you're overweight and not used to walking. One thing for certain though is to try before you buy. Never order online, instead go in to a shoe or department store and find a good fit. Make sure there's little space for your foot to move around when tightened or else your toe bones will smack around and the movement could create blisters and calluses. NEVER pop a blister, let it dry itself overnight.

If you're only beginning to walk, then your feet will be sore after the first few miles no matter what. It should only take a few days to build up a resistance to this, but don't over exert yourself on the first few outings and risk limping home. Take water with you always have enough change in your pocket to get a drive back if you don't have family to pick you up should something happen.


I usually take a walk around my little town once a week in the weekend.

Getting old if I don't do any physical exercise I feel like I'm starting to crumbling down with back pain and everything else associated with a sedentary lifestyle.


Thanks for the lengthy reply, I'm not a total noob in walking and I will be doing it in concrete (city) do you find more practical running shoes or skate ones? Can you give examples of each one please.


File: 1609774190783.jpg (767.51 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, P5030180.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

I enjoy walking in quiet woods unpolluted by engine rumbling and people and other human noise. When I get the chance. When I can get to a place like that. A lot of places look nice but are noisy. But a good walk in a nice place is a fine thing. I have majorities of days just walking before.


I took a two hour walk in the dark and quiet quiet snowy streets of the city. It was the best I've felt in a long time.


Walked 14 miles today and feel just fine. Could walk a few more.

This is the most I think since my hamstring injury back in fall of '18. I'm back at it now.


I take nightwalks for about 30 minutes to an hour occasionally it's pretty fun. Especially innawoods.


Going for walks has always been one of my favorite things to do.
I live in a small town (~2000 people) and I work night shift so I always walk very late (~1:30 am).
I never see anybody at all. It's very peaceful.


You walk while on the clock?


he probably meant the 1600-2400 shift


That is usually called second shift, not night shift but whatever.



I only walk on my days off


i got the free trial for youtube premium and download real life horror/creepy story type videos or albums by searching album *year on youtube* while walking around the countryside. its fun and theres no people if i go far enough into forests and explore abandoned houses.


>i got the free trial for youtube premium
Sage for off topic but can't you just use Youtube-DL? There are even websites where you enter the URL of the video you wish to save and it will allow you to download it on any device at the expense of looking at some banner ads.


or use newpipe if on android


I was like you. My solution was to have some yt vids on my phone and hear them while going out. Mostly coming back from work or going shopping. It's quite fun to see the city and what is in there when you are doing multiple things at the same time.


File: 1647135590838.jpg (42.14 KB, 670x640, 67:64, 1622179504528.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I live in a dangerous third-world shithole. The only thing I want is to take walks at night but that's impossible to do without getting gutted like a pig


I had walked, to just wander outside my house. I was in the same walkpath with someone walking with the same idea as I (?) going the opposite direction. He couldn't decide how to orient his body posture, walking past me going opposite direction on same footpath. he seemed to be unsure if he should orient himself as dominant in body posture or meek while walking past me (Head past his shoulders body leaning past his feet defeated being droopy). You could see his body posture shift back and forth being undecided. When I was walking my posture was straight up from the ground to my head but relaxed relative to him. He seemed to be neurotic. But yet he was taller than me and seemed to be more masculine physically.


Has something happened to people?


He was startled by your wizard powers. Probably could sense the untapped mana oozing from you.


It sounds like he was feeling anxious or he’s autistic or something. I’d probably do something similar. It’s strange how you’re analysing him.


This is the type of reaction that makes me even more anxious outside. When people tell you they don't care and don't judge how others look or behave, it's a lie.
I often think that if someone were to make a video of me just walking outside and I were to see it, it would make me drop dead with shame.

>he seemed to be unsure if he should orient himself as dominant in body posture or meek while walking past me

This hits very close to home as I am confronted with the same dilemma: depending on who I happen to walk past at a given moment I don't want to look threatening but I don't want to look weak either. It's like merely being out there is not right, and I am sure anyone can pick up on the fact that I'm never quite comfortable and that I don't belong in the world or something to that effect. It's hard to put into words.

No amount of exposure or "sucking it up" has ever changed that.


