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After Reading Fingerprints of the Gods and Magicians of the Gods, I wonder if it’s possible the existence of an ancient and lost civilization like those books described. I know a couple of books who give more evidence of that. 2 books written by the Spanish investigator Javier Sierra, called: En busca de la edad de oro and La Ruta Prohibida, if you want to read them. But, the only book I know who gives a serious proof of that is Hamlet’s Mill. That makes me think if the civilization is cyclical and the event that erase a possible civilization could happen again to us. Just think about it.


Why almost every American country (I’m including Latin America too) have their own folk ghost, except for the U.S? In Mexico they have el Charro Negro, The brujas, The Nahuales, los Chaneques, Duendes, but those one’s appear in every Latin country. Colombia has la Patasola, el Sombreron, la Madre del agua, and a couple of ones I don’t remember right now. Chile has a lot fucked up ones, like El Trauco, a kind of imp whose hobby is raping beautiful succubi. He’s married with his sister, and has a dick so long he has to carry it like a hose. I’m not making this up. Here in Venezuela we have, el Hachador, the spirit of a man killed by god for not resting in Easter, he wanted to make his own coffin. La Sayona, a kind of banshee who kills she’s own mother because she thought she was having an affair with his husband. Search in every country and you will found legends like this. But I couldn’t ever find a ghost like that in the United States. It’s because they don’t have the “magic thinking” (people here live with this as a part of reality. Nobody denies their existence) or because they don’t have culture like the people in Europe says? The closest things to that are the legends of the Indians from the U.S and the lumberjack’s mythology


how do you get rid of a poltergeist? there's been one in my house since 1990 and last week it was spinning the clock hands, childish shit like that

there's no wizards or exorcists in the phone book and they'd probably be fakes anyway, and I'm not doing that cringy thing people suggest where you do basically an intervention and explain to the ghost he's dead, because I think he knows and doesn't care

do I gotta achive astral projection and go kick his ass? serious question


graham hancock is a fraud, check out a book called the stargate conspiracy, dubious authors as well but that one book is actually well worth the read.


What makes you think you are dealing with a poltergeist?

What is the history of the place?

Do you have regular paranormal experiences outside of that location that are similar or is it just that location?


my mom bought a large fragglerock doll at a garage sale in 1990, the old hag selling it said it's haunted, later that year I was watching TV alone in the dark and it walked into the room and sat down cross-legged in front of the TV, it sat there upright for a couple hours

that was the first time, it was dormant until late 2018 when my mom and sister, separately, said they heard monster screeching noises while alone in the same room, they freaked out

last december I was standing outside the room alone and it hit the (closed) door with the strength of a kick, then it was knocking on the garage door and knocking stuff over in the room trying to spook me, making the air downstairs super cold, the cat's tail was puffed out he could obviously see it floating around like animals can, the he/she turned the bathroom fan on when I walked by

there was nothing the past few months then I was downstairs and asked the ghost aloud if it's still here, the clock thing happened immediately after

it's not my house, it's a stowaway from someone else's house and I'm tired of it


I woke up and my second story bedroom window was wide open. There's a 2-foot wire with a heavy weight suspended from my window that keeps the wind from opening it (the weather was calm anyway), and at bedtime I was remarking aloud about how the poltergeist never messes with my room and what if he might open my window. Now my room is full of mosquitoes. Wtf. I'm pissed. Bedroom haunting is a red line. I'm looking into astral projection methods now.


Assuming everything you said is true and your interpretation of events are correct and accurate (aka not be a overly skeptical dick about it and just get to the point) from what it sounds like you aren't actually dealing with a poltergeist. Maybe a mild haunting or cursed object but thankfully not a poltergeist at all.

A simple clensing ritual of the house and getting rid of the doll or a full purification ritual on the doll should set things in order.
So something as simple as saging the house while offering relevant prayers, or using blessed salt or water on the outer facing walls in every room, or even inviting a spiritial person you feel comfortable with to do a cleansing should sort things out. Though learning to do it yourself is child's play.

For the haunted doll, if it is the source it is a bit harder since you don't know it's history. The easiest thing to do is just to get rid of it by giving or selling it to someone else. There are stronger purification rituals that could be done but they are slightly harder to learn and do have a risk of failure and making things worse, so if you are new to this kind of thing I would have someone else do it, or like I said, get rid of it.

