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What are some hobbies that don't involve consuming anything? You purchase a 1 time item and very rarely if ever have to replace it. Learning yo-yo tricks would be a consumptionless hobby in this case. There are obviously thinks like whistling or playing the spoons too. The idea is it has to make as little foot print as possible while being something you can develop and grow at. Drawing wouldn't count because you need paper.


Reading, Tabletop roleplaying, boardgames, movies, music, tv shows, podcasts, audio dramas, radios.

all can be found for free online or have alternatives, books have libgen, boardgames have vassal and tabletop simulator.


Everything you listed except music involves buying new things or downloading new things. That's still just consuming stuff. I used the yo-yo example because you only buy 1 yo-yo unless yours breaks and you're set.


Drawing can be consumptionless if you just buy a tablet and download some drawing software once. It removes the entire need for any kind of art supplies.

Programming just requires a computer and a keyboard.

Reviewing media might turn an otherwise entirely consumption-based hobby into producing something others might be interested as well. If you're otherwise bored with simply watching something, watching while thinking about interesting things to write in a review will make it less passive.

Exercise doesn't need anything. You can learn about all the muscle groups/types, work on autistically perfecting each, reading about nutrition, sculpting a god-like body for all the wizkids to fear and envy.

An acoustic instrument doesn't require any electricity, but you're unlikely to get better at it without some kind of learning resources means books or an active internet connection.


Instruments are a neat idea but I'm not musically inclined. I'm looking to move away from electronics and movies, go something more traditional. I want to disconnect from the whole system and just have a hobby I do on my own, where I just have it.



If you already have an android you won't need to buy a dedicated GPS unit.


Sellotaping yourself to walls and then after a while when the sellotape stops stickkng you just stand against walls.


What a waste of your mother's sellotape


But it is easy to get paper for free if you don't care about quality and just want whatever to practice on.

Recycling doesn't count as consumption in my book.

As far as consumption free hobbies getting into fittness like calisthenics, yoga, and running/walking are great.

If your aversion is just related to buying shit then most media consumption hobbies (reading, movies, shows, gaming, etc) can be done totally free. Between the internet and stuff like free library the only thing that you might have to buy is a computer of some kind every 5 to 10 years, which is optional.


juggling, dancing, imaginary world, rock-climbing, fishing, bungee jumping, parkour, memorizing a book, tarot, metal detecting


any sort of thing you can do on computer, like digital drawing, writing, programming, etc

i wouldnt count downloading as consuming unless you are actively doing that for much of the day either


Recycling paper still counts as consuming to me.

I'm not looking to consume media either. The idea is to get away from just consuming things. To step back and focus on something and only that. Like I might learn to skip really well and I can just pick up the rope and go jump. finding media and consuming media isn't giving me the sort of hobby growth I'm looking for.

What's imaginary world? Some of those require consumables like fishing.

I want more of an analog thing.


Cardio training (walking/jogging/running), meditating and daydreaming are some things I can think of. You need no props and you get better at them as you train your body and mind. I do the latter two myself and it's pretty great.




Learning to solve a rubiks cube can be fun, make sure to buy a speed-cube specifically though, they cost about 15$. With some practice you can get your 3x3 solve time down to about 30 seconds relatively quick.


>math, physics, logic, foreign languages, poetry
choose one and buy/download/print/steal whatever books are used to teach that subject in college. ~5 books should be enough to cover everything you may need


for me it's drawing with GIMP or playing with Blender. The problems you run into with those are maybe trying to find hardware that can function with them and RSI. Playing with puddy is the only other activity I do that keeps my hands busy.

But yeah, try to stay away from hobbies that cost money. You can pirate but eventually you will download malware or get a legal notice unless you have friends or are super functionally autistic.


imaginary world I guess would be a type of daydreaming. You construct imaginary worlds in your mind and do whatever you want with them.

fishing doesn't necessarily consume. Fly fishing with lures doesn't use bait and noodling you just grab the fishies with your bare hands.


