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Does anyone here do deadlifts? I'm thinking about working to get a god-tier deadlift. My first goal is to make it up to 405lbs deadlift and then see how far I can take it from there. Right now I can do 255 for 5x5. Any wizbros here with tips?

Right now I'm 80 lbs overweight and need to stop eating so much food. The problem is I'm addicted to food and since I'm a 28 year old virgin, it's not like I have much else to do so it's gonna be hard to cut back on the food. Does anyone also have tips on how to feel full and not feel the need to eat food?


Well, from my personal experience eggs fill me up quick, to the point I feel like I'd rather throw up than eat anything else for the rest of the day. Drink plenty of water and eat plenty of eggs.


Be sure to get really strict on your form.
Get video of yourself dead lifting your heavier sets and keep a eye on what your form does. Correcting any mistakes you see.

The heavier you go the more form is important for progress and safety. When your ORM starts getting close to 3 times your body weight one slight mistake in your form could fucking cripple you. Take form seriously.


I'll see what I can do about the eggs. Right now I'm living in a hotel room where there's no kitchen so I'm not sure how to prepare myself eggs in an affordable price.

Appreciate the word of caution. I probably should do deadlifts at a lighter weight and focus on getting my form perfect before moving onto heavy weights.

The only thing that sucks is I hate going to the gym where it's full of Chads and normies. I just put on my hoodie and keep my head low and avoid talking to anyone… Just walk straight to the bar and put weights on and do my sets as quickly as possibly and get out of the gym asap. I know they're probably all laughing at me on the inside because I'm an overweight virgin but IDC, I want to build up a God-tier deadlift.


Chances are you'll be very serious about lifting when you approach 3x bodyweight territory
I am doing it half-assed, had to take breaks because of my work, and I don't think I ever passed 2x bodyweight territory, at least not by much. I never looked better than ottermode so I probably just didn't have the muscles to support more.



That's why my current goal is 405lbs. I think that's a reasonable goal and achievable.

Once I hit that then I'll evaluate and see what needs to be done to hit 3x bodyweight lifts. Right now my bodyweight is 220lbs but I hope to lose 60+ lbs within the next 6 months.


what kind of deadlifts do you do? i think variations help, you might want to add them to your routine if you haven't already. i'm assuming you also do squats, what're your squat numbers?


If you're going to a gym don't be afraid to ask someone you've seen deadlifting to check your form during reps. You can really hurt yourself even with medium weights and only notice hours later that your back hurts or something. Makes it hard and annoying to lift for a week.


My advice is that you should focus on consistently working out and that matters infinitely more than PR chasing based on /fit/'s meaningless strength standards. Deadlifts are fine if you enjoy doing them, if you don't you're just torturing yourself when there are much easier exercises that have the same effect. I fell for the starting strength meme and I disliked it so much that I quit lifting for years. I then started an easier more isolated three day PPL without deadlifts, built a fairly decent body by normie standards and I'm now able to maintain it by lifting once or twice a week. I only work legs once every two weeks, if that because admittedly I haven't been working out as much as I should because I've felt like an axe has been hanging over me.
>Does anyone also have tips on how to feel full and not feel the need to eat food?
You're never going to that feel full in the first weeks of dieting and that shouldn't be the goal. You should either be eating only a single meal per day, water fasting for long periods of time, or counting calories and weighing your food. The latter gives you a better feeling for what foods are 'worth' eating and what is a waste of calories but it's more time consuming. Either way, you have 80 pounds of extra calories hanging off your body, you need food like a billionaire needs a thousand bucks. Whatever you do, don't resort to fat logic and talk yourself into overeating. Your strength will suffer as you lose weight, but it will still be worth it.

Another thing to consider is if you would be more likely to workout if you could do it at home. For around $200, you can pick up a 200 pound set of dumbbells that can replace an entire gym. Instead of back or front squats, do rear elevated split squats as they are better and require a fraction of the amount of weight since they're mostly done on a single leg. Instead of bench press, do a floor press. No other equipment is really needed.


Deadlifts are a great exercise.

Please be safe (don't allow yourself to round your back).

I ego lifted for some time and while I didn't hurt myself, my deadlift didn't improve. I should have just lowered the weight and worked up in smaller increments.

