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Does anyone here do deadlifts? I'm thinking about working to get a god-tier deadlift. My first goal is to make it up to 405lbs deadlift and then see how far I can take it from there. Right now I can do 255 for 5x5. Any wizbros here with tips?

Right now I'm 80 lbs overweight and need to stop eating so much food. The problem is I'm addicted to food and since I'm a 28 year old virgin, it's not like I have much else to do so it's gonna be hard to cut back on the food. Does anyone also have tips on how to feel full and not feel the need to eat food?


Well, from my personal experience eggs fill me up quick, to the point I feel like I'd rather throw up than eat anything else for the rest of the day. Drink plenty of water and eat plenty of eggs.


Be sure to get really strict on your form.
Get video of yourself dead lifting your heavier sets and keep a eye on what your form does. Correcting any mistakes you see.

The heavier you go the more form is important for progress and safety. When your ORM starts getting close to 3 times your body weight one slight mistake in your form could fucking cripple you. Take form seriously.


I'll see what I can do about the eggs. Right now I'm living in a hotel room where there's no kitchen so I'm not sure how to prepare myself eggs in an affordable price.

Appreciate the word of caution. I probably should do deadlifts at a lighter weight and focus on getting my form perfect before moving onto heavy weights.

The only thing that sucks is I hate going to the gym where it's full of Chads and normies. I just put on my hoodie and keep my head low and avoid talking to anyone… Just walk straight to the bar and put weights on and do my sets as quickly as possibly and get out of the gym asap. I know they're probably all laughing at me on the inside because I'm an overweight virgin but IDC, I want to build up a God-tier deadlift.


Chances are you'll be very serious about lifting when you approach 3x bodyweight territory
I am doing it half-assed, had to take breaks because of my work, and I don't think I ever passed 2x bodyweight territory, at least not by much. I never looked better than ottermode so I probably just didn't have the muscles to support more.



That's why my current goal is 405lbs. I think that's a reasonable goal and achievable.

Once I hit that then I'll evaluate and see what needs to be done to hit 3x bodyweight lifts. Right now my bodyweight is 220lbs but I hope to lose 60+ lbs within the next 6 months.


what kind of deadlifts do you do? i think variations help, you might want to add them to your routine if you haven't already. i'm assuming you also do squats, what're your squat numbers?


If you're going to a gym don't be afraid to ask someone you've seen deadlifting to check your form during reps. You can really hurt yourself even with medium weights and only notice hours later that your back hurts or something. Makes it hard and annoying to lift for a week.


My advice is that you should focus on consistently working out and that matters infinitely more than PR chasing based on /fit/'s meaningless strength standards. Deadlifts are fine if you enjoy doing them, if you don't you're just torturing yourself when there are much easier exercises that have the same effect. I fell for the starting strength meme and I disliked it so much that I quit lifting for years. I then started an easier more isolated three day PPL without deadlifts, built a fairly decent body by normie standards and I'm now able to maintain it by lifting once or twice a week. I only work legs once every two weeks, if that because admittedly I haven't been working out as much as I should because I've felt like an axe has been hanging over me.
>Does anyone also have tips on how to feel full and not feel the need to eat food?
You're never going to that feel full in the first weeks of dieting and that shouldn't be the goal. You should either be eating only a single meal per day, water fasting for long periods of time, or counting calories and weighing your food. The latter gives you a better feeling for what foods are 'worth' eating and what is a waste of calories but it's more time consuming. Either way, you have 80 pounds of extra calories hanging off your body, you need food like a billionaire needs a thousand bucks. Whatever you do, don't resort to fat logic and talk yourself into overeating. Your strength will suffer as you lose weight, but it will still be worth it.

Another thing to consider is if you would be more likely to workout if you could do it at home. For around $200, you can pick up a 200 pound set of dumbbells that can replace an entire gym. Instead of back or front squats, do rear elevated split squats as they are better and require a fraction of the amount of weight since they're mostly done on a single leg. Instead of bench press, do a floor press. No other equipment is really needed.


Deadlifts are a great exercise.

Please be safe (don't allow yourself to round your back).

I ego lifted for some time and while I didn't hurt myself, my deadlift didn't improve. I should have just lowered the weight and worked up in smaller increments.