File: 1591426605744.jpg (135.13 KB, 750x744, 125:124, 1480797407455.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Dig for clams, anon.


So you are just going to ignore the fitness thing then?


Music production.
You pirate FL Studio and watch a few tutorials on YouTube, that's it.


I'm too lazy
watching vidoes is consumption


you should make a list of every hobby you can think of that involves consuming stuff. that way you know for sure what to avoid


Do you think reading instructions for how to use a new to you peice of equipment is consuption?

If reading the manual doesn't count as consumption then how is looking up a tutorial to learn how to do/use something new consumption?

Do you really expect to do a new hobby without any instruction whatsoever?


OP is just a fag from /dep/ who wants you to try and "cure" him by offering a fun hobby. However he will turn his nose up or offer endless excuses as to why he can't or shouldn't try your suggestion. There's no point trying to help people like this.


Now that I think about it there was a faggot that trolled the fitness thread in much the same way.


yo-yos don't break more often than boardgames. I don't know much about tabletop, but there's bound to be something that doesn't rely on buying new stuff constantly? Could also get into some older game like Smash Bros: Melee or CS1.6


what's the motivation behind this thread

are you building an underground bunker and stocking it with consumption-free entertainment that will survive indefinitely or something


I would like a decent yo-yo. Every yo-yo I had has always been a cheap unbalanced piece of shit with string too thick it kept getting caught in the yo-yo.






File: 1601482165662.png (1001.74 KB, 738x1045, 738:1045, tenshi.png) ImgOps iqdb

* knot tying
* wood carving (make your own spoons)
* wood turning (make your own bowls)
* sewing (make or repair your clothes and furnishings)
* hiking
* growing vegetables (consumptive, but less consumptive than purchasing them)
* brush calligraphy (you can reuse rice paper, using water instead of ink)
* zazen
* poetry

Even though you wrote you're not musically inclined you might appreciate a small instrument like a harp, flute, or zither.


Building with shit you find. Spend 300 dollars on tools and a cheap drill press+dremmel


> cheap drill press
I'd suggest spending a little more on a decent drill press. I have the least expensive one from Harbor Freight. It has so much runout I think I could probably drill more accurate holes with a handheld drill!


In your case I really doubt the tool is the problem.


Anything that’s a skill. Butterfly knife tricks, exercise, gardening, art of any kind.


someone that knows about cameras: that picture was made by doing a time lapse, right?


It doesn't seem like it. There's a lot of detailed motion captured in the water pouring off the rocks and the background and no accumulative blending of the reflection on the water's surface. It's likely just a really good regular shot of a very misty scene. Volcanic coastlines tend to have an otherworldly appearance.



Writing or any subset of it, journaling etc.


i see, interesting. thanks wiz


File: 1603067421676.jpg (212.85 KB, 1600x759, 1600:759, planetarium.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

free writing/fantasy writing is really fun. I like to make my own compendium based on a fantasy world i created with world building. I like to listen to fantasy music while i am at it

>you need paper to draw…

do it in your head, I did it for 5 years before deciding to write everything down


Please don't tell any one about my bunker. It's comfy and I've only come out to get a new yo-yo.


File: 1613844899371.jpg (130.4 KB, 765x1080, 17:24, f185885e80ea791623490b9d47….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Kanji calligraphy, you basically buy a mechanical pencil, some lead, print "A guide to writing kanji & kana" by Wolfgang Hadamitzky. And you're good to go.


>Learning yo-yo tricks
Buying a yo-yo was one of the stupidest shit i ever did.


Homeless people don't need a yo-yo.


why not?


