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Who here likes to walk? Where do you walk? How long do you walk for? What kind of shoes do you like to wear? Do you take photos?


File: 1571530483676.jpeg (171.11 KB, 1200x546, 200:91, 732944E4-93C9-4378-B8AA-E….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


I walk a mile to and from work while listening to some random album I've downloaded over a a decade ago when I was a freshman or sophomore in highschool. I walk to classes, and I walk to the store. I walk while I work and I walk for exercise if I can.


>How long do you walk for?
watch out, claiming anything longer than a mile will summon the fatsos to screech at you for lying


I enjoy walking at least 6 or 7 miles.


I do, while listening to podcasts mainly, as I cannot stand the loudness of the city. My problem now is that I am very used to my area, and so much of it is ugly, loud and draining mentally. Not only that but also having to deal with the cars and the neverending red lights, the annoying retards cycling on the sidewalks, having to dodge the slow and idle pedestrians hogging the sidewalk and not paying any attention to their surroundings (get your eyes off that damn phone!)
Unfortunately all of this is unavoidable when you live in a very densely populated urban setting.


File: 1571569614046.jpg (214.72 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 20191012_041222.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Walking aimlessly is my biggest hobby right now. I walked 13 miles last week to see the waterfront at 2AM. I didn't meet a single human besides a foreign store clerk.

Saw this dream catcher


File: 1571607757410.jpeg (378.22 KB, 600x410, 60:41, ACBA1E63-D11F-4678-ADC9-5….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Walking is one of my few pleasures in life.


it's okay. let's you look around at stuff because walking is slow. bicycling provides the same benefit but is more fun and feels safer. im not a great runner so i feel like a serial killer or bear could run me down and murder me if i had to run away


A serial killer
You are more likely to get struck by lightning or have a sudden heart attack at a relatively young age then even meet a serial killer in the wild.

People worry about the strangest and most unlikely things.


If he lives in a city, the chances of him getting robbed or otherwise faced with bodily harm are actually decently high, serial killer or otherwise.


Have you actually looked up the numbers?
Even most cities are pretty damn safe with extremely low odds of anything like that happening.
Even in bad cities such risk can be mitigated with situational awareness and common sense.
Every time anyone brings up walking somebody with a anxiety disorder freaks out about how dangerous it is and how behind every corner lurks someone out to get you.

The serial killer just being the hysterical extreme in how unbelievably unlikely it is.
You guys are nuts and don't know how to rationally make assessment of risk.
Worried about serial killers and highwaymen when you should be worried about getting hit by a car or attacked by a dog off it's leash.


>Who here likes to walk?
>Where do you walk?
I walk in forests. Enjoying nature and beautiful places is one of the very last things I really like in life.
>How long do you walk for?
Approximately 1h/d
>What kind of shoes do you like to wear?
I don't know. I am not picky when it comes to shoes. I simply don't mind.
>Do you take photos?
I hardly ever take photos. Only on rare occasions.


>Who here likes to walk?
Do, but prefer biking.

>Where do you walk?

If in town the riverside road is the best choice here. There's dedicated walking, biking and running roads that go through nice parks. If at village I go for the forest hills which are just above the houses and fields or walk to the town and pay a visit to my favorite fast food place.

>How long do you walk for?

I don't walk often but when I do I make it 3+ hours.

>What kind of shoes do you like to wear?

Vans. They last me years and are comfortable. If its wet or snowy then a pair of comfy ankle boots (always with fluffy warm insides. Never underestimate the fluff or the lack of it).

>bicycling provides the same benefit but is more fun and feels safer
Agreed. More fun and dynamic than walking. Especially when you can ride with your hands in pockets. You can also go to places far away like forests outside the town and stuff.


I walked for 3 hours the other day forgive me I don't know the distance. Do you know of any apps or devices I can use to find this?
I also like cycling but admittedly I have not cycled in 3 weeks I will cycle tomorrow or on the weekend. Walking and cycling are both cathartic but what saps the enjoyment are the cars the constant street lights I detest walking past these social sentinels whose eyes follow me.

How I wish I could cross the road without looking!



Only good if you remember your exact route


Thank you for sharing
I walked 4.60 Miles


Have you considered walking/cycling somewhere less urban, such as a forest?


I used to take walks all the time. Now with work, I just come home too tired to care about anything else.



I don't have a car to take my bicycle somewhere remote. Remote areas also have inconsiderate car operators who will torment me. My bicycle tyres won't perform well on natural terrain. Also, forests and lakes are filled with rubbish, It dishearting. Once I learn to drive I will find someplace that only I know of it will be my sanctuary it will be difficult to discover but I want to find this my own space where no one ventures.

Nice places are very far walks


I'm morbidly obese and still enjoy walking, sometimes 1-2 hours a day when I'm not depressed, so 3-6 miles. Alas, it's not enough to lose weight because I have a voracious appetite and nothing gives me pleasure the way a pizza can.