The best way I've personally found to make consistent progress is to squat regularly as well. If I just did one, nothing happened, but when I would squat and dead in the same week, both would be a little better.

But I don't know if this is true for everyone. I deadlift a lot more than I squat. I think the way you're built determines a lot about how you need to lift.

There are a wide variety of strength standards online, but I found this article interesting.



I'll just add that with all weight training, remember that is a marathon, not a sprint. Accept slow progression, especially with deadlifting. You don't have to add weight every time you work out, there are other ways to improve, like power. Being able to steadily move the same weight with more confidence than last time should be considered progress.

Also do bent-over rows and squats if you arent already. They'll be more isolating to muscles like quads and lats that help keep you stable through the deadlift.


File: 1601973580379.jpg (143.98 KB, 700x1600, 7:16, 20201018.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Just DO it.


YES oP, deadlifts are how I attained my former physique (it’s gone now due to unrelated injuries). It will release HGH and High Test as long as you don’t jerk off (should not be doing it regardless but the effect compounds so quickly when you do deadlifts). Deadlifts and a few bicep curls will give you massive elbow meat around your biceps (not just your biceps but like those small muscles around them), it really fleshes out your physique

As for the food issue, it’s mostly related to feelings. I solved my eating issue two ways… The first was really difficult and I do not recommend, it was simply eating horribly untasty clean food (like literal actual cold refrigerator turkey) to the exact requires diet amounts. It was miserable and the added misery just led to me acting out in other ways. So I made all my issues go away by learning how to cook REALLY TASTY, but clean, food. If you have a ton of money (I dont i’m destitute lol) you can just buy expensive restaurant food, but I learned to cook mine. I can give you a couple starting recipes but the joy of the good taste while eating clean led me to feel full and have total control over how much I ate, without acting out negatively in other ways. It was a complete positive effctt on me


I do them as part of Stronglifts 5x5, but I'm a little bitch and I barely ever reach 2x bodyweight.


I am doing sumo deadlifts right now, because it puts less strain on my back than conventional deadlifts (since more vertical back angle = using legs more than lower back). Also, since I don't have a rack, I can't do squats, so sumo is the best I can do for overall leg strength. I've been doing it for about two months and was having really good progress, getting up to almost 3 plates.

However I've had trouble with it for two reasons 1) my hip flexor/abductors becomes strained when I spread my feet out very much (I think largely due to poor flexibility from sitting all day) and 2) I can only hold a lot of weight with a mixed grip, which I found out should only be used as a handicap or last resort. For the first problems I've tried stretching and sitting in a squatting/criss-cross position more often, and it seems to have helped.

But when I tried to use the double overhand grip I had a hell of time getting much weight at all off of the ground. So now I've cut back to a little over lmao2pl8… in order to get my grip strength up and further improve my flexibility. It is very humbling, but I recommend you take the same approach if you want to avoid injury, which is much worse than slow steady progress.


If you can, try to get a rack so tjat you can squat. Squats really helped my deadlifts a lot, especially with struggling with the weight at certain points in the lift, and especially with my form. A month of Squats realt noticably improved the smoothness of the excercise (deadlifts) for me


I used to do deadlifts a few years ago. I'm just too apprehensive about injuring myself these days. I'm going to start lifting but only using a machine. I know machines are worthless but I don't know what else to do.


5x5 is too much volume for deadlifts brah, you're gonna cook your lower back after a while. Try 10/5/3/1/10, 5x1, 3x5 or 5x3.


Right now I only have dumbbells with a total of 20 kg. It works for many things but I'll order 20 more kg this month.
With such low weights I won't get very far with deadlifts but when I do 4 sets of 20 I felt the muscles a lot the day after.


The guy in that link said around 200 pounds in bench would put you in the top 10% and maybe 300 to be in the top 1% but I doubt that it's much more than 1% that can bench 200.


I'm pretty advanced so I do one legged deadlift jumping jacks supersets


That circus Instagram shit is dumb.
There are no benefits over traditional exercises other then attention and a absurdly high risk of injury.