The best way I've personally found to make consistent progress is to squat regularly as well. If I just did one, nothing happened, but when I would squat and dead in the same week, both would be a little better.

But I don't know if this is true for everyone. I deadlift a lot more than I squat. I think the way you're built determines a lot about how you need to lift.

There are a wide variety of strength standards online, but I found this article interesting.



I'll just add that with all weight training, remember that is a marathon, not a sprint. Accept slow progression, especially with deadlifting. You don't have to add weight every time you work out, there are other ways to improve, like power. Being able to steadily move the same weight with more confidence than last time should be considered progress.

Also do bent-over rows and squats if you arent already. They'll be more isolating to muscles like quads and lats that help keep you stable through the deadlift.


File: 1601973580379.jpg (143.98 KB, 700x1600, 7:16, 20201018.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Just DO it.


YES oP, deadlifts are how I attained my former physique (it’s gone now due to unrelated injuries). It will release HGH and High Test as long as you don’t jerk off (should not be doing it regardless but the effect compounds so quickly when you do deadlifts). Deadlifts and a few bicep curls will give you massive elbow meat around your biceps (not just your biceps but like those small muscles around them), it really fleshes out your physique

As for the food issue, it’s mostly related to feelings. I solved my eating issue two ways… The first was really difficult and I do not recommend, it was simply eating horribly untasty clean food (like literal actual cold refrigerator turkey) to the exact requires diet amounts. It was miserable and the added misery just led to me acting out in other ways. So I made all my issues go away by learning how to cook REALLY TASTY, but clean, food. If you have a ton of money (I dont i’m destitute lol) you can just buy expensive restaurant food, but I learned to cook mine. I can give you a couple starting recipes but the joy of the good taste while eating clean led me to feel full and have total control over how much I ate, without acting out negatively in other ways. It was a complete positive effctt on me


I do them as part of Stronglifts 5x5, but I'm a little bitch and I barely ever reach 2x bodyweight.


I am doing sumo deadlifts right now, because it puts less strain on my back than conventional deadlifts (since more vertical back angle = using legs more than lower back). Also, since I don't have a rack, I can't do squats, so sumo is the best I can do for overall leg strength. I've been doing it for about two months and was having really good progress, getting up to almost 3 plates.

However I've had trouble with it for two reasons 1) my hip flexor/abductors becomes strained when I spread my feet out very much (I think largely due to poor flexibility from sitting all day) and 2) I can only hold a lot of weight with a mixed grip, which I found out should only be used as a handicap or last resort. For the first problems I've tried stretching and sitting in a squatting/criss-cross position more often, and it seems to have helped.

But when I tried to use the double overhand grip I had a hell of time getting much weight at all off of the ground. So now I've cut back to a little over lmao2pl8… in order to get my grip strength up and further improve my flexibility. It is very humbling, but I recommend you take the same approach if you want to avoid injury, which is much worse than slow steady progress.


If you can, try to get a rack so tjat you can squat. Squats really helped my deadlifts a lot, especially with struggling with the weight at certain points in the lift, and especially with my form. A month of Squats realt noticably improved the smoothness of the excercise (deadlifts) for me


I used to do deadlifts a few years ago. I'm just too apprehensive about injuring myself these days. I'm going to start lifting but only using a machine. I know machines are worthless but I don't know what else to do.


5x5 is too much volume for deadlifts brah, you're gonna cook your lower back after a while. Try 10/5/3/1/10, 5x1, 3x5 or 5x3.


Right now I only have dumbbells with a total of 20 kg. It works for many things but I'll order 20 more kg this month.
With such low weights I won't get very far with deadlifts but when I do 4 sets of 20 I felt the muscles a lot the day after.


The guy in that link said around 200 pounds in bench would put you in the top 10% and maybe 300 to be in the top 1% but I doubt that it's much more than 1% that can bench 200.


I'm pretty advanced so I do one legged deadlift jumping jacks supersets


That circus Instagram shit is dumb.
There are no benefits over traditional exercises other then attention and a absurdly high risk of injury.


