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This thread is for discussing your successes and failures with magic(k) as well as occultism and metaphysics.
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and more about actual Qi Gong, what it is for, and how it actually works.


> Is this real?
of course not



What do you know about it hmm??


Why is this guy acting so skeptical? What gives him the right to think he understands the entire breathe of reality and human capability?


Can anyone recommend me something to read before bed to connect me better with the higher spirits while i sleep?
Something that will get my imagination going, not some dry technical work, like robert bruce's, but something more whimsical, like paulo coelho but with spells and invocations


Do you have anymore of these superhuman episodes you can post?


The vast majority aren't on topic of the thread and can easily found on your own.



What is Kiryo? Like a brief summary


Basically using ki or vital energy to heal or influence others.


File: 1597545203618.jpg (300.09 KB, 1145x717, 1145:717, placebo.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



What's the meaning of this??


Had some good first steps in learning telekinesis today. The method I am using is creating a thoughform with the intent of being non-permeable to matter imbued, and using will to supply the force for pushing. I was able to pretty reliable move a tin foil psi wheel with a thoughtform in the shape of my hand that was mimicking my actual hand movements. Have to practice on making the non-permeable intent stronger so it doesn't slice through my fingers. After this I tried a basic ball. Had trouble at first, started working a lot better once I made sure that sensory input, the feeling from the foil, was being transmitted to me. I am having trouble maintaining both the form's connection to the physical psi wheel and the intent+will to push at the same time, right now I establish the connection to the physical and then I switch my intention to the pushing intention, which causes it to move. But sustaining this is tricky. Will need to practice more, but I have the basic method of action down I think.


my base chakra has become really powerful in the past couple weeks


Fun fact
The heat from your hands is the thing that usually causes psi wheels to move. Other things that tend to cause it to move is any sort of air flow whatsoever.
Not some sort of psionic force.

Here is a few tips on how to set up better experiments using psi wheels so you don't get false positives that lead you to incorrect conclusions.
They’re touchy objects and are best when used in a controlled setting. That means a room with no fans or drafts. Participants should not wear magnetic devices or lean too close to the PsiWheel Clothing that can produce a breeze should not be worn and hair should be secured as it produces a breeze as well. Using the device on one’s own, a person can mistake a breeze or other movement as telekinetic. The PsiWheel is very, very delicate in design and function and just about anything can cause it to move from wind to temperature, vibration. A careful controlled environment is a must to prevent mistakes and fraud.


I did not use my hands at all in the event referenced in that post, I simply gazed at the wheel while refining my intent and will in the thoughtform.
I've since had some success with pushing, knocking upright pieces of paper over. This requires a lot more will as you need a sudden, intense force rather than a weak sustained one. Creating a strong desire for success helps with refining intent. When I'm successful with this I can strongly feel the energy leaving me right before the object moves.
I was even able to move a square object across the floor a bit, which would have been completely impossible as just a fluke of air movement. Plus I was around 5 feet away from the object when I did it. After this my desire to pursue the subject petered off, I think it was mainly a way for me to prove 100% to myself that this stuff is real and erase any lingering doubts in my mind.


for those that believe in this 'law of manifestation' thing, how does it work?

I am a bit skeptical of it but I want to try something and am willing to throw all that skepticism I have. So how does it work, do I just 'think' of achieving the thing I want, or do I need to do more, do I need to some 'dopamine fast' (not literal fasting, but abstaining from all forms of pleasure like music, games, videos), etc for it to work???

Also can you guys explain it in simple terms (and dont say it ebonics as some joke to mock me)


I also heard the way it works is that you have to completely believe that the thing you want to happen has happened, for example, if you want a donut, you must 100% believe you have the donut right now in your hand for it to happen? That true or you have to do other stuff


90% of the process is not checking if it's coming true, or if it's part of your body say, not even looking at it or touching it, a watched pot never boils is true in magic


I've tried thinking of a donut, I was trying my hardest to believe I already have the donut and not thought about it, only believing I had it every few hours or so. I did not get any donut (even when I was in a scenario where I could've been given one), did I do it wrong or something?


Don't try. Trying means you don't have it. Just relax into the feeling. There should be no effort.


I'm sorry, but I do not get what you mean by 'relaxing' all my thoughts are tried. Do you mean day-dreaming these "wishes"? If that's the case then I had many daydreams about things before and nothing ever came out of them


There should be absolutely no difference between the feeling you have when you're meditating and the feeling you have when you actually get the thing. Trying to attain the desired state is a difference. Feeling the desired state in your head instead of in reality is a difference.



