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This thread will be for discussing all television shows, series and miniseries

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File: 1597757364804.jpg (200.85 KB, 1000x1500, 2:3, ST.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Well I'm finally taking the plunge. I'll be binge watching Star Trek Next Generation. I know nothing of ST, never watched a movie, not even a TV episode. I did some searching and apparently fans consider Next Generation to be the best iteration of the show. Here we go.


Gene Roddenberry injects his communist utopia delusions into everything in TNG. Also he banned the writers from having interpersonal conflicts with the crew since he thought that everyone should always work together perfectly in his vision of the future. TNG only really gets good once you get to the seasons after Roddenberry had his stroke. It's really funny though that even a communist like Roddenberry looks like an right wing extremist when compared to the shallow shameless propaganda that is modern day Star Trek. I mean at least he believed in something.

All in all, Deep Space 9 is the best Star Trek show.


The original is so boring i fell aslep


I used to watch voyager I thought ds9 to be boring but whatever it's been 10 years since I last watched that show


File: 1597785857527.mp4 (4.59 MB, 480x360, 4:3, MacGyver - Intro [HQ].mp4) ImgOps iqdb

A few days ago I found my old VHS recorder
Last time I used it was around 2014. That was the oldest date on anything I had saved on it.
I decided I will get rid of it. I never use it anyways and the tuner does not work anymore for the new broadcasting systems.

Those were the times. The stuff you wanted to see. You had to program your recorder for it and record it. There was no internet to download full hd torrents of all the stuff you wanted.


I like the original the best


My favorite without a doubt.
I enjoyed voyager too.

Wasn't a fan of Deep space 9 or the original show.


File: 1597975384696.jpg (235.58 KB, 1296x730, 648:365, star_trek-_the_next_genera….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This is a spoiler free post. So I just finished watching the first season of Star Trek TNG. 26 episodes. I love it. Not knowing anything about Star Trek and going headfirst was the right idea. I had this vague idea that ST was about a bunch of guys in silly uniforms with people with silly rubber masks that we suppose to believe were aliens. Now I realize it's exactly that visually, but the dialogues is where everything is at. It's so smart at times, it has good, endearing characters and above everything else, it really makes you care for them. I really enjoy how optimistic it is, I understand now it really has a place in fiction history. It's so unbelievably refreshing to watch a show where they actually believe violence should be the last resort. The idea of humanity having improved beyond its old ways and achieved a higher standard towards life really makes you feel the Enterprise and its crew are from a future where we did something right. Pursuit of knowledge, wisdom, compassion, honor and so on. It's really a heartwarming view of the future, at least so far.

I like the fact that even when it's bad it's the good type of bad. There's always something interesting going on, even on bad episodes. Even on the purely space opera episodes I managed to have some fun. All the characters are interesting. They are mostly one dimensional characters; Tasha Yar is the head of security, who grow up in a shithole colony and had a tough upbringing, Worf is the Klingon warrior who has to adapt to human society, Data is an android curious about everything, La Forge is a blind guy who can see better than anyone else, Wesley is the annoying kid that knows better than everyone else, his Mother Dr. Crusher is the doctor with a romantic interest on Picard, Troi is the half Betazoid that can almost read thoughts and sense emotions, Riker is the good looking, all smiles commander, and the heart of the show captain Picard, who is there to make sure those higher 24th century new human standards humanity fought hard to achieve remains intact and operating in all their missions.

Those character they don't exactly grow (at least so far, I just watched season 1 of 7), and there's so much stuff that's silly and makes no sense (for example the prime directive) but it's always fun and the characters become really interesting to watching during all the crazy stuff that's throw at them. I've grown so fond of those characters that I began to develop strong expectations on how they should deal with the situations coming up and get angry when they go against their well established character traits, for example when commander Riker let's captain Picard go to a hostile planet or Picard being a moron and getting outsmarted by Wesley and so on.

So yeah, so far I'm really enjoying it. I have a lot more to say about it but I'll watch the rest of the seasons before that.
Here's a list of my top 5 favorite episodes from season 1 in no particular order.
1-Encounter at Farpoint - Shakespeare in space, also presentation of all the characters, a very nice start.
2-Where No One Has Gone Before - An insight on what is the universe on Star Trek and how it works. Plus we see some of the nature of the Enterprise itself.
3-When The Bough Breaks - The crew tries to help a civilization that can't have offspring anymore.
4-Hide and Q - The classic Temptation of Christ scenario, but in space.
Heart of Glory - Mr. Worf faces his primal instincts when the Enterprise rescues a group of Klingons.
5-Skin of Evil - A really interesting concept for a classical villain character.

