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Who here likes to walk? Where do you walk? How long do you walk for? What kind of shoes do you like to wear? Do you take photos?
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I use whatever my mother buys for me, that is cheap sneakers, for as long as I possibly can. Buying clothes is a massive pain so I'd rather not think about it too much.


I walk barefoot. Used to walk a ton until a hamstring injury 2 years ago. I walked 3.5 mi today. Used to walk 10 mi several times a week. I've only done that 3 or 4 times this year. While I was injured I started playing games more which is why I haven't gotten back into it.


Why? I don't believe you. Unless you walk on the beach?


I can run on gravel. I even like fine gravel.

The start's not very interesting. Graduated from highschool, layed around all day every day refreshing wizardchan.org. I went on little 1 mile walks most days.Eventually my mom got me some boots. I wore them and my feet were too wide. Just walking once I felt my toes click, the bunions probably getting worse. I have untypical bunions in the same place my mom did. My mom got surgery for them around that time. So I just took off the boots while walking and I had no need for shoes cause I didn't go to stores or anything. Every day I walked until I got calluses, sometimes they burst. I walked on a place with gravel every day. It took about a week until I never got calluses. I got drunk and jumped on gravel until it hurt and continued and walked on glass and had no problems. Eventually I stopped walking so much and my feet got soft again and a year later I started over. My feet have been tough ever since. The only thing I don't like to walk on is spiny plants.
I was once walking on some coarse gravel and there was a guy doing pushups on pull up bars at that park. Two guys walked by and pointed at me and said I was the really strong one. It impresses people but it's really easy to train. This is just what a normal animal's feet are like.
In winter people always ask me about it and I just say I'm used to it.


File: 1598462794478.jpeg (4.67 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 8B7FEFFA-0E86-44EB-9B7F-3….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

there’s a hidden wiz on my walk


he is merging with the tree, impressive


File: 1602293898719.gif (86.77 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, f7a95be52f19cdf.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Walking is great fun, especially at night when there's no one around.



I like to walk. Essentially anywhere, walking kinda helps my brain generate a little bit of much needed dopamine. I have walked in the raging sun as well and as long as podcasts are on my side, it's all good.



Do you live,err, near a forested place? That had make for some fine damn walks I imagine.



I'm overweight and love walking as well. Sadly it doesn't help much in losing weight. Jogging is a better alternative if losing weight is of priority. In either case, despite being overweight, I can walk more than most normal sized people around me, so it's fine by me.


>despite being overweight, I can walk more than most normal sized people around me,

you don't know that.



I do. I have walked with many people around me and have always covered more distance than them. I have regularly done twenty plus Kms in a day which is more than what an average person does.


average people can walk as much as you do and perhaps even more since you say you are overweight.


There are so many dubious claims in this thread.
Just seems like a thinly veiled way to brag about things that probably aren't true and have no verification at all.


Walked a lot during winter until my joint began to hurt a little and stopped byt abouth a month. i want to walk again but seeing the same shitty buildings is getting lame. Where do you walk wizzies? the city is gray and endless and im tired of it


Which ones exactly? Myself I could have posted a few things which sound like humble bragging, to be honest.

>the city is gray and endless and im tired of it
I can relate. And yet I would be afraid of standing out in any other setting… At least the city offers some sort of anonymity.


There's a difference between the capability to walk and willingness to walk. Sure they might have the same capability or even more, but I have see low willingness amongst people here in general when it comes to walking.


I walk around late at night to avoid normies and enjoy late night snacks with stores that are open 24/7


What's the most late at night you have been out?


When does late night convert to early morning?

Saging since not directly related to walking, but is related to your post.


About 3am. It's peaceful and few if any stupid people out. I walk away from the sidewalks if possible though to avoid any late night gangs or muggers.


File: 1604054014202.gif (284.73 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 20201122.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Walk when drizzling or raining for the same effect


File: 1604068004498.jpg (103.57 KB, 852x480, 71:40, peace at last.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Peak wizardwalk is 2am-4am, snowing, and on a forest trail. Deathly silence, finally that never ending spewing of noise clamped shut. If you wear proper snow gear you can lay down in the snow for maximum comfy as a break.



I think you will find this article very nice. its about the benefits of walking as opposed to being sedintary


Started going for walks around the block and along this small park trail.
It isn't very far but it feels like a lot because of my mostly sedentary lifestyle.
I wouldn't want to go anywhere else, I don't like being places I haven't been before


We need sunlight to not develop sicknesses that will make our old years even more miserable, so yeah.