Behind the head calf raises and bodyweight farmers walks


Deadlifts are fun, I find that most leg and back exercises are. T-bar rows, front squats, RDL's are all good fun. Lately, I have not been doing deadlifts because the platform I built in my backyard is so fucking shit, I really regret not just paying delivery for 4'x8'sheets of plywood.
I don't find myself doing very much arm/chest work, or even upper body in general(despite what I said before). If I do any upper body lifts it is usually just the overhead press, that doesn't irritate this persistent shoulder injury I have. But all of this lower body stuff is beneficial to me considering how much I cycle. I do look pretty funny, though.



5x5 is too much volume for a maximal lift. its preferable to do a couple sets of 1-3 reps depending on your programming and recovery. you're barely intermediate so you've a long way to go. heavy + high volume = injury. how tall are you btw? losing 60lbs is actually insane and i genuinely dont see why you would want to lose so much weight unless you're very short


have fun destroying your back for gains you could achieve doing other things


File: 1652382583136.jpg (220.95 KB, 700x832, 175:208, 1647882219373.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>go outsideee do something with your life!!!!!!1@
ok i do weight lifting den its pretty cool
>no dont do that you get hurd !!!1!!!19900


There are other exercises you can do that aren't retarded but since you apparently are an asshole please be my guest and do 100 straight leg deadlifts


deadlifts arent something you do in high volume since its a maximal lift -_-


since starting starting strength like 2 weeks ago i've gained 40lbs on my deadlift its pretty epic ive gained like 7lbs


>Does anyone here do deadlifts?

I'm doing 315lbsx8reps at 160lbs. Permanently stuck on intermediate. That's lol3plate.


It's easy to screw deadlifts up compared to other lifting techniques


is this true? why is it a common beginner recommendation? as long as you do core activation and don't bend your back, what are the possible dangers? my gym bro mentioned knee hyperflexion but that would be heavier weights than I can pull for sure


I don't recommend deadlifts. They can injure your back long term. I recommend a PPL high volume training program instead. It's better for long term and you still get good muscle growth.


>Don't do proven strength exercise because you could get ouchies
Coward. Learn and let learn. If he wants to do deadlifts, it's probably because he was exposed to all the proven good information about deadlifts and made his decision to do them because what he saw lit a spark within. Let him do them and if it doesn't work out he can come and tell us about it. Shame on the boy who discourages the man from gaining first-hand experience. Also higher resistance > higher volume. You're recommending him a slower process because you yourself are afraid of the path to fast results. Keep your limp-wristery to yourself.


since this is basically the exercise thread, i use small dumbbells and that's it. i like to hold them straight out for as long as possible until my arms give out, and then i lift them into the air, curl them, and do pushups using them as handles to elevate myself a little more so i can go down deeper


Maybe try a more structured routine. I think you will find better results with a lower risk of injury.


> lower risk of injury
actually good advice because i always fuck up my rhomboid somehow. and then it's like days of not being able to move my arm/neck and staying stiff like a mummy waiting for it to heal. the only exercises ive been able to do consistently are calisthenics, pushups, situps, and the like. using weights is such an unnatural form of exercise but it feels so good


what exercise routines do you guys follow?


i lift heavy objects until my muscles hurt then I eat eggs


eating eggs and sucking seed is homo


The eggs are unfertilized, wiz.
Nevertheless, I'd eat raw cock testicles for the test boost, so potentially fertilized eggs are no cals off my tongue.


File: 1695419640180.png (4.01 MB, 3072x2148, 256:179, D51D29D1863433456AE1870A23….png) ImgOps iqdb

Remember to shock the muscle, wizards

Curling 35lb 10x
then 20lb 10x
then 10lb to failure so about 15 (this is where the burn comes from)
No breaks between so it takes like 2 minutes.
Repeat 5 times doing shrugs or whatever for 3 minutes between each set.

Tried curling a single 50lb plate but felt it in my bones after 5 pumps, scared

Deadlift 240 x8~ to start but my strength quickly drops and I can't be assed to take plates off the bar so I just followup with the 2 35lb dumbells. More weights won't fit on the only bar I have so I'm capped at that 240 until I find a longer bar or more plates. I'm not settling for being a leglette

I need to get strong enough to slay all of the communists, and the races that I don't like sharing a bus with. They're growing afraid.


the races you do like sharing a bus with are going to be gone soon, since we're intelligent enough not to fall for succubi temptation.