To me it's either an entertaining piece of fiction or not. So far I've been finding very entertaining.
I read a lot of fans saying a lot of episodes from the old show was rather boring. I don't know, I feel like watching it now because there's a lot of references on TNG about the original series.
I read a lot of reviews and opinions before picking up TNG and apparently it's a favorite among lots of fans. I'm very happy with the choice.

Season 2,3,4,5,6,7 here I come.


Watching the original ruined Star Trek for me, so boring and old and crappy music also


File: 1598236939814.jpg (548.33 KB, 3136x2012, 784:503, star-trek-the-next-generat….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Finished the second season. 22 episodes this time. I think it's better than the first season, with a couple of episodes being really, really good. We get to explore more of all character's backstories and see more of the strange ST universe that oftentimes are just mirrors we can gaze at and see our own problems and difficulties thinly veiled in an alien rubber mask. It's more entertaining than you might think. Here's a list of my favorite episodes and a couple of my least favorite ones.
Where Silence Has Lease - The Enterprise encounters a very powerful entity eager to learn about humans, treating the crew like lab rats.
Elementary, Dear Data - I love this type of trope where fictional characters realize they're fictional. It's executed here with a lot of charm.
A Matter of Honor - A closer look at Klingons. This one is interesting to me specially because I knew nothing about Klingons and I know they're a huge piece of ST lore. Nice watch, a lot of screen time to Mr. Worf, an interesting character that doesn't get a lot of attention in many episodes.
The Measure of a Man - One of my favorites of this season. A courtroom drama where Picard has to challenge a rulling saying Mr. Data is starfleet propriety. A basic discussion about life, rights and slavery, done in charming ST fashion.
Pen Pals - Another favorite. After Data come in contact with a doomed alien species, the crew has to decide to save them and break prime directive, or let them be destroyed. Again, a discussion on friendship, loyalty and compassion, done in charming ST fashion.
Q Who - My favorite episode of Star Trek so far. Scary, intriguing alien life, Q and Picard in a battle of wits. Very, very, very good. Love it.
The Royale - It's funny because I was reading reviews of episodes when I finish a season and this one is particularly disliked by trekkies. Thing is I liked the premisse so much I don't even care about the rest. It's another one of those "man realizes he's stuck in a fictional universe" scenario that I like so much.

Now for a couple I really disliked it.
Manhunt - Troi's mother comes to the Enterprise and tries to have sex with Picard and then Riker. That's it. Awful.
Shades of Gray - Worst episode of TNG so far. Not even an episode, it's just clips of previous episodes presented as Riker's memories while he's in a coma fighting an alien infection in his brain. Abysmal.
Samaritan Snare - Riker suddenly becomes the stupidest humanoid in the galaxy, along with everyone else on the Enterprise, just so this plot could happen.


Thanks wizzie, even thought i hated the original series (it was boring and shit) your reviews are comfy and give me hope that in a couple years when i rinse my memories of that abomination i can try again with TNG


>there's so much stuff that's silly and makes no sense (for example the prime directive)
what are you talking about, it makes perfect sense, on the face of it and from the point of view of a peaceful galactic government not wanting another alien war


File: 1598478804738.jpg (384.67 KB, 680x1000, 17:25, Cover.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Just finished third season. It keeps getting better. Good episodes are the norm for third season, I'm impressed how much it improved from the first two. We get to see more of the human and klingon cultures, more of the Romulans, etc. Very emotionally charged episodes here, touching motherhood to war, to PTSD, to daydreaming. Here's a list of my favorites.

The Enemy - La Forge forms an unexpected partnership with a Romulan in order to survive.
The Defector - A Romulan defector goes to the Federation in order to stop a war.
Déjà Q - Star Trek comedy done right. Q is absolutely hilarious here.
The Offspring - One of my favorite episodes of this season. Data creates another android.
Sins of the Father - Worf has to goes back to the Klingon empire in order to face accusations against his father.
Tin Man - A weird form of life is found and only an reclusive betazoid psychic can talk to it.
Hollow Pursuits - A member of the Enterprise battles video game addiction (actually holodeck addiction but it's the same thing, almost) and his real life crumbles apart as he becomes more and more negligent towards his real world responsabilities.
The Best of Both Worlds - The Borg are back and holy shit what a great season finale!

From the reviews I read, only a couple episodes of the first season are tos-like episodes, I think you'll enjoy TNG. I hope you watch it some of it soon so I can talk about it with you.