Please don't bring your butthurt to a relatively civil thread.
It won't end well for you and it will do nothing but derail the thread.


Few days ago i walked for 15km


And it felt great btw


Long Sunday morning walks, 7am to ~10am or so. Few other people are around on Sundays at that time here. Feels like I got the city for myself, very peaceful. I like Lowa boots.


Are most wizzies live in rural areas? I live in a high density metropolitan shithole and it's impossible to walk without bumping into people and constantly waiting for traffic lights.


Really rural areas often don't have proper sidewalks so instead of dodging people you are dodging cars.
That said it is a lot easier to get to somewhere really nice to walk that is away from people in rural areas.
I personally prefer riding my bike because the distances to actually get anywhere are a bit much for walking, but sometimes I hop off the bike and take nature fully in at a slower pace with a nice walk. Some times I take picture too, but usually I don't.

When I lived in the city I used to go to a lot of forested parks and urban hiking trails but there were usually other people around, there was always still car noise around, and there was always fuck tons of trash everywhere.
That said it is MUCH easier to walk as a form of transport because most things are in reasonable walking distance. If I need something that I can't get at the small town shop I have to go 20 miles. That shit takes forever by foot. Ain't nobody got time for that. By bike it only takes at the very most 2 hours one way.
In the city the very farthest I would have to go to get anything was about 5 miles, but usually everything could be had within 2 miles. Which is reasonable on foot because it doesn't take fucking forever.


I live in a pretty rural area, it is pretty nice to walk here.
There is a trail system connecting all of the state parks so there is a nice trail through the woods that goes to the library(and beyond).
You only occasionally see a bicyclist, walking by streets is less pleasant because sometimes people will just randomly shout at you though(there is a HS nearby and for some reason they love shouting at people exercising from their cars).


Is standing a hobby?

I discovered the wonders of standing office work and haven't sat down at work even once since. Somehow standing up all day is less tiresome than sitting down and it doesn't hurt my back. Also, like this, it's easier to take a pause and take a mini-walk around the office to stretch out every once in a while.


>Is standing a hobby?
Not really, especially in the way you described.


File: 1573093264938.jpeg (2.25 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, 1403DB2A-582B-4540-ADBE-A….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


What I never got is then why isn’t the postman Immortal since they walk for a living?


The other stresses of their job balance things out I think.


How accurate is google maps for distances?


>It won't end well for you
One time I walked 18 hours.
Your turn.


Look in the bottom right, there is a scale.


Walked around the park today. It was nice.



anyone else sometimes feels much more energized after like one hour, then tired, then back to feeling invigorated physically and mentally and so forth? perhaps it is nothing to worry about, i don't really know


That is pretty normal for most kinds of exercise.
Depending on the intensity of the sport there are even pet names for that feeling.
Second wind, the wall, warmed up, etc.


I went on a walk this morning at the crack of dawn. Lovely.


i used to love to walk, before i broke my legs


How did you break your legs?


yeah you definitely don't walk.


how can you tell?


You will have varicose veins


Use a bicycle?


Miss the point of the thread and the board it was posted on?


once this summer i walk 52 km alot of pain


Bro do you even walk?


File: 1575627833667.jpg (123.41 KB, 504x420, 6:5, pr_2017_9_1_15_15_21_652_0….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Get a smart watch/smart band with GPS, those are meant to track just that.


Or he could use his smartphone to track his walk like any normal person.


>like any normal person
Wizchan 2019


You understand what I was saying.


I do, and while it's true smartphone does the job, you can't wear it on your wrist comfortably. Replacing a normal watch with something like this has only been a benefit to me so far.


File: 1575650274181.jpeg (66 KB, 550x452, 275:226, CFCBD5D0-C594-4DA8-87A3-C….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

utterly pointless piece of junk for hip retards

the market for these things probably already own a smartphone with a dozen such options and apps anyhow


File: 1575652359934.jpg (275.42 KB, 900x697, 900:697, fox-and-grapes-michael-mil….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>utterly pointless piece of junk for hip retards
see picture

>Replacing a normal watch with something like this has only been a benefit to me


File: 1575654135688.jpg (12.48 KB, 320x350, 32:35, xiaomi band 2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>utterly pointless piece of junk for hip retards
If anything, everyone sees smartwatches like this nowadays. Probably because they were expensive and Apple was the first to do them so they got the whole "lifestyle" treatment. Kind of like those bluetooth headphones. Everyone laughs at them when you use one (unless you're a postman or something), but what's the next thing they do when they get a call? Talk to their brick of a phone with a video conference on like somehow that's not even more lame.
Smartwatches changed a lot recently. The cheapest ones are like 20$, work for a month before you need to charge them, and immediately show you extra information such as steps you've taken throughout the day (yes, you can measure that with the smartphone but you have to never let go of it), heart rate and the quality of your sleep (can be beneficial in discovering symptoms of sleep apnea), the more expensive ones are very good at estimating what kind of exercise you're doing.
Sure, if you don't intend to use its functions and don't have a habit of wearing a watch, it's pointless, just like trying to sell a smartphone to a Wizzie happy with a Nokia 3310. Just don't act offended when he calls your smartphone a pointless piece of junk for hip retards.
It's pretty much a watch 2.0. I'd find it hard to go back, and mostly see regular watches as jewellry and back-up for when I won't be able to charge it in time (so pretty much never, because I'd have to go off the grid for weeks at a time).