I fucked up my back a few weeks ago and haven't deadlifted squat (haha) in those weeks as I'm waiting for stuff to heal. I've only been doing machines and it's killing my soul, I want to lift heavy shit again.

Also, seeing all the fat and weak losers crying and whining in this thread is great :^D

>The only thing that sucks is I hate going to the gym where it's full of Chads and normies. I just put on my hoodie and keep my head low and avoid talking to anyone

Trust me anon, no one wants to talk to you either. Not because you're fat but because they are there to work out. If they are talking to someone it's because they are friends outside of the gym or went there with them.

You don't need to be so stereotypically autistic about it.


rack pulls and pull ups are pretty good for bringing your numbers up and familiarizing yourself with that mind-muscle connection. with easier movements that can be done in a more stable manner and at higher volumes. also straight, heavy, maximal deadlifts are absolutely not something you do at a high volume unless you want to snap your shit up. when i was a kid i was deadlifting in the 300s but i only deadlifted 1 set of 5 instead of something ridiculous like 5x5. even 2 sets of 3 would be fine if you are willing to experiment, its also better to deadlift at the end of a workout since the deadlift is so exhausting that your other lifts thereafter will be suboptimal in form and function, this will aid in your growth. cable rowing is also a nice supplemental exercise for the lift.


File: 1701364714116.jpg (18.89 KB, 400x400, 1:1, same computer same interne….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Something that's always bothered me online and, to a lesser extent, IRL, is when men complain about "jocks" and people who look physically fit. I always think "Dude, you literally have all the equipment and horomones inside you to be the same way. You might not be handsome, but at least you'll be better off". These "men" complain as if they have some genetic defect that prevents them from getting off their asses and putting in the effort, like being a succubus.

…What? You can do any exercise in volume if you're going for a certain effect. You don't actually know what you're talking about.


there is genetic predisposition to being fat, it's called the Prader-Willi syndrome which is why most fat people look the same. It has nothing to do with eating or being lazy, when you just ate a double cheeseburger and want to eat another one right away or else you feel like you're dying out of fear and anxiety that's not what happens to "normal" people, that's just shitty genes.


Yes the fucking rare Prader-Willi syndrome that everyone has.


Read the part where I said "genetic defect". And it isn't like these people cannot exercise after eating like that, right? Can they not physically be dragged into a gym?


File: 1701609626687.jpg (1.79 MB, 2481x6600, 827:2200, 1508440307004.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1701609707360.jpg (665.92 KB, 3060x1628, 765:407, 1555961372249-2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Ah yes, the "millions of calistenics I'll never do" method. This stuff isn't sustainable and is not that great for growth. Being able to throw your bodyweight around is great and all, but if you want to go above that or even get a larger body, you're going to have to look at barbell sets.


Basic compound excercises are very good though. Push-ups, pull-ups etc. build strength and those sort of excercises are also essential if you want to get to know your muscles and move your body in a natural way which is required for martial arts and other sports.

If you add those bodyweight compound excercises to your lifts its a very effectice way to build strength.

If youre the type of guy who only lifts and never does any excercise without weights or machines youre most likely using your muscles way less dynamic than someone who trains his body in various ways.


>never does any excercise without weights or machines
Oh, no. I do surfing, jogging, and skateboarding as well among other things. But calistenics/unweighted exercises are best left for fun stuff that requires getting outside like the aforementioned activities rather than doing somewhat stiff exercises like the ones in the photo. It's good for starting, but there are better ways of moving about.


File: 1701675021549.jpg (115.49 KB, 696x662, 348:331, CBTWIZ.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

"Lifting is meditation for men" - someone



My cock and ball torture is going great but I can't post pics of it anymore


Thats how i read it too. I also thought of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, i guess it could be that.


Current body thread LOL


The irony of the diddle is that you get better at it by avoiding it. Assuming you have solid form already. Low bar squat, back extensions, and cleans are what's going to drive it higher not just banging the same deads over and over. Would not recommend 5x5 these just do them 1x5 week A and 1RM week B. 5x5 is too much intensity. Inb4 rippshit, I'm speaking from experience


I want to have a nice muscle chest and arms. How did I acquire this efficiently?


Life heavy object until chest and arms sore. Eat meat. Sleep. Repeat.