Trashing it, or destroying it sometimes works but depending on the haunt/curse it could just make things FAR worse so I don't suggest that without purifying it first.

So order of opperations to be done with the bad vibes of the house.

>get rid of (by selling or giving) the doll

>or get the doll purified/exercised
>then do simple spiritual cleansing of the house

If you cleanse the house but ether keep the cause of the haunt or make it worse by improperly disposing of the cause then it is only a matter of time before it starts up yet again.
You have to get rid of the cause (in this case the curse/haunt on the doll) first then once that is done do a cleansing of the house.

You do that, or have that done by someone you trust in spiritual matters and you should be all good.


man, the doll went to the dump like 25 years ago
>you aren't actually dealing with a poltergeist. Maybe a mild haunting
well…what's the difference? it's definitely a poltergeist by any definition, that's the only class of ghost which makes dolls walk, you should've seen it

it was straight from that 1982 movie

I don't think that house cleansing stuff will work, because I think he/she is perfectly aware of the situation, obviously speaks english, and recent evidence suggests he's been spying on me a long time, hears me rant a lot about occult stuff and general skepticism and probably learned a lot from me over the years that he's not going to fall for banishing rituals etc, no, I think direct action is required, especially before it gets worse and my parents find out


>man, the doll went to the dump like 25 years ago
oh no.
Yeah, you are going to need more then a simple cleansing now.

>he's not going to fall for banishing rituals

Actual occult banishing rituals don't give the spirit a choice in the matter. They actively force whatever has gathered away. There is not "falling for" a banishing ritual as it is actively throwing them out by force. In general ritual magic is very much about subjugating spirits through the force of will rather then politely asking nicely to work with them or trickery. Though understandably if things go wrong the effects can be pretty damn bad since the thing you don't have control of is probably really pissed off for being subjugated.
But whatever

>well…what's the difference?

One is deeply rooted to a set location due to something that happened in that location and festers in that area getting stronger and more violent as time goes on (poltergeist).
The other is a more general term, but in this case if I was to put a label on it would be more of a wondering spirit that using some sort of attachment (object at first, only now instead it is your house because the original object it was bound to is gone). Also unlike a poltergeist who is self sustaining and grows more powerful regardless of who or what is around, yours seems to feed on those around it much like a egregore being formed (if you understand the reference). Which also unfortunately means you have been inadvertently feeding it, which is also bad and also why it is now bound to your house.
Lastly poltergeist are concentrations of pure white hot negative emotion. Vortexes of hate and pain that lash out until they are banished. Almost elemental in its nature without any human reason or behavor left. Whatever personality or person/people that was left has been stripped away and all that is left behind is that intense negative emotion, devoid of reason or motive. A festering mass of anger and sorrow.
While what you are dealing with just sounds like a cheeky cunt that very much still has individualization.

As for how to sort your situation out, I actually have to read up a bit since this isn't my specialty and it has been awhile.
I will get back to you eventually with a answer.


ive never experienced anything paranormal. ive never even daydreamed or imagined seeing or hearing anything, aka hallucinated. it's disappointing but dementia runs in the family. maybe when im an old old man ill experience the magic


so like…do you have personal experience with ghosts?


It's complicated.
Sorta, depends on what you define as ghost.


how about a dead person who didn't "go into the light" or whatever and hangs around here


No, you watch to many movies.

On a related note, research is almost complete. Just was detracted by life stuff.


I don't watch movies.


Does anybody here have stories about buried treasures? My family always tells me one of the worse things that could happen to you is found a treasure. The greed of the soul of the owner makes him stay along with the money. Sometimes, but I only heard of this happen if the owner had family, the ghost gives permission to his relatives to keep the money, but if you are not his relative, the ghost will torment you until your death. Centuries ago, during the colonial times and the revolutions across America, the rich men who own slaves, used to make them dig a hole in the ground to hide their money. At the moment they down the chest; the owner kills the poor fuckers for make them the ghostly guardians of the burial. This happen a lot here in Latin America, but I suppose in the U.S states that used to be part of Mexico, and especially in the south of that country, things like that should happened a lot too. My brother tells me there’s a way of making a deal with the ghost. His soul is trapped keeping the chest, but, if somebody takes his place he would be free for resting and leave the money for the one who make the deal with him. This is only possible if you offer him people. Some people say you have to take an x amount of people to the place of the burial, kill them and drop them to the hole, after that, the treasure will raise of the ground and it will be yours.


