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Any type of writing is allowed, from lyrics, to poetry, to essays, and anything in between.

Last Thread:

Some discussion starters for the thread:

>What are you writing right now?

>What's your favorite thing to write about?

>Is there anything important about writing that you wish you knew earlier?

>What literary devices do you implement in your writing?

>Is there anything that you're planning to improve on in your writing?


last writing thread was uuhhhhhhhhh

mayba a admin fix your link


File: 1662494477760.jpg (669.11 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, 1596143119489.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Human life is transient, an ephemeral drop of water from an eternal rainfall, it manifests as a particularisation of the will but then reforms back into the will – losing its individuality – the atman or meta-consciousness is illusory, as in that is merely a particular transient object of something immortal. Brahma, the immortal will, the primordial, where causality itself can not apply to. It is the fundamental building block of transient existence. There is not why it exists, and that is why there is no fundamental meaning of existence, all meanings of existences are conceptual abstractions. Only objects have true purpose, humans apart from their will to life are nothing but beings who have brought this meaning to conceptual abstraction. To find meaning, we must know that we are transient beings, and that when we our returned back to the infinite will, we are as finite beings capable of conceptual abstractions, who build upon the edifices of the will, a certain personality based upon the reflections of experiential states. When we die, our primal “consciousness” is returned back and us the transient “observer” a function of experiential states being self-reflected on, disappears. This is what is meant by reincarnation, because we are intrinsically Brahma or will, that is our essence extrinsically we are us, the person who reflects upon experiential states. Animals do not have a reflective observer and thus are closer to brahma, humans are an absurd being capable of self-reflection of will and find the world through its temporal-spatial scaffolding absurd! Only with the recognition that this absurdity is merely the human conception of ‘causality’, causality can not be applied to the primordial and with these contradictions’ existentialism entails. The reason Abrahamic conceptions of God are so criticized is because benevolence entails the reduction of suffering, just as one wishes his child the bests and not to suffer excruciating pain leaves one imagining that only a God that finds himself enamoured by the suffering of lesser beings could create such a world – but the world is so filled with beauty, unimagine beautifulness that the horrors of the world are subsidiary to it. But the will is neither good or evil, for those are only conceptual abstractions. Good is merely the altruistic concern we have over others for our own survival, what is civilisation but a social pact that prioritizes the collective rather then the individual, we find ourselves tired from this strife and the will desires a global hegemony and iterates itself through wars and conflicts to naturally ascend to a global hegemony in which the collective will continue to persist through the perpetuation of itself. I find that asceticism and anti-natalism are the self’s revolt against the will.
The answer to existentialism and nihilism is that we are merely tendrils of the will, and that the will is merely manifesting itself as finite being. Thus, meaning in one life is the realisation that this existence is what we as finite beings will have, and that our life is a Sisyphean affair we are to find that which does not give us boredom and interests us. Tragically, humanity finds itself with sustenance and copulation as its imperative due to the will, it is only when we ourselves recognise the futility of attempting to derive meaning in the future that we can find pleasure and meaning in the present. Happiness is a lie and the greatest boon to a man is satisfaction in a painless state of pure cognition in which he draws upon conceptual abstractions to entertain himself.

In copulation man finds himself in a temporal state of utmost pleasure only with post-coital depression to ensure afterwards, man cannot find meaning within fornication since it’s pleasure are transient, and with this hedonism, man falls into a regression within his mental state seeing that the will urges said Man to spread his genes far and wide forcing him to do so by making sex the only alleviation to his depressive mood. The will naturally wishes to sustain itself, so when a man whose sexual options are limited will find himself miserable but able to alleviate his pain in conceptual abstractions and contemplation of universal art and media.


I wrote another book, a short one. Finished it around a year and a half ago just never bothered promoting it. Here's both a free copy and the amaZOG link to it if you wanna support me buying one it is much appreciated.



>amy freeman


probably just a fake name. you can publish to amazon kindle using any author's name. i have tons of old public domain stuff listed, nothing in my real name


It's just a pseudonym calm down


I like this anon, nice work and thank you for the free link. I think you've struck the right balance between insanity and coherency, I like the topics covered and I like all the correct grammar. Probably have to toss you some money later after I've read a bit more.
I keep wanting to copy and paste quotes from it but I suppose there's no need.
OK I'll have to buy it later I've had plenty of silent chuckles to myself now.
Might have to finish Lain before I read any more though.

lmao https://archive.is/bfyGv


There is also a very pleasant comfort to knowing a lot of the quotes/references.
Living in the real world among the normal people makes me feel very isolated.


Thank you for the kind words friend I'm glad it made you laugh. About the references yeah I love using references a lot, imagine some normalfag reading it they'd be scratching their head after reference #2 haha. Being around norms makes me feel isolated as well. Isn't it funny how you feel the most alone surrounded by people? Makes me appreciate the simple joy of home and hearth and the internet. I read books or visit the board and don't feel alone at all. I'm glad to bring some laughter to your life and thanks for the support!


Here are catbox moe links in PDF, EPUB, and just plain textfiles of the 3 books I wrote before that newest one that I posted earlier. These are with a different pseudonym. They are all on Amazon as well if you buy one thanks the money goes to a good cause



wizchan has file uploading support im not clickng ur ip harvester


I did it that way because of the VPN ban on images and attachments. Assure you that 1. I don't care to harvest ips and 2. I'm not 1337 enough to either


Catbox.moe is a good, friendly site. Not bullshit like dropbox.


how do I write a book. Im good at titles but b1d at making chamters, par1graphs and makd a logical devleopment


File: 1672661204692.png (66.31 KB, 563x534, 563:534, Untitled.png) ImgOps iqdb

I'm writing 1k works a day, very close now to finish the first draft of my novella. I won't talk about it here. I'm very happy I finally manage to muster the energy to do this.


File: 1672688649180.png (12.85 KB, 378x399, 18:19, Untitled.png) ImgOps iqdb

One more day. Broke the 38k mark.


what kind of book it is?


It's literary fiction about a man trying to find redemption in a religion he no longer believes in, but it's really about finding beauty. It's a rumination of my readings of Bulgakov, Kafka and Huysmans.


I remember being 18


nobody wizards responded to my poem when i posted it so i'm posting it again for wizards to respond to again

"We wizards"
- Wrote with Windows Wordpad

We who wish we were wiser
Will withdraw with whimsical writings when websites wane

We who wear wide waistbands
Will watch weight when wheezing wakes

We who wank weekly without washing
Will wring water where wand wags when warm weather warps wax

We who wander where woodland wildlife wriggles
Will warp when winking womanfolk wrap whoreishly

We who waste within walls without windows
Will work when wicked wageslaves withhold whispers, warnings, whines.

We who wonder where we went wrong
Will watch when war wrecks worlds.

When witches witness winter!


wait, what? Why would we wish whimsical writing when we wonder where we went wrong?


File: 1675831230014.png (960.11 KB, 1264x665, 1264:665, short father.png) ImgOps iqdb

i wrote pome about elzabeth holmes based on this picture. imagine its her father interviewing hurr

Theranos Im Your father
Although Im Smaller than you
Lizabeth Oh my Daughter
Our height difference is true.

The background has water
A turtleneck interview
Her sale was yet farther
Than the claims of Mike Mew.

The amount could be tauter
"A little pin prick will do!"
Less blood and less bother
than the Bris of some Jew.

The Court was no slaughter
Not 7 years I view
The girlboss, they caught her
So she bent and she blew.

Tho "Steve Jobs" was taught her
A voice in deepness grew:
"Short father, I'm your daughter,
The Patriarchy's Working For You."

A penitent with Harry Potter
And Marie Kondo books new,
But for fun she has naught of
4chan's "If only you knew."

Though succubi still mog her:
"A bottle blonde's not true!" Do -
VC's Welcome Back Kotter,
When her sentence is through?

Theranos Im Your father
Though Im Shorter than you
Elizabeth Yore my Daughter
Our height difference is true.


i can’t write.


Holding back laughs as to not make noise, I enjoyed reading this. Thanks


>he wonders


I wish to see the flowers bloom
To let my lifetime's end occur
To rest within my fated tomb
And bring the springtime's massacre


File: 1676446871868.jpg (40.97 KB, 500x452, 125:113, new order.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

when it comes to writing poetry i have found two tips to writing better poetry is

1. be more specific

dont just say it was windy.
what kind of wind?

A howling north wind

2. be concrete

use concrete language like your senses, what do you touch, smell, hear, taste, see?


Journalling helps you write better too


I love this


It also requires to have a life: that is, to experience things. I do not mean, you need to be a normie, but you need to read, watch things, go out once a while, etc. I mean, you don't need to go to space to write a space opera, but you can't write one if you have no idea what space even is.


what do you guys think about AI's writing, do you think it will replace writers?


So, I have been thinking about this(and AI art) and there is something I believe may happens:
Will artists and writers be replaced? No, they will not. Self-publishing, for writers, and commissions, for artists, will always exist.
However, big companies and publishers will, without doubt, test their waters using AI to publish books or to take artist's place inside their company. They will see if normies will still buy it. Given that normies are mostly consumers at the "only consume, don't think" level, it will work quite well for those companies and publishers. So it will be hard for artists to get a job in any big company and writers to have big publishers after them.
I just hope out of all this we get a new cultural movement, some "anti-AI" kind, bringing the soul back to the works(funny, given that even without there is hardly any soul in modern works).


ChatGPT's writing looks like a middle-schooler's essay.


>The Mutt Diary By WizDoggo
I can't believe I'm writing this Journal after all these years but fuck it here we go.
hello, new friend, my name is Matt, and my words are now in your head if you are reading this that means something bad happened to me but don't worry I will be back to continue writing.
anyway, where were we? oh yeah, introductions so you probably wondering why I'm writing this and that's fair since you are the reader after all.to put it as simply as possible I'm a mutt, not literally of course I mean can you imagine a dog writing that would be weird but what I mean is a social classification system I created years ago to class people, I called it the C-C-S or the Canine Classification system where I class every person I meet into classes and even sub-classes of dog breeds and a Mutt is one of those classes and you will see how this works very soon.
yes I know it's weird and even funny but it's the only way to protect my thoughts on people without directly mentioning their names so just a heads up you will read a lot of dog breeds in this diary so buckle up cause we will start this journey.
So you see those people who were born with a silver spoon in their mouth, those are the purebred who doesn't need to think about money and everybody wants to be their friend and suck their dick both metaphorically and literally, I hate those purebred very much because I envy them so much not gonna pretend that I'm not and one of those purebred works with me, He's a golden retriever and his dad is literally a huge businessman that was "lucky" enough to make his son's charges just disappears. and you might be wondering why the son or Junior is even working especially if his Father has this kind of money, well my friendly reader the father wanted his son to "learn" a lesson which something I admire but he forget one little detail and it's the fact that junior is "working" under his father's friend which meant that he just sitting in his ass all day while my boss is treating like the CEO of the whole fucking company.
now I think you understand what I meant by the CCS and maybe you understand why this classification is important and I think you are ready for your next lesson.
under the purebred, we have the "toy dogs" and they are the people that use their gender, race, religion, and sexuality to get what they want which I both despise and praise so they are my least hated class
and the best example for this is a co-worker pug lady that uses the fact that she was fucked four times or have four little fuckers in your language to get her job and when she started reading those "succubi rights" bullshit she just became a pain in the ass for everyone but to be honest she has the ability to make anything into a succubus problem which is breathtaking, and yes believe it or not this Pug is married to a Man nonetheless which if you didn't believe in miracles I'm afraid this will prove you wrong.
and now to our next class, the herding and guard dogs which are the people that work very hard to get what they want but not always succeeding, and those people can be both amazing people or total assholes. you can find them everywhere if you look closely and I have some of those dogs with me.
and in the same rank, we have the hunting dogs which are almost the same as the class before just add the fact that the people from this class will make sure that other people fail for them to succeed and they are so tricky that you need to be with a hunting dog long enough to know their motives.
and now to my favorite class the Mutts which are the people who were born in the bottom of society and will never be able to change that, If you are a mutt you are always a mutt cause the mutt is an ideology more than a social stat you can be a billionaire but still a mutt, and this what i am, i know I will always work a shitty job until i reach my sixties and will never be able to change this reality.
and now you are thinking that the mutt is at the bottom of the CCS but not exactly we still have one more class.
THE Mongrels, yep they might sound like the mutts but they are the people who are just useless and have no value in modern society, and that includes drug addicts, jobless beggars, and of course people who are terminally online.
and now after I explain the CCS I think you are ready now to start reading my journal.
i will see you in the next page my friend.


Have you heard of Shades of Gray?



I just tried it out.

>Can you write me a short story in the style of George RR Martin?

>In the frigid north beyond the Wall, where the wind howls and the snow falls without end, there lived a brave and cunning ranger named Jon. He was a man of few words but great deeds, feared and respected by his brothers of the Night's Watch.

>One night, as he patrolled the icy wasteland, Jon heard a strange sound. It was a soft, mournful cry, like that of a lost child. Curious and cautious, he followed the sound through the snowdrifts, his hand never far from his sword.

>Soon he came upon a strange sight. A succubus, naked and shivering, stood before him. She was beautiful, with long silver hair and eyes like pale blue jewels. Yet her beauty was marred by a look of terror on her face, and by the fact that she was alone in such a desolate place.

>"Who are you?" Jon demanded, his sword at the ready.

>The succubus's lips moved, but no sound came out. She pointed to the sky, where the Northern Lights danced in a display of otherworldly beauty.

>"I see," Jon said, his eyes narrowed. "You're one of the Children of the Forest, come to warn us of danger."

>The succubus nodded, relief flooding her face. She took Jon's hand and led him deeper into the woods, where a grove of ancient trees stood.

>There, in the heart of the grove, Jon saw a sight that made his blood run cold. A group of White Walkers, the ancient enemies of mankind, had gathered around a tree. They were chanting in a language Jon did not understand, and their eyes glowed with an eerie blue light.

>With a grim determination, Jon drew his sword and charged at the White Walkers. The fight was fierce, and for a time it seemed that he would be overwhelmed. But he fought with all his strength, his sword flashing in the moonlight, until at last he stood victorious.

>The succubus thanked him with a nod, and vanished into the night. Jon stood alone in the grove, his heart pounding with the thrill of battle. He knew that the war against the White Walkers would be long and hard, but he was ready for whatever lay ahead. For he was Jon Snow, ranger of the Night's Watch, and he would defend the realm of men until his dying breath.

Not gonna replace old Georgey yet, but in a few more iterations, who knows.


It's better at limericks though

>There once was a man who passed gas,

>A noise that could shatter the glass,
>He tried to be discreet,
>But it was quite a feat,
>For the smell gave him away, alas!


File: 1682541514002.jpg (161.02 KB, 803x656, 803:656, rat.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Poem I wrote about these two (but mostly Shion) (2d) (Jo'on dies) (I marry Shion (2d))

The road, its traveler, a feather goddess earns her way. Mercifully alone. Together uplifts. One of infinite. Her every flutter is made a stain upon tapestry. Eagle-eyed celestials dawned in bead and beak, seek to expel she who dares return to clouds so high as to impose shadow upon fields of flowers. Raving Karasu sinking talons agrasp their tiny hats when exiles walk the stairs to a life of comforts. Confound by a peasant feather god uplifted in to the kingdom of those who float on the warm wind of heaven. Birds of prey feast first on those who stand tallest. Sought eternity, found swift transience. A firework that flew too high for anyone to have seen its colours, now lost among infinite stars.

Grounded, astray from the trodden paths in a nest of nature sits a stone son. Is he living? Is he dead? Seated below cover of grass and kilt his boulderous form weighs not on any conscience. Asleep by sunlight, aware by moonshine. A splash! The visage of stars upon a pond breaks as the frog floats in orbit. A new story is revealed, experienced before a graceful return to a familiar cosmos. Stillness soothes. Espoused with the Poverty Goddess, resting hand-in-hand as equals. Compassionate companion. She is raised atop the boulder. Our stone sinks further in to the grass. The warm wind of Earth comforts the crossed bare arms of misfortune. A sentiment forever held close now in the baddha embrace of the stone. No longer a faint shiver. Rhythmic heartbeats cause ripples in the pond. A new cosmos is revealed. Unending new stories. A smile so sweet that no sun or moon could ever shine as bright. Silence is shared as they relegate themselves to a simple life of simple joys. Now two among infinite stars.


I have two ideas for stories, or rather for worldbuilding, which would need a story to convey. But I have never written fiction and I'm not sure how to proceed. I can only think of somewhat generic stories like the evil guy building an army to conquer other lands and that kind of stuff.
I would want to make it either a novella, brief, not long, but I still need to think of an interesting story. Maybe I can watch and read some stories with a similar setting, to get an idea of the possible stories that can be told in the world I'm thinking of.


Probably the longest thing I have written in years.

Was inspired by a erotica based thread somewhere else, so there is some sexual content.
And it's only a rough draft.
Wouldn't typically post this kind of garbage here but I don't know.
Feels like this thread could use some content.


The tl;dr spoiler free summery is
You get involved in a relationship with a mysterious lover who in times of frequent seperation inspires you to begin writting heart felt stuff that through her connections gets published.
Secrets are revealed about your lover and the heart ache it causes inspires you to unlock new levels to your powers of reverse empathic writing.

It's over 7000 words though. I got carried away.
If anyone actually bothers to read it then feed back, even highly negative feed back is appreciated.
I just want to know if someone read it.


Whats a good place to find writing promps?

I need more practice but don't want to try my good ideas while I still suck.


Fuck it.
For more regular practice I think I will write a new short story series and post it here.

If I stick with it long enough to start getting good then I will rewrite it as a webnovel.
Think I will do something fantasy related. Maybe a gate fantasy with a partial self insert. Make the story somewhat wizard related both figuratively and literally.

Yeah, my mind is boggling away already.

Only question is if I should post it here as raw text in post or use something like pastebin to upload the parts as textfiles.
I guess I could also do pdf files of each complete story, but pdf is a pain to edit/work on compared to text files. Especially since I mostly will be posting first drafts, instead of something polished.

Though if it's unwanted then I can just not and write for a different audience instead. I ain't trying to piss people off. I just find it motivating to have a audience.


I don't know what the max character limit is so I don't know how many post this will take.
Part one of the untitled saga I decided to write as practice.