>see picture
how's that a rebuttal to anything i've said? … this is in essence a glorified spying device, and it won't be too long before insurance companies start issuing them "for free"


I have the mi band 2 after +2 years of use the screen deteriorated and it was too hard to see with sunlight so I stopped using it.
I thought itd be nice to have a log of how much I slept and walked everyday but it didn't have memory so you had to either keep it always connected to a smartphone or sync it everyday. You had to use a xioami app to do this, it was pretty crappy, had to register an account and I think they deleted mine because the emails I usually use for crap like this didn't work. It'd would have been nice if the heart rate reading sensor could be active for a long period of time instead of just doing a single reading when you manually used the feature.
On the pro side the battery lasted longer than a month on a charge because I dind't use the blueetooth feature I guess, also it's resistant to water so I could shower with it.
My mother has the mi band 3, it has a much bigger screen, the 2's scren if pretty much a small rectangle that can only show the hour or steps/heart-rate icon plus a number. I've seen the 3 has more features but I'm not interested in them.
If I were to buy another I'd want it to be able to hold at least a week worth of constant readings, better screen and make it possible to store the data in a computer (just connecting it by usb and copy-pasting files) instead of having to use a phone and bad software.


I've never used them but I often see open-source apps on the f-droid appstore thing that are meant to support all those wearable health devices and give people control of their data or whatever.


File: 1575935142723.jpeg (76.33 KB, 480x640, 3:4, CDE4E4C1-9A07-496F-8FC7-3….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I dream about waking up in a world without other people in it. I’d walk for miles on end without bumping into anyone.


I'd only like that for the juxtaposition of going to places normally super crowded and see them deserted. This is also one of the reasons going to places at night is very nice.



Woah, cool. Thanks!


I try to walk for 1 hour but my leg often starts to ache. Only 40 minutes with a stop to sit on a bench so that the pain there would go away.


I haven't been walking much lately

next time there's a legitimate excuse to have a hydrocodone I'm gonna walk around for probably 12 hours like last time and soak it in

that's gonna be fun and invigorating


I walk with my dog.


File: 1578597361445.jpg (91.77 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 384d4cc847b06b6e7d16466124….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I've been feeling anxious lately about people recognizing me as I walk through the same neighbourhoods, and what they may be thinking if they do. Like, what if they figured out I'm some neet weirdo not really going anywhere (heh), or erroneously imagine I'm about to commit a crime or something. I know I'm overthinking this but I can't help it.


if you regularly walk the same routes people will notice you, I hardly leave my house and I recognize the few retirees that are always walking around my neighborhood


How do people walk for over 5 miles without a break or anything? I've been getting back into walking but only walk around 2 miles per day. I did 6 once and halfway through my feet hurt like shit, and the next day I had blisters. Do I seriously have to build up to walking more and more? I thought 6 miles was nothing.


Yes, you get used to it. The downside is that it gets less satisfying as you build up endurance and are able to cover more distance. It could be only me though… If I wasn't so anxious I'd go hike every once in a while…

Well shit that's worrying.


Most cases if people notice you are regularly following the same rout they will ether assume you are going somewhere (like work or hobby related) or you are exercising. They aren't going to assume you are a creeper or something unless you really look like you are casing houses or paying a overly high amount of attention to kids or something.
Just being out walking regularly makes you a regular part of the neighborhood, and people will just accept or ignore you for the most part as a background figure not worthy of attention.
Walkers actually attract far less attention then runners, with runners already not really attracting that much attention besides a passing glance.


The issue could be your shoes / socks. It makes a big difference


That's the case for many. It gets much easier real quick so stay positive. You'll likely be able to double your distance next time providing you have the right shoes as suggested above. Just don't touch the blisters. Let them dry up and you'll grow harder skin in its place.


File: 1578624945398.jpeg (4.99 MB, 3024x4032, 3:4, FC799246-81E1-4583-ACB3-D….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

It gets easier, I promise.


File: 1579136709134.jpeg (103.59 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, 81D01566-C533-443A-A510-9….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


What about places separated by oceans?


They are nowhere worth walking to.


I have the same fear anon. I prefer exercises that can be done indoors for this reason.


Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time and the faith.