My uncle tells me about the owner of a ranch he knows, who discovered a burial in his land. He was digging in the soil trying to found water, when he found a chest with at least three centuries, full of gold and jewels. Everything was fine a couple of days, until some afternoon when he was with the cattle. The shadow of a man came (my uncle says it was like watching a corporeal shadow, he almost seems physical) to him to tell him about the debt he has to pay. The ghost wanted the life of one of his sons. The farm owner didn’t want to kill anybody, least one of his sons, so he offered some cattle, but no, the spirit just wanted a human life. Almost all of the sons of the famer were mentally ill, the worst of them used to dance and sing when he watched hanged people while he was playing guitar. That was the one the farm owner offered. The ghost fells insulted by that offering, so he takes the life of the only mentally sane son.


you are a hylic


Thanks wiz, i enjoyed that GH interview.
What will be the gain of learning of all this hidden secrets?


that makes no sense, if the ghost had the ability to kill people by himself then why did he bother to ask nicely I’m the first place


read the Stargate Conspiracy by Picknett and Prince. I'm honestly sorry for people believing anything this master manipulator says.


Latin americans are very susceptible to these kooky pseudo-spiritual and scientific theories. I am not saying they are the only ones but on the internet especially you often see that there is an unhealthy amount of interest from them for these topics. I wonder why that is?
Oh and I second the book recommendation.


Can you summarise the main points?
I can't read a whole book anymore


I think it's your selective memory. I bet the number of american flat-earthers alone far surpasses the number of latin americans who believe in shit like the Stargate conspiracy. Then you have all the other Reptilian believers, hollow-eathers, Area 51 and so on. Now that I think about, the US is the undisputed hotspot for people who believe in shit like that. I mean I have no horse in this race but if I had toplace bets, it would not be on Latin America.


Reptilians are real and Stargates are real, please don't include them in your smear campaign


File: 1597589174222.jpg (15.12 KB, 300x300, 1:1, gate.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


That's not a response


Not only is it a response but it is exactly the kind of response a comment like that deserves.


has anyone else seen the large orange UFOs? I started seeing them on 12/31/2016 and some sites I checked afterward said that sightings exploded in that year

the ones I saw were even flying in corkscrew patterns over our airport all night long, I checked the local news all week and there was nothing…go figure

I wonder if the sudden surge of the orange ones is a sign


Why is Graham Hancock a fraud? I prefer him over Erich Von Däniken, or worse, the guy from Ancient Aliens. At least he´s not saying aliens created everything.


I leave myself open to the possibility of an advanced civilization in the distant past.
Advanced in the sense of bronze or early iron age not flying cars or anything.
Modern Humans have been on this planet for something like 100,000 years, look at how far we've come in the last 6000. Whose to say we didn't have something more going on 12000 years ago?


could you draw what they looked like?


youtube has a million home HD videos showing what they look like
in my city there's currently one that's been in the sky every night since august pretending like it's a star, if you watch a while you see it darting here and there though sometimes or turning its lights on/off and stuff, it's been so long I just think it's an omen

why else would the same big ufo be nesting in a place for months *shrug*


sounds like reconnaissance. Probably the chinese.


please don't shitpost here


¿What happened to Bob Lazar? ¿ is he still alive? An anon from the other paranormal thread said, he was the only person who nobody could ever debunk.


Graham Hancock has some interesting ideas, and it's fun to speculate about lost human history, but this dude literally says that it's possible ancient humans had the ability to make things levitate by using some forgotten technology, which is supposedly how the pyramids were built, which is bullshit. That, and he used to smoke an ungodly amount of cannabis every day while writing some of his books. He's incapable of separating his academic history/archeology studies from his ayahuasca-induced spiritual beliefs. Just because there was a mass extinction event before the last iceage does not mean it destroyed some advanced shamanistic utopia.