In a cluttered apartment a man steps up to a knee high stack of fantasy novels and manga with his cellphone in hand. He propped the phone up, careful not to disturb the adjacent pile of unsorted reference books. Making sure the screen was visible. After a deep breath he presses the display then walks to the center of the room. His muscles stiffen in a ready position as his eyes close in tense concentration as he waits. The sound of a bell rings clear. In a flash the man opens his eyes and drops into a fighting stance a hair of a second before a gauntleted fist could make contact with his face. Springing of the balls of his feet he delivers the heel of his palm with curled fingers to the masked chin of the attacker. Between breaths weaves into a openhanded overhand and finishes the combination by loading his weight onto the other foot and violently twisting his whole being into a weighty open handed hook to the side of the assailant's head. As the assailant crumples to the ground the man looks around spotting several other attackers clothed in blue deep and dark as midnight. Hooded with cloth mask cloaking their identity and humanity. The man deepens his fighting stance and shouts a curt kiai before bobbing and weaving as he advanced. Despite the defensive maneuvers the man was unable to rely on movement alone to negate the onslaught of the team of attackers. Blocks and guards preserving his vitals at the expense of his arms as each heavy blow smashed against the walls of his reactive defense. The man then shifted using light twisting footwork to lightly skip and hop over assorted clutter on the ground to find a new clear space that bottlenecked the attackers. As they followed he turned delivering a back kick with such vicious speed that the white cotton pants he wore sounded a crack as the excess force transmitted through them reached the pant. From the tactical advantage of the the bottleneck the man began attacking with monstrous ferocity. Pausing only to guard against occasional blows. Growls and shouts punctuating his exertions as he pushed himself harder to make up for his deficit in numbers. These sounds slowly fading into puffing and gasps as he grimaced from the burn in his limbs and lungs. The attackers were forced back, battered and bruised with no hope of overpowering in a head to head confrontation. Realizing this they nodded to each other as a signal then employed a acrobatic retreat of flips, rolls, and tumbles to gain separation from the man. From this position they began rapidly utilizing nine hand gestures in synchronized movement. At once where the formation of attackers once was became clouded with smoke that was almost immediately dispersed by a monstrous humanoid that seems to have taken the attacker's place. Rippling with muscle and face contorted in malicious, it let out a fearsome roar at the man before readying it's self to charge. The man crossed his clenched fist before him, tensed then unleashed a bloodcurdling howl and started his own charge towards the monster. Both reared back in preparation for the momentous clash. Just as they were about to collide the bell rung. The man stumbles trying to come to a abrupt stop against his own momentum. The monster stayed frozen in place. The man lets out a deep breath and ends his visualization which despawns the monster from his mind's eye with a puff of smoke. Breathing a bit hard still from the exertion he walks over to the phone and checks the time then sighs.
He says to himself "better start getting ready for work".
He walks over to a closet and opens the door revealing several sacks of clothing. From one he removes heavy duty plain black work pants. From another a thin black undershirt and then a navy blue polo shirt. From a smaller bag he pulls out several socks, sorting through them to find a match, then a pair of boxer-briefs. Grabbing up the cloths in a ball and dropping them on to his bed. Then he removes the cloths he was wearing and goes to the bathroom sink. Filling it then soaking a pair of washcloths. Rather than soap he grabs a bottle of rubbing alcohol, douses one of the rags, then roughly cleans his face. Just as the burn of it becomes hard to bear he rinses the washcloth then rubs his face and around his head again, bringing relief to the burning. Rinsing the cloth off once again he squeezes out the water and hangs it. Then taking the other rougher cloth he soaks it in alcohol then harshly rubs his body and breaths deeply as dozens of little nicks and cuts burn in pain. Then as the burning reaches the point of being unbearable he rinses the cloth and scrubs the area again. Repeating this process across all of his body. Groaning with pain when cleaning his groin. The rest he silently bore the pain of this cleansing ritual of sorts. Once done he rinsed the rough wash cloth and hung it up. Once done he stared at himself in the mirror. Looking over the collection of minor mistakes that made up his being. His skin that lightly held a natural bronze even though he seldom seen the sun these short days. Decorated with darker markings of scrapes, cuts, and scars both long old and fresh. He looked at the evidence of his weaknesses in his love handles and gut that hid his tensed muscle. Then relaxed and looked again. Sneering at his lack of discipline. He then looked at his face. Partially hidden by a messy mat of facial hair. He took up a handleless brush and began batting the unruly mess down to be somewhat presentable. He put down the brush and looked at his face again.
He smiled at the mirror then said "thank you for shopping with us today".
His smile wavered but he regained it. This time with strained eyes and said "how can I help you today".
The smile completely dropped from his face after the lines escaped his mouth. From there he just leered into his own hazel eyes for a solid minute as stood in silence. He broke his own gaze to look at his matted down mess of hair. He wet it down then wrestled it into submission with aid of a few tools to pick and rip at it until it was a uniform spherical fluff. Then using a wide tooth comb bulldozed it backward. After double checking to make sure it was even he drained the sink and walked out of the bathroom .
From there he dressed and ate a bowl of leftover beef and beans while periodically checking the time. Once done he went over to his night stand and fills his pockets with a sack of coins, his overstuffed wallet, a small multitool, a Swiss army knife with a locking main blade, his cellphone with wireless headphones tucked around them, and set of keys on a keyring with a leather strap. He grabbed his belt and put it on then he clipped on a flashlight in a quick access holster.
He then walks over to a hiking backpack with a cheap looking bright colored vest with a name badge on it reading "Kris". Flicked the vest to the floor and checks through his bag. Rain gear, first aid kit, bike tools, mini pump, two spare tubes, charging cables and charger, gum, Retractable heavy duty box cutter and a pack of spare blades, markers and pens, roll of duct tape, sowing kit, a steel water bottle, a plastic lighter, caffeinated gum, big U bike lock, a steel cable coated in plastic, and a pad lock, as well as lock picks in a hidden pocket on the inside. He realized he was missing a few things, including the most important thing. He dashed over to the refrigerator and pulled out a lunch bag. He unfasten it, dropped in a titanium spork then closed it up again. He went to a cabinet and grabbed a few snack items. Then he grabbed a half full jar of peanut butter. All this he put into the bag. He then grabbed a pair of work gloves and put them in the vest pocket before stuffing the vest into the bag.
He hefted the bag over his shoulder then got his shoes on. Ones that were comfortable enough to be worn while on one's feet for hours yet durable enough to get banged up at work.
He opened the door and groaned. It was raining.
He closed the door. Walked over to the closet with clothing, Found a pair of extra socks and stuffed them into the bag. He then pulled his rain gear from the bag and put it on. A woodlands camo patterned rain jacket and pants made of so called breathable material that didn't crinkle too much or make annoying noises. He pulled his headphones from headphones and cell from his pocket. Turning headphones on and sorting through menus on his phone. Finding what he was looking for he grinned. With a few taps the headphones roared to life with the energetic sounds of power metal. Pushing his hood over his head and tightening it, he put the pack back over his shoulder and faced the cold wet weather of this winter rain storm. He pulled his beat up bike from the storage shed then in one fluid motion hopped on. He turn on his lights, checked the brakes, then pushed off.



Catching a tailwind he sprinted down the sidewalk through the rain. As the song ringing in his ears sung of fantastic battles and victory he began to imagine his bike was a mighty dragon. That he flew close to the ground as a dragonrider, pumping his fist in the air to the music then slamming it back down, peddling even harder to pick up speed. Carving the curving sidewalk, weaving back and forth to avoid puddles, breaking to make sharp turns then speeding back up again, shifting his weight to maintain traction against the wet ground. All done while his mind is battling in a distant land of dragons and adventure as he hums along with the music. The streets and sidewalks empty due to the downpour became a open playground for reckless riding. This riding came to a abrupt end as the Kris slammed on his brakes, knocked from his fantasy by the loud sound of the horn of a truck.
A few feet before him a truck alight with a otherworldly glow flew through the air smashing into the wall across the street.
Kris turned off his headphones and looked first at the destroyed truck with holes punched in the side as the glow faded. Then he looked to where it came. A upward embankment leading to a shopping center hidden from view. The sky flashing red followed by what sounded like fireworks or gunfire, followed by a even brighter flash of blue and the crack of lightning. Kris sat still. Looking at the path before him. Looking at the truck wreckage. Then looking at the the embankment. He got off his bike and let it drop to the ground rushing towards the truck while pulling his phone from his pocket and pre-dialing 911 before he looked into the cab of the truck. But it was empty.
A explosion from beyond the embankment rocked the surroundings followed by the screech of what sounded like a large animal. Then more flashes of blue and a second later three cracks of thunder in less than a second. Then a cry of that animal. A meaty thud of hit hitting the wet ground could be heard. Then a read flash and explosion. Another car sent flying high in a tight arc before falling to the ground then slamming down again within the area hidden from view.
Kris closed the phone screen then slowly slipped it into his pocket. He took a deep breath then closed his eyes. Another explosion and another crack of thunder sounded. Kris opened his eye then ran over to the embankment then dropped prone. He crawled to the top to look over it without silhouetting himself. His eyes widened as he took in the scene before him.
Standing on top of a car a old man with long blue flowing robes with glowing yellow unknown runes embroidered into it, a flowing white long beard, and a large blue pointy hat holding a glowing staff in one hand and made hand signals with the other before yelling in a voice that seemed to be amplified before a blast of lightning streamed from the end of his staff blowing a huge hole into a truck on the other side of the parking lot.
"A wizard" Kris whispered to himself.
"A real deal wizard shooting real lighting" Kris said as he stared out in awe.
A blast wave that caused a sheet of rain and water to come like a wall in the direction of the wizard who waved his hand and knocked it away. This was followed by the truck taking on the same glow as the one that almost hit Kris. It then flinged towards the wizard who hopped off the car and dashed to avoid the truck. As it made contact with the car the wizard was on it fragmented and burst outward scattering glowing shrapnel in the new direction of the wizard. The wizard responded to this by spinning his staff above his head then yelling another word of power. A thick streak of lightning that moved almost as if in slow motion stopped in mid are before the wizard then sparked vaporizing each piece of shrapnel before it could make contact.
The wizard was now crackling with electricity himself and the smell of ozone was almost overpowering. The wizard looked over the parking lot scanning for his foe. Kris noticed movement behind a SUV. The outline of a man where the water of the rain gave away but was otherwise invisible. Kris could see him from his vantage point but the wizard could not. The ghost like outline quietly and quickly moved from concealed position to concealed position looking for a new angle of advantage. The wizard started chanting while swinging his staff towards the sky. The crackle of electricity raged even more. Arcs leaped off the wizard and burned the left scorched asphalt where they hit the ground. Then in that amplified booming voice, louder then the other times, the wizard yelled towards the heavens then slammed the point of his staff into the ground.
The sky boiled with lightning above, before a dozen bolts came down from the sky. Making impact on the same point at the same time, right where the outline of the man was standing.
The flash was blinding. The boom deafening. Silence. White.



The sound of rainfall returned. The wizard's panting added to the sound.
Mist and steam filled the air, slowly dissipated by the wind.
The Wizard strained to look beyond the fog from the smoldering impact site of his spell.
Kris also squinted against the obscuring white vapor.
Then the sound of a rush of steam. A glow of red at the center of the smoke, then bolts of red energy and the sound of a automatic firearm sprayed forth from the cloud. Most in the general direction of the wizard. The wizard deflected most but was struck and fell backward before rolling to cover behind a pickup truck.
The smoke thinned and Kris could make out the man crouched in the middle. He appeared to be in some sort of futuristic full body black soft armor with plates strapped to the torso, arms, and legs that glowed with red etchings. With more smoke dispersing other details could come into view. It almost looked like a cross between motorcycle gear and power armor. The joints had some sort of mechanical additions. The helmet was sleek and aerodynamic with a blacked out visor. A chest rig with pouches and grenade sized cylinder with strange marking all over them. A belt with more pouches and black metallic straight rod strapped to his right leg.
He held what looked like some sort of crazy futuristic rifle that seemed to be unfurling out at the sides while pulsing red then contracting. Almost as if breathing.
The armor had been charred in places. Cracked in others. With a big crack in the back plate and burnt flesh exposed to the air and rain. As the rain made contact with the armor it sizzled.
The man in black shakily got back up to standing, took a step, then stumbled. He reached into one of his pouches and pulled out a thin gray cylinder with red markings on it and a cap at the bottom. With a flick of the thumb the cap popped off revealing a nettle point and side button. The man in black then pulled the covering around his neck down, revealing paper white skin, before jamming the nettle in and depressing the button. The symbols on the man in black's suit glowed even brighter red. A hiss muffled by the helmet could be heard. Then the man in black stood up, fired a few red bolts at the pickup truck, before retreating to cover. This time much closer to where Kris lay hidden. A sudden burst of sparks leapt from behind the pickup truck straight up then exploded like a firework overhead. Then the lights in the lot dimmed. Another spark went up and exploded, this time in a blinding light that lingered in the are like a flair. While dazzled kris could hear the shuffling of feet as the wizard repositioned to new cover. The man in black pulled one of the large cylinders from his chest rig and placed it to his helmet. The writings on the cylinder glowed red. The man in black then tossed the cylinder backwards to the edge of the parking lot as soon as the light from the spell ended. A small click could be heard over the rain. Then the cylinder broke open as a point of impossibly black rose 4 feet in the air before violently expanding out in all directions in a globe of pure black that stood out even in the darkness of the lot. The globe of darkness contracted just as quickly but as it did four piles black goo remained. They formed into the shapes of spindly jagged bipedal monstrosities each around 5 feet in height. The goo hardened leaving sharp oversized claws, large mouths filled with fangs of sharpened black crystal. Horns and spines jutting off asymmetrically.
The man in black gave a hand signal to the monsters. The monster then sprinted off in 4 directions searching the lot while screeching a high pitched gurgling noise. As they ran off the man in black flicked his strange gun causing it to drop the rectangular box at the bottom. He then pulled a thicker box from one of his pouches. Before he inserted it the gun seemed to cave in on itself, then in a cube pattern it expanded out to be much bulkier as if to better fit the new box. The man in black then inserted the box in the bottom in front of the trigger group and gave it a hard tap to seat it in.
It took only seconds before one of the monsters found Kris's concealed position and began to attack. It let out a sound like a balloon being pinched as air escaped. Then dashed and leaped. Kris rolled down the hill towards the lot dodging the leaping attack but placing him in greater danger. He man in black took notice of Kris but turned away to focused on rooting out the wizard. As Kris got to the bottom of the embankment he sprung up to his feet and ran in a full sprint. The monster close behind. The monster gained then swiped at Kris, hitting him in the backpack with enough force to knock him off his feet and forward but he carried the momentum from the blow into half of a forward roll. Landing first on his hands, rolling down his arm and shoulder, then sliding as his backpack made contact with the ground. A flash of lightning momentarily drew the monster's attention. With that second Kris in a fluid motion rolled over and flung himself over the hood of a near by car.
The man in black watching for the source of lightning took a deep braced stance then his suit glowed bright red followed by the gun. A high pitched charging sound like that of a camera flash followed by a deep bassy thud that Kris could feel like a punch to the chest. In a flash a car reacted as if it was hit by a wrecking ball. Smashed, crumpled and knocked away, it then was cleaved in two by a flash of lightning. The wizard glowing in the darkness swinging his staff to fend off two of the monsters.
The man in black's gun let out a heavy racking sound. In a gout of steam it spit out a shell as it glowed red then clicked back into place and returned to it's black.
The monster after Kris walked around the car and was pelted by a handful of gravel as it rounded the corner. This did little to slow it down and in a instant it lunged for Kris. Kris was just barley able to slip his shoulder from his backpack and use it as a makeshift sheld. Turning the blow from fatal into just a nasty cut along his left upper arm. Kris kicked upward into the monster's hip then pressed up to push the monster away. This tiny gap bough him enough space to twist and put his full body into throwing his bag at the monster. Hitting it true and staggering it as the straps got caught up on it's spikes and horns. Kris then made a blind dash away from the monster only to almost be hit by a stray bolt of lightning.
The wizard had blown a smoldering hole in one of the monster's with a point blank lightning bolt from the tip of his staff. It staggered away clutching it's chest before reforming the hole and going back on the attack.
The man in black charged up again, this time aiming directly at the wizard. The wizard yelled something then a bright beam of light came from his left hand which he shone in the man in black's face at the last moment before hopping to the side. The Man in Black fired annihilating one of the shadow monsters caught in the crossfire. Kris saw this and reached for the flashlight to his belt while running towards the pickup truck in the middle of the lot.
The Man in black cycled rounds again, but this time the gun changed shape to be longer with strange fins that glowed red in the same breathing pattern. The wizard shown the stream of light into the monster's face then ran towards the man in black while swinging his staff in a figure eight pattern as sparks began to trace the movements. The Man in Black retreated while the charge sound began. The wizard then quickly turned as the sparks formed a whip and grabbed onto the monster behind the wizard. Ending the light spell he gripped the staff with both hands and spun pulling the monster in a arc before slamming into The Man in Black hard, knocking him towards the pick up truck just as kris had dived into the bed of the truck. The monster chasing him colliding with the side of the truck half chasing Kris half struggling to remove the bag it's tangled up in. The sound of the Man in Black charging still continuing and reaching it's final pitch. The Wizard uses his electric whip to grab the gun of the Man in black then yanks upward sending it flying. The monster that the wizard threw scrambles up to it's feet and lunges at the Wizard. The gun lands in the bed of the truck and Kris quickly grabs it, feeling a jolt flow through him as he collapses on one knee nearly as the gun writhes wildly while glowing angry red. The Man in black grabs a cylinder from his chest rig with his left and the long black cylinder from his leg while still seated and leaning against the truck. The monster after Kris gets the bag off it it and drops it into the bed of the truck as it climbs in to maw it's prey. Kris jams the barrel of the weird magic gun into the chest of the shadow creature. It breaks the hard shell of it and gets stuck in the gooey center of it. The wizard yells a word of power and points his staff blasting forth a bolt of lightning through the mouth of the monster that jumped at him, exploding the monster's head. The bolt continues hitting the Man in Black and the pickup truck. The man with shaky hands brings the black rod to the tap the cylinder, Kris pulls the trigger to the strange gun, the monster grabs on to kris with it's claws.
The cylinder clicks, the gun clicks.

To be continued.


It's just a rough draft so there are all kinds of mistakes, and it's very unpolished but certainly readable.

Hope you like it.
If this format is a issue or if anyone has any sort of constructive feedback I will take it into consideration.
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Fixed it in the draft.

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part 2

Ego Death Denied

Slowly Kris regained contentiousness. He opened his eyes wide and saw perfect darkness. He strained to orient himself yet felt nothing. Not the ground, not the rain, not the wind, not his cloths, not the formally painful cuts from the monster, nothing. Even when he tried to reach for himself in the darkness he couldn't feel anything. He couldn't feel his limbs, his skin on skin, the grinding of joints nor the flexing of muscle. Panic seized him. He tried to breath but even this sensation was denied to him. He tried to yell but couldn't hear anything. Couldn't feel the strain in vocal cords. He tried to shut his eyes but was pretty sure he didn't have those ether. In that dark silent void he tried everything he could think off to thrash and lash out only for it to be in vain. Surrounded by nothing and made of nothing. There Kris struggled or at least thought about struggling. He could send the signals but had nothing to make his thoughts manifest.
Then as a undetermanable amount of time passed his agitated thoughts settled. He yelled out to himself with sub-vocalizations to keep his thoughts clear. For in this darkness they became the only thing that was really still there. He speculated on if he was dead. But that can't quite be right. He remembered a old saying and said it to himself with his inner voice "I think therefore I am, but now that I am thinking I also remember some easten stuff saying thought was a illusion and a neurologist speculating that though was a emergent phenomenon caused by the brain. Am I a brain in a jar and the inputs cut out? If my thoughts are a illusion then where might the illusion be generated? That there was no one there to think thoughts in the first place. Well call me a phantom, call me a illusion, there might be nothing here, there might rightly be nothing at all, but I am here. I am here. Even if this isn't a here at all. I am, that's what's important. That is the foundation to build on, I am. Simple truth, I am."
Ramble finished he almost chanted to himself "I am" in the same sub-vocalized speech said at first with urgency. Over time time it became dull. The repetition melting the words into incomprehensible imaginings of sounds.
Silence overtook even that phantom place of imagined noise. Silence and darkness so complete, so total, so expansive as to be infinite and eternal.
Kris spoke "I. Am. Bored!"
Followed my a mental scream not bound by breath or limited by anatomy. He screamed and scream and screamed some more. This too faded.
"I am but what does that really mean" Kris said to himself. Kris sorted through memories again and again. Played as much as he could remember of it to himself then went over it again and again. His mind wondered to the stories he had enjoyed. Songs he liked. He played them over and over in his head too. Trying to conjure up as much detail as possible. Anything to take his mind away from this oppressive nothingness. This well too ran dry. He replayed the events that lead up to him being here. The battle between the wizard and the man in black. The magic, the summoning of the monsters made of hardened black ooze, that weird gun. He thought about the symbols on the cylinder. He tried to remember the details of them. Playing it over and over in his mind. But as he did small details changed and he became less and less sure of what exactly happened. His mind turned to the black point that expanded out into a black globe from where the monsters came. He wondered if this is where it was from. If the monsters came from here. If they returned to here.
His mind shifted to one topic, then another, restless and ever busy. This too faded to silence. He rand through every bit of information he could recall. Then doubled through his mind with a fine tooth comb for several more passes just to be sure. Eventually leading to the same silence. The same darkness in his mind's eye.
He created, imagining new situations and scenarios. Blending every thing stored in his mind, every experience, ever concept, mixed and matched, jumbled together nonsensically then created narratives to make sense of the senseless. This too faded to silence and darkness. Every mental thing was spent. Yet Kris was still there. He turned his mental eye inward. It took much focus but he looked deeper and deeper within himself. Beyond the memories, beyond the thoughts. Beyond his declarations of self and I am. He bore inward to the very act of observation it's self. Then broke through the paradox of observing the observer to go deeper still. A point of even blacker darkness within the depths of this inner world expanded out to a impossibly dense sphere. The darker than black sphere had a pinhole. Deeper still into that pinhole lights. Deeper still into that light was blinding white of a inner spark. In the core of it was all. Everything that is, that was, that could be. It was a world whole world of platonic forms condensed into a teaspoon. The possibilities of the impossible. It was the the precursor to all classical elements. It was beyond the separation between real and unreal. It was the root of consciousness it's self. The very essence of being. If there was a soul this was it.
The shell that was the black orb broke and the light took on a white flaming quality and expanded out.
Then with a thick reverberation Kris bellowed from the center of that point of light "I AM KRIS!"