I keep seeing this vitamin D shit everywhere. I am not denying that exposure to sunlight and fresh air are beneficial to one's health but the way people talk about it always seemed exagerated to me tbh. Could just be the effect of shills pushing useless pills…


The pills are pretty dumb for most people.
A normal balanced diet plus 10 or so minutes of sunlight supplies all the vitamin d you could ever need.
Also generally the pills aren't absorbed well nor made with standardized quality standards so you end up not knowing what your getting and being able to use most of what you got.
In reality supplementation of vitamin d is only advisable for individuals with deficiencies or lifestyles that make normal methods of getting d difficult/impossible.



Depends on how dark your skin is. People with extremely light skin are fine with next to no sunlight. Dark skinned people need to be outside for like 30-min to an hour a day.


I used to walk at night all the time but I havent done it in a while. I lost my discman and my place is a mess so I cant find any good CDs


>Dark skinned people need to be outside for like 30-min to an hour a day.
off topic but milk and dairy products are artificially spiked with D, it gives them all they need, even black black somalians up north with no sunlight for months never show D deficiency symptoms


File: 1605794306759.gif (4.14 MB, 515x267, 515:267, zan.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Try spinning while walking.


File: 1605803457917.png (691.41 KB, 949x438, 13:6, Screenshot_20201118-145513.png) ImgOps iqdb

Was caught in the rain yesterday.


cool picture


why do you keep posting these street fighter pictures?


I dont go outside during the day so its a must for me


There are so many legit studies showing that vit D deficiency is widespread and has real health consequences. Even though normal people go outside a lot more than a typical wizard. So why not pay a couple of dollars for the pills? They are cheap and may have a big effect, especially with mood


This is a really good photo


Sunlight provides us with a neligible amount of the vitamin D we get. Your diet is the biggest driver of vitamin D growth.

But as far as sunlight goes, the production of vitamin D is stimulated by UVB radiation. Unlike UVA radiation, UVB is absorbed by the Earth's atmosphere once the solar altitude drops below ~30 degrees.
I live on the 57th parallel. That means there's a "vitamin D winter" starting at around September 30 and lasting through March 13 where the sun never gets high enough in the sky to stimulate Vitamin D production.


From my 7th to 12th years I went outside about 8 or so times, and all of those times were to go into a car and drive somewhere else. I never even went into a yard or looked out a window, I didn't take vitamins, and I hardly drank milk. Vitamin D deficiency sounds like a myth in the first world unless your diet is literally chicken nuggers and pizza rolls every day.


That is because most processed food is "fortified" with additional vitamins.
Rickets is unfortunately still a thing among certain smaller populations in developed nations though.


File: 1609522235824.jpg (6.59 MB, 3024x4032, 3:4, PXL_20210101_171857544.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Right now I'm walking on a comfy trail while listening to music.


Any recommendation on walking shoes? Need a new pair and want to do some heavy walking


Why don't you take more pictures of your trail?


There's really no secret when it comes to footware. I've walked hundreds of miles total the past few years in everything from sandals to steeltoe combat boots. Every type of shoe has its own ups and downs. Running and skate shoes are comfy to walk on concrete with, while hiking boots are good for all terrain. Avoid a flexible sole if you're trailing on gravel. Tall boots can take a load off your calf muscles. Thick foam rubber outsoles will help if you're overweight and not used to walking. One thing for certain though is to try before you buy. Never order online, instead go in to a shoe or department store and find a good fit. Make sure there's little space for your foot to move around when tightened or else your toe bones will smack around and the movement could create blisters and calluses. NEVER pop a blister, let it dry itself overnight.

If you're only beginning to walk, then your feet will be sore after the first few miles no matter what. It should only take a few days to build up a resistance to this, but don't over exert yourself on the first few outings and risk limping home. Take water with you always have enough change in your pocket to get a drive back if you don't have family to pick you up should something happen.


I usually take a walk around my little town once a week in the weekend.

Getting old if I don't do any physical exercise I feel like I'm starting to crumbling down with back pain and everything else associated with a sedentary lifestyle.


Thanks for the lengthy reply, I'm not a total noob in walking and I will be doing it in concrete (city) do you find more practical running shoes or skate ones? Can you give examples of each one please.


File: 1609774190783.jpg (767.51 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, P5030180.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

I enjoy walking in quiet woods unpolluted by engine rumbling and people and other human noise. When I get the chance. When I can get to a place like that. A lot of places look nice but are noisy. But a good walk in a nice place is a fine thing. I have majorities of days just walking before.


I took a two hour walk in the dark and quiet quiet snowy streets of the city. It was the best I've felt in a long time.

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