He's still alive. The crazy thing to me is how the UFO sightings by the US navy released a couple years ago all support his claims he made decades ago, the sighted aircraft seem to use the exact same method of manipulating gravity in order to propel it forward, technology that seems thousands of years more advanced than our own. And, the US government revealed they still have an institution dedicated to investigating these phenomenons, and they don't have an answer either. It'll be fascinating what this is going to develop into over the next century, I hope I don't die before first contact is made


The US has plenty of cryptids and ghosts. You're just not looking hard enough if you think the Us lacks paranormal mascots.


If someone wants to read real stories about voodoo zombies take a look to the books of William Seabrook, Zora Neale Hurston and Inez Wallace. The books of these writers are from the 20s and 30s. If you wanna read something more contemporary, try with Wade Davis. Author of the Snake and the Rainbow, Passage of Darkness and a BBC documentary based on the Snake and the Rainbow.


seems like you cant separate your personal beliefs from the truth. you have no idea how levitation works and yet youre so sure that its impossible, youre delusional.



Is really possible the existence of giants or a subterranean civilization? The only evidence I know is a web site of a guy who liked to explore caves. He found marks in a cave that resemble an alphabet. He stopped updating his page after that; he says he was going to that cave again. I don’t remember the name of the site, but I watched it in youtube years ago. I think there’s a newspaper were Abraham Lincoln, mentions a cave where they found a giant skeleton


>subterranean civilization?
Very possible. There are caves which no surface root, man, or mouse can reach yet have sustained their own ecosystem with aquatic and dryland animals. Life underground is possible so a civil society might be down there somewhere.


¿What’s the best paranormal show on radio and tv? The only radio show I know, at least in English is Coast To Coast. In Spain they have a Magazine Called Año Cero, the enigmas magazine and a tv show called Cuarto Milenio and a radio show made by the same people called Milenio 3. In this country we used to have a radio show called: Nuestro Insolito Universo. I just 5 Minutes they used to tell a real event or a very good paranormal story. In Mexico they have: la Mano peluda, were people tell their paranormal stories. The most famous host of the show, Juan Ramon Saenz, died a couple of years ago in a mysterious way, when he was trying to help a guy who make a deal with the devil. I remember a channel in YouTube. I think the name was: El desconectado. It was the full transmissions of every paranormal radio show in Colombia and a couple of Latin countries Search for it if you are from a Spanish speaking country or if you know Spanish.


I wish the paranormal was real, hauntings, poltergeists. Someone or something I could talk to or at the very least communicate primitively to. I'd be satisfied with something to simply observe. Maybe they're scared of me and don't want to show themselves; wouldn't be the first.


what is it with latin americans and their weird fascination with paranormal stuff?
anyway, where did the road go has some decent content.


¿What happened to the morons who wanted to make a tulpa in /x/? Before that, it was “how I summon a succubus thread”. ¿What’s wrong with them? Those kinds of things are way more powerful and dangerous than us. Madame Blavatsky used to have a tulpa, even her, who has a highly knowledge of magic and how to use it, had a problem with that kind of stuff.


youtube true paranormal stories are for profit fake made up garbage



they are pseudo-history books similar to zecharia sitchin's books


I just discovered an anthology about witches. The name is A Circle of Witches.An Anthology of Victorian Witchcraft Stories by Peter Haining. The first part of the book is dedicated to female writers who were investigators of the story of witchcraft in England, Wales and Ireland, and the punishment of that kind of practice. You will find real cases of witches and the kind of potions they used to make. Things like fox lungs, skulls of dead thieves and liver of hedgehog against epilepsy. The second part is about fictional events, but some of the stories are based on real events. One of the stories even has Cotton Mather as one of the protagonist. If someone wants to know more about witches, try to found Witch Stories by Eliza Lynn Linton


¿Is Hanuda a real place? The only Japanese site I found who talks about it, has a “shibito” in the url, so I think it must be a fake page made by the team who create Forbbiden Siren. I think I know at least, two legends about strange towns in Japan; one is about a lawless village where every crime is common, even incest and cannibalism. The other one is about a town that looks like the scenario of an old samurai movie. The time around that place is stopped; the radio, phones, and every electronic device don’t work


>The time around that place is stopped; the radio, phones, and every electronic device don’t work

BRB moving to this Japanese village


Anyone here remember the site BlindMaiden.com? The story of that site was a big thing back in the mid 2000´s. Almost every paranormal site had the same copypaste, and the ones who had forums for the users paranormal experiences even had a few, apparently true stories of people who went to the site at 12 pm. Even KULT Divinity Lost, a Swedish horror tabletop rpg, mentions the game. The same game also mentions the black eyes kids, if somebody want to know.


