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Post documentaries here


old thread is past bump limit and is the very last thread on /hob/ right now so it should be gone once this thread is made


Chimps doing warfare with other chimps.
Kinda kino documentary.


I'd like some unnarrated documentaries, if there are any. Only one I ever saw was Microcosmos and that's easily my favorite documentary period.


Dark Days, Titicut Follies.


File: 1656714037137.jpg (137.96 KB, 936x1376, 117:172, 1656707906051.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



File: 1656718074855.gif (21.3 KB, 192x192, 1:1, isaac is dead.gif) ImgOps iqdb

This is so tiring. I was hoping this would be a good "facts and logic" take that would press people to answer what is a succubus and hopefully get them to draw a conclusion. But no, it's the same propaganda as the trannies with the same think of the children shit and emotionally loaded music and cuts.

At least there's some antitranny propaganda to balance shit out a little.


If you want a good "facts and logic" take, I'd watch Hjernevask.


Forgot video.


Thanks that was very good.


A succubus is a gate




>When I was 17 I lost my virginity to extraterrestrial

I can't believe someone spent time and money to make a documentary about this made up story.




File: 1666758073545.png (588.08 KB, 849x1219, 849:1219, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

I never seen this doc, but I've heard stories about this guy since I was a kid. I bet he's who that one guy in that one Scooby-Doo movie is based on.
Doesn't matter if he's telling the truth, at that point the guy just becomes interesting himself along with his art.


tl;dw but this whole thing about the aliens anal probing people being a trope has me thinking that this is a way people process being raped in childhood. Maybe they were roofied or something and their dad raped them and then their brain turns it into aliens.


Africa: Blood and Guts (1966)


What are some wizard-related documentaries?


This was good



guy on the thumbnail looks like elliot page


Look at Japan's lost generation, drop outs and how Japan is basically doomed because it Jewed it's self into oblivion in the 90s.


angel cop was real???


just hire someone on fiver or whatever to narrate if you have a bad voice hnnnnnnggg


4chan mod from 2000s talking about his experiences. Sounds like he was underage while modding 4chan




Something off about that timeline and the way he describes things, he says he first torrented in 2007, found new grounds in 2006, and was in elementary school being mean to chrischan when he was first posted which was 2007. Playing roblox in 2009? He would be a preteen janitor.
Maybe title is not his claim, but sounds like he might have been janitor in early to mid 2010s.


Zero Hour: Massacre At Columbine High

Popcorn up


my brother used to work for 911, he claimed he saw this secret footage of columbine, security cams capturing the whole massacre. i kept obsessively googling it, and even found a 4chan thread with a deleted link that seemed to be referring to it.

but it turned out it was just from a fictional film


Yeah, "Zero Day". It's a good film for what it aims to do, but the final scenes which take place through CCTV footage are gruesomely real enough to fool normalfriends.

"The Basement Tapes", referring to any of the many home movies, writings, and manifesto material that was taken from Eric and Dylan's little "press kit" they left in the basement… Extensive, chilling, and lulzy it was, before being destroyed entirely.


zero day and the rest of columbine films and documentary shit is for literal faggots and emo kids who wish they had shoot up a school but didnt because they didnt have balls. Neither dylan or eric were bullied they were just psycopaths who wanted to feel powerful.


How many school days did you miss from shootings that resulted in you being so held back in English?


Let's not forget there's homos and tumblr kids writing fan fiction of the two and making drawings as if they were some gay couple.
School shooters are dumb and for edgy people who are just as dumb and daydream of violence because of repressed feelings and being weak in real life. There's nothing interesting about them. Some weak losers seeking some relevance. They never target actual important people because their brain energy is not high enough to carry out something big.


Not one, but TWO Wizchan /hob/ users who are outspoken against documentaries pertaining to the Columbine Massacre?!?

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