File: 1579269644368.png (9.55 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png) ImgOps iqdb


do you pop painful blisters? I often get some on my heels and I usually wait for it to pass but sometimes it hurts so much that even putting on shoes become excruciating so I ask my mother to pop them for me


>so I ask my mother to pop them for me
wow you're a pansy


noob. You NEVER pop a blister. That's no stretch from poking a hole in your living flesh. They hurt for a day, sure, but after a good nap they dry up and turn callus. When the body dispells of the detatched flesh, a skin more resilliant to blistering motions lies under.


i only do it as a last resort when the pain won't go away on its own after many many days, what else am i supposed to do when it gets so bad?


File: 1583291456200.jpg (78.44 KB, 600x482, 300:241, muybridge-2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I used to use moleskin, which worked quite well.
>Moleskin is a thin but heavy cotton fabric. It’s soft on one side and has a sticky adhesive backing on the other. It’s often applied to the inside of shoes to improve fit or make them more comfortable. You can also use it to protect a blister from irritation.


do you even wear socks? you usually don't get blisters unless you're barefoot in your shoes/boots or else there's more movement inside than there should be

just tape foam over the vulnerable spots with electrical tape, stuff like mattress foam, and they won't blister again no matter how long you walk, that's what I do, even makes it not painful to walk on existing blisters


I walk every day. I usually just walk around my neighborhood. Theres also a trail I live right next to that I walk through every now and then.


It's the latter definitely. I was given new shoes two weeks ago and that's when it got so bad, again… I'm going back to my older, run-down shoes for now. I admit it's one hundred percent my fault since I hate shopping for clothes in general and I don't want to see a doctor for something so benign…


btw I meant taping foam to your feet, not the inside of your shoes


Can you guys tell me why do you like walking? Whenever someone told me i should go for a walk when im bored i never understood it. It feels boring and i just keep thinking about stuff which i want to avoid, plus eventually you would bump into other people and that always makes me uncomfortable. I would really like to understand it and how to make it enjoyable because i feel trapped inside.


It is really relaxing when in nature but I do admit is is pretty lame in urban areas unless you are in a nice downtown type area.

A walk on a trail or along the beach really puts my mind at ease and calms that restless part of my soul. It makes me feel one with the earth or some sort of hippy dippy kind of feel I can't really explain, but it is nice. The closes I ever feel to a religious experience.
Doing it at night with clear skies and the moon bright has such a powerful feeling that it makes my heart hurt and my eyes tear up. It is a bit overwhelming so I only do it a few times a year.


If you live in an ugly area then it won't work. If you can go walk on a quiet nature trail it should be self-evident that it is nice


File: 1588184898967.png (45.38 KB, 596x658, 298:329, giant_gondola.png) ImgOps iqdb

I live on the outskirts of a big city, but the area around my village is decent for walking. When I can barrow the car or get a ride, I walk in the forest preserves around here. Walking is one of life's great joys. When I walk I go anywhere from 2 - 10 miles (3.2km-16km). Something about walking is therapeutic and refreshing.


I walk for an hour a day in the suburbs; it's just not the same as walking in the woods or on the beach back home where I lived rurally. As a NEET, I can't afford nice shoes; my shoes are worn and uncomfortable. I don't take photos because everything is ugly and soulless. However I will sometimes find bugs and spiders that I take pictures of.

Even if I don't like the crowdedness and ugliness of the suburbs, it's still a chance to get away from my family.


I'm going to join a local hiking club once this quarantine is over.


wizchan 2020


Would anyone be interested in a niche imageboard about walking?


I used to walk a lot when I was a teenager. As soon as I had some downtime, I'd leave wherever I was, and go on a walk. It didn't really matter where I'm going, or if it's in the forest, in the city or even indoors in some big building. I feel good as long as I'm in motion. I can listen to music, meditate, daydream or otherwise immerse myself in some sort of pleasant though activity when I walk. I can't do that when standing or sitting still as stillness makes me anxious. Nowadays being a wageslave, I don't have time to take long walks as often, but I try to do it whenever I can. It's very energizing.


No, it is a subject that can barely support a thread.

There is no way it could support a whole image board.


Would anyone be interested in watching livestreams of walks?


I wouldn't, but there have been successful streamers who stream pokemon go, so some people clearly would.


Verily, if it's a Wizchan native. I follow a few wizard/r9k-types who occasionally upload their outdoor adventures and it's always a treat seeing the world through their eyes. I'd stream myself but mobile networking is crap wherever I go. Just make sure your address or identity isn't ever decipherable.


>Verily, if it's a Wizchan native
Wear a blue robe with stars and moons.


I want whoever streams to actually do this.


Yes but which platform?


File: 1590423938591.jpg (77.15 KB, 486x354, 81:59, 1582075924340.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



Walked 10 miles today, feels good.


I've been walking since october 8th when it got too cold to ride bicycles, I've walked probably 2000 miles total since then and I'm honestly so sick of it I could scream

hopefully tonight I can go riding at long last, it's going to feel so great I'll probably get an erection


I want to learn your ways, sempai.


File: 1590531463904.png (329.72 KB, 411x772, 411:772, Steps.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

Walked 100k steps last Saturday, was about 72km, Took from 3am to 7pm and it was a blast.