What do you think of Prophecies? Things that are predicted can be changed or is impossible to change the future? In Latin America the only real prophet of the end of times is Benjamin Solari Parravicini. When he was a kid in the 1900s, he used to talk about things that were going to happen a lot of years in the future, like the 2 world wars and the moon landing. When he was an adult, sometimes his hand used to move alone, without having control over it. He used to do strange drawings along with more strange poems. He saw the 9 11, Fidel Castro, artificial hearts and Laika the dog, all in the 30s. Some of them are terrifying. I saw a book were 5 drawings describe the impact of a planet against the earth. I think there’s one where he warns about the “metal man”. If the end of mankind is gonna be the rise of the machines, I wonder if is gonna be like terminator or matrix, or even worse, like I have no mouth and I want to scream, or the 4 brothers of the moon by Gustav Meyrink.


Where can I go to find more information about this guy Benjamín Solari Parravicini?


>In Latin America
what's with you and ridiculous occult shit? the more absurd the more you fall for it


Aren't you a wizard?


are wizards exorcists?



Someone here actually believe in faeries? I read it in a book about the subject; the villagers of Britain, France, tell the fairies fade away from earth in the 19 century because the felt the coming of a terrible, “invisible” century. I don’t blame them for leave the earth for fearing the XX century. In Spain, they said they were gone because mankind was selfish and cruel, and they don’t want to see the death of their beloved forest, so they return to their subterranean chambers of gold and crystal.


>subterranean chambers
maybe they were some inner earth creatures then, hollow earth is real and there's all sorts of crazy stuff down there like a tiny sun


Yes I believe in them too. This world has become brutal grotesque mockery of Nature, I do not blame them for leaving it


I remember reading a book about caves. That book mentions swords and armors found in caves of the U.S, with a date of 1000 B.C. Are those things real or just a hoax?


File: 1628730686105-0.png (241.87 KB, 434x854, 31:61, february 9th 1890 new york….PNG) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1628730686105-1.png (181.15 KB, 343x735, 7:15, may 14th 1926 new york tim….PNG) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1628730686105-2.png (185.17 KB, 347x710, 347:710, august 26th 1934 new york ….PNG) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1628730792476-0.png (283.28 KB, 532x805, 76:115, july 14th 1916 new york ti….PNG) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1628730792476-1.png (275.33 KB, 528x857, 528:857, june 21th 1925 new york ti….PNG) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1628730792476-2.png (196.92 KB, 353x746, 353:746, november 16th 1941 new yor….PNG) ImgOps iqdb

Giants used to be reported constantly in old newspapers. These are from the New York Times in specific. I have probably ten more, but I won't flood the thread. There is a lot of evidence for giants. The question is where they are hiding the bones today, probably in the back of some institutions locked up.


Misdentification is possible. Travel wasn't like it is now and many large animals weren't believed to exist at all. Lot easier to hoax things back then too.


>probably in the back of some institutions
no doubt
can't have anything disturbing their little scientific-historical "narrative," pig fuckers


File: 1628778539575.jpg (529.82 KB, 793x1306, 793:1306, giants in old newspapers.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

It's certainly possible that some of these are mis-identifications, I have even one or two of these saved that says that bones found in one place or another *might* belong to a Mastodon or some other creature, but when one repeatedly finds reports of giant skeletons all across North America (and not just in the US), and from over a century of time, from roughly the 1850s to 1950 in multiple different major papers, one begins to wonder whether it is really a hoax, or if there are actually bones being found. It's truly shocking how many of these stories really exist, and how these stories are often reported on very matter-of-factually, and not sensationalistically (if that's a word). Plus, the existence of giants lines up very nicely with many ancient legends, especially those of many North American tribes. The fact that these giants are often found in Indian mounds in the past is especially interesting too, because it is now illegal to go digging in those, and any bones found can instantly be claimed by Indians. It might be to protect heritage, but it might also be to protect the discovery of more giant bones, which really throw a wrench into the mainstream historical narrative, particularly evolutionary ones.