And the darkness flashes away for a instant revealing in all directions shining thick ever moving mass of stingy black ooze that at once collapsed in on the point of light, completing the darkness once again.
But that darkness wasn't a void, it wasn't a great nothingness. There was now a separation between Kris and the darkness. A thin claustrophobic separation that pressed upon his very being.
Then the silence was broken with a voice that sounded like a multitude of gentle whispers in unison culminating into a deafening din. The voice in darkness said "So you have awakened."
The voice in the darkness continued "Those who arrive here usually are ether asleep, or they are awake. Seldom do they start sleeping and then become awake, how odd".
Kris responds "Who are you and where am I"
"Darkness" the voice hissed.
"Well that clears things up" Kris said sarcastically.
Whispers in all directions mumble incomprehensibly.
"Sorry, that was rude, I am Kris, pleasure to meet you…Darkness", kris said.
"The pleasure is all yours" whispered the darkness.
"Right…, so any clue how I got here or how long I been here, or maybe how I can get out of here?" Kris said.
"No; Not long enough; No escape from this side" The darkness whispered from different directions with different voices.
As Kris tried to ask more questions the darkness hissed to cut him off then began it's own line of inquiry. "Sleeper who awoke, will you not sleep again? Drift, sleep, rest forever. "
Kris responds "I didn't really know I was asleep in the first place. I feel something is different but not really awake or sleep as far as I understand it."
"Hmmmm." The darkness purred
"If awake you must be then consider this accord. A offer of the cessation of pain forever more. Of liberation from all bad things, all discomforts, forever. A offer of peace eternal. What say you?" said the darkness.
"It sounds like you offer death. Death in one form or another. I don't want the peace you offer. I have life. That is what I choose." Kris said.
"Foolish. Choice of pain. Choice of suffering." said the darkness.
Then Kris could feel constant movement in the darkness as the separation between him and the darkness became more concrete. He could feel the writhing, the worming, the pressure, the constriction of the ever-changing inky blackness that surrounded his undefined being. Pressing against the darkness he mapped out the boundary of him and it. Then focused on where his body should be, and from the darkness and apart from the darkness he could feel himself. His limbs, his torso, his head, he could flex his fingers and feel them under his control. Then there was a shift in the darkness surrounding him. Rather than the amorphous writhing mass of maddening muck, Kris could feel it taking on a fleshy consistency. Soft supple skin rub along his body.
Then from the darkness a feminine voice said softly "If not peace then consider this accord. A offer of union. Of never being alone again. To be one and to be all. A offer of boundless and infinite love. What say you?"
The feeling of hands, of flesh, of being touched, fondled, and pressed from all directions on Kris's rudimentary body.
"What you offer sound like a prison to me. To never be myself. No, I have liberty. That is what I choose." Kris said forcefully and as he did he willed away the clinging simulacrum of flesh surrounding him. He could feel within him the burning vibrating core of light. He focused on it. Then visualized the warmth of the power from it radiating out from his chest through his body and then blasting through his skin as a pulse of white light. He felt a tension, a sort of resistance at this visualization as he gathered the power. He released the tension then just as he visualized a pulse of pure white light blasted out in all directions.
A high pitched scream was the response of the darkness, before the darkness reign returned.
"Will worker, Your kind is known. Desires only equal to pride." The darkness hisses.
There is a distant rumbling sound. Then a shifting in the darkness that slowly brings movement to Kris towards the rumbling.
A maddening laugh from all directions in the dark before the darkness speaks again "If not peace, if not love then consider this final accord. A offer to see, Of knowing, Of being able to pierce the deepest darkness with new perception, A offer to the inner eye. What say you?"
Muffled thunder sounds in the distance as Kris pauses. Pondering the offer.
"What say you!" the darkness yelled over the thunder getting closer and louder.
Kris whispered timidly and shakily "what do you want for this?"
The darkness responded with distorted giggles and great dissonant guffaws then spoke "With this gift comes another, do what thy wills with it, but if these gifts prove more then bearable return and be reclaimed" Then the laughing continues.
Kris then feels something in the very core of his head open.
In the darkness he could finally see. Not with his eye but some new sense that saw deeper and clearer then any sense he had ever know before. It was then that he knew true horror for he could detect the true form of the darkness before him. The lies of what he had previously know, thought, or suspected shattered in the face of the infinite taken shape, the eternal given substance, the formless given a parody of form. His will faltered, then panic set in as he sensed the rudiments of his body being intersected and absorbed into the great ghastly globules of ever consuming dark.
"too much already?" the darkness whispered.
"No" Kris gasped then tried to breath only to remember there was no air to breath and he had no lungs to breath it. He let the frustration, the panic, all feelings within him fade and visualized a dark still pool. In that visualization he found calm. In focus on it he ignored the horrors around him and brought this new sense under control. He then confined it his body that he visualized into being. His head, his torso, his limbs, his fingers and toes that he flexed as he sculpted them in his mind and thus brought into being. Then he went deeper. His flesh, his bone, his organs his beating heart, his flowing blood. Then he went deeper still, to the cells to the organelle to the proteins and enzymes, even down to visualizing the tightly wound helix of his DNA. Then in a pulse from his new sense he felt himself complete. A island in a sea of the turbulent dark.
With his eyes made of flesh he sculpted he seen a flash. Then when he looked out with his inner eye he saw a void in the darkness form beyond where that flash happened.
"Accepted the first now have the second then be off with the outsider who disturb this perfection. " the darkness said.
Then a tendril denser then the rest of the writhing mass of darkness took on a sharp point then pieced Kris in the chest but there was no pain. Just as he was about to object he felt the tendril flow a dense sludge to a fine point within turning into a pinpoint black disk that didn't expand but instead just got heaver and heaver in his chest. The tendril then broke from the main mass and flowed into the point too. All he could do was hug his legs stunned and numb at the experience.
The void in the dark grew bigger and Kris's body was drawn closer to the now sparking center of that void.
"No need of this pollution you drew with you on coming here, take it and be gone with your outside meddler." Said the darkness
It was then that the cloths that Kris was wearing what felt like many lifetimes ago formed on his body. His torn battle scarred backpack, hooked to his forearm. His pockets filled with the same trinkets. There was no reaction from Kris at this. Then he reached the arching center of the void in the thick tangible darkness and it yawned open to a glossy portal. From which a gloved blue hand reach with yellow runic symbols and took a strong grip of Kris's hair then pulled.


Obviously to be continued.

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Latest chapter is very much a exposition dump. It couldn't be helped. As usual this is just a rough draft so mistakes were made.

Part 3

On a windswept plateau there lay a arrangement of groves cut deep into the stone of the ground with a large bolder in the center with four ground down flat faces the size of two men high and three men laying foot to head in length. On the south side of this stone a man dressed flowing blue robes with yellow embroidered occult symbols, a blue pointy hat with a wide brim, and long blue gloves going up to his shoulder with glowing occult symbols on them. He carefully drew indecipherable symbols in a swirling pattern forming a circle on the flat of the stone. Then he placed his hand in the center of the circle, the center of the stone, and closed his eyes in focus. The symbols began to spark, then glow, then energy arched between the symbols glowing brighter into a harsh white light that eventually blended together into a circle of white light. From the center of that light a translucent disk of black that expanded out leaving only a glowing edge. The man robed in blue then pressed his hand firmly against the shimmering disk, faced a little resistance, then his hand passed through it.
He reached in past his elbow until almost his whole arm was in the portal, then gritted his teeth and began to pull hard. Arcs of power leaped from the edge of the hole striking the ground and licking around the lip of the magical void. The robed man exerted even greater effort and began to glow with a electric aura as he pulled even harder. Then as if something snapped, whatever was on the other side gave way and the robed man pulled free of the portal to his wrist. Then still pulling but will less effort the matted hair of Kris emerged in the vice like grip of the robed man, Then Kris's head, then his shoulders, until his whole body, including a torn up backpack, plopped unceremoniously onto the ground covered in thick clear slime.
First Kris was stone still as if dead. Then suddenly he turned to his side and choked then vomited out the clear slime from his lungs. Now breathing he writhed around on the ground in confusion, covering his eyes from the bright of the daylight. The man in blue robes in the mean time turned his attention to the still open portal. Looking at it while stroking his beard in contemplation. Nonsensical whispers in long dead languages began to sound from the portal. On hearing this the robed man rubbed from top to bottom of the portal erasing the markings underneath and dispelling the portal. He sighed then removed his gloves. Shook them removing most of the slime on them. Then sent a pulse of static through them that dried them. He then folded them up neatly and slip them to some hidden pocket within his robe. Only then did he turn back to kris who was still on the ground, now breathing regularly with his eyes closed. He waved his hand from in front of his mouth then pointed to Kris. Then he waved his hand over his own ear.
"Can you understand me" Said the robed man.
Kris's eyes shot open and looked over at a ethereal nearly translucent thread running from the robed man to his own head. He tried to crawl away from it in panic, before reaching out, grabbing the thread, then broke it before looking around confused at his new surroundings. The robed man raised a eyebrow at the spell being physically grabbed and dispelled. He then gestured to get Kris's attention, and through a sort of charades pointed to his mouth while speaking a strange language, then miming a line going from his mouth while shaking his head no, to going to his ear and then shaking his head yes.
Kris sat confused and miserable looking still covered in slime but considerably calmer. The robed man preformed his spell again as Kris watched. This time Kris just stared in mild wonder.
"Let's try this again. Can you understand me?" said the robed man.
Kris nodded in the affirmative.
"Can you speak?" said the robed man.
Kris responded "I would prefer not to. This gunk is gross".
"Ectoplasm shouldn't have a flavor?" the robed man said, more to himself then Kris before continuing "How about this, there is a pond not to far, and ectoplasm evaporates relatively quickly when exposed to daylight, so you get cleaned up and then we can trade questions and answers for a bit. How's that sound?"
Kris just nods at this before getting up on shaky legs. The robed man walks down a gravel path outside the circles that leads off the plateau. Kris shuffled along following with his arms out to his sides, sort of waddling uncomfortably. A few minutes of walking lead to a crystal clear pond surrounded by tall grass except on one where a well worn foot path had been trampled down and stamped into the greenery.
After stripping off everything except this underwear Kris spend a few minutes cleaning off before sitting his clothing out in the sun to dry out. Somewhat clean he really took in his surroundings for the first time. Grass plains with greenery in the distance. He breathed deeply savoring the fresh air. He spread his arms out feeling the warmth of the sun on his skin. He closed his eyes and a small smile formed on his face as the wind blew. Then his attention was drawn back to the nearly translucent cord of the spell that connected himself to the robed man.
He then in realization yelled "Your that lightning wizard guy that was fighting that black armored dude in the parking lot!"
The Robed man chuckled slightly then said "I suppose I am. Though my name is Fulgur Everbright, Master Mage and Avatar of Order. "
Kris still looking more at the string of the spell from Fulgur then responded "I am Kris Kane" the then paused and looked around "of Earth" before looking back at Fulgur for a few seconds noticing some sort of wispy mostly transparent disk of symbols hovering next to his ear. Kris then notices the faint glow Fulgur's slippers just barely noticeable in the daylight. Kris then looks past Fulgur to notice the air shimmering and almost sparking in a column reaching towards the sky coming from the plateau.
Fulgur waved his hand to get Kris's attention then said "It appears you have mage-sight. Everyone capable of manipulating magical energies has it to some degree. "
Fulgur then sits cross-legged next to the pond. Kris brings his torn up bag over and begins riffling around in it. He pulls out the sewing kit, then pulls out the brightly colored vest from his job. Taking a seat in the grass 4 paces away from the wizard he begins his work of repairing the bag with the vest.
Kris then looks up and says "You mentioned trading questions and answers. Not sure how many answers I have to trade but I have a lot of questions."
Fulgur said "That's fine, I will start out in good will providing a few basic answers that you probably have and we can move on from there."
"As you have probably already figured out, you aren't on your home world anymore" Fulgur said.
Kris looked over then said "home world, as in we aren't on the same planet anymore?"
Fulgur said "not only a different planet but a different plain. You see there are a multitude plains, each a universe onto themselves, with much space inbetween. Some are interconnected, some are isolated, some extremely similar to the plain you came from only with slight variation, others are so different that their fundamental laws don't even allow for matter to exist as you know it. Even among that multitude there are demi-plains between and separate that aren't full on universes onto themselves but still a places of their own. It's all rather complicated and I am sure it's a lot to take in."
Kris shrugs while going back to his sewing simply saying "Multiverses are real, neat."
"Not really the reaction I expected to such a shattering revelation" Fulgur said.
Kris while not looking up from his work said "It's something common in fiction where I am from, and theoretical physicist have suspected multiverse theory was possible, though the details were over my head if I am being honest."
"I have also had what felt like a very long time to think" Kris then paused and looked off into the distance before continuing "back when I was in that dark place. I could do nothing but think for the longest time."
Kris then went back to his sewing and said "something like multiverses or whatever makes sense given what I have seen, as long as I am not dead I guess."
He then paused and looked at Fulgur "I am not dead right?" Then points to the holes in his drying shirt where the claws from the monster dug in "I don't have a scratch from the fight that led to me going to that dark place"
Fulgur answered quickly "No you aren't dead. Not quite the same as you were but not dead."
Fulgur continued "Which brings me to one of the questions I have for you." Fulgur then leaned forward and looks at Kris with narrowed eyes before saying "What happened to you in that 'dark place'" he said putting stress on the last words.



Kris sat looking blankly off in the distance for a long while. The breeze rustling the grass seemed to bring him out of his thoughts. He then went back to his sewing and began to speak.
"For a long time there was nothing. No sound; nothing to feel; nothing to see. For what felt like eternity it was just my thoughts. That is all there was and thinking was all I was capable of. " Kris said.
He then took a deep breath before continuing "I think I thought every though I was capable of thinking" He then smiled but it didn't reach his eyes, who looked tired beyond his years.
Fulgur asked "is that all?"
Kris responded "No, After runing through everything in my mind I started to try to observe myself, to observe the observer if that makes any sense"
Kris looked at Fulgur who nodded before he continued "After awhile I sort of figured it out. I went deeper and deeper into myself. I think I broke something, a shell covering this inner light that I can't really put into words"
Fulgur cut in "You awakened,"
Kris looked at Fulgur confused so Fulgur continued "Beings with conscientiousness, with will, all to some degree have the ability to interact with and control a mystical psycho-reactive energy found across most plains in varying amounts. That energy goes by many names in different places, it's name doesn't mater now. It's just a word. Beings who are awakened ether innately or have unlocked the ability to sense and flexibly manipulate this energy with their will. With refinement, with knowledge they are able to manipulate this energy in accordance with their will to results beyond what is normally possible."
Kris responds "So those who are awakened can see and do magic?"
Fulgur huffs then says "that is a gross simplification and over generalization, though I suppose it will have to do for now given your limited knowledge on the subject."
Fulgur then presses on asking "is that all that happened?"
Kris said almost in a whisper "No"
He cut the thread he was working on and examined the roughly repaired bag. The holes and gouges covered up with oversized patches. He then pulled out the duck tape and pulled over the partially shredded rain gear.
He then looked his body over again in the locations where there were deep cuts in the jacket. Finding not even a blemish.
"what were those monsters" Kris abruptly asked.
Fulgur thought for a second before answering the question "They were constructs created by combining that magical energy with pliable matter summoned from a demi-plane".
Kris then responded "as in the demi-plane I ended up being trapped in. That dark place?"
Fulgur said solemnly "yes"
Kris brighten a little then said "But you got me out of there, I don't think I said it yet, but thanks for that. "
Fulgur nodded in acknowledgment but kept the grim mood and pressed on "Once you became awakened what happened in the dark place?"
Kris responded without affect "I found out very quickly that it wasn't a empty void. I found out it was in fact full to the brim. Though what exactly it was full of I don't know and I am not completely sure I want to know."
Gaining a bit more life into his voice Kris turned then asked "How exactly did I end up there. I remember most of the details leading up but I am unclear on what happened"
Fulgur responded "it was a confluence of unlikely events coming together resulting in you being pulled into the zero point of a anomalous portal to a demi-plane of extremely high chaos."
Fulgur looked at Kris sternly "how it didn't pull you apart and absorb you instantly is a wonder worthy of a lifetime of research, but I have other duties to attend to so it will likely remain a mystery."
Fulgur then sat back and relaxed "I was a bit stunned by your involvement in that conflict in the first place. But regardless I felt some responsibility for your predicament. So when I preformed several divination and determined that you were intact I felt it became my responsibility to rectify the situation. "
Kris asked "speaking of which, Who was the dude in black and why were you fighting to the death?"
Fulgur's face soured for a moment before he continued, disgust dripping from his words. "that man in black was a agent of chaos. Powerful mages who have for incomprehensible reason thrown their lot in with the personified destructive forces of chaos. They are the opposite to individuals like myself, Avatars of Order. Such a contemptible lot aim to bend then break reality to their will, usually for petty and selfish reasons. Not caring how it negatively effects those around them. "
Kris nodded then interjected "Forces of order and chaos. A fight spanning the multiverse. Very cool, but why did you decide to take your fight to a parking lot in a world that to my knowledge doesn't even have working magic?"
Fulgur responded almost as if anticipating the question "your world, your universe is one of relatively high order but due to certain astrological circumstances, being the winter solstice, It made the barrier between your plane and a few close planes thinner."
Kris raised his eyebrows at this and laughed "My world is high order? All the crime, the war, the random natural and man made disasters. You call that high order?"
Fulgur explained "It has very consistent physical laws by which nearly everything abides by and relatively low native psycho-reactive energy. You have some personal experience of somewhere on the extreme of the other end of the spectrum, How would you compare that to your world?"
Kris cringed at the memory. He grabbed the rain gear and began applying duct tape to the ragged claw holes.
Point made Fulgur continued on "I also feel the need to correct you on something. While psycho-reactive energy is low on your world and thus hasn't had the chance to develop advance knowledge on the subject of 'magic', as you saw in my fight with that misguided gentlemen, magic does indeed still work on your world. Though the effort to conduct anything of note without a external energy supply would be excessive. "
Kris asked "If magic works there then why did you bring me here?"
Fulgur took a deep breath, let it out in a long sigh then answered "There are a few reasons. This is a balanced plane with a large amount of psycho-reactive energy available. After that battle I needed resources to heal and needed energy available to recharge what was expended. This world is also a bit of a nexus, having many locations where there are stable portals as well as places where the borders between planes and demiplanes are thin and thus can be relatively easily accessed with the right knowledge. But most importantly is you were steeped in a area of extremely high chaos. There is no chance you would come out exactly the same way you went in, and there was a distinct possibility you would come out as some sort of abomination. So it would be too much of a risk to bring you to a world ill-equipped to deal with such a potential threat. "
He changed his sitting position then continued "Considering the circumstances you have come out the other end of your experience unbelievably well. A little shook up, but physically intact and not raving mad"
Kris responded "At some points I certainly went mad. I am sure of that, but it was eternity in there. So there was more then enough time to build myself back up again. I think that is what happened with my body too. For the longest time in there I don't think I even had one, however that worked. But I built it back up because I needed it to separate myself from the darkness. "
He looked down at his body, flexing his hands open and closed a few times then nodding and saying "for someone with no clue what he was doing I think I did a alright job".
He then put his finishing touches on the rain jacket before putting the duct tape away and folding the rain gear, stuffing it into the backpack.
Fulgur looked him over before saying "while you look well enough another reason I brought you here is because because you need to have certain test run on you to make sure the taint of chaos didn't corrupt you in some way beyond what is recoverable. If you pass then I would be happy to arrange for transportation to your home, I am sure you are eager to get home as soon as possible"
Kris picked at the grass and said "If I don't pass?"
Fulgur answered "Depends on the results of the testing but rest at ease that I didn't save you just to then execute you. "
Kris tested his cloths for moisture which he found suitably dry and began to dress.
Fulgur then asked "Do you feel up to a bit of a hike? The location where the testing unfortunately isn't close. It's three days of hard hiking to reach the location I deemed nessisary and it may take more time then that for the specialist necessary to conduct things properly. "
He then pointed at the plateau "I would have preferred to bring you to this world closer to our end destination but unfortunately this was the closest suitable nexus to the particular demiplane you were trapped in."


Fully dressed and slinging his backpack on Kris stretched a bit then nodded that he was ready. Undaunted by the prospect of the long walk and unphased by the delay to return to his home world.
Fulgur eyed this lack of resistance with scrutiny before rising to his feet and reaching into his robe. Kris notice that the area he had reached began to glow brightly to his mage-sight and he stepped back into a defensive stance unsure of what was happening. Fulgur pulled the staff Kris had seen him fight the man in black with from his sleeve. It's length seeming to materialize out of some sort of magic pocket in the wizard's clothing. Kris's heart pounded as he looked around for cover but saw nothing more substantial then tall grass. Fulgur then turned and began using the staff to assist him walking. He then waved for Kris to follow. Kris relaxed and let out a held breath before following along keeping a few paces distance. Taking one last look over his shoulder at the faint glow of the lines of energy connected to the center of the plateau.

end of part 3


Part 4 should have more classic adventure stuff and less just talking.
Might speed up the pace a bit.

Probably will take me a few days.


