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Any type of writing is allowed, from lyrics, to poetry, to essays, and anything in between.

Last Thread:

Some discussion starters for the thread:

>What are you writing right now?

>What's your favorite thing to write about?

>Is there anything important about writing that you wish you knew earlier?

>What literary devices do you implement in your writing?

>Is there anything that you're planning to improve on in your writing?


last writing thread was uuhhhhhhhhh

mayba a admin fix your link


File: 1662494477760.jpg (669.11 KB, 1440x1080, 4:3, 1596143119489.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Human life is transient, an ephemeral drop of water from an eternal rainfall, it manifests as a particularisation of the will but then reforms back into the will – losing its individuality – the atman or meta-consciousness is illusory, as in that is merely a particular transient object of something immortal. Brahma, the immortal will, the primordial, where causality itself can not apply to. It is the fundamental building block of transient existence. There is not why it exists, and that is why there is no fundamental meaning of existence, all meanings of existences are conceptual abstractions. Only objects have true purpose, humans apart from their will to life are nothing but beings who have brought this meaning to conceptual abstraction. To find meaning, we must know that we are transient beings, and that when we our returned back to the infinite will, we are as finite beings capable of conceptual abstractions, who build upon the edifices of the will, a certain personality based upon the reflections of experiential states. When we die, our primal “consciousness” is returned back and us the transient “observer” a function of experiential states being self-reflected on, disappears. This is what is meant by reincarnation, because we are intrinsically Brahma or will, that is our essence extrinsically we are us, the person who reflects upon experiential states. Animals do not have a reflective observer and thus are closer to brahma, humans are an absurd being capable of self-reflection of will and find the world through its temporal-spatial scaffolding absurd! Only with the recognition that this absurdity is merely the human conception of ‘causality’, causality can not be applied to the primordial and with these contradictions’ existentialism entails. The reason Abrahamic conceptions of God are so criticized is because benevolence entails the reduction of suffering, just as one wishes his child the bests and not to suffer excruciating pain leaves one imagining that only a God that finds himself enamoured by the suffering of lesser beings could create such a world – but the world is so filled with beauty, unimagine beautifulness that the horrors of the world are subsidiary to it. But the will is neither good or evil, for those are only conceptual abstractions. Good is merely the altruistic concern we have over others for our own survival, what is civilisation but a social pact that prioritizes the collective rather then the individual, we find ourselves tired from this strife and the will desires a global hegemony and iterates itself through wars and conflicts to naturally ascend to a global hegemony in which the collective will continue to persist through the perpetuation of itself. I find that asceticism and anti-natalism are the self’s revolt against the will.
The answer to existentialism and nihilism is that we are merely tendrils of the will, and that the will is merely manifesting itself as finite being. Thus, meaning in one life is the realisation that this existence is what we as finite beings will have, and that our life is a Sisyphean affair we are to find that which does not give us boredom and interests us. Tragically, humanity finds itself with sustenance and copulation as its imperative due to the will, it is only when we ourselves recognise the futility of attempting to derive meaning in the future that we can find pleasure and meaning in the present. Happiness is a lie and the greatest boon to a man is satisfaction in a painless state of pure cognition in which he draws upon conceptual abstractions to entertain himself.

In copulation man finds himself in a temporal state of utmost pleasure only with post-coital depression to ensure afterwards, man cannot find meaning within fornication since it’s pleasure are transient, and with this hedonism, man falls into a regression within his mental state seeing that the will urges said Man to spread his genes far and wide forcing him to do so by making sex the only alleviation to his depressive mood. The will naturally wishes to sustain itself, so when a man whose sexual options are limited will find himself miserable but able to alleviate his pain in conceptual abstractions and contemplation of universal art and media.


I wrote another book, a short one. Finished it around a year and a half ago just never bothered promoting it. Here's both a free copy and the amaZOG link to it if you wanna support me buying one it is much appreciated.



>amy freeman


probably just a fake name. you can publish to amazon kindle using any author's name. i have tons of old public domain stuff listed, nothing in my real name


It's just a pseudonym calm down


I like this anon, nice work and thank you for the free link. I think you've struck the right balance between insanity and coherency, I like the topics covered and I like all the correct grammar. Probably have to toss you some money later after I've read a bit more.
I keep wanting to copy and paste quotes from it but I suppose there's no need.
OK I'll have to buy it later I've had plenty of silent chuckles to myself now.
Might have to finish Lain before I read any more though.

lmao https://archive.is/bfyGv


There is also a very pleasant comfort to knowing a lot of the quotes/references.
Living in the real world among the normal people makes me feel very isolated.


Thank you for the kind words friend I'm glad it made you laugh. About the references yeah I love using references a lot, imagine some normalfag reading it they'd be scratching their head after reference #2 haha. Being around norms makes me feel isolated as well. Isn't it funny how you feel the most alone surrounded by people? Makes me appreciate the simple joy of home and hearth and the internet. I read books or visit the board and don't feel alone at all. I'm glad to bring some laughter to your life and thanks for the support!