Yup. Dr. Richard L. Thompson and Michael Cremo have done a good job exposing this.


File: 1628781061754.jpg (12.46 KB, 600x273, 200:91, energy beings.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

If you get into meditation and prayer, paranormal entities will pick up on it and you will probably begin to feel their presence more. I don't know about summoning or anything, though, I don't mess with that stuff, but with the stuff I mentioned I have seen results. Most of my paranormal encounters were in childhood though. I think children are especially attuned to these things. For example, I saw one of pic related as a kid at night once, and I have heard a lot of people report weird sightings from when they were a child too.


It's possible, but sadly not on earth because we have geologic records going back to the beginning of life on the planet. We can see evidence of bacteria from 3.7 billion years ago. Any advanced civilization would have left behind enough evidence to have been found by now. Possible exceptions could be if the species for some reason was very low in population but frankly that doesn't seem feasible since intelligence is a highly useful evolutionary adaption that would allow any species possessing it to increase their numbers greatly.


>Any advanced civilization would have left behind enough evidence to have been found by now
Not as much as one might think, it seems. Check this out:

>evolutionary adaption

Also a hoax.


File: 1628809606061.jpg (1.84 MB, 3130x2953, 3130:2953, ASTER_Richat.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

although I'm skeptical about it being real, an advanced ancient civilization existing is pretty exciting to think about

I happened to come across the Richat Structure mindlessly wandering google maps the other week and it just blows my mind how I've never seen this before in my entire life. You'd think with all the content aggregators out there one would happen upon it eventually but it just doesn't seem widely shared thing.

This thing looks like nothing natural I've ever seen before and it's crazy to think about this is located on Earth.


call me a dumb redditor but I dont believe these articles are of actual giants since there isnt any photo of the bones they uncovered. However I do believe in one case of a giant human which was found during the 1800's in France where a scientist/archeologist was given bone fragments of a supposed giant by construction workers, he estimated the bones would have to belong to a person that is 11 ft or taller (and it was from the bronze age) and looking at the photos he took of the bone fragments it seems very human, however I dont think this "giant" was the same as the ones described in the bible who could do 1000 backflips, run 100 m in 1 second and lift tree trunks with one finger. I do think this bronze age giant was athletic and probably an amazing hunter during his early years (imagine being 6-12 yrs old and 6'2, you would be better than the adult men) I do think he probably broke his legs and would have lived on a bed for the rest of his life until his death since robert wadlow was 8'11 but had to use a walking stick in order to walk, if he couldnt walk at almost 9 feet imagine someone 2 feet taller (It's also the reason I dont fully believe in athletic giants since human bodies werent made to be taller than 7'4 due to the square cube law and how our blood vessels work although maybe their physiology and muscle are different to the average human which enabled them to be taller than most humans)


it has been posted before there were older videos from this guy but i guess he reuploaded for more clicks.


he p much describes why it's the location of atlantis.


iirc there are documented underwater pre-historical ruins with photographs from divers that only the forbidden archeology crowd seems to have any interest in


i went into that video thinking haha, atlantis in africa, thats just an eroded geologic dome, what is this gay crap

but so much perfectly lines up with historical accounts and archeological timeframes, very interesting


Just in case somebody wants to read the same books I read about fairy beings here are the links

Seres y lugares en los que usted no cree:https://www.lectulandia.co/book/seres-y-lugares-en-los-que-usted-no-cree/

Duendes. Guía de los seres mágicos de España:https://www.lectulandia.co/book/duendes-carlos-canales/


Gnomos. Y otros espíritus masculinos de la naturaleza:https://www.lectulandia.co/book/gnomos-jesus-callejo/