Behind the head calf raises and bodyweight farmers walks


Deadlifts are fun, I find that most leg and back exercises are. T-bar rows, front squats, RDL's are all good fun. Lately, I have not been doing deadlifts because the platform I built in my backyard is so fucking shit, I really regret not just paying delivery for 4'x8'sheets of plywood.
I don't find myself doing very much arm/chest work, or even upper body in general(despite what I said before). If I do any upper body lifts it is usually just the overhead press, that doesn't irritate this persistent shoulder injury I have. But all of this lower body stuff is beneficial to me considering how much I cycle. I do look pretty funny, though.



5x5 is too much volume for a maximal lift. its preferable to do a couple sets of 1-3 reps depending on your programming and recovery. you're barely intermediate so you've a long way to go. heavy + high volume = injury. how tall are you btw? losing 60lbs is actually insane and i genuinely dont see why you would want to lose so much weight unless you're very short


have fun destroying your back for gains you could achieve doing other things


File: 1652382583136.jpg (220.95 KB, 700x832, 175:208, 1647882219373.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>go outsideee do something with your life!!!!!!1@
ok i do weight lifting den its pretty cool
>no dont do that you get hurd !!!1!!!19900


There are other exercises you can do that aren't retarded but since you apparently are an asshole please be my guest and do 100 straight leg deadlifts


deadlifts arent something you do in high volume since its a maximal lift -_-


since starting starting strength like 2 weeks ago i've gained 40lbs on my deadlift its pretty epic ive gained like 7lbs


>Does anyone here do deadlifts?

I'm doing 315lbsx8reps at 160lbs. Permanently stuck on intermediate. That's lol3plate.


It's easy to screw deadlifts up compared to other lifting techniques


is this true? why is it a common beginner recommendation? as long as you do core activation and don't bend your back, what are the possible dangers? my gym bro mentioned knee hyperflexion but that would be heavier weights than I can pull for sure


I don't recommend deadlifts. They can injure your back long term. I recommend a PPL high volume training program instead. It's better for long term and you still get good muscle growth.


>Don't do proven strength exercise because you could get ouchies
Coward. Learn and let learn. If he wants to do deadlifts, it's probably because he was exposed to all the proven good information about deadlifts and made his decision to do them because what he saw lit a spark within. Let him do them and if it doesn't work out he can come and tell us about it. Shame on the boy who discourages the man from gaining first-hand experience. Also higher resistance > higher volume. You're recommending him a slower process because you yourself are afraid of the path to fast results. Keep your limp-wristery to yourself.


since this is basically the exercise thread, i use small dumbbells and that's it. i like to hold them straight out for as long as possible until my arms give out, and then i lift them into the air, curl them, and do pushups using them as handles to elevate myself a little more so i can go down deeper


Maybe try a more structured routine. I think you will find better results with a lower risk of injury.


> lower risk of injury
actually good advice because i always fuck up my rhomboid somehow. and then it's like days of not being able to move my arm/neck and staying stiff like a mummy waiting for it to heal. the only exercises ive been able to do consistently are calisthenics, pushups, situps, and the like. using weights is such an unnatural form of exercise but it feels so good


what exercise routines do you guys follow?


i lift heavy objects until my muscles hurt then I eat eggs


eating eggs and sucking seed is homo


The eggs are unfertilized, wiz.
Nevertheless, I'd eat raw cock testicles for the test boost, so potentially fertilized eggs are no cals off my tongue.


File: 1695419640180.png (4.01 MB, 3072x2148, 256:179, D51D29D1863433456AE1870A23….png) ImgOps iqdb

Remember to shock the muscle, wizards

Curling 35lb 10x
then 20lb 10x
then 10lb to failure so about 15 (this is where the burn comes from)
No breaks between so it takes like 2 minutes.
Repeat 5 times doing shrugs or whatever for 3 minutes between each set.

Tried curling a single 50lb plate but felt it in my bones after 5 pumps, scared

Deadlift 240 x8~ to start but my strength quickly drops and I can't be assed to take plates off the bar so I just followup with the 2 35lb dumbells. More weights won't fit on the only bar I have so I'm capped at that 240 until I find a longer bar or more plates. I'm not settling for being a leglette

I need to get strong enough to slay all of the communists, and the races that I don't like sharing a bus with. They're growing afraid.

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