That's pretty cool. Good job wizzy.


Wow, good job wiz.


Do any of you own a fitbit? Are they worth buying?


If you don't have an exercise habit, buying a fitbit probably won't make you want to exercise.


I find these gamification/monitoring toys disgraceful and subhuman

I mean look at this >>53457
a fucking badge? this shit is ridiculous enough in video games and gaming platforms like steam where you’re rewarded for the most stupid shit, but in real life? And people willingly submit themselves to this with their overpriced watches, fitness apps, phones or whatever? do you also get a fancy trophy awarded by your digital mama to show off on social media when you go to the bathroom? when you’ve had enough water for the day? when you went to bed early and had enough sleep? can’t you see how absurd this is, and how potentially harmful this could become? (Think nudging by insurance companies, governments etc)

And yes I know “it’s only for myself, and it makes me more motivated to do x every day”. It doesn’t matter, you’re still a slave to a bunch of numbers on a screen, running after pointless rewards. I suppose that (for now) this is mostly a trend among middle class middle management urbanites because they are already familiar with this sort of stuff in their work where they’re the most obsessed with numbers, objectives, performance and so on…


I feel this post tbh. Luckily there are some walking trails and parks nearby that I can drive/walk to, but just walking around my neighborhood area sucks. Not to mention the occasional asshole honker.


I like to try for an hour every 1-2 days but I've been slacking lately. Its quite hot over here so I like to leave 20~ minutes before sunset.
My normal route just involves me walking down to the nearby park, but I used to goto more hiking/walking trails. Problem is I've exhausted the good locations so much now.
For shoes I just use my normal vans though I should evetually get dedicated excercise shoes. I never take pictures unless I'm going to a new place.

Just…use your phone?


>but I do log a lot of runs/bike rides on Strava so my friends can see. We have friendly competitions with each other and we log distance as proof

Wizchan 2020
Thanks for demonstrating that these toys are for retarded normals.


>>53683 (me)
Incredible. A solitary, potentially contemplative activity and normalfags somehow manage to make it all about being social and competitive


I walked a lot during my last year in highschool. My mother would leave for work around 10 am, so I would skip the buss walk about my neighborhood to kill time until 10 am That became a habbit, I also began to skip the bus after the school and began to walk from school, to downtown to my neighborhood again. Once I skipped school for 2 weeks straight, just casually walking, reading stuff at a park etc.
Even though I lived in a city of 5 million that was the first time of me learning where is where.

Though I had two instances which prevented me from walking ever again. One was with an insane fellow who verbally spouted nonsense in a park, I avoided parks afterwards. Another was me getting mugged. I was stopped by 3 man in their early 20s asking for a cig. I said no and I was on my way.
Then 15 minutes later I was dragged to sideways by a strong arm. These fuckers had been following me for 15 minutes. I will never forget how everyone was apathetic to my screams and shouting. Thankfully I only had very little money and they fucked off afterwards.

I began to have extreme anxieties aftewards. I still have some of it even though I'm in my 30s now. I'm not afraid of walking but I try to avoid if possible. And I'm always on alert for any panhandler, mugger. Funny enough I Had few more interractions with muggers etc in my later life, but my alertness and sudden shift to being very aggressive usually scared them off (a dumb move I must admit, they might have a weapon etc) but I think I confused them by going all berserk but looking very non treatening from outside.

I still remember the face of one of my mugger. Black hair like jade. Piercing blue eyes, dirty beard, and a birth mark at his chin. I will be returning to my home town after 7 years, I feel I will walk again back from school to my home, for nostalgias sake. Would be funny if I see someone looking like him.


Having friends means you’re an outsider


do you really think you can post about doing group social bullshit with your irl friends here. and that any of us want to read about it.


Like I said, I didn't think walking in a group counted as a social activity, but fair enough. I didn't mention it was in a group at first, 2 people did seem to enjoy reading about it, one person took offence to it before I said it was in a group at all.
I was hoping to just talk about walking but if you'd rather just complain then we can stop responding to each other and I'll just respond to posts on topic.


You’ve already outed yourself as normal in my opinion, but hey there are no rules about having friends right, just like there are no rules about being normal in every single way except for the fact that you happen to be a virgin, or so we should believe since you have not explicitly stated you are not one, lol.


File: 1591758315213.png (105.07 KB, 500x300, 5:3, 142255610271.png) ImgOps iqdb

Due to being a complete hermit for almost 15 years I've essentially developed agoraphobia at this point, but I've still thought at times how nice it'd be if I could actually go for a walk like a normal person. Just to clear my head and to just have something else to do. I feel extremely vulnerable and exposed when outside, which leads to feelings of unease and anxiety and a wish to return home as soon as possible. I live in a pretty small town and the streets are like a graveyard after midnight, yet I still feel hesitant about venturing outdoors, even when the likelihood of anyone even passing me on the sidewalk is basically zero. I'm quite autistic, in the sense that it's hard for me to go anywhere unless I actually have a meaningful destination. The perfect walk for me would be one where I'm simply walking back home the whole way. Like say, if my mom were to drop me off somewhere far away and then I'd have to walk my way back home. Aimless wandering away from home just doesn't motivate me well enough to get over the anxiety.