Even if you don’t know Spanish you can enjoy the illustrations. The book about elf’s (Duendes) has a Brian Froud vibe. I know that England and the U.S have a ton of books about the subject (Is weird for the U.S. The only elf or fairies they should have are the ones the Native Americans used to believe in) but in Spanish speaking countries is very hard found books about them, because almost everybody fear them. Nobody wants to write a book about little people who kidnap babies (and nobody knows for what) rape pretty succubi, likes to lose people in the jungles, hide up things (the most inoffensive ones, they also like the play with the kids) and some of them even gather gold like the ones in Europe

Ps: I really recommend the book about fairies “Hadas” in Spanish. The book tells a very interesting story about how the faeries are in fact, the angels who were neutral in the war of Lucifer against God. Not good enough to be in heaven, and not bad enough to be demons in hell, they were punished and exiled to earth. They didn’t seem to care until the 19 century, as I wrote some posts ago. Some of the fairies of this book are literally friendly monster succubi. They will help you if you ask for their help nicely, but they will also kidnap you if they fell horny.


>3.7 billion years ago.
Mankind hasnt been around for longer than about 12000 years. Evolution is a lie.


Hancock, by his own admission, smoked weed 16 hours a day, 7 days a week for 25 years. The man's brain is fried.

Watching him sycophantically lick Rogan's manlet ass on his podcasts is a truly pathetic sight to behold. He has no credibility, a grifter.


Genetically we think that humans have existed from 100k to 200k years so seeing as to how history only goes back to 10k of course we could have had lost civilizations that were advanced. The obvious issue is that materials break down very fast. It's like that one show about after humans die, after just a couple thousand 99.9 percent of our materials we created will be literal dust. Everything but stone tends to get ruined and fast.

Then there's lizards from millions of years ago too. That's also possible.

About cycles though, everyone knows that but some naive patriot normalfaggot. The average middle ages kingdom died in a couple hundred years, humans need a village to make a man, a culture to make them know how to be human, so you go back to 'caveman days' as soon as you kingdom falls if there's not another one around to dictate behavior. They all fall. The only reason ours hasn't yet is because we are headed away from an ice age. Towards one and the societies all fall of which happens every few thousand years. Less food, less people, less geniuses per year born, less technology, more stagnation, more stupidity, more crime, smaller brains, so you can walk around all day putting the proteins into the legs, etc. It's foolhardy to think that you can just be advanced during an ice age when humans as they are barely keep it together in paradise of which they complain about and make ridiculous rules therein for no real reason other than 'our ice age instincts haven't left us yet, let's be careful/conservative and stagnant/conservative'.

>No they like ghosts and to summon them!

>check board
I'm pretty sure I have to call you out on being schizophrenic with this not being a paranormal board. Or is your hobby silly adrenaline rushes via camp fire bullshitery? Because conjecture over lost civilizations and ghosts are not even in the same ballparks much less solar system as far as I'm concerned. That schizophrenic that watches silly college kid made jewtube videos all day pisses me off in short.

Even if thinking open minded, the ghost, the aliens you see, the angels, they're probably reality glitches from parallel universes from what we know. If not then it's the 'machine elves' doing glitches or doings something important as there's something wrong with your house. Religious pandering otherwise, of which, they all tell you to go forth and prosper and try to make you be quelled in many many ways for the sake of being dominated. No omega male, no maverick, would cater to that.

Why did this thread take this direction?

The answer is religious culture as to why and that's everybody except maybe weird extreme left winger Asians that kill Abrahamics.

>evolution is a lie
Really asshole?

How many religious wizards are there here anyway and what religion told you 12k?

Do you mean that tablet that was too deep to be put there for it's age in the ocean?

Obviously it's possible, indeed, but also obviously the more advanced technology is the more it breaks easily or did you not notice? The pyramids would have been 1 percent of what was made while being surrounded by wooden objects and metals and even batteries we know about. They even say a drill head was there but you're not allowed to touch it that they used to bore those 'impossible holes'. You can't leave it behind because even if it's there some asshole immune to conjecture will say "It's a ceremonial structure" even if it's one of a kind.

The majority of volcanic activity is in between the two great continents and there's over 2k islands there to this day in between Russia and Alaska and if advanced humans existed they'd be egocentric enough to place themselves in the middle. Also smarter people always crave the arid regions so it'd be an island that got fucked over by the volcanic activity. No snowing and no 'top society'.