Just finished skimming through Abra-Melin.
The first part where Abraham describes the various feats of magic that he's witnessed is pretty interesting. But then it starts to go downhill quick when he begins rambling about how all magicians who aren't God-fearing Jews are going to burn in hell or get cut up by serial killers. This goes on up until the point where he actually delineates his techniques.

It's letter-squares, which I've never really tried before. From the instruction he gives it looks like most of the spells are designed to simply conjure up illusions. Fake food, glamours, that type of stuff. I tried one that was supposed to change the operators appearance, and it did shift the form of my face rather noticeably when I looked at myself in the mirror. Not hugely though, I still looked like me.
Analyzing how these are designed, I'm guessing that the major factor that goes into these spells is adopting the mantle of authority in order to control the spirits, which is why the faith in God is so important, for Abraham at least; he's basically using the Will of the Jew-god in order to power the spell. The letter-squares are just sigils that denote the intent you're broadcasting at the spirit.

So, the key takeaway from this book is that you need to have faith in something in order to reliably perform magic.


ask the guys who run the world, they probably know better than me.


That gives rise to a question whether they rule the world because of their involvement in the occult, or they are practicing occultism because they run the world, have everything they could possibly want and simply having 'fun' by larping


pretty sure it's the latter


they definitely do rule the world because of their involvement in the occult, specifically the dark occult. when you are literally a satanist who thinks hes the highest being in the universe and can step on anyone else, that gives you a lot more freedom than people with morals.

now onto whether or not the occult has anything to it, spellcasting i dont know, but truths about reality really do have something to them. most people think that they are the result of whatever chemicals are in their brain, they think that they cant even change themselves. most people do not understand that they have rights inherent to creation, making it very easy for a government to control them. thats just to name a few but you can bet that little of what the average person believes about reality is true. its not so much that occult knowledge helped the powers that be to rise to where they are, but they used the lack of knowledge others had to put them down.


File: 1616095352950.pdf (4.74 MB, odom-manifesto.pdf)

Here's Kyle Odom's manifesto. A very interesting account of being 'attacked' by astral entities.
First Odom experiments with meditation, and has a mind-expanding experience. He experiences a series of synchronicities that, I believe, were meant to steer him away from his mundane goals and towards occult evolution, like what he experienced initially. But he rejects these signs and continues to stubbornly pursue his lesser obligations. I believe that this is largely a result of his materialism (God's not real, heaven's not real, Earth is all there is, etc.) So, the synchronicities start becoming more and more obvious, and Odom, being a materialist, cannot interpret them correctly and comes under the assumption that he is under attack. This mind state of fearful victimhood attracts actual psychic predators to him, which he mistakenly believes are 'martians' using advanced technology to harass him.
It's really sad, if he just kept up with his initial progress all of his pain could have been avoided.


I remember him. He was definitely chosen for something. But what?


people are easily spooked


>"Sister sister, he's just a play thing. We wanna make him stay up all night."
I actually know this song. Can't fathom why it made him pop a boner.


wondering if anyone has opinions or knowledge/experience about the matter of being physically active being conducive to success in magick, I had some insights recently that pretty much verified what I started suspecting a couple years ago, that I'm only ever successful when I'm active as opposed to sitting on my ass in a basically hikikomori state, whether I'm doing physical hobbies (uncommon these days) or, and especially, when I'm out and about, say night walking or bicycling, and I see it very closely corroborated by the ups and downs in my magickal practice over the years, there unquestionably a direct connection, in my case anyway

I wonder if the matter of being active, or at least internally active rather than dead inside, is just a condition peculiar to myself or if it's universal and some sort of principle, an elemental yin/yang deal


So why would anyone waste time on this?