Occasionally I still go for short strolls with my mother in the middle of the night whenever we go for a drive and might happen to make a stop next to the nearby bay, which is a very peaceful location and completely deserted at night. My parents and I also went walking on a couple nature trails recently and that was quite nice, since we pretty much had the whole trail to ourselves. Ultimately, I'm honestly not sure if I'll ever be able to go for a walk by myself in broad daylight ever again. Last time was when I was still in school, but that was well over a decade ago now.


Same. This is part of the concern for me as well. In my case though, since I still live in the house/town I grew up in, I'm just worried that someone I used to go to school with might pass me in their car and somehow manage to notice me. This is also the reason I'm very reluctant to go to any restaurants in the area, especially when my mother will sometimes say, "Oh, did you know we saw so and so there?", which leaves me heavily relieved that I didn't go with them. I feel like if my family ever moved somewhere else, like some other small town (where everyone else is only just a stranger), that would take a good portion of the anxiety out of the equation here. Then again, I might just replace it with the anxiety of not knowing the area and being worried how something bad might happen if I wander into the wrong places, or something.


>I'm quite autistic, in the sense that it's hard for me to go anywhere unless I actually have a meaningful destination.
Have you tried using google maps and street view beforehand to alleviate some of your anxiety? It’s what I did, and still do on occasion. This way when I’m walking somewhere new I don’t get lost as easily and don’t have to wander around cluelessly or backtrack, which is very hard for me to do. Now I’m more familiar with my hometown, which is a a double edged sword as I’ve come to realise that it’s mostly ugly and depressing.
Listening to podcasts or lectures or whatever might also help. You know that dumb virgin walk meme with the “in ear headphones to reduce agoraphobia” or sth to that effect is actually spot on.



>Have you tried using google maps and street view beforehand to alleviate some of your anxiety?

No, since I already know this town like the back of my hand anyway. I've lived here all my life and, like I said, it's a relatively small town. Even after nearly 15 years of being a hermit, I still know my way around quite well. I occasionally go for drives at night with my mother, so that helps to keep the layout of the town fresh in my mind, but I've lived here for so long now that even if I didn't do that it still feels like it'd be impossible to forget.

>I’ve come to realise that it’s mostly ugly and depressing.

Yes, that's the secondary problem for me, next to the anxiety. There are some nice/pleasant areas in this town, but a lot of is either just dull or depressing to look at. This town would be boring as hell to wander around in, which makes wanting to do it even harder. You and I probably have different definitions of this sort of thing, since I'm sure my town wouldn't really look so bad compared to the vast majority of others out there. Like I said, the larger problem in this case is that it's just fucking boring. All the streets are streets I've seen hundreds of times before. There's nothing new here, just the same old shit from decades ago when I was still just a toddler, with only slight variations. I don't know how anyone else could ever walk the streets they have around them once that sort of impossibly dull feeling sets into them.

>Listening to podcasts or lectures or whatever might also help.

This might also help with the sense of dullness, I suppose. In some ways though, I feel like I'd feel even more awkward. Again, I have a bit of an autistic hang-up where I always want to be 100% alert to whatever might be around me. Listing to music, or podcasts, or whatever else, would diminish that sense of awareness of potential oncoming danger, which would make me feel even more awkward and anxious. The other issue is that I don't have any podcasts to listen to, or stuff like that, since nothing really interests me there and I eventually get really tired/annoyed at hearing other people talk. Pretty much the only thing I could tolerate listening to would be music and, I'll admit, listening to some soothing ambient music on a calm and still evening, walking down empty streets would be kind of nice.


Why are Americans so afraid of walking? I told my therapist I walked 10 miles and he freaked out and acted like I did something wrong.


To most people it is weird that one “just walks” for the sake of it, or when there’s another option available to them to get somewhere. They think it’s a waste of their precious time, that they’d rather spend in their car, the bus, or on tryhard physical activities such as running. As a neet, I could not care less.


unfortunately America's car centrism is really ingrained in peoples' heads. I love having a car, but I walk anytime I can. 10 miles is pretty far, I usually do 2 to 5 miles. Good on you for walking though, it is good for your body and mind.


10 miles daily? that's about 5 hours a day, anyone would freak out


it's a lot less than that at a relatively fast pace (6-7km/h) which is easily achievable by any healthy and reasonably fit person


That's really more jogging than walking at that point.


no, not at all, i do it all the time, that's faster than the vast majority of pedestrians out there but that's still walking.


