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This thread is for discussing your successes and failures with magic(k) as well as occultism and metaphysics.
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any thoughts on the grey school of magic or the grimoire made by Obren Zell Ravenheart?

Also has anyone ever visited an esoteric library like the american theosophical library?


That's why you should start with altering the workings of your own body before you start trying to influence the etheric mechanics of the external world.


Okay, I was just able to call rain to my location within 30 minutes when the forecast called for 0%.

Scratch the part here >>54214 about "outside of your body". The key to this is dissolving the self/other dichotomy.

The way I did it was as follows:
1. Attain a complete as possible state of detachment/dissociation from what is happening
2. Imagine a symbol of the desired result. I used the Agilma sigil from the Simon Necronomicon, made of storm clouds with lightning and rain coming off from it.
Your detachment should make it so that the form persists in your mind without you having to consciously force it
3. Feel the form of the sigil doing something. Could be emitting energy, could be moving in a pattern, could be you packing energy into it. Whatever feels natural.
And of course try not to place importance on it generating your desired result. Dissolving the self/other dichotomy helps with this.


>I was just able to call rain to my location within 30 minutes
so you were able to look outside, woah so spooky.


Ok I'll be sharing stuff that worked for me. Although this also depends on what are you looking for
>success rate: 8/10
I used the classic chaos magic sigil style. You can look it up the detailed process but in few steps it is:
>write your desire
>always in positive, for example if you want to stop something do not use the negative phrase but the positive one ("I will" but not "I will not")
>delete vocals, delete repeated letters
>make sigil by drawing it
>activate it by fapping and looking at it in the orgasm moment or by inflicting pain, etc. It must be an altered state of mind
I think visualization during the fap session might be a personal thing but here's how I did it, since I can't fap watching an abstract object, it feels awkward for me
I have some sort of waifu I've fapped a lot. I have a very vivid image of her I can visualize when fapping, I think she's some sort of tulpa at this point since I can "call her" and interact with her in my mind
I draw the sigil in photoshop and shop it in a nude pic of her as a tramp stamp over her ass and have it in my phone
I'll fap and visualize having sex with her, at first touching and she whispering me the sigil desire increasing the speed like
then I'd visualize the sigil, and try to "see" on it the letters that form it
continue like this for a while then visualize the sigil in her womb and "impregnating her"
at the orgasm moment, without forcing it (that is, it must happen naturally) I'll open my eyes and watch the pic with the sigil on her ass, fixing on it when cumming
with time my "visualization" got more detailed, such as the place where the "ritual" happens, other "waifus" being present around us and masturbating themselves giving energy to my ritual, etc
Then as soon as you finish you must immediately think about other thing, forget instantly about the sigil and destroy/delete it. Laughing helps a lot to distract yourself, I think Crowley says so. I can do this now all mentally without the phone but tbh I don't do sigils since at least two years, also I don't want to use the fap method again. I should practice again with other methods like burning the sigil

But I can confirm it's a very useful method


File: 1595271566625.png (161.47 KB, 1190x478, 595:239, 1594699979512.png) ImgOps iqdb

oh uh ok


because lazy people don't have the discipline for actual meditation so they resort to inefficient theater that incidentally produces a relative pittance of energy which sometimes produces a noticeable effect which is good enough for them.


Can someone explain something to me or at least give advice on doing this specific thing?
>World immersion through visual landscapes
Sometime i get this weird feeling around the back of my head and a heated feeling in my chest that feels like i am connecting with another world.
Whenever i get this feeling, i really want to go outside in the deep woods or something or find a way to enter into this slightly heighten state of being, but to be honest i cant even explain what it is i am feeling, but i know that the 'feeling' can be expanded by thinking about a natural place at dusk or nighttime and floating around the landscape in my head.
What i am looking for is any youtube videos or such (even a short story maybe) that can help these thoughts develop and somehow help increase my ability to connect with nature even thought i am at home, thanks magicwizzies


File: 1595292711010.jpg (240.02 KB, 1169x1600, 1169:1600, Aleister-Crowley-1934.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This sounds straight out some wiccan vegan blog


Wrong. don't try to bend the spoon, that's impossible. only realize the truth.


i will now proceed to blow your minds, gentlemen…….. there is no spoon!



Hello /x/. How are your healing crystals doing?


Hey holowiz, are you still here?
I saw a disturbing video today, please tell me what this is.
I have belief in you my wizbro, but this stuff is too far out for me


what are holotropes?



I don't know, you'd have to ask holowiz, though he appears sporadically, when there is great need for his teachings and attached pdf


Is this real?
I always wondered why magic has never been caught on film, do you have anymore examples like this?


maybe because it doesn't exist


I just seen this guy use fire bending before my eyes, what more proof do you need??


Best thing to do is try it yourself.

