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wizards love exercising they love feeling powered out from a hot workout session

when was the last time you exercised


2 years ago.
That day, i did enough exercice for a lifetime.


I lifted pieces of steel repeatedly on Decemner 23rd and I will do it again today


Yesterday. Going to exercise tomorrow


Jumped rope for about 30mins today. I massively improved my cardio last year and lost like 10 kilos of flab


There is the exercise that is just part of my day to day life that is part of getting things done. Than there is the exercise that I do to maintain or improve my physical attributes like strength and endurance. Also have active physical hobbies that count as exercise.

For example last time I "exercised" was for work. Begining by biking into town 18 miles, then spending the shift throwing juice and dairy freight. About 2 and a half tons of it in all.
Rode the bus back.

Last time I worked out just for physical fitness was 3 or 4 days ago. Just some pushups, leg lifts, squats and stretching along with a brisk walk.

And hobby related, been looking at a hema manual for Messer and practicing the solo drills with a blunt machete. Which is quite the workout on my forearms and wrist.

Been a bit lazy about lifting because they are all packed up and putting them out is a pain. Calisthenics are just more convenient. At least the kind that don't involve equipment.


If you don't lift you are gay; You are the Janny


did some pullup negatives and knee pushups yeterday


That sounds very European


Just today. With my arm fully stretched I am able to lift 8kgs in series of 9reps. Also my sit-ups are now 16kgs x 18reps.

I am too lazy and demotivated to do aerobics or volume training so I only do 1 rep of each type every day, seeking fiber upgrade by HIIT. Ironically working



we sure fucking do, nothing like getting wizripped at the fucking wizgym




15lbs is a perfectly good place to start, especially if he's not a heavier guy who's been carrying excess weight in fat all his life


are you fucking for real? 15lbs? 9 reps? What zyme are you taking wizzie even a 13 year old kid could do more than that


I started doing hanging leg raises a few weeks ago. I can already see improvements in the visibility of my abs. I think my bodyfat must be lower from the cardio I am doing too. I started getting sugar cravings recently and I just gave in and started eating a bunch of sugar. I think my body is telling me I need more fat reserves. I have been doing some jump squats too and I want to start doing some pushups and maybe some pull ups. I think that will give me a pretty good mix of exercises.


File: 1676766712597.jpg (53.07 KB, 707x828, 707:828, FmS4nZhaUAAgATh.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Where a man starts his journey towards betterment is no subject of criticism. What matters is where he wants to end up. There are wizards of all shapes an sizes here. Look at Hotwheels, who can't lift a can of soup without melting his face off, and then look at me, someone who can do you-know-what by the light of Polaris alone. If lifting 15lbs is enough to give him burning arms and a beating heart, then lifting 15lbs is a good thing for him to do. You being critical of where he started when comparing him to yourself is no different then a 'groid claiming its dick is big and expecting respect. 13 years old indeed.


I nearly forgot he browsed here. Sup, cripplekike? Have you see the /fit/ google doc on HIT/Mentzer lifting that's been going around? I'm doing the same thing ironically


It's probably my greatest joy in life.

Did long sets of heavy kettlebell goblet squats and clean and press today. Yesterday was kettlebell swings, bent over row, and romanian dead lifts


don't forget to rest 1 day/week, wizards


i rest 7 days per week, get on my level


I'm only lifting (fully body) twice a week and even then my rest period is about 4 days right now. Hard gainer genetics are shit my man


File: 1676924074188.jpg (832.33 KB, 1080x1440, 3:4, Fpb1kn9WYAAsCO2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


>With my arm fully stretched
you mean like the crucifix?


Actually bothered to pull out my barbell today.
Was boring but very efficient compared to the bodyweight exercise I have been doing lately. Music helps make it tolerable.
Overall good workout today. Will be sore tomorrow.


Good hustle wiz. Music really makes anything fun. Sometimes I workout just so I can listen to some vidya and anime workout mixes.
>Will be sore tomorrow.
Such a great feeling. Muscle soreness is the body thanking you for pushing it further. Protein, creatine, heal back stronger.


Actually, soreness is not a good thing and it's better to not develop a romantic attachment to soreness because in 99% of people/times it just means you have been inadequately training


read the whole thing. Probably the most controversial piece of information on fit right now but I'm making gains doing it


Soreness does not mean that someone has been inadequately training. That's really stupid.
Doms is nothing to fear.


File: 1677557995421.png (117.59 KB, 480x480, 1:1, tenor.png) ImgOps iqdb

Soreness is the muscles torn, shredded, and ripped. When protein is ingested along with what the body needs to convert the proteins in to human cells, the muscle tears are patched with new tissue and this results in larger, stronger muscles adapted to lift heavier and for longer. This is the basic science as it has been known for nearly 5,000 years. This soreness, or the burn, is sought after because in those who train regularly, soreness is a promise of growth to come. When the soreness wanes, the muscles ave been healed and can be stressed again.