Why so fast? Just slow down and enjoy yourself. You don't have anywhere to be.


anxiety and paranoia, no matter how much I get used to being outside, I am still uncomfortable, and I don't like sticking around the same places for too long.
see my post on this general feeling >>51621

i live in a crowded concrete shithole, so it's not like i can soak in the scenery, enjoy the great outdoors, get lost in the woods or what have you. There are people everywhere anyhow and I cannot stand them

sheer habit, I go as fast as I can (not to the point of burning myself out I'm not masochistic), it's what I do. When I'm going somewhere with my mother or any other relative it frustrates me when they don't quicken their pace.

and finally as much as I am ashamed to admit: because it makes me proud to consistently achieve some level of… 'performance' if you will. I despise that word and what it stands for, but it would be dishonest of me not to say that it plays a part in this.


i started to walk daily to keep me ative, record was 30 km and normal daily walk is 2-4 hs..
What shoes do serious walkers use?
im using airmax now but imo they are too heav and the sole is too thick to walk long distances


I use whatever my mother buys for me, that is cheap sneakers, for as long as I possibly can. Buying clothes is a massive pain so I'd rather not think about it too much.


I walk barefoot. Used to walk a ton until a hamstring injury 2 years ago. I walked 3.5 mi today. Used to walk 10 mi several times a week. I've only done that 3 or 4 times this year. While I was injured I started playing games more which is why I haven't gotten back into it.


Why? I don't believe you. Unless you walk on the beach?


I can run on gravel. I even like fine gravel.

The start's not very interesting. Graduated from highschool, layed around all day every day refreshing wizardchan.org. I went on little 1 mile walks most days.Eventually my mom got me some boots. I wore them and my feet were too wide. Just walking once I felt my toes click, the bunions probably getting worse. I have untypical bunions in the same place my mom did. My mom got surgery for them around that time. So I just took off the boots while walking and I had no need for shoes cause I didn't go to stores or anything. Every day I walked until I got calluses, sometimes they burst. I walked on a place with gravel every day. It took about a week until I never got calluses. I got drunk and jumped on gravel until it hurt and continued and walked on glass and had no problems. Eventually I stopped walking so much and my feet got soft again and a year later I started over. My feet have been tough ever since. The only thing I don't like to walk on is spiny plants.
I was once walking on some coarse gravel and there was a guy doing pushups on pull up bars at that park. Two guys walked by and pointed at me and said I was the really strong one. It impresses people but it's really easy to train. This is just what a normal animal's feet are like.
In winter people always ask me about it and I just say I'm used to it.


File: 1598462794478.jpeg (4.67 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 8B7FEFFA-0E86-44EB-9B7F-3….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

there’s a hidden wiz on my walk


he is merging with the tree, impressive


File: 1602293898719.gif (86.77 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, f7a95be52f19cdf.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Walking is great fun, especially at night when there's no one around.



I like to walk. Essentially anywhere, walking kinda helps my brain generate a little bit of much needed dopamine. I have walked in the raging sun as well and as long as podcasts are on my side, it's all good.



Do you live,err, near a forested place? That had make for some fine damn walks I imagine.



I'm overweight and love walking as well. Sadly it doesn't help much in losing weight. Jogging is a better alternative if losing weight is of priority. In either case, despite being overweight, I can walk more than most normal sized people around me, so it's fine by me.


>despite being overweight, I can walk more than most normal sized people around me,

you don't know that.



I do. I have walked with many people around me and have always covered more distance than them. I have regularly done twenty plus Kms in a day which is more than what an average person does.


average people can walk as much as you do and perhaps even more since you say you are overweight.


There are so many dubious claims in this thread.
Just seems like a thinly veiled way to brag about things that probably aren't true and have no verification at all.


Walked a lot during winter until my joint began to hurt a little and stopped byt abouth a month. i want to walk again but seeing the same shitty buildings is getting lame. Where do you walk wizzies? the city is gray and endless and im tired of it


Which ones exactly? Myself I could have posted a few things which sound like humble bragging, to be honest.

>the city is gray and endless and im tired of it
I can relate. And yet I would be afraid of standing out in any other setting… At least the city offers some sort of anonymity.


There's a difference between the capability to walk and willingness to walk. Sure they might have the same capability or even more, but I have see low willingness amongst people here in general when it comes to walking.


I walk around late at night to avoid normies and enjoy late night snacks with stores that are open 24/7


What's the most late at night you have been out?


When does late night convert to early morning?

Saging since not directly related to walking, but is related to your post.


About 3am. It's peaceful and few if any stupid people out. I walk away from the sidewalks if possible though to avoid any late night gangs or muggers.


File: 1604054014202.gif (284.73 KB, 200x200, 1:1, 20201122.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Walk when drizzling or raining for the same effect


File: 1604068004498.jpg (103.57 KB, 852x480, 71:40, peace at last.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Peak wizardwalk is 2am-4am, snowing, and on a forest trail. Deathly silence, finally that never ending spewing of noise clamped shut. If you wear proper snow gear you can lay down in the snow for maximum comfy as a break.