Wood carving with a pocket knife or make a stone knife if you want to reduce cost to $0.
Maybe make stone tools.


dumb weebtard. practising 書法 with a mechanical pencil of all things is the dumbest, most soullessly filled with misunderstanding-of-the-act way to go about it.


wood and stone working


Watching youtube, is it for me, its very passive, which suits my natural laziness as well as the fact I have a hard time concentrating, you can watch some full episodes of TV shows too. I like watching trashy Muttmerican TV shows like Maury Povich and Jerry Springer, both jews with extremely trash drug addicted white people and ghetto nasty black people on their shows getting up to all serious kinds of nonsense and arguments mostly about who is/isn't the father of their child. It's very much like a car crash, horrifying, but you can't look away




>The idea is it has to make as little foot print as possible while being something you can develop and grow at.
I bought two Latin exercise books a few months ago and I’ve had literally hours of fun since then. Plan to print actual Latin books off on my printer when I fully learn the language, so I won’t really be spending anything.


What books did you get? I'm interested in learning Latin myself.


File: 1616620489119.jpeg (1.74 MB, 3372x2242, 1686:1121, 0A823A0A-4AB4-4364-BB12-3….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I’ve been using pic related which I got in a secondhand book shop for only £3 (not including the Vocabulary book). Started at the beginning of the year as my new year’s resolution. So far I’ve been doing really well, and am a decent bit into the second part.

Personally I’d suggest Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata: Familia Romana and the Exercitia Latina. The series has become a bit of a meme because of how much it is suggested by literally everyone, but as far as I’ve seen for good reason. It has a solid vocabulary of around 1,800 words for example, and that’s only in the first part of the series.

That being said it’s extremely expensive so you might want to go for Wheelock’s Latin. Not quite as fancy as the other series, but it has all the essentials and is a generally well respected series of books. Using Wheelock’s won’t give you any kind of a serious disadvantage for a Lingua Latina learner, so long as you supplement it with other (mostly free) materials, which honestly you should be doing regardless of the series your using.

The books I bought aren’t special, and are probably worse than Wheelock’s, I just happened to find them. Still, they’ve done me good.



I’m also going to get PDF’s printed out of these when the libraries open back up.


This also looks like an interesting read. I need to take a good look at that at some point.


been using Lingua Latina Per Se Illustrata myself. Can vouch for their quality.


Is it worth getting given the fact that I’ve already gotten through most of the Approach to Latin series? I know it’s supposed to be a beginners book, so would it do me any good as an intermediate learner?

Also how long have you been learning for?


Probably not. The second book might be though, since it's at a much more advanced level. Then again, it can't really hurt to read them. Any comprehensible input is useful when you're trying to acquire a language. You can just download the PDF's.

Not that long. 3 months I think? But i've been really on and off so far. I'm basically still a beginner.


I’ll have to look into the second book at least then.

Also same here, although I’ve been working more consistently lately.


I feel what you mean completely. I'm in the same position right now. I bought a harmonica but I don't feel like doing it. Reading books from time to time on Kindle and doing some exercises. They're free and don't take so much consumption. I know they're not something that you can do 24/7, and we must find something else. I'm thinking of wood carving but I don't know how to do that without carving knives. I hope I won't injure or cut my wrists.
I'm also open to suggestions.


Worldbuilding. All you need is time and whatever computer tool you wish to use, whether it's a paint tool or excel and word. I have already posted a few of my worlds on the worldbuilding thread.


learning a language
you can download all the grammar books, tools and shit for free

watch movies and tv shows
are all free

freemmorpgs and roms and emulators

reading ebooks
gutenberg is free. if you don't like those books you can always pirate others using libgen and other sites


all my hobbies are free. i don't pay for shit(except maybe internet)


trying out linux distros


Any hobby suggestion that doesn't require the internet connection? Not OP.


ok this is getting ridiculuous. how far will it go?

>oh you need to eat food to get the calories to be able to do that activity so it's technically consumption


Sorry, but I just don't want to be on my laptop 24/7. I need some distractions to shut this off.


try origami. inb4 but I need to buy origami paper.


Exercise, walking, recreational meditation, solo ttrpg(consumes paper and requires dice and a writing implement usually), bird/nature watching, people watching, cloud watching, internal cultivation, recreational mathematics, etc.


Thanks, I started doing Yoga this morning. It feels nice. I see it as a supplement to my bodyweight exercises routine.

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