Spend some time practicing Qi Gong or something similar first though, it's a lot easier. I recommend this >>51798

Mental stance is very important as well. Approaching it with the intention and expectation that it's going to work. This is one of the biggest obstacles in my experience.


here's another one

If you want some scientific studies you should look into parapsychology. Here's a good intro book regarding that and folk magic as well


Thanks, good video, i don't really need the science, just to see it on video with my own eyes


How to do this? Can you post a video manual?



>Is this real?
What dude is doing, no.
Not even a little. Very easy to see through slight of hand tricks that any two bit party magician could pull off.

Qi Gong in general when used for what it was actually made for rather then party tricks, yes it is real.


and more about actual Qi Gong, what it is for, and how it actually works.


> Is this real?
of course not



What do you know about it hmm??


Why is this guy acting so skeptical? What gives him the right to think he understands the entire breathe of reality and human capability?


Can anyone recommend me something to read before bed to connect me better with the higher spirits while i sleep?
Something that will get my imagination going, not some dry technical work, like robert bruce's, but something more whimsical, like paulo coelho but with spells and invocations


Do you have anymore of these superhuman episodes you can post?


The vast majority aren't on topic of the thread and can easily found on your own.



What is Kiryo? Like a brief summary


Basically using ki or vital energy to heal or influence others.


File: 1597545203618.jpg (300.09 KB, 1145x717, 1145:717, placebo.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



What's the meaning of this??


Had some good first steps in learning telekinesis today. The method I am using is creating a thoughform with the intent of being non-permeable to matter imbued, and using will to supply the force for pushing. I was able to pretty reliable move a tin foil psi wheel with a thoughtform in the shape of my hand that was mimicking my actual hand movements. Have to practice on making the non-permeable intent stronger so it doesn't slice through my fingers. After this I tried a basic ball. Had trouble at first, started working a lot better once I made sure that sensory input, the feeling from the foil, was being transmitted to me. I am having trouble maintaining both the form's connection to the physical psi wheel and the intent+will to push at the same time, right now I establish the connection to the physical and then I switch my intention to the pushing intention, which causes it to move. But sustaining this is tricky. Will need to practice more, but I have the basic method of action down I think.


my base chakra has become really powerful in the past couple weeks


Fun fact
The heat from your hands is the thing that usually causes psi wheels to move. Other things that tend to cause it to move is any sort of air flow whatsoever.
Not some sort of psionic force.

Here is a few tips on how to set up better experiments using psi wheels so you don't get false positives that lead you to incorrect conclusions.
They’re touchy objects and are best when used in a controlled setting. That means a room with no fans or drafts. Participants should not wear magnetic devices or lean too close to the PsiWheel Clothing that can produce a breeze should not be worn and hair should be secured as it produces a breeze as well. Using the device on one’s own, a person can mistake a breeze or other movement as telekinetic. The PsiWheel is very, very delicate in design and function and just about anything can cause it to move from wind to temperature, vibration. A careful controlled environment is a must to prevent mistakes and fraud.


I did not use my hands at all in the event referenced in that post, I simply gazed at the wheel while refining my intent and will in the thoughtform.
I've since had some success with pushing, knocking upright pieces of paper over. This requires a lot more will as you need a sudden, intense force rather than a weak sustained one. Creating a strong desire for success helps with refining intent. When I'm successful with this I can strongly feel the energy leaving me right before the object moves.
I was even able to move a square object across the floor a bit, which would have been completely impossible as just a fluke of air movement. Plus I was around 5 feet away from the object when I did it. After this my desire to pursue the subject petered off, I think it was mainly a way for me to prove 100% to myself that this stuff is real and erase any lingering doubts in my mind.


for those that believe in this 'law of manifestation' thing, how does it work?

I am a bit skeptical of it but I want to try something and am willing to throw all that skepticism I have. So how does it work, do I just 'think' of achieving the thing I want, or do I need to do more, do I need to some 'dopamine fast' (not literal fasting, but abstaining from all forms of pleasure like music, games, videos), etc for it to work???

Also can you guys explain it in simple terms (and dont say it ebonics as some joke to mock me)


I also heard the way it works is that you have to completely believe that the thing you want to happen has happened, for example, if you want a donut, you must 100% believe you have the donut right now in your hand for it to happen? That true or you have to do other stuff


90% of the process is not checking if it's coming true, or if it's part of your body say, not even looking at it or touching it, a watched pot never boils is true in magic


I've tried thinking of a donut, I was trying my hardest to believe I already have the donut and not thought about it, only believing I had it every few hours or so. I did not get any donut (even when I was in a scenario where I could've been given one), did I do it wrong or something?


Don't try. Trying means you don't have it. Just relax into the feeling. There should be no effort.


I'm sorry, but I do not get what you mean by 'relaxing' all my thoughts are tried. Do you mean day-dreaming these "wishes"? If that's the case then I had many daydreams about things before and nothing ever came out of them


There should be absolutely no difference between the feeling you have when you're meditating and the feeling you have when you actually get the thing. Trying to attain the desired state is a difference. Feeling the desired state in your head instead of in reality is a difference.


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