Also, no matter what you do, DO NOT cut off the circulation to your arms with rubber bands and then leave them like that for more than 18 hours. Don't fall for that old trick.


How good is walking a lot in terms of losing weight? Like an hour or two a day, maybe with the occasional sprint or jog (but mostly walking). I can't have any sort of home racks or benches, maybe I can buy some dumbbells, and I dont want to pay for the gym.


Lifting is a better means to burn calories, walking doesn't burn many. Even running doesn't burn much.


>How good is walking a lot in terms of losing weight?
Unless you are morbidly fat it isn't enough.
>maybe with the occasional sprint or jog
Sprints are great as long as you warm up enough or do them on soft ground to not injure yourself.
Jogging is probably one of the worst form of cardio exercises. You put a ton of strain on the joints without much benefit.
If you are going to walk for exercise then do it at a brisk pace to warm up, do a few stretches, then finish out the session with a few hill sprints to get your heart rate nice and high. Then walk home.
If you do that regularly then that should cover your cardio needs if you are a beginner.

> I can't have any sort of home racks or benches, maybe I can buy some dumbbells, and I dont want to pay for the gym.

Do you have a floor?
Clear enough of a spot for you to do basic body-weight stuff and focus on improving your form and progressing exercises rather then obsessing over getting high numbers.
Start simple with basic pushups, squats, and leg lifts or crunches. Work on getting the form really good even if you can only do a few at first.
Progress from there.
Resistaince training doesn't require equipment to start.
If you can keep to it then you can start getting cheap equipment like pushup bars or yoga bricks, a nice mat, a ab wheel, or a pull-up bar if you have a good place for it at home. Otherwise look for places on your walks that would be good for pull ups.

All that said, loosing weight is much more about diet then any other factor.
Exercise mainly decides what that weight is composed of.


Anon the best way to lose weight is to consume less calories. Eat like 1000 or at most 1500 calories a day. You will 100% lose weight and fast. Exercising solely to lose weight is fucking retarded. Like this dipshit here >>66928 is saying "DUDE LIFTTTTT" instead of just answering your question, like a fucking retarded lift cultist that he is.

>In general, weightlifting for 30 minutes can burn between 90 and 126 calories, depending on a person's body weight. Vigorous weight lifting for 30 minutes may burn between 180 to 252 calories, depending on a person's body weight.

Bro just fucking eat less. There's no such thing as "dude I'm metamorphic" or "dude I have a slow metabolism" if you fucking consume less calories and watch your calories and make an effort to consume little calories you will guaranteed lose weight AND FAST.


Can absolutely confirm. Went from 220lb to 160 by counting calories and never going over 1k cal a day. Just existing burns you around 2k calories every 24h. Did zero exercise and I even have some muscle showing now on my stomach which is funny given I never touched a dumbbell in my life.


A cut that steep is to be frank, utterly unsustanable and will give pretty shitty results.
Like skin flaps and hospital visits while constantly feeling like shit for weeks/months at a time.

There is no reason to be in that much of a rush to require a cut that deep unless you are getting payed to.

Instead one should calculate their maintenance calories and cut calories by at the very most 20%.
It's more reasonable and won't have the risk of disastrous negative side effects, massive muscle loss, and feeling like shit for extended periods of time.

You have to remember why people want to lose weight.
To be healthy or to look better.
Doing it your way results in worse health and worse looks.


That level of calorie deficit is not much at all and your post comes off as you projecting your personal shortcomings as normal. Skin flaps? Boo hood, a temporary cosmetic hiccup only felt by someone who drugs their skin elastin away. Hospital visits? From eating less?


You have just made is abundantly clear you don't actually know anything about the subject.
Nothing more needs to be said.


Giving up on an internet argument that soon? No wonder you're so afraid of training muscles - your most important one isn't strong enough to even think about exercising without hitting failure before one rep. (I'm saying the brain is a muscle and that yours is weak)


and what guys are complaining about this? good job just dreaming up some random strawman to own with facts and logic n that - "jock" being a trope usually referring to the perception of some guy being a bully or other type of undesirable *as well* as being beefy, not the sole reason.
also imagine being on wizchan and putting men in parenthesis, adhering to normalfag "real" men hazing rhetoric, yikes.