The bones are only calcium deposit outlines now so if you jigsaw them wrong and also if the animals were eating one another so the bones are rare then a carnivorous neanderthal would possibly have been giant.

Then again I think giants are legal pandering though it'd be cool if some very stable creature survived from days when the earth was newer and more full of oxygen and the land animals were all huge. Lots of them died recently like the Mammoth but an ape could have been giant too. Perhaps the pyramids were built by one of them and they worshipped the near immortal being and called it a god but it was a dumb sort of human so it/they could not read nor wright hence the neat little 'halfway phase' in the written language as though it was made for illogical dyslexics that couldn't remember symbols but instead only sounds.

The machine elves might be a thing but I don't believe in anything at all ever even if I do like supposing things.

You'd have to be literally Buddha to see the future. One with everything, at that point you'd be too overwhelmed to have a will of your own of which is the point of ascension. You are everything now, how could you do something when you are everything? So the person would be dead and undead at the same time to do that, dispersed. I think we die constantly though as electricity passes through us all and the ether is a void of souls that fly through everything. Spirit is the fuel and the pain of living but even if we were a rock there would probably be the etheral soul still there but only active in being simpler things that life forms. Less mechanical. No illusion of choice, of which yes it is one.

Tear the ectoplasm off of Rumpelstiltskin next time he bothers your family, Grimm.

Stress induced dementia is a thing. The cia have induced it with torture.

Do you use this word as a slur for people without faith in things? It means life has matter you realize, so I must assume you mean this.


You are welcome. I hope you enjoy this page about the Ica Stones. This and the caves of Tayos are the only evidence of a ancient civilization. Some will say the stones are just a scam made by the people who live nearby. Maybe some of them are fake, but, how is possible that a village full of analphabets could create carved stones that represent continents, organs, stars, and extinct animals?



File: 1633989474495.png (726.94 KB, 2350x1322, 1175:661, ufo theories.png) ImgOps iqdb

Anyone here ever seen a UFO? I saw my first one the other day while walking around the neighborhood. It was pretty surreal, honestly. The sun was setting, and I see up in the sky, up really high, what appears to be a featureless black sphere. It is moving along very slowly. I try to get a photo of it, but I was moving and walking my dog at the same time, so I was having trouble getting it in frame. As I am walking, I go around the corner and my view of it is momentarily blocked by a tree. When I pass the tree, it's literally gone. No sight of it or anything. Slightly unnerving, even though I never felt in any danger.


File: 1658437244912.jpg (157.43 KB, 1050x743, 1050:743, motor-vudo.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Im a materialist and a naturalist, but I want to take the piss and try paranormal/ghost-hunting,etc stuff…what do I do? So far, I thought of:
satanic/excorcism movies at night with all lights off and only my computer screen on
Going to several vodoo events,if possible and safe(crime-wise)
Oujia/drawing sigils and chanting mantras..maybe a nofap-friendly variation of Thelema.


File: 1658440765698.jpg (160.81 KB, 1200x1716, 100:143, installing .net.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I never understood why people timidly wait around to "observe" ghosts as though they were natural phenomena, instead of just demanding they show up


just smoke some dmt


if the effect is to make him believe in ghosts, then that wont. i have smoked "heroic" doses of dmt many times and i am still (somewhat) grounded. i certainly dont believe in religions or muh dank machine elves or what have you.
i realize that is probably an overreaction to your short comment, but i meant it more as a clarification with my own experiences.
tldr i also recommend dmt.


if ghosts or paranormal stuff existed you could bet money that science would have found a way to enslave it and use them as some kind of engine or labor. unless you believe that's what circuit boards and electricity and stuff is.


it's called "collective unconscious"
for example, the myth of the green man, in every country around the world you can find some references to this being.
same for werewolves and other supernatural creatures.

btw, a la verga venezuela, usted ya cojio. no se haga wey.


the scientific method makes this world unexciting and even depressing.

the concept of magic that we all understand is something that "breaks" all the laws of nature, we want all these things to be literally "supernatural" (transgressive)

ghosts, god, love, and all that kind of shit


heres video about him in the latin american version of The UnXplained


Whats your guys favorite paranormal experience sharing podcast? I usually like a few but the best for me are "anything ghost" and "monsters among us"

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