Part 4
Seeing New Place in New Ways

The pair make quick progress across the rolling hills of the grassy landscape. As the day progressed the land flattened and the sky widened to open plains. The spell that the wizard Fulgur used to allow communication had quite early in the journey been dismissed so they traveled in silence for the duration of the long day. As the sky turned from clear turquoise to gold with large white clouds in the distance, the horizon eventually revealed thick greenery of a wood that the two marched directly towards.
The stimulation of the yawning expanse of the plains eventually became monotonous. With nothing else but the walk, Kris observed and began to notice things. Noticed the added spring in his step that suggested something slightly different about the gravity of this place. Notice the hue of the sky and the flavor of the air. Noticed that when he looked out not with his eyes but instead with what felt like something in his mind. Feeling it in his mind's eye, he could sense way more about it then his physical eyes could ever tell him. Such as feeling the composition of the soil he tread. Noticing the almost familiar insects hidden in the grass. Notice the thin lines of invisible moisture given off by the tall grass around them as they baked in the mid-day's sun. Notice the change in the air he breathed in to the air he breathed out. All around him he looked with eyes old and new, filling his mind with little details that crafted a whole that was finally sinking in. He really wasn't on earth anymore but the place was so strikingly similar despite the niggling differences. On these things Kris ruminated until his attention was drawn to Fulgur. As they tramped the tall grass Kris noticed the faintest of static shocks and the faintest of glows in his mage sight when grass made contact with Fulgur's robes. Over time watching these sparks Kris refined his observations. Taking in more and more detail. Looking at the flow of energy, looking at how it charged, discharged, and the conditions for activation of the whole process. Even though he was able to observe this with his new senses the speed of what was taking place and the subtlety of it convince Kris that there must be many things going on that he could not grasp by just observing. This too he mulled over for a great deal of time while they kept steady pace through the grasslands and ever closer to the looming woods. By the time they made it to the edge of the woods there was scant light left from the smoldering sunset. A slow small stream issued forth from the woods edge. Choked thick with vibrant green algae and the near rocks and dirt covered in thick moss. Fulgur stopped looking around while Kris eyed the water with a look of irritation. Fulgur with a wave of his hand reestablished the two spells he used to communicate or translate between himself and Kris.
Fulgur then spoke "It is best we make camp for tonight here. Unfortunately I didn't bring any supplies or provisions. I am quite used to maintaining myself through my arts and thus don't often account for such situations."
Kris looked at him, looked at the sky, then shrugged and unslinged his backpack. He then said "It doesn't look like we will get rained on through out the night, and it's comfortably warm. I think I can make it a few nights sleeping rough. That said I know nothing about the wild life or threats of this place so do give a heads up on any dangers so I can at least get out the way before you throw lighting at it" he said while jutting his fingers as if using force lightning.
Fulgur said "Simple creatures know better then to bother me. Have you noticed that even the biting insects give a wide berth while I am around?"
Kris looked around and noticed the gnat like small flys that hung around in the long shadows of the evening fating sun. Drawn to the cool moisture of the stream. Kris then noised they seemed to keep a constant distance of about 10 paces from Fulgur. Kris then closed his eyes for a few seconds before opening them and declaring. "A sort of electrical signal. A sort of frequency I didn't even notice until I looked for it. Intresting."
Fulgur brushed his hand through his beard then responded "something like that."
Kris asked "You said simple creature, but what about ones more complex?"
Fulgur said "I am known here, and even those who don't know of me know enough that I am a powerful mage, and that mages are not to be trifled with."
Kris nodded his understanding then dug out of his bag a strip of cloth leftover from the vest and the painfully dry steel water bottle and headed to the stream. Using the strip of cloth as a filter he filled the bottle with water then capped it and set it next to his bag. He then in the dim remaining twilight gathered dead sticks, kindling, and thin dry twigs. Being watched by Fulgur the whole time. Kris cleared a small patch of bare earth and gave the area a once over before breaking the thicker sticks down into more manageable pieces. Then crumpling the twigs. Then finally fussing over the kindling. Making sure it was fluffed to best catch a spark. Kris then searched through his items looking for something to light a fire.
Fulgur walked over and said "allow me."
Kris watched with rapt attention trying to take in every detail. Fulgur bent over put two fingers into the tinder. Kris could sense Fulgur draw in a subtle amount of magical energy. It then flowed through Fulgur into his two finger tips. Kris could sense the difference of charge being built, then a spark leapt between Fulgur's fingers lighting the tinder. Fulgur then tended and grew the fire, adding kindling when it was ready. Then the sticks for fuel. He stepped away and sat before looking up at Kris who had wide eyes taking every detail in.
Kris said "Thank you. I didn't bring a lighter or anything."
Fulgur said "You're welcome. " giving a tip to his hat.
Kris looked at the nearly transparent thread of the communication spell connecting them again, before setting the water bottle to boil as Fulgur looked on. He then rifled through his bag pulling out the lunch he packed for his day at work. He hesitated before opening the lunch sack, then on opening it gave it a long sniff. Nodding that it didn't smell like it spoiled he pulled out the food and looked it over. Kris then looked over at Fulgur who had a look of mild disgust on his face.
Kris asked "do you know how long I have been off earth? The dark place messed up my sense of time."
Fulgur thought for a few seconds then explained "the flow of time is different plane to plane, and I suspect the chaos demi-plane didn't really have a proper flow of time. Which tends to lead to very odd reports since people aren't mentally able to process non linear time. Timelessness can feel like it stretches on forever and yet at the same time feel jumbled like all events happened at the same time instantaneously. If anything in such a state isn't rendered into a perfect stasis or rotted instantly. To put it simply I don't really know. If the results of your testing go well then I will preform a few divination on the matter. "
Kris took a bite of his lunch. Fulgur cringed then said "That has been sitting in a plane of chaos, and you ate it."
Kris asked "is it dangerous or something, like radioactive?"
Fulgur said "it could have been changed any which way. It can't be trusted."
Kris looked at it with his new senses and detected nothing amiss, he shrugged and said "Seems fine to me" before continuing to eat.


After the water had boiled for awhile Kris slipped on his work gloves and removed it from the fire to a cleared patch to cool. While waiting he gave himself a sniff under his arms then looked up confused.
Kris then said "No way, I didn't put on deodorant or anything. I have been sweating all day, yet I don't smell like anything. Is this some sort of magic that I haven't noticed?"
Fulgur said "Kind of a odd detail to focus on but it is a interesting question. I suppose it might have something to do with when you rebuilt yourself within the chaos demi-plane. If this is the only unusual thing about you then count yourself lucky. Though, I have the wisdom to admit I don't know exactly for sure. It could be that the particular bacteria of this plane have yet to take to your body composition."
Kris said in response "speaking of things of this plane, why is the flora and fauna so similar to my world yet just slightly different?"
Fulgur answered "there are theories about that but according to myths this world in particular had most of it's life brought to it from portals eons ago. I don't know if that was the case for your planet as well. Oh, I shouldn't really should be more sensitive and not fall into idol speculation over such things that could be mind shattering to someone not used to traveling the planes. Of someone who only earlier in the day learned they weren't the only universe to exist."
Kris seeming totally unbothered and without missing a beat said "Your concerns are appreciated but uncalled for. This stuff is pretty common in fiction and theoretical speculation from my world. It's honestly really cool."
Fulgur questioned "Cool? I think the spell has malfunctioned."
Kris laughed "sorry, bit of slang, guess it doesn't translate quite right. Speaking of which how does this even work?" He said pointing at the line between them.
Fulgur crossed his arms before saying "I don't think it prudent to go into details. I will instead just say it's a spell I picked up in the course of my many duties, but that it's outside of my specialization so if possible I would prefer not to use it all the time as it is a drain on me. "
Kris taking this as a hint that Fulgur wanted to end the conversation, turned his attention to his water. Which now cooled he gulped down. Not satisfied Kris gathered more dried sticks in the darkness. Fulgur looked questioningly at this but said nothing. Kris very quickly gathered the sticks taking no notice of the dark around him. Navigating the uneven terrain with ease and finding dry sticks using his inner eye. After dropping the load of wood off he filtered and filled another bottle and set to boiling more water.
He repeated this process several times in silence all while Fulgur watched. Satisfactory rehydrated and with a full bottle for tomorrow he pulled out his rain jacket as a blanket and used his bag as a pillow before laying down to sleep which found him quickly.

Pitch black sky and purple grass a wanderer roamed. Eyes glowing among the grass. So many eyes that glinted with light their own. The eye light lit the way of the wanderer through the grass. Then down a hill that kept getting steeper and steeper still until the wanderer fell from the hill and flew. The nights sky lit not with stars but more eyes looking in all directions. Then a a large eye with lids closed the size of the mood appeared. It opened and looked directly at the wanderer. The wanderer fell from the sky into endless darkness.

Kris awoke from the dream groggy and a bit sore from the ground but didn't feel tired any longer. As his faculties returned he noticed Fulgur. The ground around him was faintly glowing with magical power. His staff floated in front of him. His eyes were closed and his face relaxed, his robes flowed around him as if weightless, though his hat stayed put. Kris looked with his mage-sight and saw a flow of magical energy flowing from Fulgur into his floating staff, which collected and condensed. Kris then used his inner eye to look deeper. He saw within Fulgur's chest, right next to his heart, was a coin sized disk of concentrated magical energy arching within him. A obvious source point of the energy from which it flowed into Fulgur, then through him to the staff. As Kris watched the memory of the tendril of dense blackness that pierced his chest in the darkness slammed into his mind and he clutched his chest. Breaking out in a cold sweat Kris used his inner eye to look within himself. Right in his chest in the center. A small disk of pure black the size of a coin sat within his chest. He looked at Fulgurs and how it was brilliant with the glow of lightning. The darkness of the unlit wood felt claustrophobic to him now. Light, he needed some sort of light. The fire was long dead. Not even a amber remained. He pulled out his phone with shaky hands and triggered the flashlight function. Cleaving the darkness with it's beam. Taking calming breaths he sat on his heels with his back straight. His panic calmed as he focused just on his breaths. Then as he was calm he let is awareness expand to around him. He realized then that he could check his phone to understand how much time had passed. Turning the light off he looked at the time displayed, the date. A month and a few days had past if the phone was to be trusted. Kris let out a long breath, put the phone away, then let the small sounds of life and the rustling of the breeze carry his worries away.


Took awhile to get back to writing due to work bullshit.
Will be working on the continuation of this.
Expect part 5 soon.


Part 5

Sketchy Footing

Kris was restless and unable to go back to sleep. He arose and spent a few minutes stretching. Kris walked slowly around the camp reaching out with his new senses. Something that felt easy in the darkness. A complete darkness due to the cloud cover obscuring even starlight. Yet he could feel in his mind each blade of grass, each pebble, how the water rippled in the stream. He could also more vaguely feel the faint and gentle shifting and flowing of the psycho-reactive energy that Fulgur spoke of. On the edge of the woods Kris stopped and closed his eyes. He could feel the difference in this energy between the grasslands and woodland. Almost like a difference in pressure. Kris inhaled deeply as if trying to smell it or taste it. There he stood exploring his new senses and old in the darkness with his arms outstretched until the first hints of light of the sunrise began to color the sky. Taking this as a good time to go back, he wonder back to camp and notice Fulgur had left his trance and was slowly getting up before noticing Kris approaching.
Fulgur tried saying something to Kris but Kris understood nothing and just looked at him quizzically. Then remembering the language barrier he waved a hand and sent out the threads of his communication spell to Kris.
Fulgur then asked "where were you? it's dangerous to wonder so close to these woods in darkness?"
Kris responded "Nature called." then shrugged.
Fulgur wore a serious expression before letting out a sigh and telling Kris to sit down and that he needed to explain a few things before they head out this morning.
Once seated Fulgur said "These woods are unlike anything you have likely encountered before. They are dangerous in ways you likely can not comprehend. For they are infused with a higher concentration of psycho-reactive energy. Such energy has a effect on the flora, fauna, and even the land it's self. While I can protect you from some things, I can not protect you from your own carelessness or stupidity. Especially if such mistakes on your part aren't fatal. Though if you are about to do something that will kill yourself I will at least proffer a warning against such foolishness."
Kris nods at this with a poorly suppressed grin.
Fulgur reacts to this by saying "you don't seem to be taking this very seriously, regardless I do hope you keep up. If you get lost then you are on your own until I am able to find you. Or whatever is left of you."
Kris says "I am taking this seriously. Just a bit exited. "
Fulgur says "well if you are ready"
Before getting up Kris ask "won't it cause problems not being able to communicate, I mean you cut the spell when we aren't talking like this and if a emergency happens or you need to quickly warn me of something how will I understand you or you understand me?"
Fulgur looked upward thoughtfully while stroking his beard before a flash of realization painted his face. He then reach into his sleeve and pulled out what looked to be a black glossy bead with tiny inscriptions on it in gold. He held out his hand for Kris and Kris took the bead.
Fulgur then told Kris "place this in your ear"
Kris did as told.
"now close your eyes and visualize the object I gave you in your minds eye"
Kris did this too and nodded
"Alright, now I want you to visualize glowing energy, how it looks doesn't matter just visualize it. Once you got that picture in your mind I want you to push that energy into the object"
Kris nodded and felt the bead respond. He touched his ear at the peculiar sensation.
Fulgur ended his communication spell then said "Testing, testing, can you understand me?"
Kris opened his eyes wide in wonder and nodded.
Kris saw that while the thread of Fulgur's spell had gone, he still had the glow of the magical construct by his ear. So Kris spoke and asked "So I can do magic now?"
Fulgur chuckled at this then responded "this is just using a simple magical object. Something quite common on worlds with prevalent magic so it is not a issue in you learning it. As it is something so basic that in some places it's required just to operate doors and lights. More complex magical objects aren't this simple to use."
Kris still beaming said "It's still really cool. Thank you for allowing me to use it, and for showing me how to use it."
Fulgur just tipped his hat at the gratitude
Kris then asked "Could you teach me any magic, or at least how to defend myself against magic in these mana filled woods?"
Fulgur's faces instantly soured and he quickly said almost shouting "I am not teaching you magic as I have no desire for a apprentice. Especially not one who doesn't know the first thing about magic."
Kris putting his hands up placatingly said "I mean no harm by it, it's just I am trying to comprehend the incomprehensible dangers you spoke of that I might encounter in the woods."
Fulgur huffed then calmed himself before speaking "You seem to have at least some ability to sense…Wait what did you call it?"
Kris said "Mana, it's a name that seems to fit the concept of psycho-reactive energy you have spoken of before, and it's less of a mouth full."
Fulgur responds "Curious that your world has that word too despite such energy being in such low concentration there. Though it may be a oddity of the translation. Another thing to add to the list for things to investigate when I am not so busy."
He paused before saying "Where was I, ah yes. You seem to have some ability to sense psycho-reactive energy, or 'mana' as you put it. If you sense anything magical don't touch it or let it touch you. Just let me deal with it or avoid it unless I tell you otherwise. "
Kris nods then points up at the thick gray sky filled with clouds "you going to be ok when it rains?"
Fulgur responded "I will be fine. Ready yourself as we leave shortly."
With that Kris gathered his things, checked that his bottle was full, and made sure his rain gear was at the top of his pack before slinging the pack on his back. Ready Fulgur lead the way into the woods.


Fulgur pushed past the underbrush with no resistance as his robes glowed and static sparked allowing him to keep the same casual but quick walking pace through the difficult terrain as when they were walking through the grassland. For awhile Kris tried to remain in Fulgur's wake but the speed of the bushes and brambles returning back to it's former coarse battered Kris as he tried to keep pace. Forcing Kris to quickly pick and choose his own path through the thick underbrush while maintaining awareness of where Fulgur was, as well as guessing where he would be. Nearly sprinting whenever he found a clearing. Adjusting his clothing and gear to avoid getting caught on the grasping plants. Accepting the scrapes and cuts as he pushed past abrasive stems. Yet still he was able to keep the quick paces. Using his inner eye to feel his way through it.
Eventually Kris found he gotten the hang of the rough travel. Though he was already worse for wear with his clothing half tattered and covered in a sheen of sweat. Still now that he adapted keeping pace with fulgur became less of a struggle. With traversal not requiring his full attention Kris let his attentions focus in on Fulgur again. With his mage sight he could see the thin wisp of mana from the air concentrate into directed streams and flow to fulgur. That the flow of mana seemed to infuse itself into Fulgur's body. Kris then turned his attention to the woods finding no sound of birds or the chittering of rodents. Only insects seemed active in the area. Not even the typical cries of alarm many song bird would typically make when people crashed through their homes.
It was in during this examination of surrounding that Kris noticed a floating flowing orb of spectral light hovering chest height from the ground and about 60 or so paces away.
Kris spoke up mentioning it saying "Up ahead I see a weird glowing thing."
Fulgur looked back and said "it's harmless"
Before rethinking and adding "mostly"
Fulgur finished with "you could follow it if you like, you could learn a valuable lesson in doing so."
Kris said "It kind of reminds me of a old folk story where I come from about will-o-wisp. That they are usually pretty mischievous and like leading travelers astray. I think I will stick to following you for now."
Now closer to it at 30 paces Kris used his inner eye to look and seen that it was hovering over watery boggy mud.
Kris then said "especially since if I followed it I would end up stuck up to my armpits in muck"
Fulgur just nodded at this and slightly chanced course to give both the mud pit and the wisp a wide berth. From then they continued in silence, only broken up by insect noise and Kris occasionally needing to scramble over or around something to keep up. Then the rains started. Fulgur continued pace while Kris quickly pulled off his already mostly ruined cloths and slipped them under his rain gear in his pack. In this time he almost lost Fulgur's trail. The magic of his slippers making his feet barely leave impressions. His magic seeming to repel branches without breaking them. It was only by using his two new senses together and focusing on the trail of manipulated mana that the wizard seems to leave in his wake, as well as static charge he seems to radiate, and even the faint smell of ozone caught in his clothing, that Kris followed and found Fulgur again, a few minutes later still trudging on as if he had not noticed the absence. Fulgur did however notice Kris was yet again in only his underpants and mentioned it.
Kris responded "My rain gear isn't durable enough for this and would get more ripped up then my cloths. If we keep moving I will stay warm even if I am wet. When the rain clears I can dry off and put my dry well ventilated cloths on again."
Fulgur said "odd but reasonable, though I wonder how your skin is holding up so well to what your cloths can not"
Kris did look over himself and while certain brushes with the foliage did hurt there seemed to be no lasting marks on his skin. Even in places where thorns and branches dug deep into his cloths and gave them ugly rips his skin remained intact.
Kris just said "Small blessings I guess" before remaining silent as they continued.
As usual the adverse conditions seemed not to slow Fulgur, and even the rain seems not to soak into his robs. The brim of his hat seeming to flawlessly shed water and keep his face free of every drop of rain. Even his slippers remained perfectly clean in the mud and dirt of the wet ground. Even when the ground became especially slick, or soft, or thick with sticky mud, Fulgur kept the same pace and trudged on unaffected. The only indication of additional effort being a quick intensification of glow in Kris's mage sight as more mana was directed to Fulgur's footwear before returning to it's baseline. Meanwhile Kris seemed to be getting more and more fatigued trying to keep up the pace. Panting and becoming less refined in his movements. Yet despite being near exhaustion Kris remained alert and didn't slack in his effort.
Only when the rain ended did fulgur finally stop at a clearing caused by a fallen tree and sit. The clouds still hung in the air and the woods still resounded with the droplets of water running off the leaves in pregnant drops. Kris took a seat next to him and caught his breath.
Fulgur spoke "It's mid day, rest for a bit. If you have food left now would be a good time to eat it. Things are only going to get more difficult from here. "
Fulgur then leaned back into the branch of the fallen tree and closed his eyes. Kris slung his pack down and rifled through it. Finding his food and wolfing it down.
Between spoonfuls of peanut butter he asked fulgur "why are there no animals in these woods? I know we are making noise and all but I haven't even seen or heard a bird. "
Without opening his eyes fulgur responded "I don't know, normally these woods are teaming with wildlife. Occasionally wildlife is partially infused with psycho-reactive energy to the point of having interesting abilities. The energy is still here. The 'will-o-wisp' was evidence of that. But the wildlife is gone and I can't quite tell why. Yet another thing to add to the list of investigations for another day."
Kris just listened and finished his remaining food. Slightly shivering as the wet breeze blew through. Still wet, mostly unclothed, and stationary, Kris was starting to cool. After packing away the trash and making sure his pack was assembled right. He sat, crossed his arms and put his cool hands into the nook under each crossed arm. He controlled his breath and contracted his muscles. He visualized inhaling warmth then as he exhaled the warmth infusing his muscles as they contracted. Almost instantly he felt much warmer. He noticed that as he did this mana ever so faintly coalesced around him and followed his breaths. Seeming to add effectiveness to the technique. Kris relaxed into the meditative controlled breathing, maintaining the visualization and enjoying the pleasant warmth. Eventually changing the visualization to that flow of warmth evaporating the water on his skin and hair. After a dozen or so breaths steam began to slowly rise from Kris. He looked down at himself and saw the faint glow of magic and grinned while maintaining his focus.
That focus was disrupted when Fulgur opened his eyes and shouted "What do you think you are doing!"
Surprised by the outburst Kris's breathing was disrupted and visualization disappeared. The glow of mana in his mage sight vanished and the warmth faded. Fulgur stared hard expecting a answer.
Kris stammered "J-just a breathing technique to keep warm."
Fulgur now not shouting but still loud "where did you learn such a technique?"
Kris responded quickly "internet, books, I don't know exactly. "
Fulgur asked "from your home?"
Kris responded "Yes, where else would I know it from, though I put a few things together watching you"
Fulgur said "Watching me?"
Kris responded "Yeah, the way you direct the surrounding mana into yourself while walking. I suspected it was to help you keep pace or power you magic items. When I noticed my breathing technique and visualizations effected the surrounding mana too I figured I could try directing it the way you showed me to activate the translator thingy to enhance the technique. Did I do something dangerous, was I doing it wrong?"
Fulgure eyed Kris suspiciously before responding. Saying "Not wrong, and that is why it's dangerous. You shouldn't know any magic nor be able to do that. You have had no training. So I wonder how you could have used unstructured magic without it going wrong. "
He leaned in and pointed to make his point "I wonder indeed."
Kris just looked on confused. Fulgur got up and wordlessly began his march through the woods again. Kris picked up his pack and followed.