Anon, eat filling food like meat and veggies. Fast food isn't bad as long as you eat in moderation. I find that people often get overweight due to eating out of boredom, especially junk food out of boredom. Try to avoid eating when you're bored and only eat under a schedule. You'll feel full if you eat structurally dense foods that are low in calories (which are usually natural foods that aren't factory processed, especially veggies, since they take longer to digest and offer low calories).


Sorry for such a basic nigger question, I'm just inept.
Is there anything else I should add to my workout? I don't want to deal with succs so it has to be no equipment calisthenics until I get more sparing money to buy my own


Its a good plan when you don't have any equipment and you do it regularly, it's important to train all the main muscle groups.

Once you have spare money all you basically need is a pull-up bar and a barbell for deadlifts as well as a mat. If you can add some sort of boxing euqipment like a bag or a dummy then you're set for good and won't need to enter normie world. If you can motivate yourself and keep it up you can transform yourself completley especially when you're a loner who uses his time wisely.


situps, pushups, jumping jacks. pretty simple


File: 1706391797097.gif (727.3 KB, 1080x1331, 1080:1331, pony chad.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>Does anyone also have tips on how to feel full and not feel the need to eat food

if youre gonna go on a cut and you feel full going to bed you know you did something wrong however there are some foods that make you more full like mashed potato and eggs

junk food makes you feel less full cause its empty calories and also dont drink your calories and you must know if you cut the numbers that you can lift will decrese aslong with the ones one the scale but tbh that number dosent matter what matters is your weight x your deadlift ratio a 1.5 bodyweight deadlift is pretty good try to aim for something like this not a number and stop doing 5 reps just do 3 for higher weight and rest always 2mins and a half


Rate the workout I have devised.

-7 mile walk

-Jump rope for warming up (10-15 mins)
-Pushups, squats, situps, pull ups, chinups
-Shadow boxing with 5lb weights (5-10mins)
-Punching a heavy bag continously until arms feel like floppy noodles

Of course I will rest properly between exercises and stay hydrated. Thoughts?


I will just say careful with the weighted punches.
Even 5 pounds can cause issues eventually and it has no measurable benefits.


Yeah I realized 5lbs are a bit too heavy for shadowboxing. I will use 1-2lb little dumbells.


That is much more reasonable.

I worn people because I temporarily gave myself a shoulder injury shadow boxing with weights.
The later in life when I brought it up to a boxing trainer he spent a half hour making fun of me for being stupid.
Said it messed with technique, caused bad habits, and ironically made for slower weaker punches since it encourages far to much on using your arms instead of "punching with your whole body" and his favorite saying "putting your whole ass into it".
Was on the one hand a pretty good trainer, but on the other he got on my nerves. There were very few training sessions I left without wishing to get a hard clean hit on him out of frustration.

But yeah, it's a lesson I learned the hard way, and rather people not make the same mistakes I did.
2 pounds is fine. 3 might be the limit for a really big guy.
Basically whatever your gloves are doubled is a good limit. Mainly due to the extremely high volume making repetitive stress injuries real risk with higher weights.


How can one learn boxing footwork and punches properly at home alone?


>How can one learn boxing footwork and punches properly at home alone?

You need to find good sources on YouTube that show you how to stand and move when boxing or how to throw an actual punch etc.

Another thing I highly recommend is just watching martial arts, preferably stuff like 'king of the streets' as these fights are closest to an actual fight. You will automatically absorb what you see and its also good to learn the dynamics of fighting.

For the actual training I highly recommend a boxdummy, if you have the money get a classic 'Century Bob' torso. Boxdummies simulate a person and working out on them will help you with techniques and also give you the muscle memory of actually hitting a body/opponent. If you have the space for both a bag and a dummy you should get both. Also get hand wraps to protect your joints.

Train the proper muscle groups but avoid counter-productive stuff for boxing such as bodybuilding. You need to do stuff that strengthens your core like pullups, pushups and deadlifts. If you strengthen your core you will notice how your stance and footwork automatically improve.

Have a good balance between bagwork, shadow boxing and working out on top of watching resources. If you keep this up for just a couple months you will see yourself making notable progress. Its the type of thing that you will easily get into if youre interested in it enough.