It does makes sense. I would love that something like the prime directive was a thing back during the expansion of the Portuguese and the Spanish empires. Imagine letting the great mesoamerican civilizations like the Mayas or the Incas to evolve by themselves up to present day or at least until they could cross oceans by themselves. Growing up I was fascinated by the Incas and would imagine what they would be like if they were let on their own. I think that's what the writers had in mind when coming up with this idea. My problem with the prime directive is a little more on the practical side of things. They break it all the time. If you're reading my posts you know I'm no ST expert, all I ever watched was the first 3 seasons of The Next Generation.

The problem of PD's non-intervention is that the Federation don't actually follow it, or at least it has many possible interpretarions and nobody is ever punished for bending it however they see fit. Here's a list of episodes I seen so far that clearly breaks PD beyond reasonable doubt.
Too Short a Season - A starfleet officer gives Federation weapons for both sides of a conflict. His interpretation of the PD for this is that "by giving the same weapons to both sides he would still be giving both sides a winning chance thus respecting PD rules".
Symbiosis - Picard breaks PD here by saving a shipment of drugs that was about to get destroyed but then don't give them ship's parts they need to continue transportation of the drugs because by doing so he believes he's protecting PD when he already broke it when he saved the shipment in the first place.
Pen Pals - Enterprise saves an entire planet from destruction because Data made a friend with one of its inhabitants.
Who Watches the Watchers - The Federation has a team of scientists hidden inside a proto-vulcan planet in order to study them. They fuck up and reveal themselves. The Enterprise then goes in to meddle some more in order to unmeddle the meddling. Just a mess.

Nobody is actually punished for PD violations, at least I have not seen any reprisals against Picard or the Enterprise and Picard does report all of those things on his official logs which I assume someone is reading it. The main problem I think is that the Enterprise is more on the side of humanitarian aid than non-intervention. Every time Picard has to decide between not doing anything or helping, thus interfering, he always goes with helping. All his medical officers seem to go completely against PD if it will enable them to save lives. I would like to see the entry for humanitarian aid on the Prime Directive rulebook. I'm sure that entry alone would be volumes long.

Another problem I see is how advanced a culture needs to be for you to be allowed to contact and interact with? Sometimes it seems they only need to be aware that there are other life forms beyond their own planet (pen pals) other times not even when that planet has interplanetary spaceships you're supposed to intervene (Symbiosis). It's inconsistent, but that's expected given the fact there are so many writers behind each episode. They use different versions of the PD, going for whatever works for that episode. I'm not complaining of course, whatever works to a good plot works for me.

Finally, Enterprise has just too many functions that makes it almost impossible for them to follow non-intervention. One day they're carrying diplomatic missions, the other pure exploration, hauling cargo, transporting delegates, policing, scientific field work. In one episode, Tin Man, they find about this life form they know nothing about, but apparently rushing to contact it is not a PD violation, if it means beating the Romulans of contacting it first. Then the whole thing is justified when they save the alien from being destroyed by the Romulans, even though the alien itself wants to die. I really like the idea of the PD, it's just that it's really hard not to break it when you're obviously more on the side of a humanitarian services provider than a passive observer. Still, it's really interesting in theory. I would like to see the Enterprise letting a whole planet die of a plague under the guise of the PD and see how the characters react to it. So far they're always pushed into action by some last second technicality, which saves the crews from dealing with actual consequences of non-intervention. Maybe there is such an episode, we'll see.

Anyway, I'm really enjoying it. I love how optimistic ST is, I love how they present high ideals for humanity without looking obnoxious or imposing. Really well written most of the time.


Ross made an episode on this


File: 1598530201239.png (856.1 KB, 960x720, 4:3, Riker.png) ImgOps iqdb

This video explains it better than I could, thanks. Just one nitpick, at 12:15 he suggests that the extinction of an entire planet should qualify for intervention. At least based on what happens on Pen Pals, it does not qualify. Picard strongly implies they should not be saving Drema IV in that episode. They have a heated discussion about it and again, one of the medical officers openly argues against Prime Directive there. I think Med schools in the 24th century have a lot of professors who are openly against the PD on philosophical grounds and argue for humanitarian aid not be a violation of the PF or at least to be acceptable, which is not according to Picard, but it is according to both medical officers we see on the show, Pulaski and Crusher. Again, I would love to watch an episode that talks about this conflict on PD policy. It seems we have two sides, PD conservatives, who take non-intervention to an extreme, probably following its origins on Vulcan philosophy and policy, and effective altruists, who argue human technology should be used to aid all sentience life out there, except of course if they threaten peaceful coexistence.
I suspect there's an episode out there where extinction does qualify for intervention, I guess I'll know soon.

