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This is a highly underrated, extremely fun series that can occasionally get pretty sad and heavy. No one talks about this hidden gem enough.


It's one I'd heard of and planned to eventually get into due to its extreme length.
>The 1999 series has 51 eps
>the 2000 series has 49
>2001 has 50
>2002 has 51

Were there none after that? 201 episodes I can do, less than Bleach.


I downloaded this last year and I still plan to watch it.

I've read a lot of people praise it and will definitely give it a chance.


Doremi has its own really odd imageboard subculture (mostly on [s4s] and 4chan /a/ recently since the movie has sparked some interest in people). The american fanbase for the show is a mix of autistic babytalkers and smellfag lolicons. The show itself is very cyute, has nice music and good characters. 50 eps for each season may seem off putting to casual anime fans, but pretty much every episode is a good one.

Also fun fact: The director of 4kids once said the Ojamajos were "sexy"


>Were there none after that?
A new movie is being released in 2020, along with new flash shorts being uploaded on the Toei yt channel (four or five of them have already been uploaded and subbed by fans)


I watched a the 4kids version back when Saturday morning cartoons were a thing.
It was cute but nothing about it stood out or anything. It just seemed like a very standard magic succubus show made for very little succubi.
I guess what I am saying is, it is no cardcaptors and it feels like the demographic is much younger.


>s4s and /a/


Toei didn't let them air seasons 2-4 because the dub was fucking beyond terrible. Like worse than the usual 4kids dub. They even replaced the sweet BGM for no reason at all; I can understand replacing the lyrical japanese songs (or y'know, just dubbing them in english like they were supposed to) but they replaced all of the tracks and the sound effects too. It's like they thought they knew better than the original show's staff.

I encourage you to watch every episode (including the two short films) the way they were meant to be watched. Here's every episode https://mega.nz/#F!jwlhQDCB!uTbfE3l3Nq-Vg9XR3K-JOg


File: 1558480440447.jpg (966.44 KB, 928x2967, 928:2967, guide.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i find this guide to be really helpful


This list exaggerates all the sad and dark stuff by a lot.


are you the anon that said he watched the 4kids version? I haven't watched the dub myself but 4kids tends to tone down sad shows a lot. try watching the japanese version


No, I'm watching Japanese version.


I'm getting kinda burnt out again watching this show, I love it but there's just so much of it and there's a lot of filler. I got burnt out on it last year halfway through the sharp season, I'm just about done motto and I'm thinking I might take another hiatus on the series, just for a little bit.


Adult Doremi is so fucking hot.


i remember liking it when i was a kid
idk if it still holds up


Does anyone know where I can watch or find the traffic safety and bike safety specials?


I can do 201 episodes of Doremi over 200 episodes of Sailor Moon; Doremi goes by much faster and has a bit more plot variety and much better character depth and development.


It was crazy on how many fun, likable characters and how many extremely memorable one offs this show had in its run. You never see stuff like this anymore.


>I'm just about done motto and I'm thinking I might take another hiatus on the series
Just finish it anon. Dokkan is so good. Honestly I don't get why people don't like Motto. Sure its the least dark season out of the four but it fleshes out momochi and it has some of the best episodes in the show


File: 1561659222306.jpg (206.55 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, 45747347.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Just checked around. You have to set up a proxy service and buy the physical VHS tapes if you want to watch them


I never said I didn't like Motto, I'm just a bit burnt on the series because I watched Sharp, Motto, Naisho and the movies all in a row, I just wanna take a break.


They're not online? That sucks.


One of my favorite episodes is the one with Majo Ren, or the one from motto where the rockstar dad just wants to live a normal life.


I'm half way through Dokkan and it's so fucking good. Not looking forward to the end, I just know I'm going to get teary eyed.


I found the ost of this anime to be pretty enjoyable.
I just finished watching the whole anime and it was really good, definitely one of my favorites


Here's one of my favorite tracks (2:20)


That one it's really good, thanks for sharing. I've been listening to the ost looking if I missed something, it's like a goldmine, these are the ones that I liked the most



I just finished watching this series and man, what a satisfying conclusion. I enjoyed this series, definitely worth the watch.

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