I have seen videos of myself walking around and they were as awful as I thought, I look like an autistic person you’d see rarely while out, or at least like I have some mental problem


Dressing with better clothes solves it?


I really want to, I used to walk a lot but now I have no reason to go outside, it's cold as fuck in my cunt and, although I'm not rich, I live in the good part of this "city" and everybody here is an huge asshole, maybe I'm a schizo but when I go for a walk with no reason people notice and they look at you weird
It sucks because walking is so fucking importand for your mind and body


>Who here likes to walk?
Me. Always have. I actually think it might be somewhat unhealthy because i notice i do it to avoid things.

>Where do you like to walk?

The outer-suburb town i live in now isn't too bad. I've only had some teens try to fuck with me a couple of times and the dog thats always roaming streets let me pat it tonight.

>What kind of shoes do you wear?

Some Nike running shoes that i got for my birthday a few years ago.

>Do you take photos?

No, i'm more of a night walker. I've considered filming incase something eventful happens but it rarely dose.

Funnily enough i found walking in the city when i lived there probably more isolating than rural walking. If you walk rurally during the day you have to say "hi" to the people that pass you and the worst altercation i got into night walking was doing it in a rural town. People there can get pretty antsy if they feel somethings 'off" about their little area.

I remember seeing treadmills with screens on them playing POV footage of someone walking through an actual track. Kind of funny.


File: 1654273770721.webm (4.6 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, pinephone_snow_walk.webm) ImgOps iqdb

I go for walks when I'm feeling restless at night, usually 3-4 miles. I live in the suburbs, so I don't see any people and only a few cars. I just wear my dead running shoes.

I don't take pictures, but I took this video during winter as a test (video recording isn't implemented properly on my phone yet, so I had to use an arcane ffmpeg script). It's earlier than I usually go, but I wanted to walk in the snow and it's too dark on that trail at night. Dusk fell towards the end and no one was outside due to the cold, so it was nice and quiet.


>electricity poles
Where in the world is this?


Where in the world doesnt have electricity poles?



File: 1656610258855.jpg (73.1 KB, 750x963, 250:321, 1577814963555.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Well, in my part of the world they started replacing them with underground cables like 25 years ago since they're pretty heavy maintenance whatwith the insulators breaking occasionally, trees falling over, lightning strikes etc. I haven't seen one in my area for at least 15 years,the grid became significantly more reliable and the landscape less cluttered after they were removed though.


somewhere near denmark or netherlands?


In the vicinity, yes.


I was thinking of writing a book about this since it has been in my head for years. I fantasize about what I would do and where I would go. I keep wondering if someone's already made a peace of media that is basically this though.


figured. i noticed countries that get rid of overhead powerlines are relatively wealthy, small, and prone to heavy snow or other bad weather. nowhere else really does it


East coast USA, but they're in every part of the country as far as I know. I just looked it up and new lines are required to be buried, so these have been up for >50 years. There's a process for determining if existing lines should be buried according to some cost/benefit analysis.

I have the itch, but I'm going to hold off until sunrise and check out a local trail. Hopefully it's not crowded if I'm early enough.


I walk downstairs and then upstairs to my room


>nowhere else really does it
Because it is a horrible idea, horribly wasteful, absurdly difficult to maintain, replace, and repair, and absolutely insainly expensive.
Oh, and the ones that rely on pressurized oil for insolation and water proofing are ticking time bombs for irreversible environmental disasters that have a side effect of occasionally exploding oil directly into the ground water table when they fail.
Only in cities that are basically built on a extensive underground tunnel network like certain parts on new york where underground powerlines actually make sense.
Everywhere else it's the result of corruption or extreme stupidity.


I believe one of the tipping points for making that call here was a certain hurricane that swept in during mild and damp ground conditions, supposedly it swept down 70 million m3 worth of forest over one night, and ruined 20000 miles worth of powerlines, it took 20 days to get the power back everywhere and in that time 600000 people were without electricity. Ground cables are indeed a lot more costly to lay, more difficult to maintain but they also require significantly less maintenance during their lifespan, as for the environmental aspect there seems to be just as many arguments against the overhead lines.

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