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Part 6
Magic of here and there

For hours more they trekked though thick underbrush with Fulgur seeming to go at a slightly faster pace. That was until they came upon what looked to be a game trail. New growth and the lack of animal tracks indicated that it had been days since it was last trampled at least. Still, it was clear enough that it eased travel significantly.
As they walked along the trail Fulgur spoke "I was under the impression your world had no magic. Was I wrong?"
Kris responded "well it sort of has magic but it generally doesn't work. Not even close to anything I have seen you do. "
Fulgur said "I can't fathom much of anything being able to be done in that place with just the ambient psycho-reactive energy available in that plane. Tell me of the so called magic of your world. "
Kris said "Only if you give your word that you will tell me something of real magic that actually works"
Fulgur grumbled at this then agreed.
Kris continued "Alright, I will tell you what I know of my world's magic. However I only dabbled a bit and read a few books. I am not a proper occultist or something."
Fulgur urged him on impatiently.
Kris explained "Magic as far as I understand it is it is a method of manipulating the physical world through metaphysical means by employing ritual action. Though there is some disagreement on that definition. With guys like Crowley, a pretty famous occultist from where I am from, having his own definition. He said it was the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will, or something like that."
Fulgur asked "and how do your people practice magic?"
Kris said "there are a lot of ways but I guess I could sort of categorize things. You got ceremonial magic. Where people use precise, complicated rituals and intricate sets of correspondences. Mostly based on obscure branches of religions. Wasn't really my thing but read a few overviews about it."
Fulgur nodded and responded "interesting that such a tradition would develop even without easy access to psycho-reactive energy. I suppose that with properly refined ritual cast at the right time with the right place it could create minor effects even in such a world. If only I had the time to look into it. It's a shame you don't know more."
Kris shrugged and continued "It's more used for spiritual change then causing changes to the physical world. It's heavily tied to religion for a reason. "
Fulgur said "I see, so physical manifestations were a rarity I assume"
Kris responded "yeah, I have my doubts it does much of anything. But people believe it. Speaking of people just believing stuff. You got folk magic. Which is mostly superstitions, traditions, and informal magical thinking that probably doesn't do much of anything."
Fulgur responded "I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss such things. While the power of such believes is faint where you are from, here and many other planes such things should be taken deadly seriously. The only ingredient missing from your world is easy access to psycho-reactive energy."
Kris simply said to this "noted"
Before moving on saying "There is Alchemy"
Fulgur's eyes widened in surprise and he said "Really? How marvelous. "
Kris continued "it's rarely practiced as it's been replaced with chemistry and other empirical methods that work. The few that hold on mainly use if to spiritual development and transformation."
Fulgur lamented "what a shame it is to be deprived of the wonders of alchemy, though it's understandable. Without psycho-reactive energy physical transmutation is impossible. "
Kris responded "I wouldn't mind seeing actual working alchemy."
Fulgur waved dismissively "it will not be on this day you witness such a thing. My skills are elsewhere" He then waved around his surroundings dramatically while continuing to walk "and there is a dearth of proper equipment"
Kris asked "So where do your skills lie then?"
Fulgur answered quickly "Battle magic. I am one of the best in the multiverse at it and I take my art quite seriously. That said I am a properly educated master mage so I know a little bit of everything as well to be well rounded."
Fulgur then urge Kris to resume his explanation of what he knew of magic.
Kris continued "Lets see, we covered high magic, also known as ceremonial magic. Low magic, also known as folk magic. Alchemy which is it's own little thing. Ah, there is divination. I think you mentioned you did a bit of that. Don't know if it actually works in my world. Results seem mixed to say the least. "
Fulgur just nodded so Kris kept talking "sympathetic magic, basically creating a association between alike things, then believing the manipulation of the one effects the other. Like making a doll that looks like a former lover then burning the groin of it to wish them to get VD or something"
Fulgur seemed amused by the example but didn't comment.
Kris said "There are all kinds of energy work. This one I actually practiced"
Fulgur asked "what energy were you working in this magical practice?
Kris responded "There are a bunch of names for it. Chi, Ki, life energy, Parana. It wasn't really energy. It's more of a large set of mind body visualization techniques and practices as far as I am concerned. I practiced it for martial art's related reasons so I didn't dive deep into the spiritual or metaphysical side of things. It's where I learned that warming technique you freaked out about when we rested. Boy oh boy does it work better with mana."
Kris grinned at the recollection of doing magic.
Fulgur frowned and said "I did not 'freak out'. I was simply concerned and I still am concerned. Did you practice any other forms of magic in your homeland?"
Kris thought for a moment and said "psionics, using your mind to directly do stuff. Lots of branches and versions of it. Tried it when I was young a lot. Never worked. Although I will say this mage sight kinda feels like esp."
Fulgur responded "It's not. Though the term is rather obscure I know of what you speak and there are practices of magic that would fit it. In fact there is a style of casting spells using just the mind that exchanges potency and efficient for subtly. Hard to counter-spell directly so it's best to use more general defenses against mages using that style of casting."
Fulgur then explained "mage sight isn't a extra sense. It's more of unlocking the potential of senses all ready there to the perception of psycho-reactive energy. Though if I am honest I strongly suspect it isn't just mage sight that is going on with your perception. The way you navigate darkness is unnatural, yet you don't have the eye shine typical of those who can actually see. It is something that hopefully will be sorted out in the test. "


Fulgur let out a breath then said in a almost tired tone "Please continue, you practice or read anything else?"
Kris said "Only thing I can think of that I have decent knowledge of and practice with is chaos magic"
Fulgur nearly stumbled then slowed his pace. He let out a deep breath and through clenched teeth he asked "Please explain this 'chaos magic'"?
Kris seeming unaware of fulgur's tension simply recited from his memory "It is relatively new compared to other magics, it aimed to strip away dogmatic traditions related to magic and get to the very core of magical practice. Being will and belief as tools to create change. A lot of it is about entering a state of consciousness called gnosis, then from this state of gnosis you can use your will to manipulate the energy of the world around you and manifesting in real-world results."
Kris taking the lead while walking, not keeping fulgur's slower pace continued "The most common method of using chaos magic is through what is called sigils. Sigils are a physical representation of an intention. There are all sorts of methods of making them but the most popular is from this little booklet I read called Liber Null. You structure the intention a certain way, in a declarative statement or sentence, removed the vowels, take out all repeating letters, then turn what's left into curves and lines to construct a new symbol. You then charge that symbol with your will. Finally you enter gnosis and fire the symbol. Then you just sort of wait around and document if it works or not. "
Kris chuckled at this last part. Fulgur let out a held breath and relaxed. Picking up his walking pace and took the lead again.
Fulgur said "Using sigils sounds similar to using glyphs or runes. A subset of symbology, which is a subset of written magic. Though I would be careful about calling such things chaos magic outside of your world. It has other connotations."
"Other connotations?" Kris asked.
Fulgur explained "I believe I told you when we met that I was a Avatar of Order. I think I also explained that the man in black I was fighting in your world was a Agent of Chaos. I however didn't explain anything about the wider conflict of order and chaos raging across the multiverse. Let me sum up Chaos as simply and potently as I possibly can. The final and ultimate aim of Chaos and its entities seek nothing less than the complete destruction of the material universe, so that all of Creation is once more consumed by the primordial and uncontained energies of Chaos. To corrupt, to consume, to destroy, until nothing is left but undefined energetic mush. All potential with no order or unity. "
Kris asked "Why would people choose to align themselves with such a thing if the ultimate goal is oblivion?"
Fulgur said "simple, they are short sighted and the conflict is on a scale of time even immortals have trouble appreciating. Maybe in their lifetime they can gain massive personal power at the expense of all those around them. Or destroy their enemies first before their own self destruction. Because their personal in the moment desires are fulfilled they don't mind being a pawn in something that is so wrong. "
Kris asked "So what does order want then. "
Fulgur said "order doesn't want anything. Order is simply the ideal state. The way things should be. Unity, peace, structure. All that is right."
Kris said "it isn't lost on me that you might be a little bias, but I appreciate the explanation. I will refrain from calling it chaos magic. Wouldn't want to make people think I am out to destroy the multiverse with some doodles. "
Fulgur responded "You joke but it's deadly serious. Entire planes have been destroyed in this conflict, and more may face similar fates in the future as it goes on. Possibly all of them eventually."
Kris shrugged and said "sorry, It's just at a scale I can't really get my head around. I doubt panicking in existential dread will do much. I am just a simple earthling who has lost his way."
Fulgur grumbled but seemed less upset. They both continued walking in silence for a few minute along the game trail. The sound of a stream in the distance interrupting the hum of insects that had complemented the occasional breeze making up the sounds of the seemingly empty woods.
After awhile Kris spoke "So, you going to keep your end of the deal? You did give your word after all."
Fulgur grumbled to himself again then said "I will keep things simple and general. Magic, real magic, no matter how ordinary or odd and no matter the scale is made up of 3 components with 3 steps to achieve any magical result. The first part is the manipulation and usually the gathering of psycho-reactive energy. The second part is giving it direction and structure through will. The third is a triggering condition that combines the energy with the structure and fires the effect into the world."
Fulgur then looked over his shoulder to Kris and said "Disrupt any of the 3 and no magic, so you can see why magic on your world is basically impossible for the ordinary person no matter how elaborate their spell work."
Kris nodded in understanding before saying "No mana"
Fulgur returned to looking forward where he was walking, in time to duck down under a low hanging branch before continuing to speak saying "Almost no 'mana'"
Fulgur continued "there is small amounts but it's largely dispersed so widely that it would take impractical levels of effort to gather enough for even the simplest spells. So only those who somehow gained access to external sources of psycho-reactive energy could make use of magic. Still, it's very interesting that your culture still developed magical traditions and believes regardless. It is something I have long speculated about something being inherent in humans and the way they think since it's a phenomenon seen in humans from other planes and planets with very low levels of psycho-reactive energy. "
Kris though about this for a minute before asking "would that mean that magic from my world would work here?"
Fulgur responded "Some of it might work, a lot of it would likely have to be modified significantly, and others wouldn't work at all. For your own safety I will ask you to refraining from attempting such things at this time as the results can be unpredictable especially without formal training in the basics."
It was Kris's turn to grumble to himself.
Fulgur with a slight grin said "I understand the interest in magic. I wouldn't have become a mage if I didn't but it takes a certain amount of wisdom, such as knowing that a treacherous hike in unfamiliar woods isn't the time nor place to mess around with something you don't quite understand. For example if you botch the firing of a particularly energetic spell you could blow your hand off and not even know what went wrong. I have seen it happen. Gave me nightmares for years."
Kris redirected the conversation saying "You mentioned what I did was unstructured magic. You also brought up a bunch of categories when I told you about magic on my world. Could you elaborate a little?"
Fulgur said "Don't really worry yourself with categories. There is very little standardization in them from place to place and most go completely out the window when going plane to plane. I mention them out of habit. A artifact of my formal training ages ago. There are wider generalizations that are used more commonly among mages who regularly travel several planes like myself. Such as structured and unstructured magic."
They emerged from the game trail to a stream with crystal clear water. Fulgur began walking along the bank of the stream with Kris only a couple of paces behind.
Fulgur said "Unstructured magic is when mana is directly combined with will and fired off in a in a moderated but continuous manner to cause it's effect over time. When highly refined by a experienced user it's highly flexible. However it's easily disrupted, it's slow, and requires constant continuous unbroken focus. To give a example, many magical healers use unstructured magic to treat complex injuries that require many small augments as the healing process takes place. Structured magic involves precision and formulas. A precise amount of energy is used, the instructions given are consistent, the trigger is exact and the firing instantaneous. With practice and skill it is reliable, predictable, repeatable. It is superior for battle magic. It is quite frankly superior in every way to unstructured magic if one has the proper time and fortitude to formulate the correct spells."
Kris smirks at this saying "Your bias is showing again."
Fulgur responds "As a master I am both entitled to and justified in my so called biases. A mere novice with no experience can not appreciate the eminence amount of experience needed to come to such wise and informed conclusions"
Kris said "If you say so then I will take your word for it. What else can you tell me about magic?"
Fulgur hopped up onto a rotting log laying across the stream then walked across and hopped down. Kris looked at the log and could tell without any of his new senses that it would be unlikely to support his full weight. Looking at the stream and judging it to only be 2 paces across Kris decided he could probably jump it. He ran up and leaped across though didn't account for the shifting of the stones and mud shifting as he landed. It resulted in Kris ending up on all fours with his hands up to the wrist in mud. Fulgur was already beginning to trudge through thick undergrowth as Kris rinsed his hands off in the stream and rushed to catch up.
Fulgur said "for the time being our talk of magic has come to a end."
Kris groaned and followed through the brush.


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Part 7

Night Visitation

The sun raced the two travelers inevitably speeding forward and overtaking them past the horizon. It painted the sky in golds transitioning to violets fringed with dark blues in it's victory. Fulgur slowed as the light faded until reaching a clearing with a large stone flanked by trees. Fulgur stopped and waited. 40 paces away Kris emerged haggard by the exertions of the long day of hard travel.
Fulgur spoke "We made good time. Tomorrow we should reach our destination. We must stop now that the light fades. I need to set up protections for tonight. Make whatever camp preparations you need."
Kris dropped his pack and grabbed his empty water bottle. He then remembered the nearest water source was nearly three thousand paces away through more thick wood. He just huffed and went about the long task of gathering dry sticks and tinder for a fire. Then with a spark form Fulgur, set off in the twilight back and forth from the water to camp. It was completely dark by the time Kris was satisfactorily hydrated with a full bottle in reserve. By that point Fulgur seem near done drawing a complex script in between rings of a circle. The inner ring being a circle that was cleared. Fulgur then sat cross-legged in the circle and seem ready to go into the same trance he did the night before.
Kris interrupted, pulling out his cellphone and asking "Any chance you could also charge this?"
Fulgur looked at it for a moment then said "What use would your miniature radio transceiver be here?"
Kris shrugged and answered "Might be useful. Can you do it?"
Fulgur responded "maybe but without knowing exactly what to calibrate the energy transfer it's more likely for the device to be damaged than be charged. Electromechanical doodads are far less forgiving then charging a well crafted magical object like my staff here".
Kris pulled the charger from his bag and said "this should offer a bit of a buffer, any chance you can hit a consistent 120 volts at 12 to 15 amps?"
Fulgur said "let me run the conversions." He then looked upward in thought before responding "Direct current or alternating current"
Kris responded quickly "I only have a charger that works with alternating current"
Fulgur shook his head and said "sorry I can only produce direct current without specialized equipment I don't have with me at this time."
Kris said "that's ok, I just figured I asked. Though I am a little surprised at your knowledge of earth measurements for electricity as well as having some knowledge of electronics."
Fulgur said "The units aren't unique to your world exclusively and my specialty if you haven't noticed is related to electricity. Granted I mainly use it for battle magic but I have studied all aspects of it in detail from many perspectives across countless worlds for lifetimes."
Fulgur continued "I am interested though in your knowledge of electricity. Is it related to your profession or is it common in your world?"
Kris said "I had some interest in electrons. That being electric powered computational devices if I was to phrase it your way, so I know a bit more then average for my world, but it isn't my profession. I don't really have a profession."
Fulgur said "man of leisure then?"
Kris responded "Hardly. After completing my education I spend most of my life doing odd jobs that earned me just enough to provide for myself and allowed me to do my hobbies. Eventually my hobbies lead to me living my passion for a while. I was for a few glorious years a real deal martial arts instructor. But government shut down the school for awhile and we were never able to recover. So I did stuff like work in shops stocking shelves and doing customer service to pay the bills. That is basically my work history. "
Fulgur asked with a eyebrow raised "were you shut down for subversive activities against your rulers?"
Kris laughed "Nothing so interesting. There was a contagious illness going around so by government decree they shut down every business that they deemed nonessential. In a land of guns, being able to punch good is pretty nonessential."
Fulgur nodded in understanding though his interest in the conversation waning was obvious.
Kris said "I got another question"
Fulgur responded "One more and then bother me no further tonight."
Kris asked "I noticed you usually draw mana free floating in the environment but when you charge your staff at night you use another source."
Fulgur repeated the words "another source?"
Kris replied "Yes, from that disk of energy in your chest. But the mana seems different from that of mana gather from the environment. What's up with that, are there like different kinds of mana or something?"
Fulgur looked shocked for a moment before calming himself and responding. His voice low and clear "there is no way you should know about that."
Kris quickly responded "what do you mean, I can see it as clearly as I can see the stars. I have mage sight remember. "
Kris then looked up at the clear sky and realized for the first time the lack of a moon. He was so distracted by this he didn't notice Fulgur had come to his feet and with his staff leveled at him the moment he looked away.
Kris said "I just noticed this place doesn't have a moon"
Before looking down at fulgur then defensively putting his hands up and saying "woah, what happened?"
Fulgur said "even with the most highly developed mage sight one is capable of it's still impossible to see someone else's inner gate."
Kris quickly stammered "Dude, I don't know how this magic stuff works. If it's private or whatever then I didn't mean to violate your privacy. I mean you seen me in my underwear basically all day. Can't that make us even. Please don't shock me bro."
Fulgur looked with squinted eyes at Kris. Seemed to make some determination, then modified a few of the symbols on the circle he inscribed on the ground before sitting back down.
He then said "It isn't a issue of what you saw. It's that you can see it at all that is the issue. Something isn't right with you. You have somehow been changed by your time stuck in chaos. How exactly and if it's reversible will be determined by the test, but until then I have to take measures to protect myself. "
Fulgur tapped his staff on the circle and it began to glow a pale yellow. He then spoke "Tonight while I am in my meditation I am not to be bothered. If you or anything else attempts to cross this circle you will be shocked. Possibly to death if you persist. Since you have some martial training you should be able to defend yourself from anything non-magical in these woods. If it is magical then I suggest you hide. "
Kris asked "What did I even do man? I didn't do anything to you, why you being like this?"
Fulgur responded coldly "This isn't personal. If you are tainted by chaos then it could maliciously manifest outside of your control and be a threat regardless of your intent. "
And with that Fulgur waved his hand dismissing his personal translation spell. His staff floated, and he entered his trance, shutting off all conversation.


Kris sat mulling over what Fulgur had said as he watched the remnants of the fire. He put sandy dirt on the dying embers then pulled his rain jacket from his pack as a blanket. Figuring sleep would help bring him comfort. It had been a day filled with exertions and challenge so sleep found him quickly in the pitch blackness. In only a few minutes Kris began to toss and turn. He breath in deeply. Almost seeming to breath the darkness it's self. then he sat bolt upright wide awake. The fatigue of the day before was gone. No soreness, nor tiredness. In fact Kris felt restless and annoyed that he was denied the respite of sleep. He knelled and closed his eyes. His breath slowed. He looked first around him with his new sense. With another breath he looked within himself. Looked to the center of his chest. To the coin sized disk of dense deepest darkness. The restlessness went away. Stone still he looked at the black spot within. Letting it take up the whole of his mind's eye. For a long time he stayed there. Mind clear, calm, clean as his mind's eye sat before his inner gate and observed unblinkingly. Teetering on the edge of the darkest abyss. A link at the core of his being to that place of oblivion from which he was trapped.
A branch snapped and so did Kris out of his reverie. He strained his senses in the darkness. Rustling in the thick underbrush came from 50 paces away. Kris looked over at Fulgur then figured the wizard could protect himself if it was a threat. Kris peered into the darkness with his inner eye and could see sense 3 very short people. He quietly slipped the bikelock from his bag and then rushed to cover in total silence. Keeping the location of the intruders in mind Kris was able to move through the brush without rattling a branch or crunching the leaf litter. The three split up. One hanging behind and crouching behind a bush. The other two approached the camp and became faintly visible due to the glow of Fulgur's protection spell. They were the size of grade school children. Wearing rough loin cloths and ropes wrapped around them with a couple of rough pouches hung from them. One with no hair the other slicked back hair. The pair had inhumanly long pointed ears and their noses seem sharp and longer then fitting for their face. Most striking of all was their olive drab green skin. The hairless one held a rusted dagger in it's three fingered hand. The one with hair dragged along a roughly hewn club that looked too big for them to properly use. Kris focused and could make make out that the one hiding in the bush was armed with a short bow. A arrow notched in it but not drawn. Also seeming to have a larger side sack over their shoulder and rope at it's waist.
On the other side of the camp well hidden from view Kris had trouble suppressing a grin as he whispered to himself "Goblins, they are real deal honest to god goblins."
The goblins chattered to themselves as Kris strained to hear but couldn't understand. Without hesitation or much thought he visualized mana going to the translator bead within his ear and by feel he tuned it until the talk of the goblins became comprehensible.
The goblin with the dagger said in a thin raspy voice "There were two. Now only one. Where is other."
The club gob replied " maybe he…" before the goblin cocked up his leg and loudly farted. Getting a shrill giggle from the goblin with the bow in the bush as the dagger wielder frowned.
Kris began to reposition himself and slowly on hands and feet he quietly stalked through the woods around the edge of the camp.
The goblin with the dagger looked around then said "Leave the mage. They are never worth dealing with their tricks. I will search the bag for any food and valuables. Watch out for the other one coming back." He then dug through Kris's bag.
Kris continued to creep in the darkness until he was positioned behind the goblin kneeling behind the bush seemingly focused on his two companions. It was like second nature to move through the darkness for Kris. He got close enough to smell the mud and earth on the bow-gob. Kris gripped the lock tightly and prepared himself to pounce. The goblin with the club whined "please tell me there is food, please please please."
The one searching through the bag held up the trash of plastic that once used to contain Kris's lunch that he had already eaten before responding "there was food. Not anymore. "
Kris closed the final few steps of distance and raised the lock to strike. Stopping when the club-gob began to cry. Dropping to the ground in a frustrated sorrowful waling. The hairless goblin tucked the dagger into his rope belt then knelt down to shush and try to calm the one having a breakdown. Care and his own sadness plain on his face. Kris being so close could better look at the condition of the one in front of him. The goblin's ribs were visible under the skin even in the poor light of Fulgur's spell. Thin even for their size and their bellies were distended. It reminded Kris of the ads on tv showing starving children from poor countries experiencing hardship. Kris slipped back into the darkness. Away from what he was so close to doing. The bow-gob left his position to commiserate with his comrades. Sniffling and holding back crying himself.
The bald once said "We must leave this place"
The upset one slowly dried their tears and croaked "Our whole tribe is starving. I am starving. My children are starving, We can't just go empty-handed."
The bald one looked over at Fulgur and pointed "if that one awakes we die or worse. If the other returns we die. If our tribe stays in these woods we all die." He gestured around them "There is no food here. Even the good plants aren't food anymore. We must leave. All of us." He then held out his hand and pulled the upset one up. The three slowly made their way out of the camp and through the underbrush once more.
Emerging from the his hidden position Kris climbed the large stone next to the camp. Perched there he sat brooding for hours until the sky lightened and the sun began to peek it's first light over the horizon.