About Symbiosis, they still had a couple of space freighters left. That might have influenced Picard's decision to not give the parts for the ship, he knows they can still continue trade for at least a little while before everything described in the video happens.

One more thing I forgot to talk about on my season 2 and 3 posts. The guy playing Riker is so fat by season 2, I don't happened to him. He was probably on donut only diet in between seasons. They even gave him a beard to hide the double chin. He continues to inflate like a balloon on season 3, I wonder if he will be using an electric cart by the fifth season.


I just watched The Mandalorian. It was honestly great and I'm surprised a television series that is both modern and a part of Disney Star Wars turned out to be so enjoyable. Highly recommended if you like space westerns with stoic protagonist.


File: 1598721740874.jpg (37.37 KB, 480x220, 24:11, missionlog-justice-head.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You guys made me curious enough to watch a few episodes of Star Trek NG. I'm not familiar with the franchise, but I'm kinda enjoying it, though I'm still getting used to its slower pace. I will also admit that I'm stupid and sometimes I can't follow the dialogues but I enjoyed the Justice episode where the eden people try to execute Wesley


Keep watching wizzie, first and second season is weak compared to third season on, but watching the first two makes you care, making the later seasons even better. If you're enjoying those first episodes you'll love what's in store for you farther in.


Also wiz, use spoilers, there are other wizzies out there who might want to watch it for themselves.


Execution is more important than plot in Star Trek, spoilers don't really ruin the viewing experience.


Using spoilers is the considerate thing to do when talking about plot points here on /hob/. It's possible not everyone agrees with your assessment on what is important on a ST story, specially considering how varied they are.


File: 1598754913688.jpg (366.29 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, barclay.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

best (if only) trek wizard coming through


File: 1598757491206.jpg (940.02 KB, 1436x1080, 359:270, Holodeck.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I honestly don't know how anyone get anything done aboard the Enterprise when holodecks exist. Only bad part of it is that any commissioned officer can open the door from the outside. I bet they did that to discourage people to get too wild while using it.


File: 1598790591779.jpg (229.03 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, borg-.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Star Trek: The Next Generation season 1-5 are the best seasons of The Star Trek Next Generation.
Seasons 6 & 7 are meh mostly with some exceptions like
season 6:Tapestry it is one of the best Picard episodes & it has one of the best Picard speeches(it's just one line)
season 7: All Good Things… the last episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation its an ok Picard episode but the last scene makes up for the the entire shit season 7.

Season 5 has is one of my favorite episodes like
The Inner Light:another great Picard episode,
The First Duty:A Wesley Crusher episode I like this one because as I had a personal experience similar to Wesley Crusher's situation in this episode(no one died but I could have got some jail time for my actions & I got away as my seniors helped me cover up my crimes)
Season 5 episode "I Borg" In my opinion this is the best episode of The Star Trek Next Generation,This should have been the conclusion of the Borg arc no more Borg episodes were needed after this (many people might disagree) because this episode is the exact opposite of the episode The Best of Both Worlds Picard resolves his personal conflict with the Borg & he resolves it without acts of violence,They prove that humanity has really evolved and that they are capable of peaceful coexistence even with the Borg as the Borg was Q's test to see if humanity had evolved or not. This episode also neutralizes the Borgs threat from the audience's perspective because we can no longer see them as an unstoppable force that has only one purpose because in this episode there true weakness is exposed that is: Resistance… is not futile


doesnt he norm up in the end?


no, if you're remembering the "Nth degree" episode he makes a pass on troi but he was basically possessed by an alien computer program that screwed with his personality, the rest of the barclay episodes in TNG and voyager didn't have anything romantic

I'm the other star trek wiz btw, watched em all like 3x over


File: 1602217380449.webm (11.87 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Subterrania Teaser Traile….webm) ImgOps iqdb

actually looking forward to this


People are only allotted a certain amount of time and most holodeck use must be scheduled well in advance.




Anyone seen Apple Original Ravens Banquet? It's a fun little show about video game devs.


What are guys watching that's currently airing?

Finished season 2 of The Boys and it was pretty disappointing compared to the first.
Currently following along with Fargo S4 and there's that familiar Fargo feel but I'm just not buying the characters, especially the whole wise negro act.

Still waiting for Billions S5 to finish airing. What's the point of getting to stay home if I can't even watch muh soap operas?