Hell yes


>most controversial piece of information on fit
It's not. Although it goes by the name high intensity interval training.


Muscle growth and DOMS are not mutually implied and you can have either with our the other, and muscle soreness leads people to overtrain and quit. The soreness should go away


>muscle soreness leads people to overtrain
Again that is stupid, no it doesn't.
I suspect your grasp of even basic logic is weak.


For 5 months now I have been hitting the recommended amount of cardio (2.5 hours per week), on average at least. Some weeks I don't quite get there but other weeks I do a bit extra. Recently this month I have also been hitting the recommended amount of strength training (at least 2 days of some form of strength training). I feel much healthier and I can see visible improvements in the shape of my body. I have been doing some manual labor recently for a project and it was good to be able to work on it for an extended period without getting too tired. It doesn't actually take too long to begin seeing positive changes in yourself, just a matter of some months, but you need to do it consistently. I have never managed that last part until now so I was never in shape my entire life but I'm working on it now and it feels good.


What's more controversial? The Keto vs Vegan threads?


Keto is actually good people shouldnt just hate on it because normalfags have figured out something that is good and jumped on board


File: 1679255302957.jpg (36.21 KB, 640x427, 640:427, 757654.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

About a week ago, gonna get more serious once weather becomes warmer.


having a home exercise bike is really nice, far less chance of blowing off a workout because I don't want to go outside


We hope your's has a screen so you can anime succubus pics while you petal


nah I just use my phone


File: 1690966695345.png (490.13 KB, 526x674, 263:337, Fp1mhMcXwAAkXx0.png) ImgOps iqdb

I'm going to photograph my fat ass now, and then again when I reach pique. Then I will post it to the internet and some guys will say "gj".


god how can some people be that strong


That's in China, so he's actually clinging to the ground for dear life as to not fall in to the sky.


Last year but the hallucinations wouldn't shut up as I tried to exercise so I eventually just stopped.


Only thing worse than a schizophrenic is a strong schizophrenic. good decision.


I've sort of kept this up but have been slipping somewhat. Only averaging 2 hours 11 minutes now per week. Basically abandoned any sort of strength training though. I want to try and up the amount I exercise though.


If anything that would make it even more impressive.



I exercised today I'm eating big to get big but not so seriously as for it to be bothersome.


I am trying to gain weight too but I have GI issues that make it very hard. Recently my poop has been yellow and gelatinous and floating for a couple of months. I tried making an appointment with my doctor but it was over a month away, then they had to reschedule it twice and the second time they rescheduled it they scheduled it for a time the doctor was going to be out so they called to reschedule it again and I just gave up. I can barely handle one phone call to get an appointment let alone 5. I really wonder how bad this issue is and if I am going to regret not getting it checked out.


having big muscles feels good, like really good. It's like you're an anime mc.


Stop eating wheat and oats.
Was fucked up by both of those my entire childhood and almost sharting myself in class daily until I tried that.


nothing better than taking a shower after a power workout session, it gets you to nirvana


It's a good way to make brain release feel good juice but I disagree with most male oriented sites that say the only exercise you should bother doing is weightlifting.


yeah most males who exercise are focused on hypertrophy and it makes sense from an evo perspective


friday. i workout 5 days a week for 10 months now. i need to be fit since my dad is in his 70s now and i'll move out in a year or so. i guess self reliance is a thing. besides, i love the idea of a battlemage.





File: 1712089482251.jpg (2.07 MB, 3000x4000, 3:4, 20240328_043343.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

mods deleted this pic of me at the gym alone. i go there 5 days per week alone


Love how you mentioned being there alone twice so the mods might consider keeping your post lol


As you train, remember your purpose. You are not just building strength; you are forging resilience, preparing yourself to face any challenge that comes your way. The trials of the world may be great, but you are greater my wizcel brother. With each workout, you sharpen your mind and hone your skills, becoming a formidable force to be reckoned with, not even the mods can here can stop your magic.

The forces that seek to distract and deter you will soon realize the folly of their ways. For you, dear wiz warrior, are on a quest for vengeance, a journey to reclaim your power and defy the odds. The demiurge and its minions may plot and scheme, but they cannot stand against the indomitable will of a true WIZ warrior.


posting pics of yourself is haram. If you want an actual rule, it's rule 12.


alright you got me

I am Doug Marcaida - Edged Weapons Expert


Sometimes I love it sometimes it just feels okay.


I don't love it but I've accepted it as part of keeping my mortal shell in a working state for as long as possible. Been following kboges routine on YouTube, just basic calisthenics every day and managed to do it for 16 days now. Pushups, Pullups and Squats/Lunges is all I do.

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