I think you will find this article very nice. its about the benefits of walking as opposed to being sedintary


Started going for walks around the block and along this small park trail.
It isn't very far but it feels like a lot because of my mostly sedentary lifestyle.
I wouldn't want to go anywhere else, I don't like being places I haven't been before


We need sunlight to not develop sicknesses that will make our old years even more miserable, so yeah.




I keep seeing this vitamin D shit everywhere. I am not denying that exposure to sunlight and fresh air are beneficial to one's health but the way people talk about it always seemed exagerated to me tbh. Could just be the effect of shills pushing useless pills…


The pills are pretty dumb for most people.
A normal balanced diet plus 10 or so minutes of sunlight supplies all the vitamin d you could ever need.
Also generally the pills aren't absorbed well nor made with standardized quality standards so you end up not knowing what your getting and being able to use most of what you got.
In reality supplementation of vitamin d is only advisable for individuals with deficiencies or lifestyles that make normal methods of getting d difficult/impossible.



Depends on how dark your skin is. People with extremely light skin are fine with next to no sunlight. Dark skinned people need to be outside for like 30-min to an hour a day.


I used to walk at night all the time but I havent done it in a while. I lost my discman and my place is a mess so I cant find any good CDs


>Dark skinned people need to be outside for like 30-min to an hour a day.
off topic but milk and dairy products are artificially spiked with D, it gives them all they need, even black black somalians up north with no sunlight for months never show D deficiency symptoms


File: 1605794306759.gif (4.14 MB, 515x267, 515:267, zan.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Try spinning while walking.


File: 1605803457917.png (691.41 KB, 949x438, 13:6, Screenshot_20201118-145513.png) ImgOps iqdb

Was caught in the rain yesterday.


cool picture


why do you keep posting these street fighter pictures?


I dont go outside during the day so its a must for me


There are so many legit studies showing that vit D deficiency is widespread and has real health consequences. Even though normal people go outside a lot more than a typical wizard. So why not pay a couple of dollars for the pills? They are cheap and may have a big effect, especially with mood


This is a really good photo


Sunlight provides us with a neligible amount of the vitamin D we get. Your diet is the biggest driver of vitamin D growth.

But as far as sunlight goes, the production of vitamin D is stimulated by UVB radiation. Unlike UVA radiation, UVB is absorbed by the Earth's atmosphere once the solar altitude drops below ~30 degrees.
I live on the 57th parallel. That means there's a "vitamin D winter" starting at around September 30 and lasting through March 13 where the sun never gets high enough in the sky to stimulate Vitamin D production.


From my 7th to 12th years I went outside about 8 or so times, and all of those times were to go into a car and drive somewhere else. I never even went into a yard or looked out a window, I didn't take vitamins, and I hardly drank milk. Vitamin D deficiency sounds like a myth in the first world unless your diet is literally chicken nuggers and pizza rolls every day.


That is because most processed food is "fortified" with additional vitamins.
Rickets is unfortunately still a thing among certain smaller populations in developed nations though.


File: 1609522235824.jpg (6.59 MB, 3024x4032, 3:4, PXL_20210101_171857544.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Right now I'm walking on a comfy trail while listening to music.


Any recommendation on walking shoes? Need a new pair and want to do some heavy walking


Why don't you take more pictures of your trail?


There's really no secret when it comes to footware. I've walked hundreds of miles total the past few years in everything from sandals to steeltoe combat boots. Every type of shoe has its own ups and downs. Running and skate shoes are comfy to walk on concrete with, while hiking boots are good for all terrain. Avoid a flexible sole if you're trailing on gravel. Tall boots can take a load off your calf muscles. Thick foam rubber outsoles will help if you're overweight and not used to walking. One thing for certain though is to try before you buy. Never order online, instead go in to a shoe or department store and find a good fit. Make sure there's little space for your foot to move around when tightened or else your toe bones will smack around and the movement could create blisters and calluses. NEVER pop a blister, let it dry itself overnight.

If you're only beginning to walk, then your feet will be sore after the first few miles no matter what. It should only take a few days to build up a resistance to this, but don't over exert yourself on the first few outings and risk limping home. Take water with you always have enough change in your pocket to get a drive back if you don't have family to pick you up should something happen.


I usually take a walk around my little town once a week in the weekend.

Getting old if I don't do any physical exercise I feel like I'm starting to crumbling down with back pain and everything else associated with a sedentary lifestyle.


Thanks for the lengthy reply, I'm not a total noob in walking and I will be doing it in concrete (city) do you find more practical running shoes or skate ones? Can you give examples of each one please.


File: 1609774190783.jpg (767.51 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, P5030180.JPG) ImgOps iqdb

I enjoy walking in quiet woods unpolluted by engine rumbling and people and other human noise. When I get the chance. When I can get to a place like that. A lot of places look nice but are noisy. But a good walk in a nice place is a fine thing. I have majorities of days just walking before.


I took a two hour walk in the dark and quiet quiet snowy streets of the city. It was the best I've felt in a long time.

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