Watched through Billions a few times, and S5 is an utter shitstain that is barely even coherent. Every 3rd sentence is some stupid obscure reference also. All of the characters have lost any sense of actual complexity and become walking caricatures.

Can't say I'm expecting anything different when it comes back.


There are zero (0) good shows currently airing.


Agreed. The last episode that aired was just a peak meme tier reference, like a parody of the actual show. Definitely dropped in quality since season 1.

Managed to find a relatively obscure show called Warrior currently airing. Despite the generic name, it's a really good kung-fu drama set in the US after the Civil War. Initially I thought it was going to be some woke non-sense, but the racism isn't just added on top like in Fargo, but it's an actual deep part of the characters. The fights are pretty good and I'm really enjoying the soundtrack.


Warrior sounds pretty cool.
I will have to check it out.


waiting for south park and the expanse


I finished it last night, gotta say I really didn't like the ending, he got the succubus off the hook just with that dumb speech, come on.

>There's not a lot of progressive, politically correct messaging, but it's certainly still there in each and every episode

Yeah, they try harder and harder to make the husband look like the bad guy, while the wife who was having sex the kid's kidnapper was just a poor victim because misogyny.

I thought the show was ok but I won't bother with a new season.

My favorite current show is Succession, just a drama centered around a family full of awful people


File: 1604876513287.jpg (95.33 KB, 1000x752, 125:94, dekalog.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm kinda tired of American tv shows, lately I've been watching Dekalog, I really enjoy the atmosphere and setting. Also about to start Berlin Alexanderplatz (1980 not the 2020 version). Do you wizzies happen to know any other 80s/90s European dramas with the same kind of tone?


Can any one recommend me some non-pozzed science fiction or mystery series? I'm rewatching Monk yet again and I need something new. Don't mind how old it is as long as it's engaging.


File: 1607928191765.jpg (87.43 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 4165341701_68883106e3.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You could give "The Prisoner" a try, though it's not for everybody.
>Some of my readers may wonder why I have bothered so much about a television series. But film is art, and I would go so far as to say that it is the Gesamtkunstwerk, the total work of art. It is capable of profundity, and of moving us in a way that no other art form can. And The Prisoner is serious film, and perhaps the greatest television series ever made. Like a great work of literature, it rewards us with something new each time we return to it.

The Prisoner is a 1967 British avant-garde social science fiction television series about an unnamed British intelligence agent who is abducted and imprisoned in a mysterious coastal village, where his captors try to find out why he abruptly resigned from his job.


Good series but I was hoping for something a bit less oppressive in tone. I'm wanting escapism more than a hard series.

Thank you for the suggestion.


Try Mythic Quest: Ravens Banquet.


Was watching Space Force. But honestly it was barely funny. And by the third or fourth episode was becoming a chore to get through. Am also watching the new season of Shark Tank as it airs.


I am rewatching 'Yes Minister' as well and it's a classic. Do recommend more British comedy shows guys.


Is Mando any good?


The premise of the first season was alright. A trained supersoldier who follows a strict code of conduct is forced to hop from one system to the other, protecting a small creature that holds a mysterious power, having to shed off his old bounty hunter ways while learning about how working alone isn't always the best option, and gradually discovering the art of a long forgotten power that his cargo possesses. The first few episodes were like Kino No Tabi if you liked that premise, for lack of better comparison. It doesn't suffer from much of the flaws of NuWars and it actually acknowledges the oldschool Trade Federation / Techno Union assaults from The Clone Wars era instead of trying to retcon in new past adversaries. It's sympathetic to the Empire at times and also subtly paints the rebels as almost barbaric at times, much like with Saw Gerrera in Rogue One.

Unfortunately the ending of the first season suggests that the second part will be more of a group struggle, dispoving of the quiet comfy space travel instances shared by Mando and the creatuire (It's not actually Yoda despite plebs saying it's baby Yoda), but all in all it's a solid watch if you enjoyed the first 6 Star Wars films


I'm trying to get through episode two of Chernobyl, and I was already having trouble with the OC fictional female scientist character, but then she goes and says that the uranium hitting the water reservoirs could cause an, and I quote "2 - 4 megaton explosion". What the fuck? How could they let something like this into the show? That's tens of thousands of orders of magnitude off of what is actually possible. One hundred tons would be a high, VERY high estimate. Not two million.


File: 1613928412054.jpg (17.06 KB, 599x337, 599:337, BW57yqyIQAAhaqW.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Why did Hank say his name is Isaac Schrader? What purpose does changing only your first name serve?


He said ASAC schrader as in assistant special agent

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