Thanks for your sincere answer. I live in a third-world country, so it's nearly impossible for me to buy a boxdummy for now. I guess I'll only work on shadowboxing for a while.


I hate it tbh but I do bodyweight exercises as you mentioned. Deadlifts are also not possible for me because I don't have a bar at home. I'll try to look up at alternatives, thanks again.

Btw, to get that steel-like body for condition, power and strenght, do you think 3x8-12 a meme? How should one train with those bodyweight exercises? I'm looking forward to your response.


Realistically you can't.
You need the contextually and feedback of sparing and/or good padwork make such things functional.
You also have no external feedback to tell when you are doing shit wrong nor what you should be doing instead.

Solo training only really works if you already have decent experience.
Otherwise you just have to accept that you aren't going to make progress in a functional level. Just treat it like cardio kickboxing, aka just a workout, and not as a way to actually get better at fighting. Because it isn't.


>and not as a way to actually get better at fighting.
So if you have two people, same size and physical fitness with no previous fighting experience, but one guy have trained punching and kicking in a punching bag for a year and the other didn't, and you have to bet money in a fight between these two individuals, you would be so dense as to flip a coin to decide where to put your money? Looks like you didn't think this through.


We have been over this in other threads especially the martial arts threads.

Untrained flailing at a heavy bag won't teach you to fight.
You will never learn to fight without fighting. You can't learn martial arts without feedback.
Your dumb unrealistic hypothetical doesn't change that fact.
Also no, the Untrained person that hit the bag for a year wouldn't be any better off in a fight then someone who just spent the year focusing on physical fitness.
I know you take it personally but it's just cope.


The person who did bagwork etc. for a year will have a clear advantage to anyone else who did nothing.


I am beyond tired of your bullshit.

Prove it or dich the retarded hypothetical.
Your declarations are baseless and your overall argument is retarded.
You can't learn to fight without fighting and you can't learn martial arts without feedback.
That is the reality and the whole of the truth of the matter.


I'm thinking about buying some weights to do dumbbell exercises at home. I suppose those will be safer to do alone.


Here here. The convenience of dumbells in terms of rapid availability and their low impact on space make them great all around. Opting for dumbells instead of barbells allows for more types of movements as well as asymmetrics which help extending the workout to your back and legs while promoting balance. Kettlebells are good for these reasons too but are usually more costly and not modular.

Steel weights are expensive no matter what due to the cost of steel itself. The only downside to those concrete-filled plastic weights is that they can break when dropped against a hard surface which you're not going to do. Those quickly adjustable "select-a-weight" dumbbell sets are good if built right. If socialization isn't totally venomous to you, look in classifieds. It's common for guys to underestimate the objective value of steel plates and bars and a lot of people just want the big heavy circles off of their property. Don't fall for the fancy rubber-coated hex sets as being superior in any way besides look.


Thanks, I've been searching for good offers over the past few weeks, I hadn't even noticed the ones I had set apart were concrete filled. But that doesn't seem to be a problem then. They are the type where you just add the amount of plates you want to the bars, limited to 50kg each bar. For a person who has done only bodyweight exercises, do you think 40kg (total) will last long before I need to get more? I suppose I may buy more plates as I advance.


Got my start with dumbbells.

It's sort of a family tradition to get your first dumbbell set when you turn 12 or 13 in my household.

I too highly recommend them.


>For a person who has done only bodyweight exercises, do you think 40kg (total) will last long before I need to get more? I suppose I may buy more plates as I advance
Certainly. A man who hasn't been actively maintaining arm strength would usually start around a 7.5kg bicep curl for quick hypertrophy (the BURN). 15kg is a good starting point for shoulder presses too.

How many bars are on the table? If you have 40kg of weights and want to get a quick start to growth, consider buying extra bars to accommodate weights of varying values to keep on the ready. When I was starting out, I got far with a 10kg dumbell, a 7.5kg dumbell, and a 5kg dumbell with weight only on one side. This allowed me to get a good burn on my biceps, triceps, and deltoids by getting reps in with the 10kg, then following up with the 7.5. The 7.5 was good for lateral raises. The imbalanced 5kg will let you get wrist curls in. There are some exercises such as shrugs and deadlifts that aren't approachable asymmetrically so having two equal dumbells for those are a must.