What meditation are wizards doing?
I am practicing silence meditation. It made me feel relax at the beggining, but now it makes me feel like I don't exist.
I'm also using Perfect inner weather (https://www.microserenity.com/weather.html)


Power, knowledge, Apotheosis


I always wanted to and just recently started tentatively studying the Changes. Not so much as a system of divination but as an overarching cosmogony of much of chinese thought.
It is not exactly an easy endeavour, not only because of the cryptic nature of the book and symbology, but also because of all the historical cruft that it has accumulated. It is often linked to daoism, but daoism itself has grown way beyond it's initial shape.
For example, the notions of yin and yang, so seemingly central to both systems, has but very minor representation in the original works, in the Zhouyi there is but a couple of lines with explicit mention, the daodejing iirc has none, and Zhuangzi too mentions them only in passing.
Later scholars from many schools took from the yijing, and it can be shown in both confucian and later daoist traditions. Confucius himself is credited the Great Commentary, the notions of the trigrams themselves seem to have been, too, developed well after the Zhouyi was written. They are actually the ones that bridge the rather archaic zhouyi to the whole yingyang system.
The received yijing that chinese know today actually come with a great deal of additional text, also known as the Ten Wings, which are several layers of commentary added over the ages. But the core essence (ie, the Zhouyi) is merely the hexagrams and the comments on the lines.
Interesting is the daoist school that built a system of alchemy and magic on top of the original symbolism of the changes, but also the neoconfucian school which also makes up a big coherent model of the universe based on much the same principles. I don't know very well to what extent these two traditions overlap, and both seem to have influenced traditional chinese medicine as well.
As of right now, besides studying the Zhouyi itself, I've been looking at the Illustrated Canon of Chen Family Taijiquan, where these systems of thought all seem to converge to a certain extent. Indeed, taijiquan is quite recent, considering the lifetime of the changes.
But therein lies the difficulty, for the system expounded in the Chen family canon necessarily draws on many sources and a long tradition, and the exact origins and dates thereof of these ideas is hard to trace, whereas the original texts of both the dao as well as the yijing itself have but a very minimal language. Especially the dao texts (particularly Zhuangzi) seem to shun the complication that would thereafter build up.


succubi shouldn't be allowed to practise the occult, it's either cringe or full on dark magick


what's dark magic?


Doing unethical shit in the name of magick.
Hurting people, stealing body parts from dead people, killing animals, rape, murder, that kind of shit.


Bumping for interest.


Occult bump


File: 1652571694217.jpg (5.5 KB, 197x255, 197:255, brbgoing2gensokyo.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

A - If your imagination is strong enough, you can manifest tulpas according to your reality.
B - Extrapolating from A, if your imagination was on an even higher level, you can manifest higher levels according to your reality.
C - When you sleep and enter a hypnogogic state, your imagination strengthens.
D - Extrapolating from C, and given the rush of chemicals that happens near death, you can achieve an extremely strong mental state near death, that even makes time appear still.
E - Given B and D, could you train your mental capabilities to make Gensokyo appear through the noose?


>stealing body parts from dead people
How is this unethical?


File: 1652634123537-0.png (1.9 MB, 1440x810, 16:9, mpv-shot0012.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1652634123537-1.png (1.72 MB, 1440x810, 16:9, mpv-shot0010.png) ImgOps iqdb

Magic is surely the highest art, but it's really a rich boy's game. Who else has the time or money to stand in a dedicated room thick with incense shouting like a madman (sorry, "evoking") for 3 hours, with a sword, goblet, pantacle, and all the other paraphernalia? Who else will have a cursory knowledge of latin, hebrew, and greek than a boarding school student? Who else has the willfulness to immediately apply their new intellectual powers than a violent youth? It's no surprise Agrippa began to write his magnum opus as a teenager, as it has all the energy of someone earnestly investigating metaphysics as though it were a real subject. Oh! but is there anything more real than that?

In the course of magical training the magician's mind is transformed from a diffuse cloud into a lightning bolt, which evokes and banishes (it's a stereotype that modern magicians spend all their time banishing and not actually doing anything, which is entirely true) as he desires. He finds the homes of gnomes and fights fairies in the woods. The magician stands at the gates of eden and laughs at the sword turning every way. Are not all the fiery powers of heaven at his feet? He cums with the force of a thousand suns. Clearly there's nothing going on when you wave your magic stick about, but you are waving your will around, and there is immense power in harnessing a waving dick (as you already know). Who else never says no to a dick, a phoenix resurrected from its deathly sanctum, than our holy prostitute? That is all I have to say on the matter.

XXX° Dutiful Master 8=D of the A.G.L. Mysterium


I dont buy into this stuff but let's say I want to give myself cancer using this occult stuff, is there any way I can do it?


You can bake an asbestos pie and eat it for cancer generation


Do you need occult for this? Just look up group 1 carcinogens and have a fun time with as many of them as you can: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IARC_group_1 .

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