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Part 8

As the day broke Fulgur left his trance. He looked around before spotting Kris still perched on the large rock above lost in thought. His dismissal of his defensive spell drew Kris's attention who waved but didn't leave his spot. Fulgur looked over the camp and seen signs of disarray. Kris's possessions from his bag piled in the dirt. Broken branches from the underbrush. Small foot prints with 4 toes tread all over the clearing and concentrated around Kris's bag. Fulgur looked back up at Kris who was watching him with a bored expression.
The silence was broken by Kris "You ready to get this over with?"
This was uncomprehended by Fulgur who didn't have his personal translations spell up.
With a hop skip and jump Kris was on ground level again quickly gathering his things. He took stock and noticed nothing of importance missing. Packed up he stood looking at Fulgur ready to go. Fulgur did not move from his spot. Kris gestured to Fulgur to resume communications. Fulgur hesitated before doing so.
Quickly Kris said "What is the hold up, Are you ready to go?"
Fulgur pointed to the foot prints on the ground and asked "Do you want to talk about what happened last night?"
Kris answered "Goblins came through looking for food and didn't find any so left. They were starving. There is something wrong with this forest and it happened relatively recently. They talked about even the plants not being edible anymore."
With a raised eyebrow Fulgur asked "They spoke the common tongue?"
Kris simply pointed at his ear containing the translation bead.
"I didn't teach you how to tune it for different languages" Fulgur said.
With a sigh Kris pulled out his phone and said "It's like scanning frequencies on a radio transceiver only using mana and my mind instead of a nob. It wasn't complicated. Or will you hold that against me too for figuring out?"
He put the phone away and said sternly "Now lets go and get this test over with so I go home."
With a nod Fulgur began walking and Kris followed. From the early light of dawn to the brightness of mid day they trekked through the woods until they broke through the edge on the other side. Free from the underbrush at last Kris retrieved his rain gear from his bag and put them on. Fulgur actually stopped and waited for him this time and watching him with a questioning look.
Kris explained "My cloths are in tatters and I don't have spares. These are the only other pants I have on me and the closest thing to a intact shirt. Unless you got a spare robe up your sleeve you are willing to lend me I just have to make due with what I got."
Once dressed they continued onward until they were hit by the overpowering unmistakable smell of large quantities of death. Fulgur slowed as discomfort played plainly on his face. Kris straighten and scanned the area on full alert. His hands clenched into fist and his stance stable. Fully ready to spring into fight or flight if needed. As they continued the roar of multitudes of flies buzzed. The smell of putrefying flesh was so thick in the air that if one tried to breath out their mouth they could taste acrid bitterness of rot and decay. A small hillock being the only barrier between themselves and whatever horrors lay in their path. Kris crept to the edge of the crest of the hillock and knelt. Closing his eyes he searched beyond for any dangers using his extra senses. The only think living he could detect was the cloud of flies and matted down grass beneath the masses of rotting meat. Fulgur hesitated with his staff clenched in his hands unwilling to confront the sight of what his other senses informed him was there. Kris relaxed sensing no near by dangers and stood before casually walking over the crest of the small hill. Fulgur paused for a moment before following.
A thick billowing cloud of black flies were almost deafening as the swarmed around lumps that were the source of the death odor. So numerous that amongst the clouds of flies it looked like writhing black piles scattered along the ground. Their grim buffet covered by the countless buzzing bodies of the scavengers laying claim to the spoils.
Covering his mouth Kris yelled to Fulgur "Can you do anything about these flies with that field of yours?"
Fulgur drew power from his inner gate as Kris looked on. It flowed through his flesh reaching his skin before pulsing out with a barely detectable hum. Kris then observed a wave of electrically charged mana spread out in a half dome shivering as it passed through him and expanding out 100 paces in all directions. As it expanded the flies took flight, repelled by the wave of high frequency energy. Fulgur could feel Kris's eyes on him. Staring unwavering directly at the source of the power for the spell. A stare only broken by a change in the warm breeze distributing a eye-watering concentrated nose full of the issue at hand. The field full of death and decay.
Kris surveyed the scene. Now without the cover of carrionous insects the carcasses could be identified. Shock and wonder played across Kris's face as one detail stood out above all else to him in the carnage. The detail that made what was almost familiar yet another reminder that he was so far from home. Thick matted wool in a pallet of light shades of pastels. Cotton candy pinks, delicate violets, street chalk blues, tea greens, all decorating the decomposing slaughter of sheep. Honing in with his inner sight, Kris looked expecting to find dye of some kind but found that the color was structural. Running root to tip as if it had grown that way. He then looked over at Fulgur to gauge if such wool was unusual to him. What he found was a man fighting a battle to retain the contents of his stomach. Kris got closer to a few of the bodies. Leaning down to inspect them in detail. He looked over the mess of trampled ground taking care to step over the chunks of entrails roughly ripped from it's once living vessel. A few of the sheep Kris crouched over to observe the marks of mortal violence visited upon the sheep in their final moments. Spreading his fingers over in imitation of the claw patterns finding it similar in size and number to a human hand. How the sheep were left where they fell. How the only thing that fed on them was the flies and maggots. Seeing enough Kris walked over to Fulgur who was faced away from the field of horrors. His face drained of blood, grimacing at the foul assault on his sensibilities and senses. Kris walked over to a spot upwind and waved Fulgur over.
Kris relayed his findings to Fulgur about the manner the multi-colored sheep were dispatched. Most being gouged deeply by four fingered claws while others were ripped and torn as if mauled but it being hard to tell due to the rot and insects eating at the scene. That the sheep had likely been dead for a few days by his guess. How whatever attacked them must have been fast due to way the sheep scattered and were cut down in sequence mid stride as they fanned out from the point of the first ambush attack. Kris pointed out the deep impressions carved into the soft ground in places the beast quickly changed direction. Those prints being the only ones still clear and not rounded over by the rain yesterday. How the prints suggested that the beast was bipedal with a humanoid gate when it did these maneuvers. Kris also explained that none of the sheep appeared to have been even partially eaten by whatever killed them.
He concluded by asking Fulgur "You are a experienced battle mage who knows this world so maybe you can shed light on what did this?"
Fulgur was at a loss for words. Making several attempts at speaking but halting before lapsing into silence.
"Come on, lets walk" Kris said before leading Fulgur away from the grisly site of slaughter. As the walked Fulgur seemed to get a hold of himself and took the lead again. Once they were far enough away, even from a distance the clouds of flies could be seen descending on their grim feast.
As they continued to walk Kris begain to grill Fulgur with questions, asking "For someone who says they are one of the best battle mages in the multiverse you are surely no stranger to death, so why did dead sheep disturb you so much?"
It took a few more steps in silence before Fulgur responded faintly "it's the rot" before speaking clearer and louder "It isn't death that is the issue. I have lost my stomach for rot and decay some time ago. It is something I have low tolerance of, especially in large quantities."
"I assume you don't want to talk about it?" Kris asked in a questioning tone.
Shaking his head vigorously, almost shaking his hat out of place, Fulgur quickly said "No".
Kris tried to steer the conversation by saying "Well I hope we don't run into whatever did it." in a tone almost begging the question but fulgur refused to respond further.


So they continued to walk until they came to a stone indicating the property line and a worn footpath in the dirt leading to a farmhouse.
Pointing to it Kris said "Maybe we can ask if they know anything about the attack. Them being farmers there is no way they haven't heard some gossip about it."
Fulgur agreed but said he is the one to do the talking. As they walked to the house it could be seen that the door hung open, gently swinging in the breeze. Immediately Kris was alert and took the lead in a defensive stance.
"Something isn't right here. Stay alert" Kris said as he walked up to the rustic wooden door. Taking point he walked through the threshold with his hands raised in a stance that showed he was unarmed but he could still strike from if needed. As he went deeper into the home the unmistakable smell of death met his nose. After warning Fulgur he pressed on following the smell to the kitchen of the home and source of the noxious odor. In the kitchen Kris found a middle aged man hung from the roof post, gently swinging in the breeze through the open window. Examining the scene for a few minutes Kris then moved on examining the house. There was evidence that a succubus and two children once lived in the home, but had hastily packed and are gone. Kris then found the pantry and pulled out a wax sealed jar of preserved fruit he couldn't identify. In fact he couldn't identify any of the jarred fruits or vegetables. Despite the unappetizing smell of the hung man, Kris's stomach rumbled in hunger as he looked over the preserved food. Picking out a jar that sort of looked like red peach wedges, Kris walked out to meet Fulgur who opted to stay outside. He first gave his speculation on the other residences of the farm house before bringing up the hanged man.
Fulgur asked why and kris theorized that he was likely the owner of the sheep. When Fulgur's face shown that he didn't understand Kris explained "if all those sheep were his and they all were killed like that at the same time then it might just be enough to financially ruin a farmer. If other things similar have been happening in the area then it would be even worse. I doubt something like this is covered under insurance or something. So my guess is that he told his family to move on to greener pastures and then offed himself once they were gone."
He then opened up the jar he carried out before sniffing the contents.
Fulgur asked "What do you think you are doing?"
Kris answered flippantly "I am hungry and dead men have no use of food."
Kris dipped his hand into the jar and extracted a piece of mystery fruit dripping with thick red syrup. Taking a small bite he retched as it unexpectedly tasted like sweet relish. He closed the jar, managed through shear force of will swallow what remained in his mouth then placed the jar on the ground to the side of him.
After wiping his hands on this rain pants he looked over to Fulgur and asked "the place we are going. There will be food before the testing right?"
Fulgur nodded.
Kris then asked "How come you never eat or drink?"
Fulgur simply said "I drink occasionally" and elaborated no further.
With a frustrated huff at the non-answer Kris looked around the farm house and managed to find a cylinder with a spout on one side and a large wheel on the other with a pipe running down to the ground from the bottle of the thicker cylinder. Making a guess he figured it was some sort of hand pump and gave the wheel a few cranks. His guess turned out correct and he was rewarded with fresh ground water after a few turns of the wheel. Gathering a handful of the water he used his new senses on the water to inform him if it was safe. Besides a few trace minerals it seemed fine. After a sniff he gave it the water a tentative sip. It was cool refreshing and pure enough. With this he drank his fill before filling his water bottle. Fulgur eventually came over to the side of the house with the pump and looked at Kris. Kris asked if Fulgur wanted any but he declined.
Next he said "What are we going to do about him?" before Kris pointed to the window where the kitchen was viable from the pump.
Kris added "Do we leave him. Call somebody for this. Build a pyre for him?"
Fulgur just shook his head without deciding on anything.
"I think we should at least cut him down and put a sheet over him. That way his family don't have to find him like that." Kris said.
Fulgur nodded but didn't move. Kris told Fulgur to watch his gear before stripping off his bag and putting his water bottle within it. He entered the building and quickly went to his grim task of taking a kitchen knife to cut him down before draping a sheet from the marital bed over the dead farmer. Once he was done he came back out and sat next to the well pump. After sitting for a few minutes Kris operated the well pump again to wash his hands and face. Seemingly refreshed by the cold water he put his pack bag on and readied himself to go. Fulgur took the lead and they walked on leaving the quite farmhouse in the distance.


Part 9


As they continued walking Kris repeatedly tried to start conversation but Fulgur shut down all attempts with monosyllabic non-answers until eventually Kris stopped trying. From rolling hills of the pastureland signs of civilization and farm life showed though Kris noticed the lack of farm animals even when passing by pens and stables that no doubt once contained them. As the land flattened out rich earth bore grain, vegetation, and fruit in orderly fields. It was only then that the occasional person could be seen tending to some task or another as the pair walked in silence. Some would glance in their direction before quickly adverting their eyes and going back to their business of the day. Seeing other people Kris noted that they were fundamentally different from Fulgur somehow. They had more physical substance when Kris pushed his new senses against them yet lacked the energetic resonance that Kris had taken for granted coming off Fulgur. This inspired Kris to look inward. To feel out if he was more like these ordinary farmer or more like Fulgur. As he looked Kris could feel mana starting to cling to him ever so faintly at first. It was a refreshing cool feeling in the warm early afternoon light. As the flow of mana became more pronounced the feeling of refreshment became one of pleasure, like slipping into a sun warmed pool on a hot day. Kris closed his eyes and focused on the feeling. Using his other senses to guide him.
Fulgur interrupted Kris's experience warning "I told you to stop messing about with magic. You don't know what you are doing"
Opening his eyes Kris responded "you could teach-"
Before Fulgur interrupted "Now is not the time, here is not the place, and I am not the person. "
He then changed the subject saying "We are almost at our destination. Don't cause conflict or results will be dire. Don't try to speak with anyone, they won't be able to understand you. Let me do the talking, and for the love of light don't attempt any more magic while we are there."
Kris flippantly responded "well I just hope the food is decent. "

Beyond a large cleared field in the distance huge thick earth ramparts leading to angled even thicker bastions. Each corner topped with a flag with a field of yellow with a blue border. As they got closer Kris squinted against the sun and could make out cannons mounted on and within the fortification. Once they were within 300 paces Fulgur lifted his staff and raised two fingers on his other hand pointing to the sky. Mana formed around him and then shot up through the staff in a white ball that reached to the clear sky before bursting with the sound of thunder that echoed off the walls of the fort.
"what did you do that for?" Kris asked
Fulgur responded "It is to announce my arrival. Don't worry we are expected."
With that they walked the intervening distance to a path leading to the main gatehouse which was about the size of a two lane road across. Kris tensed as they enter the thoughtfully designed killzone of the defenses. Aware of the men peaking through the gunports of the gatehouse and sensing the men on the tops of the bastions. The gate was open as they walked through the gatehouse and past the obvious murder holes they encountered a line of soldiers. Each uniformed in dull yellow gambeson, simple rounded unpolished helmets held in place with dyed yellow leather straps, and matching long boots with cuff going up to the knee. The pants however seemed to be supplied by the men themselves so diverged in color with each man though all seemed of rough quality from some form of plant fibers similar to linen. They stood at attention in line, Some with matchlock muskets capped with long bayonets, others with halberds, and a few shouldered carvery lances. They parted and made way for a trio of clearly important persons. The one in the center being vibrantly dressed in bright yellow pants and shirt with delicate blue embroidery in detailed lined patterns. A signet ring on his right hand and a large gemstone ring on his left. A clashing red cape trailed behind him held in place with a jeweled cloak pin. Most striking was that his closely cropped hair, trimmed goatee, and even his eyebrows were a dark royal blue that contrast with aquamarine eyes. The young man on the left unadorned and wearing comparably muted colors but the fabric was fine in quality and tailored to fit him perfectly. He also bore the same dark blue hair and light blue eyes of the man in the center. Also in a martial haircut though still only in the stubble of youth for facial hair. The man on the right was tall and thin. He wore robes similar to Fulgur's only yellow in color with occult unknown symbols stitched in blue by a inexpert hand. His hair was long, falling to his shoulders and chestnut brown.


"Fulgur Everbright!" the man in the center jovially boomed. Smile wide as he embraced Fulgur in a hug.
"Why I haven't seen you since I was his age" he said pointing to the young man to his left.
The robed man stepped forward and spoke "We got your sending but the adjudicators were delayed so it will be 3 days still until they reach here"
Fulgur nodded.
The man in the center looked over at Kris and said "So this is the guest Fulgur wrangled up into one of his grand messes." before he looked over at Fulgur and said "well aren't you going to introduce us, or did you forget how these sort of things go. Don't tell me with all that magic of yours you forgot how to translate. "
Fulgur let out a weary breath before making introductions. He pointed to the man in the middle "This is Lord Securis Cloudcleaver the 5th." He pointed to the young man and said "This is Ascia Cloudcleaver, 3rd son of Securis Cloudcleaver. " He then pointed to the robed man and said "This is Signum Lux Arcan, current Court Mage of the Cloudcleaver family. " Fulgur then waved his hand over indicating the solders and said "And this is part of the greatest light carvery within Estria and the pride of Cloudcleaver manor. "
Lord Securis interjected "they were the greatest light carvery." Before he pointed towards a set of stables the size of a city block in length, all empty.
"Hard to have a carvery without horses" he said his face showing a mix of anger and sadness.
Fulgur asked "what happened?"
Securis answered "That damned magic mad witch calling herself a queen. Rumors say she has been taking credit for a lot of the nonsense going on with animals all along the easterly territories and up north to the foot of the daggertooth mountains. Though even she ain't crazy enough to go farther north then that. "
Securis then put on a forced smile and said "any chance you could help us out with the hag?"
Shaking his head Fulgur said "I am afraid not. Once I deal with matters here I am immediately needed elsewhere to deal with matters of existential importance."
The Lord sighed and said "well it was worth asking, speaking of which you haven't finished your introductions. Who is your guest?"
Kris spoke but was not understood. Instead Fulgur made the introduction "This is Kris Kane of Earth."
Securis leaned over to Fulgur saying quietly "can he understand me?"
Fulgur nodded before adding "He can not speak our language but he can understand it for now."
Securis then gained a genuine smile and grabbed the shoulder of Kris firmly yet not painfully before saying "Welcome to Estria Kris. Please enjoy our hospitality and get ready to join us for dinner tonight. I am sure your journey was hard. Especially since we couldn't send riders to shorten your trip. So take time to refresh yourself so that you are presentable for the ladies of the court. Especially my wife who is quite particular about such things. " He then turned and began walking but continued on "They don't care if you just got done fighting off men and monsters or traveled around the world in a day, they still will complain if you track mud in or lay down in your own bed before taking your armor off. Got to keep things proper to keep them happy." There was a bounce in his step and his joyful disposition put Kris at ease despite being in a strange military fort.
Ascia spoke up saying "Servants will escort you to a room prepared for you. There will be a small selection of fresh cloths and a bath prepared. Dinner will be at sunset. " Ascia then turned and quicken his pace to join his father's side.
Turning the corner to the main square within the fort men could be seen doing marching drills in formation with pikes on their shoulders over twice the length of a man. The main manor came into view. Made of thick stone in seemingly a older style to the surrounding bastions, with even a medieval looking tower attached that seemed to be modified into a signal tower. The whole building was whitewashed in plaster and painted garishly in primary colors. Yellow and blue mainly with highlights of green and red made the whole fortified manor take on the appearance of a giant toy block structure. Still it was well maintained and practical in it's protective function, so the questionable paint job was of little consequence. Court Mage Signum asked Fulgur something that Kris didn't catch exactly what was said. As he tried to listen closer Fulgur made a hand gesture and suddenly Kris's translation bead stopped functioning. Kris reestablished the bead's functioning after a few seconds but Signum and Fulgur had already completed their quick exchange. Signum nodding before heading off the to the side of the manor rather than straight to the main door.
Before they made it to the door Kris said to Fulgur "I don't really appreciate you messing with the translator thingy but whatever. I take it that the adjudicators the yellow wizard spoke of are related to the Test, if so that means we chill here for 3 days until they arrive?"
Fulgur quietly said to himself "chill?" before responding the the question "Yes the adjudicators are necessary to preform the test. Do not worry. They are impartial professionals who never act rashly even when presented with unusual cases such as your own. And yes, we will be staying here until the adjudicators arrive. "
With nothing left the say they entered the manor.