Here are catbox moe links in PDF, EPUB, and just plain textfiles of the 3 books I wrote before that newest one that I posted earlier. These are with a different pseudonym. They are all on Amazon as well if you buy one thanks the money goes to a good cause



wizchan has file uploading support im not clickng ur ip harvester


I did it that way because of the VPN ban on images and attachments. Assure you that 1. I don't care to harvest ips and 2. I'm not 1337 enough to either


Catbox.moe is a good, friendly site. Not bullshit like dropbox.


how do I write a book. Im good at titles but b1d at making chamters, par1graphs and makd a logical devleopment


File: 1672661204692.png (66.31 KB, 563x534, 563:534, Untitled.png) ImgOps iqdb

I'm writing 1k works a day, very close now to finish the first draft of my novella. I won't talk about it here. I'm very happy I finally manage to muster the energy to do this.


File: 1672688649180.png (12.85 KB, 378x399, 18:19, Untitled.png) ImgOps iqdb

One more day. Broke the 38k mark.


what kind of book it is?


It's literary fiction about a man trying to find redemption in a religion he no longer believes in, but it's really about finding beauty. It's a rumination of my readings of Bulgakov, Kafka and Huysmans.


I remember being 18


nobody wizards responded to my poem when i posted it so i'm posting it again for wizards to respond to again

"We wizards"
- Wrote with Windows Wordpad

We who wish we were wiser
Will withdraw with whimsical writings when websites wane

We who wear wide waistbands
Will watch weight when wheezing wakes

We who wank weekly without washing
Will wring water where wand wags when warm weather warps wax

We who wander where woodland wildlife wriggles
Will warp when winking womanfolk wrap whoreishly

We who waste within walls without windows
Will work when wicked wageslaves withhold whispers, warnings, whines.

We who wonder where we went wrong
Will watch when war wrecks worlds.

When witches witness winter!


wait, what? Why would we wish whimsical writing when we wonder where we went wrong?


File: 1675831230014.png (960.11 KB, 1264x665, 1264:665, short father.png) ImgOps iqdb

i wrote pome about elzabeth holmes based on this picture. imagine its her father interviewing hurr

Theranos Im Your father
Although Im Smaller than you
Lizabeth Oh my Daughter
Our height difference is true.

The background has water
A turtleneck interview
Her sale was yet farther
Than the claims of Mike Mew.

The amount could be tauter
"A little pin prick will do!"
Less blood and less bother
than the Bris of some Jew.

The Court was no slaughter
Not 7 years I view
The girlboss, they caught her
So she bent and she blew.

Tho "Steve Jobs" was taught her
A voice in deepness grew:
"Short father, I'm your daughter,
The Patriarchy's Working For You."

A penitent with Harry Potter
And Marie Kondo books new,
But for fun she has naught of
4chan's "If only you knew."

Though succubi still mog her:
"A bottle blonde's not true!" Do -
VC's Welcome Back Kotter,
When her sentence is through?

Theranos Im Your father
Though Im Shorter than you
Elizabeth Yore my Daughter
Our height difference is true.


i can’t write.


Holding back laughs as to not make noise, I enjoyed reading this. Thanks


>he wonders


I wish to see the flowers bloom
To let my lifetime's end occur
To rest within my fated tomb
And bring the springtime's massacre


File: 1676446871868.jpg (40.97 KB, 500x452, 125:113, new order.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

when it comes to writing poetry i have found two tips to writing better poetry is

1. be more specific

dont just say it was windy.
what kind of wind?

A howling north wind

2. be concrete

use concrete language like your senses, what do you touch, smell, hear, taste, see?


Journalling helps you write better too


I love this


It also requires to have a life: that is, to experience things. I do not mean, you need to be a normie, but you need to read, watch things, go out once a while, etc. I mean, you don't need to go to space to write a space opera, but you can't write one if you have no idea what space even is.


what do you guys think about AI's writing, do you think it will replace writers?


So, I have been thinking about this(and AI art) and there is something I believe may happens:
Will artists and writers be replaced? No, they will not. Self-publishing, for writers, and commissions, for artists, will always exist.
However, big companies and publishers will, without doubt, test their waters using AI to publish books or to take artist's place inside their company. They will see if normies will still buy it. Given that normies are mostly consumers at the "only consume, don't think" level, it will work quite well for those companies and publishers. So it will be hard for artists to get a job in any big company and writers to have big publishers after them.
I just hope out of all this we get a new cultural movement, some "anti-AI" kind, bringing the soul back to the works(funny, given that even without there is hardly any soul in modern works).


ChatGPT's writing looks like a middle-schooler's essay.