Above all, if you're just starting out, proper protein intake and synthesis is most important. Whey, creatine, and your choice of hydration.


>How many bars are on the table?
Depends on the seller, some even sell each plate and bar separately, so i may "pick my kit". I'll keep that in mind when choosing.

Thanks, I feel reassured about the decision.


Just got an idea for a cheap home gym. Resistance band for squat. Cost a few dollars for a 100 lbs band. Why not buy a bunch to replicate the resistance of a barbell squat instead of buying thousand dollars racks and weights? Can't be that much worse.


I will let you think about what could go wrong for a few minutes and get back to me.


Nah i think it's a good idea. It won't be as effective as barbell squats but it's much cheaper.


Weights have an single mass. Resistance bands "weigh" more than their advertised weight on a ramping scale. A 100lb resistance on the floor could turn in a 250lb resistance at the apogee of your squat. You might feel like you're lifting more weight, but if you're not getting the full extension you're wasting a lot of growth potential.

$1,000 for a rack and barbell with some weights is absurd. Buy used.


File: 1708715924073.png (96.03 KB, 1080x1040, 27:26, Screenshot_20240223-161813.png) ImgOps iqdb

I will buy a barbell and some plates and start doing these. Do I need more?


If you get a couple plates with a grip hole cut out, you can add some lat raises in to the mix.


Would work for awhile provided you remain consistent in number of workouts and slowly increase weight and/or volume.


if u new drop shrugs, squat, and overhead press



Thanks for the suggestion.

I know consistency and progressive overload are key.

Yeah dude please elab.


Btw what do you guys think of nucleus overload? Is it bullshit or legit?


Don't know enough about it to have a truly informed opinion. That said I think it falls in the category of things advanced lifters look into to squeeze just a tiny amount of extra gains when they are near their natural limits.
So unless you are that far along that you plateaued with more conventional stuff, I don't think it's really worth worrying too much about.


My view is this: if you want to deadlift, you should deadlift. If you just want to be fit, there are many other hip hinge movements that are far safer and more effective at hitting the glutes/hams. RDLs, back extensions and good mornings are good examples. They're also less fatiguing because there is less weight involved, which lets you get more volume in over the week. Tom Platz and Robert Oberst has the same view. The risk to reward ratio is very bad


I have back problems so I just do bodyweight exercises.


I've heard people say that Deadlifts fixed their back problems


There are many kinds of back problems and ways of approaching deadlifts.


I lost weight still eating all the crap I enjoy in excess by intermittent fasting, if you eat enough in one sitting for 2 days, then don't eat for two days


Caloric deficit works regardless of how you do it.
How some people pretend they just can't lose weight like it isn't in their control always struck me as weird.

If you ain't bodybuilding or something it really ain't complicated.


>if you eat enough in one sitting for 2 days, then don't eat for two days
Many guys consider the body to be tuned for this exact scenario. A successful hunt in gorged upon completely as to not waste meat and then there's a period of digestion and repair before the hunter can exert himself on another prey.


When you're a fatass your stomach will make the rumblies from just eating a normal amount of food, the stomach has a mind of its own and wants the amount it's used to having no idea it's bad, that's why fatties when trying to lose weight they do OMAD one meal a day that's like 2000 calories just so they can feel full.


as the other wiz said, its mostly something you do once you have at the very least been lifting for a good while or have had a history of lifting in the past. it is very effective and also doesnt waste your time. if you are a beginner then do starting strength, get real fat and strong, then do nucleus overload and recomp until your body is in acceptable shape


also dont listen to the idiot telling you not to squat or overhead press. though when doing the OHP you really need to be strict and make sure you're not bending the hell out of your spine. shrugs are probably unnecessary though since the other exercises you have listed already are effective for back and trap strength


>get real fat
No way!


…and strong yeah


my form when deadlifting was always bad. I never see anyone else in a gym doing them and it's a bit of a hassle to set up just to do a couple of sets. Nice numbers though op


Facebook reels. Lots of techniques and posture tricks.


>Even 5 pounds can cause issues eventually and it has no measurable benefits.
I used to use 30 pounds…


£30 is a little much to pay for a set of 2.5kg gloves…


No, deadlifts=snapcity

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