Part 10


Fulgur and Kris entered the manor. Kris looked around and noticed that it was much smaller inside then what the outside made it appear. Mostly due to the outer walls being thick as a moose and every support wall being reinforced. While space was sacrificed for security, luxury and comfort were not. Vivid brightly colored tapestries hung on each wall proudly displaying history, glory, and past honors of the Cloudcleaver family. Rugs of fine make trailed the floors and were in a well maintained state. Every hard surface was polished and clean. Well carved stone, lacquered beautiful rich woods, ascents of masterfully crafted brass. Most interesting was despite windows being few and tiny, light was plentiful and clear. This drew Kris to observe the lighting fixtures closer. They were lamps of glass and brass with a clear quarts crystal at the core that had been hollowed out and with a mana infused resin and a spiral of copper wire in that hollow. Using his extra senses Kris traced the copper wire within the crystals that came out of the bottom in braided fabric insulated wire that were varnished leading within the lamp then emerged from a port in the side of the lamp to a panel. Within it Kris could sense the copper was bent and connected to form some sort of symbol rather than making any sort of sense as a electric circuit. On the outside of the panel there was a impression shaped like a hand. Figuring it must be controls for the lights Kris touched it. Without even trying he could dim and brighten the lights with a thought. Which he did repeatedly much to the annoyance of Fulgur and the attention of the manor staff. Just as Fulgur was about to say something one of the staff diplomatically offered to escort the pair to their rooms.
Their rooms were next to each other on the second floor. Kris entered his and found it to be about the size of the back of a box truck but well furnished with a clean simple soft looking bed. A wood chair and table that were clearly built to last. With thick tumbler being used for the planks and the joinery robust, though the chair had a dense cushion on it's seat that seemed to be of a different style almost clashing with the hardy aged wood. On the table sat neatly folded a set of clothing as well as a lantern form of the mana powered lights Kris had seen in the main hall. The window was but a thin slot. While it had glass and could be opened to let air in or closed to keep weather out, beyond the sill by a foot or two were wrist thick iron bars.
Most importantly there was a washstand with a enameled wash basin and pitcher of still steaming water in front of a mirror. Within the washstand were suitable grooming items needed for the major undertaking at hand. After flicking the rudimentary lock Kris quickly disrobed and began cleaning himself while the water was still warm. It was when he got to his hair where the struggle began. Matted down, even having twigs and soil trapped within, it took lots effort to get it into a clean presentable state. It took twice as long to manage his hair as it did to get his whole body clean. That task done Kris looked over the clothing provided for him closely for the first time. The cloth was durable with heavy reinforced stitching. Kris was thankful they were dusky earth tones of brown and grey instead of the brighter fair that seemed in fashion for the rest of the court. Dressed and presentable Kris sat waiting for sunset.
As the sun slowly fell there was a knock at the door. Fulgur himself escorted Kris down the cold stone halls to the dining room. This too was smaller then Kris expected. The ceiling hung low enough that if Kris reached up his fingertips could brush it. Fulgur directed Kris to a seat next to his . Without fanfare Lord Securis came in, sans cape, and quickly plopped into the chair at the head of the table. A door opened to the side, as it did the clanging of dishes, pots, and pans rang out from the room beyond. The smells of the cooking food floated in. Unknown herbal smells mixed with hints of fresh cooking sea food tickled Kris's nose. His mouth watered and his stomach grumbled in anticipation. Securis's son Ascia entered from the kitchen drawing a glance from Securis but he said nothing. Ascia sat at his father's right hand. From the same hall that Kris entered the room, a minute later Signum came in with shoulders slumped and puffy eyes. He practically collapsed into the chair on the other side of Kris. Sandwiching him between the two wizards. Minutes past then finally the door opens. Two plainly dressed servants, each with a conspicuous iron ring around their neck, held the door open for the lady of the manor. Black hair done up in ornate complicated braids with gold jeweled hair ornaments. She jingled as she moved with the layered necklaces who's gems sparkled in the light. Arms and legs sporting a collection of jewelry adding to the music of her each movement.
As Kris observed his muscles tensed at the realization that some of the jewelry had mana running through them and could reasonably assume every piece could be enchanted somehow or another. He wondered if the silvery fabric and hand made lace of her elegant dress could be enchanted too. She sat to the left of Lord Securis and the two servants she came in with stood behind her.


Everyone seated, Securis clapped twice and in moments kitchen staff brought out plates of food for everyone with one exception. Each setting included a plate of assorted fish, a plate of assorted breads, a small dish with little pots of sauces, and a bowl of stew made of several colors of cubed root vegetable, most looking similar to potato with a bit of mushroom and what Kris was almost certain some kind of crab meat. In front of Fulgur was only a bowl of simple herbal broth. Fine crystal wine glasses were set out before everyone but the two wizards, who instead had brown ceramic mugs placed in front of them. Then servants poured a pale fruity wine into the glass and milk into the mugs. Fulgur slid the glass of wine away from Kris and motioned for the staff to instead give him a mug.
"Those who are awakened must be careful and responsible when it comes to intoxicants." Fulgur explained to Kris. Signum nodded at this in conformation of what Fulgur said.
Securis raised his glass and said "Let us give thanks for all that went into bringing this meal to us." Everyone raised their drinks and Kris followed suit.
"and with that lets eat." then Securis took a drink and put his glass back down.
Kris dug in, at first minding his manners until he saw that Securis and Ascia were rugged in wolfing down the food. Example set, Kris relaxed and enjoyed the fish. Each well cut and without bone. Some had a rich fatty flavor and texture that reminding him of salmon. Other cuts had a fresh clean taste giving Kris the impression of pure untouched lakes and streams in his imagination. He tried a thick strip of one that had a surprising almost musky flavor that called to mind mangroves and swamp.
As Kris was hardly enjoying himself Sucuris paused from his meal to speak "Typically we have more proper meat and I would have loved to show off some local cheese but I am glad to see you enjoying the fish."
Kris nodded his head and gave a thumbs up in reply and Fulgur translated the hand sign simply as "Yes, he like it"
Before continuing "Would you care to elucidate the scope of the animal issues to the best of your knowledge? "
Securis drained he glass and let out a breath. "It's that damn witch"
The lady interjected "Hagatha, the self declared witch queen who has no army yet declared war on Estria. It was simple to ignore her as hex touched in the head for a long while but the malificorum she wields has been escalating. Most of the north east of the kingdom has to deal with her campaign of horrors."
Noding Fulgur added "I believe we encountered a flock of sheep that may have been related to this campaign. Not only that but the woods south east from here are devoid of animal life."
Wide eyed and leaning forward, Securis asked "Why ever would you go through those accursed woods when there is easy paths around on both sides?"
Kris frowned and looked at fulgur with half closed leering eyes.
Ignoring the comment and Kris's contempt Fulgur continued "Do you know why this witch is making trouble?"
Securis scoffed. "Besides the crude note pinned to every fort and castle from here to Fortain declaring war, no one has seen or heard directly from her. Only reason it is known that she is behind the recent troubles is someone runs off to the wilds and comes back changed by magic and yelling the praises of the witch queen before doing their unnatural crimes."
"Unnatural crimes?" Fulgur asked.
"Not really the sort of thing to discus in front of a lady. But I can take a guess you seen some of their work with those sheep you spoke of. "
Ascia spoke up for the first time at the dinner saying "There is a pattern that every overt action seems to be related animals and it's having the effect of denying our people and many others of Estria's eastern holdings of vital livestock."
"My boy is right, Not just the livestock ether. Hunting grounds are empty, the skies are clear of birds, the wilds quieted but the sound of insects. So far the streams and lakes remain bountiful but that is thanks to blessings and strong protections of spirits being worked with by those who know such things." He held up a piece of fish. "Without such actions I doubt we would even have this."
"Do the farm fields have similar protections?" Kris asked but was ignored. He saw that one of the gems on the Lady of the manor's neckless began to glow in his mage sight.
The court mage Signum put down his mug after a drink and added to the conversation "The methods of sorcery have been varied. Nether I nor any of the other trained mages of the area can exactly pin down her specialty. Instead the methods are adapted to each situation or assumed objective."
Ascia expanded on this "For work animals usually their enclosure will be breached and the animals will be made to run away. Whenever someone is sent to track them they are without fail overwhelmed and slaughtered by wildlife as soon as they are out of sight of civilization."
"They were able to breach the enclosure here?" Fulgur asked.
Ascia shook his head. "No, when the enclosure can't be breached the animals are sickened, hexed to death by unnatural means"
"Nasty stuff, caused the flesh to rot while the horses were still alive. It was resistant to the means of healing available to us. I am thankful that such a dreadful spell only effected the horses and didn't spread beyond that." Signum said, his head drooping a little as he looked only into his bowl of stew.
Ascia continued, "Animals out to pasture often end up slaughtered on mass in a single night. Pets have been reported to go mad and attack their owners before running off. Even the pest animals like rats of all kinds have been totally ascent as of late. "
The Lady spoke "It has caused disruption to the logistics and livelihoods across the kingdom. I have sent word to the capital but they have their own worries with the skirmishes to the east and south. Some mad mage bankrupting farmers and bothering wildlife is something not worth even bothering the King with apparently. Yet it has proven more then the local lords can handle. "
With a thump on the table Securis responded smiling. "The second I find her I could sort that witch out in a instant."
"That is doubtless, even to the extend that Hagatha likely knows a direct confrontation would end her. It explains the pains she has gone through to conceal herself from even the best of scything attempts." The Lady puts down her utensils and gave Fulgur her undivided attention. Causing fulgur to sit up straight himself. " Though I do ask if you could find the time to do a reading that may bring light to this darkness and reveal something, anything about this reprobate who plagues us. "
"I can not involve myself in politics of the kingdom. Even this small act would draw me in and tempt greater and greater involvement." he said in response
Raising her voice a little but not to shouting "People are dying, starving, and suffering. Who even knows what could be next as this continues."


Kris spoke up "I suspect I know what is next"
Fulgur motioned for Kris to be silent but the lady bid him to continue on.
"I found out that in the woods Fulgur dragged me through had something changed about the plants so that they too were no longer editable. If that is the case and if it was changed by unnatural means it seems reasonable to suspect that the next step would be to mess with the crops. A army can't fight on a empty stomach , and starving people will follow anyone who promises to feed them." Kris was surprised that comprehension played across the Lady's face and glanced at the glowing gem reasoning that it was likely the cause.
She whispered a translation to Securis who dropped the cut brown bread slathered with red sauce in shock. "Fulgur, is this true?"
"The information is unreliable without confirmation. Why don't you share how you came to your little conclusion." Fulgur said with a tone of dismissal.
Fulgur cut in with a joyless halting laugh. "Goblins is his source. Like I said, unreliable information without confirmation."
"Why are you being like this?" Kris asked
Fulgur responded "I told you not to speak at all. You shouldn't interfere in matters you don't understand and none of the goings on in this world are your concern. Know your place"
Kris tightened his grip on his fork and clenched his jaw. Without thinking he begin to square up with Fulgur from his seat. Fulgur began to channel mana and it was obvious to anyone with mage sight that he was preparing a spell. The smell of ozone began to overpower the fragrances of food. Signum scooted away from the pair, sensing the build up of magic.
The tension was deflated with a loud belch from Securis who insincerely apologized as his son laughed and his wife rolled her eyes in annoyance at the break in decorum in front of guest.
Eager to erase the memory of the faux pas the Lady asked Kris to explain himself fully. Then turning to Fulgur said "any information is better then no information at this point."
Taking a breath to relax himself Kris began "During the night we were in the woods goblins came through our camp looking for food. While Fulgur just sat around navel gazing with his staff I took to the shadows and positioned myself to observe. You could tell just looking at them that they were starving. Then when they found no food amongst my stuff they talked about how they couldn't even eat the plants anymore. How their whole tribe was starving and that they had to move on. "
The Lady relayed what Kris had said, leaving out the slight against Fulgur.
"Those little buggers can eat nearly anything. If they are starving out there then there then there might be something to his conclusion. I can't think of anything natural in this world that could put a goblin off a meal. They even eat slop pigs turn up their noses at. " Securis said
Ascia added "It would also explain the increase in failed goblin attacks on caravans and farms. At first we thought they must have been caught up in the sorcery of the witch because the attacks were hopeless to the point of being suicidal. However desperation could explain their activity without direct intervention of the witch."
Signum said "I will preform a sending to a few mages along the network. Hopefully one can device a method of crop protection just in case and in the mean time send someone with training to examine the plant life of the woods and verify if it has been altered. It is possible that Hagatha used the woods as a test grounds for a new vector of attack against the kingdom. If so we can counter a potential attack now and secure our food supply before that witch causes a famine." He pushed his empty dishes aside and rose. "If you will excuse me I will get back to work"
"Thank you, Your sharing of that information may have just saved multitudes" Said the lady
Kris nodded and smiled before speaking. "It was the right thing to do."
Fulgur grumbled at this finishing the last of his broth.
"This is a bit awkward but I don't think we have actually been introduced" Kris said.
The lady tilted her head over to Securis who blushed. "Whoops"
He stood and with a flourish began "This is Lady Rodan Cloudcleaver. My lovely wife and bearer of my sons. I know not what spirit I pleased to be blessed with such a wise and wonderful addition to my life but I thank every day that I have the privilege to know her."
Lady Rodan playfully swatted at Securis. Smiling at the flattery.
He pause before whispering loudly to Fulgur "Uh, could you help me out with the name of your friend here again?"
Fulgur folded his arms before answering quickly "Kris Kane"
"Right, and this is Kris Kane" Securis then sat down and asked, "tell me Kris, would you like seconds of fish?"
Kris smiled brightly and nodded.
"I hope we can deal with this nonsense with the witch soon. I feel eager for a good hunt and real meat. Have you ever had bork meat before?"
Kris shook his head no.
"Well, look over on that wall there"
On the wall Securis pointed out was a tapestry. On it a huge boar that if the size of the people were anywhere close to scale meant that it was as big as a camper van, maybe even a large passenger Van. Facing off against it was a armored man with a shield and battle ax. Kris eyes widened in understanding and wonder.
Securis smiled at the welcomed reaction. "Huge beasties but worth taking down. A single one could feed a whole village or half a garrison of hungry cavalrymen."
He then spent the rest of the meal regaling Kris with tales of his hunts. Finding a respective audience in Kris who was almost as hungry for the lord's stories as he was for the meal.


For anyone still bothering to read, sorry for the two week delay between chapters.
I procrastinated because I never wrote a scene with that many characters with dialog before. Hope it doesn't suck too bad.

Next couple chapters shouldn't be too hard to write for me so they should be out next week at most.


Part 11

Liminal Space

In his room after dinner Kris sat looking at the mana powered lantern. Taking it in his hands, turning it all about, looking at it's construction, feeling the feedback of the moving parts. He turned it on and looked again with his mage sight tracing the mana to a small inner core. Then he turned it off. Unable to sense any mana or anything magical at all. He placed it on the table and sat in silence and darkness. Kris pulled out his cellphone and turned it on. Even with power running through it the device remained inert to his mage sight. Yet still some other sense, something deeper within him could still perceive the phone on a deeper level. The constituent components. The plastics, the alloys, the microscopic electro-chemical reactions involved in it's operation. He turned the phone off and put it away. He got up and looked at the sliver of sky that wasn't obscured by stone, iron, or the framing holding the panes of glass in place. The stranger stars the only celestial light painting smallest pin pricks of color within the all consuming void. Kris shuddered and stepped away from the window. Kris walked to the door and cracked it open. As he popped his head out to look around he saw Fulgur opening his door before walking to Kris's door.
As Kris looked at him Fulgur began ranting. "Right thing to do. Right thing to do! You don't have one iota of the amount of perspective or experience yet you have the gall-"
Kris cut off the translation bead with a thought and the rant turned to gibberish to his ears. He rolled he eyes at the blustering wizard before straightening up and preparing to close the door.
He sensed the rising mana before he saw it. With a flourish of his hand and a word that vibrated the hallway, a tendril of mana darted from Fulgur's outstretched palm and connected to the door hinge. Then a bolt of energy flowed through the tendril and froze the door in place. A heartbeat later a second darted from his other hand held low. It attached to the translation bead in Kris's ear. Reacting almost reflexively Kris reared back before chopping down through both tendrils. His face fierce in focus on the strike. The constructs were cleaved apart. Kris's hand edge still glowed as he shifted his weight preparing a backhand strike. Fulgur stepped back into a balanced fighting position and crossed his arms in front of him. With a shout a shell that shimmered in Kris's mage sight sparked and glowed around Fulgur. Kris halted and sat into a deep hose stance blading his right side toward Fulgur. Fulgur extended his crossed arms forward shoving the shimmering shell of energy towards Kris. At it passed him the surface of Kris's skin felt numbing pin pricks as static electricity discharged all over his body at once. He grit his teeth and held the stance. Uncrossing his arms Fulgur placed his palms together and pulled them a few inches apart. Loud arks of electricity leapt between his hands. Undaunted Kris lunged forward. Fulgur's sparking hands reached out to strike but found only air. At the last moment Kris dropped low and spun his rear leg to strike out with a sweeping kick. Fulgur stepped into the blow and placed his still arching hands on his chest sending a bolt of energy through his body. The kick connected but Fulgur didn't budge. The power coursing through him hardening his body in that instant. As Kris tried to recover from the unexpectedly solid rebound a bolt of electricity followed the retraction of his leg. It found it's target the moment Kris put weight on the foot. The electricity numbed his leg and his stance was disrupted. With a wave of Fulgur's hand the hallway was made blinding white followed by a loud crack. In that instant Kris was knocked clean off his feet by fulgur's spell. Kris groaned then rolled over on his front. Every movement caused the strip of rug underneath him to give him a additional painful spark causing the small muscles they struck to involuntarily jump. His limbs shook and legs twitched under his own weight. Fulgur began gathering mana for another even more powerful spell to finish the fight. Kris tried to will his body to respond. He got his legs under him and he stood using the wall to aid him. As he looked up he could see the mana weaved into a ethereal construct in front of Fulgur. Kris glanced at the open doorway without turning his head. He prepared to push off the wall the instance he sensed Fulgur firing his spell.
A rhythmic clicking sound could be heard coming up the steps to the hallway. It's echo reverberating as if the stone amplified it.
Fulgur shifted to a more casual posture and dismissed the construct with a wave of the hand. Kris listened closer.
The jangle of jewelry could be faintly heard. Then the softer steps of two more pairs of footsteps trailing behind added to the mix of sounds. Kris took a breath then made a effort to straighten himself and make his leaning against the wall seem casual.
Lady Rodan flanked by the two iron ringed servants rose from the staircase and entered the hallway stopping in front of Kris. Quickly Kris turned on his translation bead.
"It seems you have made a good impression on Securis. He would like to invite you to join him this morning after breakfast as he oversees training of some of the local reserves. " She smiled faintly more to her self while looking up wistfully. "It's not really the kind of thing I know much about but he is quite proud of being hands on in training those under him. Compares it to gardening." She giggled. "The comparison is absurd, but I am sure it makes all the sense in the world to him in his own special way. " She then gracefully curtsied while her two servants followed suit one beat behind. Kris awkwardly bowed in return, though his shaky legs almost collapsed when he stopped leaning on the wall for support.
"I bid you good evening. " She then turned and returned the way she came, pointedly ignoring Fulgur's presence.
Fulgur narrowed his eyes and stared hard at Kris as he stood with his arm's folded.
Kris turned to him. "You done?"
Fulgur silently walked back into his room and closed the door. Out of view and the fight over Kris crumpled as if his strings had been cut. The only thing that was keeping him standing being his will forcing the uncooperative muscles in his legs to support him. Minutes passed before the last tremors of the spell he was hit with died down. Still in pain and near totally spent Kris crawled into his room and pushed closed the door from the floor. Not having the strength to even climb into the bed, Kris laid on the cold stone in the perfect darkness of the room and closed his eyes. Eventually sleep found him.

Kris found himself in the retail store he worked. The bright florescent lighting buzzing. Seemingly magnified by the buzz of the dead speakers who typically push out inoffensive corporate approved music on repeat. The shelves lined neatly and color coded but the labels are all blank. Kris walked with shuffling heavy steps. The weight of his bright colored work vest cut into his shoulders. The electronic buzz overhead started to change in character and pitch. Sounding more and more like the drone of millions of flies. The light seemed even brighter. The hard artificial white light beaming down seemed to add weight with every step pushing down on Kris. He shuffled and wonder until he reached the glass double doors that normally slide apart when the sensor is activated. However as Kris reach them they stood still. Through the glass only pitch black could be seen. Causing them to take on the appearance of black mirrors showing Kris is distorted and shifting visage. The buzz got louder and the smell of death and decay began to tickle Kris's nose. Kris reached for the door and could hear whispers beyond. Wedging his fingers into the crack Kris pulled but the doors didn't budge. The weight got heavier. The buzzing louder. Kris grunted and tried again using every muscle in his body. Still nothing. The light was beginning to burn. The buzz hurt. The vest was crushing him. His face reflected a savage look of furry as Kris willed his body on. Even this was not enough. In a harsh guttural scream over the almost defining buzz Kris dug deeper. So deep he reached that inner pool of darkness within him. The power flowed up from the small coin sized disk of darkness in the center of his chest. Reached flowed up his arms. Reached his finger tips. His finger nails turned onyx black as the power flowed into them. Slowly the doors were pried apart. One inch, two, four. Then all at once they were flung open.
The vest that hung so heavy before sloughed off and disintegrated. The lights dimmed. The buzzing silenced.
Kris took a tentative step through the threshold into the pool of light spilling forth from the store into the unknown. The air was cool and clean. Kris stepped into the darkness, hesitation forgotten with arms outstretched. His cloths fell away and disintegrated with each step. He closed his eyes walking forward into the all welcoming inky blackness. He then stopped and slowly opened his eyes. As he did so a giant single eye opened before him. He closed his eyes.

On opening his eyes again Kris was wide awake on the cold stone floor of his dark room. Stiff but fully refreshed. A look outside making it clear not much time had past. A long night still ahead. He got into the bed. A few minutes of tossing and turning make it clear that much like the last few nights he was going to have to find something to busy himself for the rest of the night.


I will be honest. The last chapter didn't really go the way I expected to and I agonized over if I should edit it a certain way to fit the lose outline in my head.
However a week past and posting something rather than nothing is the best action.
I will just roll with it and keep going.


for people that hate work, writing might be the only option in life to earn a living while not mindlessly slaving away like a robot

it also has one of the lowest barriers to entry, you can do it on pencil and paper, old typewriters, ancient personal computers, old phones, smartphones. it is just text in the end

the problem is creating something that others want to read. so much written material fails to capture an initial interest or maintain continual interest. for so much effort you can get no results. so you write in the style and manner of people who already achieved success, you take what is proven to work…


Decent writing is actually really hard work.
Trying to write for a living isn't for someone who dislikes work at all.
It's actually a fuck ton of work for usually very little reward.