>The Mutt Diary By WizDoggo
I can't believe I'm writing this Journal after all these years but fuck it here we go.
hello, new friend, my name is Matt, and my words are now in your head if you are reading this that means something bad happened to me but don't worry I will be back to continue writing.
anyway, where were we? oh yeah, introductions so you probably wondering why I'm writing this and that's fair since you are the reader after all.to put it as simply as possible I'm a mutt, not literally of course I mean can you imagine a dog writing that would be weird but what I mean is a social classification system I created years ago to class people, I called it the C-C-S or the Canine Classification system where I class every person I meet into classes and even sub-classes of dog breeds and a Mutt is one of those classes and you will see how this works very soon.
yes I know it's weird and even funny but it's the only way to protect my thoughts on people without directly mentioning their names so just a heads up you will read a lot of dog breeds in this diary so buckle up cause we will start this journey.
So you see those people who were born with a silver spoon in their mouth, those are the purebred who doesn't need to think about money and everybody wants to be their friend and suck their dick both metaphorically and literally, I hate those purebred very much because I envy them so much not gonna pretend that I'm not and one of those purebred works with me, He's a golden retriever and his dad is literally a huge businessman that was "lucky" enough to make his son's charges just disappears. and you might be wondering why the son or Junior is even working especially if his Father has this kind of money, well my friendly reader the father wanted his son to "learn" a lesson which something I admire but he forget one little detail and it's the fact that junior is "working" under his father's friend which meant that he just sitting in his ass all day while my boss is treating like the CEO of the whole fucking company.
now I think you understand what I meant by the CCS and maybe you understand why this classification is important and I think you are ready for your next lesson.
under the purebred, we have the "toy dogs" and they are the people that use their gender, race, religion, and sexuality to get what they want which I both despise and praise so they are my least hated class
and the best example for this is a co-worker pug lady that uses the fact that she was fucked four times or have four little fuckers in your language to get her job and when she started reading those "succubi rights" bullshit she just became a pain in the ass for everyone but to be honest she has the ability to make anything into a succubus problem which is breathtaking, and yes believe it or not this Pug is married to a Man nonetheless which if you didn't believe in miracles I'm afraid this will prove you wrong.
and now to our next class, the herding and guard dogs which are the people that work very hard to get what they want but not always succeeding, and those people can be both amazing people or total assholes. you can find them everywhere if you look closely and I have some of those dogs with me.
and in the same rank, we have the hunting dogs which are almost the same as the class before just add the fact that the people from this class will make sure that other people fail for them to succeed and they are so tricky that you need to be with a hunting dog long enough to know their motives.
and now to my favorite class the Mutts which are the people who were born in the bottom of society and will never be able to change that, If you are a mutt you are always a mutt cause the mutt is an ideology more than a social stat you can be a billionaire but still a mutt, and this what i am, i know I will always work a shitty job until i reach my sixties and will never be able to change this reality.
and now you are thinking that the mutt is at the bottom of the CCS but not exactly we still have one more class.
THE Mongrels, yep they might sound like the mutts but they are the people who are just useless and have no value in modern society, and that includes drug addicts, jobless beggars, and of course people who are terminally online.
and now after I explain the CCS I think you are ready now to start reading my journal.
i will see you in the next page my friend.


Have you heard of Shades of Gray?



I just tried it out.

>Can you write me a short story in the style of George RR Martin?

>In the frigid north beyond the Wall, where the wind howls and the snow falls without end, there lived a brave and cunning ranger named Jon. He was a man of few words but great deeds, feared and respected by his brothers of the Night's Watch.

>One night, as he patrolled the icy wasteland, Jon heard a strange sound. It was a soft, mournful cry, like that of a lost child. Curious and cautious, he followed the sound through the snowdrifts, his hand never far from his sword.

>Soon he came upon a strange sight. A succubus, naked and shivering, stood before him. She was beautiful, with long silver hair and eyes like pale blue jewels. Yet her beauty was marred by a look of terror on her face, and by the fact that she was alone in such a desolate place.

>"Who are you?" Jon demanded, his sword at the ready.

>The succubus's lips moved, but no sound came out. She pointed to the sky, where the Northern Lights danced in a display of otherworldly beauty.

>"I see," Jon said, his eyes narrowed. "You're one of the Children of the Forest, come to warn us of danger."

>The succubus nodded, relief flooding her face. She took Jon's hand and led him deeper into the woods, where a grove of ancient trees stood.

>There, in the heart of the grove, Jon saw a sight that made his blood run cold. A group of White Walkers, the ancient enemies of mankind, had gathered around a tree. They were chanting in a language Jon did not understand, and their eyes glowed with an eerie blue light.

>With a grim determination, Jon drew his sword and charged at the White Walkers. The fight was fierce, and for a time it seemed that he would be overwhelmed. But he fought with all his strength, his sword flashing in the moonlight, until at last he stood victorious.

>The succubus thanked him with a nod, and vanished into the night. Jon stood alone in the grove, his heart pounding with the thrill of battle. He knew that the war against the White Walkers would be long and hard, but he was ready for whatever lay ahead. For he was Jon Snow, ranger of the Night's Watch, and he would defend the realm of men until his dying breath.

Not gonna replace old Georgey yet, but in a few more iterations, who knows.


It's better at limericks though

>There once was a man who passed gas,

>A noise that could shatter the glass,
>He tried to be discreet,
>But it was quite a feat,
>For the smell gave him away, alas!

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