If you don't believe me I implore you to try it yourself. Even a 20,000 word novella or feature length script. Not even a full book.
Then realize once you finished the first draft that you only completed the easiest part.
I think that in the doing you will realize how much work writing actually is.


it is work, yes, but not the real world work with difficulty compounded by social interaction, logistics of travel, taxes, insurance, all this nonsense. when i say i hate work, i hate everything besides the work. i think i'd be fine doing the work required for a typical job if that was all

but with writing, you can work in absolute isolation. it is you versus yourself for the most part. the same can be said for visual or graphical art as well, but the monetization model for visual artwork seems more convoluted than writing a book and selling it via kdp. you seem to work either via commission or freelance, which from what i've seen also requires some sort of social or digital identity and interaction to get leads and sales. i'm not going to pretend i even understand the basics of it

writing is technically simple and not hard to understand. i will stand by that. it is difficult, but not in the way other jobs are made difficult. its difficulty is laid bare without everything else


Again, you speak out of complete ignorance that can be easily solved by actually trying it yourself (or actually doing research of what is required to be profitable as a author)
You are just all around wrong.


you can write in situations approaching total isolation from the outside world, far removed from needing a car or public travel, having a boss, dealing with co-workers and customers, wearing a uniform, social customs, and so on. i'm not saying every writer has this arrangement. everything else i've said is merely my opinion which you can disagree with


Until it's actually time to sell you manuscript if you actually expect to make money.
And for it to be good you are going to need feedback and editing.
You can't be a successful writer in total isolation.
You ether need to by hyper social to promote your own work to a audience or work with companies and middlemen that all have their own expectations and standards.

It's like saying someone can be a profitable musician by staying in total isolation and never interacting with anyone. Which simply isn't the case.
Like any other creative field, to make it as a indie talent you have to master self promotion or you won't make any significant money or have any influence.

I am not exaggerating when I tell you 90% of books published each year sell less than 1000 copies worldwide.
The majority make less than 100 sells.

Actually making money writing is fucking brutal.
If you can't put yourself out there you will never make it. That is why this thread is on the hobby board.
Writing is a rewarding hobby. It isn't a good career for a wizard because it requires masterful social networking ability to make it a career.

Your ideas of the industry are founded in ignorance.
Again just writing a draft is the easiest part.


i've sold 567 ebooks since 2015, i know how bad it is


Benumbed as of noisome exhalations and spectral vaporous miasmas from aeon-forgotten gulphs of dread space I sat wearily consumed with interminable
ennui at that rain bespattered window-seat of the vast and mouldering edifice where I had dwelt these dead and sere years… faltering through my mental
paroxysms of emotional disturbance, mania, giving way to morbid obsession, monomania then metamorphosing into inimical anguish soft sorrow and languishing lamentation…yet I softened my angst by musing upon the vast store of literature of the accumulated ages in the halls our eld library…
As I gazed into the mystic and misty garden below of scraggly dendritic forms and dead herbs I turned the pages carefully and gingerly of an old bound
and brazen clasped tome worm-eaten and written in old Gothic black letter…then I suddenly noticed on the next page a printed symbol of unearthly
and ineffable significance. T'was an ancient hieroglyph of no known tongue or orthography which I had ever had the chance to encounter, and I was not devoid of some philological learning. I scrutinized the symbol carefully and discovered that there was a clear demarcation between some smaller subset symbols and a differently and entirely alien and barbarous main grapheme. These superscripts resembled the curly orthographies of India written on palm leaves. The book I was engaged in was entitled Taxonomy of the Ancient Species of Divine and Seraphic Sorrow of our Lord printed 1640 in London
but the curious symbol was printed in the margin in what I now noticed was a strange and unctuous ink. I lowered my nose to the parchment and sniffed
the symbol and was not disappointed for whatever I had expected the symbol gave off an indescribable mystic and odiferous perfume as of ancient lotos
flowers in an inner pool of a Champan temple…However an odd and slightly haunting perhaps macabre after image of the scent lingered in my nostrils.
Suddenly I realized I could possibly decipher the superscript characters if they happened to be an extant language or an ancient variant. I walked
noiselessly in my great robes past Corinthian columns and arcades of sculptured dolphins and sea-monsters and friezes of gryphons, hippogriffs, dragons, wyverns and cockatrices which my sister had designed for our ancestral hall. I entered the portal to the sombre library lined with massive and ancient tomes of every description. After sone search I drew forth a volume entitled Ancien epigraphie de Indes and began to scan the vellum pages…
After a time I came upon an entry describing an ancient variant of an Indic script called Palulu and I recognized some of the characters as those of
the superscript of the alien symbol. Now feverish with excitement I frantically searched for the syllabary and compared and collated the symbols…
After much laborious transliterating I had the name of the symbol in the ancient language of Palulu; it was voiced as Oolingujapatloth and was said to be the name of an ancient and fearsome divinity believed by some anthropologists to have predated the other deities of the Hindoo pantheon as well as Akkadian and Sumerian and Babylonian deities. While looking intently at the strange symbol I voiced faintly the name of the god and suddenly in my mind was a searing of flame-carved characters in the same style as the main symbol yet subtly different along with an intimation of a ghastly and unutterably alien and malign guttural gurgling pronunciation which I took to be the true name of the god in the divine language of all Creation. As
I realized this suddenly all was a dizzying void of swirling mists and mirror images extending into massy infinitude. I was in another realm floating
as in some gossamer fluid and aethereal medium and then looming up in the distance was a great hulking and gigantic form of a primal and ancient beast or eldritch abomination spawned in the sidereal regions beyond the cosmos and I was drawn closer and closer up through the quintessence back through the emanations to the One Monad and unindividuated formless Non-entity of the Neoplatonists…


This is a short Weird fiction tales I wrote inspired by Lovecraft and Clark Ashton Smith entitled "The Mysterious Hieroglyph"


Have you ever heard the term purple prose?


Yeah I realize it is but I stylistically prefer it. I know Horace advised against it but I'm not doing it to act pretentious I legitimately enjoy reading florid writings myself


File: 1713192661257.png (201.62 KB, 442x583, 442:583, 1713098109192188.png) ImgOps iqdb

does anybody wrote/write a Light Novel? if yes, can you give me some tips on how many pages should be a chapter, or how to make a Light Novel paragraphs, etc…


Not really antiquated with the format myself. As in I haven't read any nor attempted to write any lightnovels, as it's pretty uncommon outside of Japanese affiliated markets.

That said this youtube channel seems to have a lot of information and videos on the subject. So you aren't left empty handed.

Why choose that particular format when it sounds as though you yourself are unfamiliar with it?


I was conplaing on /lounge/ (neet hiki thread) that there's so few manga/anime about neet/hiki. so one answered me about making my own manga but I don't know how to draw. so I decided to make a Light Novel like in welcome to NHK. thank you for the video


Well best of luck to you. Writing isn't easy, but it's so satisfying to get ideas out the head and onto the page in a coherent narrative.


thank you


>but it's so satisfying to get ideas out the head and onto the page in a coherent narrative.


Probably the best place to start would be to read a few light novels and analyze how they are written. I think that you need to have some understanding of the medium from the viewpoint of a reader. Just like to make good music you have to listen to music, just knowing how many notes per song is the most common isn't enough. (I assume just like >>67681 that you don't have much experience with LNs)

That said if you are a begginer I think getting feedback pretty often is important, you don't want to spend a few months writing an entire book just to find out that something fundamental is boring or badly done.


File: 1713244135771.jpg (174.84 KB, 780x939, 260:313, c1687e79de5491f557037fc5de….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Probably the best place to start would be to read a few light novels and analyze how they are written
I already read LN. I've read Welcome to NHK and I have goblin slayer manga and at the end they add an excerpt of the LN. what I guessed is the story telling is very smooth and got the right amount of description and event happenings.
>That said if you are a begginer I think getting feedback pretty often is important, you don't want to spend a few months writing an entire book just to find out that something fundamental is boring or badly done.
indeed I need feedback very often to know if what I've written is good enough.
here's the story/idea I have:
>30 year old japanese wizard hikikomori
>lives wirh parents (only child)
>he's a jerk and mistreat his parents
>all he does is playing bishoujo games and fapping to loli
>24th december, he got in a dispute with his parents, go in his room and breaks everything in his room
>fall asleep
>wake up in the middle of the night by a loli he sees in is favorite bishoujo game
from now it is like ' a christmas carol', with the ghost of past, present and future. after the three ghosts shows him his situation, he decide to go find a job


I'm no expert on writing but I think that's a good place to start. I think that the biggest problem with writing a story centered on hikikomori is that you have to figure out how to make an interesting plot about someone that doesn't leave his room, so introducing supernatural elements like christmas carol is a clever workaround to this problem. (I haven't watched or read welcome to NHK so I don't know how they deal with it)


I have more or less given up on the wizard book I was posting chapters of here.

I think I will try writing shorter pulp adventure stories for awhile to stay in practice. I ain't ready to write full on novels yet.
Besides, with the stories being shorter I will be more likely to get feedback and be able to post them more places.

Speaking of getting in the swing of thing.

Dude that was wanting to write a light novel.
How's it going?
Please tell me you are still working on it.


File: 1714937037542.jpg (156.04 KB, 850x1148, 425:574, sample_bc4e12478ff485d9c1b….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

hello, I'm the one who wants to write a LN about hikikomori. I'm still working on it but I don't have much ideas. what is your book about? can you give me a summary?


>I'm still working on it
Good to hear.
If you keep at it the ideas will come.
>what is your book about? can you give me a summary?
The pulp adventure ones that I am still in the planning phase is about a town experiencing overt supernatural events and outsiders who specialize in keeping such supernatural events contained and quiet coming into the town disrupting things almost as much as the supernatural events themselves.

The one I gave up on and was posting chapters here was basically a portal fantasy/isekai. Got to chapter 11 completed but got burned out on the whole project by chapter 12. It bothered me how shit it was and how long it was taking (and still had to go) to get anywhere.


File: 1714985435478.jpg (10.27 KB, 257x300, 257:300, 5aff36b753d7d9829ef721c7bd….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm still in the idea phase. so what are you going to do now you don't want to continue your isekai? will you write a new book?


File: 1715012926067.gif (509.23 KB, 479x497, 479:497, 1713982533354232.gif) ImgOps iqdb

lol look at what I wrote to begin the LN:
“Nya~~~chan, you’re so cute!”

said Ichiro, watching his computer screen.

“Ohh, oh…now let’s see the climate scene…Nya~chan, you’re naked!”

But when Ichiro wanted to masturbate to this scene, his mother enter the room

“Ichiro, here’s your meal.”


it is funny, lol


Let it happen to you.


never happened to me


>so what are you going to do now you don't want to continue your isekai? will you write a new book?
My plan is short stories all within the same setting that have details and characters that eventually interconnect into a apocalyptic cross over event.

If it is not total shit then I can collect all the stories into one omnibus as a sort of complete book.

The structure is inspired by pulp magazines and contemporary internet horror stories. I think western comics are sometimes structured that way too, but my exposure to them is limited.


What books or pieces of literature are you taking inspiration from?


none. but I need some knowledge on otaku culture.


What is your motivation or objective in writing?
I would suggest you try outlining the plot or otherwise using some method of structuring things. What is the essence you are trying to get across. What is the theme?

>but I need some knowledge on otaku culture.

Only if it's directly relevant to the story you are trying to tell. Don't just insert token stuff to pander. It will come off as insincere and make someone who is a fan of the thing dislike your work because they can tell and don't like being pandered to with lazy tokenism.


File: 1715078968218-0.png (829.05 KB, 640x853, 640:853, 165101764175.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1715078968218-1.jpg (79.49 KB, 1024x725, 1024:725, 1652199963053m.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1715078968218-2.gif (992.34 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 165160078995.gif) ImgOps iqdb

>What is your motivation or objective in writing?
lack of manga/anime/LN or VN about hikikomori. (I want to make a story like welcome to NHK)

>I would suggest you try outlining the plot or otherwise using some method of structuring things. What is the essence you are trying to get across.

that's what I'm doing right now, I doing description of the main character for now. for the first chapter, I know what will it be.

>What is the theme?

slice of life, I guess

>Only if it's directly relevant to the story you are trying to tell. Don't just insert token stuff to pander. It will come off as insincere and make someone who is a fan of the thing dislike your work because they can tell and don't like being pandered to with lazy tokenism.

I've watched anime, read manga (I have a physical collection), I played video game from japan, but even if I have the same interest in otaku culture, I can't call myself a real otaku because I lack experience. (exemple: I've never played a touhou game)

I also need to know how the japanese system/society works (example the food in japan, I only know cup noodle haha)

I hope I'll get help from wizchan about otaku culture and japanese
society and how it works


File: 1715089099612.jpg (59.78 KB, 1080x608, 135:76, d0f3da9c78e807206a7fc891de….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>here's the LN summary

Ichiro Kōkan is an 18-year-old student. He takes philosophy courses at the university in Tokyo where he has moved. He lives in a small 6-tatami-sized apartment that his parents pay for by paying him money every month.

But philosophy bores him, he prefers to skip classes and play video games all day rather than study. After a while, he stops going to class altogether and stays indoors all day and night doing whatever he pleases for months.
After a while, he was expelled from his school. Ichiro lies to his parents by making them believe that he is still in college so that he can get his payment every month.

After 2 years of staying locked in his room, Ichiro became almost a modern-day hermit.
Now sporting long hair that has never been cut in 2 years, he lives in an unsanitary room. Between piss bottles and trash cans littering the floor inside the apartment, Ichiro is in his element. He has now reached the life of a complete parasite of society.

The weather ? he lives outside of time. Space ? he only knows the inside of his apartment. Others ? no longer exists for him. He became the perfect Hikikomori. The ultimate NEET.

We will later learn that Ichiro was hit and made fun of by other students throughout his schooling. He's been hiding this from his parents since middle school. Ichiro leaves university because he was made fun of. He never had any friends. He hates people and tries to avoid them as much as possible. He dreams of never seeing anyone else again in his life and living hidden from others for the rest of his life.


that's the background*


>slice of life, I guess
I asked about the theme, not the genera.


hmmm I'd say, not be shy, people aren't all bad, friendship, accept society. I don't know I wasn't thinking about a theme. it is like the point of the story. my point was like welcom to nhk , make a ln about a hikikomori. I didn't think far from that point haha i'm fucked


>I've never played a touhou game
Like the other wizard wrote, don't put stuff in just to pander. If you didn't play touhou then don't write about touhou just for the sake of it, it will feel forced to someone who is a fan of the games.

Sounds good but you need to figure out the plot. You can't really begin working on the novel without knowing what will happen in it, just knowing that you want the main character to be a NEET isn't enough.

>I'm fucked
I wouldn't say that, you just need to figure out exactly what you want to write. I think writing a novel about a NEET is especially hard because it's hard to write something interesting about someone who doesn't leave his room, but it can be done.

>not be shy, people aren't all bad, friendship, accept society.

Pretty standard but I could see this working in a light novel.

P.S. don't give up I'm rooting for you


File: 1715340947431.jpg (185.63 KB, 850x1254, 425:627, sample_a7b4dd6041bbf0475f0….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>here's the chapter one, (I tried)

chapter 1: Ghost stories

Only the light from the computer screen illuminated the room. In the darkness, a man sitting on his chair spoke to himself:

“Oh…Ai-chan, there you are naked in your sheets”

“I-I’m coming, I’m undressing, O Ai-chan how I love you! Make love!"

Ichiro Kōkan, 20 years old and still a virgin, had just satisfied his primary needs on Ai-chan when suddenly, a noise coming from the window made Ichiro jump. Then, a second knock on the window made Ichiro get up from his chair and go to see what it was.

In front of the window was a little succubus in a dress and a balloon in her hand. It was in the park just below Ichiro's apartment. Nothing could be seen except the silhouette of the little succubus. It was dark and Ichiro wondered what a little succubus was doing outside in the middle of the night, kicking her ball against her window.

For a moment then the little succubus disappeared, Ichiro began to become afraid.

“It’s-it’s a ghost! I'm sure"

Then again a noise was heard but this time it came from the front door. Ichiro slowly walked fearfully towards the door then looked through the peephole. He saw a head with hair hiding the face. Ichiro jumped and fell to the ground.
He runs to take refuge in his bed while imploring Kami-sama to scare away the ghost. Ichiro didn't sleep all night; he no longer knows when the noises stopped.

When Ichiro woke up, it was already afternoon.


Is that it?
That isn't even a full page.


that's it for now


Chapter 1, line 2
>-The little prepubescent succubus who is flawlessly sexy and totally legal and docile due to being a robot is eagerly awaiting me to put my tongue in her bottom
Chapter 1, line 3
>-I am cumming; I will put my tongue in her bottom soon



ok i'll add this sentences
>don't give up I'm rooting for you
thank you very much


more what?

also, I want Ichiro to talk about what happened to him on internet but should I make our protagonist use 5ch or 2ch??


Slow down the pacing a little bit, the entire ghost encounter takes like quarter of a page. I know that this is supposed to be a light novel but even so you are too brief.

This is common writing advice but you need to avoid repetitions. You used the word succubus in 4 consecutive sentences, and it just sounds bad. Use synonyms or restructure your sentences.

>should I make our protagonist use 5ch or 2ch??
I think this is pretty unimportant, the choice will hardly have any effect on the story and it's easy to change anytime. In a lot of things, not only writing, beginners tend to get hyper-fixated on minor details and decisions, which makes them progress very slowly with the main task.

I think your goal for now should be writing some form of draft of the first chapter or something like that (at least 10 pages). You also need to figure out what will be the plot of the book if you haven't done so already. You need lots of trial, error and feedback to write a decent book, and the sooner you have something to show the better.


>here's the continuation

When Ichiro woke up, it was already afternoon. Was what he saw that night a dream? He didn't pay any further attention and rushed towards the fridge.

With his can and cup noodle in hand, he went to the computer. Ichiro after reflection decides to talk about what he saw that night on 2ch.

I saw a ghost last night in the neighborhood across from the park. What do you think?

I heard about a ghost roaming the neighborhood but I thought it was just a legend.

A person went missing this month in the neighborhood. Some say it was the ghost of a little succubus who would appear to take people to hell with her that made the person disappear. Take care


should I make a draft to begin?


You shouldn't be asking questions on how to write. You should just be writing.


File: 1715445545756.jpg (190.96 KB, 850x1292, 25:38, sample_5cbd7a5cab9763e56bc….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>here's my last ideas and where I want to go (a summary). after that I don't know what to write
Ichiro began to worry when suddenly he heard the sound of a door opening. It came from his house, it was his front door opening. Ichiro, scared, went to hide in his bed.
He heard footsteps coming towards the room and suddenly saw a little succubus in the room and said loudly

“YUCK! It stinks here, there you go, Mako, this will be our landmark!”

Ichiro jumped out of his bed but hit the ceiling and fell back onto his bed.

“Hey, what was that noise, Mako?”

the two succubi looked up and saw a man on the platform.

Ichiro shouted and threatened to call the police or the owner.
The succubus let out a little laugh and said:

“you see, I am the daughter of the owner who owns this entire apartment, which means that I have the right to live wherever I want and I have the keys to each apartment, hehe…”

Ichigo, in rage said:

“What gives you the right to come to people’s homes like that! ?”

“if you don’t accept our cohabitation, I’ll tell the police that you touched us hehe”

Ichigo didn't know what to do and replied:


then another voice, more reserved said:

“Come Erika, we shouldn’t stay here, we’re going to have problems” she said worriedly. Then the two succubi left.
Ichigo hurriedly ran to the front door and double-locked it then took a deep breath, he was less stressed now.

Ichigo came to his senses. After that, succubi aged between 12 and 13 came to him from time to time and teased him about his situation and his love life and the fact that he was a perverted hikikomori.
One day Ichigo will tell them why they chose him over someone else. They will say that when they play in the park at night (in front of the apartment), they see a light every evening. So one day Etika decided to throw a ball against the window to get a reaction from Ichigo. He will say “were you the ghosts? !” to which they will say yes and then make fun of him.


>tried to write a adventure story
>decided to stop procrastination and just pants it instead of laying it out with a outline
>It almost instantly became a horror story
>fuck it lets go with it
>it just gets more and more disgusting and horror filled
>zero adventure elements at all
>it's just a straight horror story now
>was supposed to be apart of a set of stories
>guess they are all going to more or less be horror related now

I swear there is something wrong with my brain. This is yet another reason why I should use outlines.


can you provide?


It's a bit passed half finished.
I am working on the climax and falling action now.
Once it's finished I will go over the full draft with a clean up edit then post it here. Might take a day or two.


File: 1715979525574.jpg (128.09 KB, 663x1024, 663:1024, 1715955888761848m.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

hi, it's the guy who wanted to make a light novel. I stopped. I want to write a cyberpunk book and a fantasy book now


What are some of your
c y b e r p u n k i n s p i r a t i o n s ?


File: 1715982555638.jpeg (63.71 KB, 735x770, 21:22, 1670062566490-0.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

>blade runner (the book)
>psycho pass
>gits (movie 1 and 2, live action, series)
>matrix and animatrix
>blade runner 2049
>blame! (manga)
>experiment serial lain
>ergo proxy
>akira (movie and book)
>e.y.e divine cybermancy
>texnolyze (anime)
>some what I call cyberpunk musics
>some cyberpunk documentaties and mini movies
I also played 10 minutes of cp 2077 but I don't consider it really cyberpunk


>I also played 10 minutes of cp 2077 but I don't consider it really cyberpunk
Good because it's not. It's just California with RGB LED lighting

Please watch Dennou Coil


>denou coil
I will thank you


>California with RGB LED lighting
lol you're right

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