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any wizzies have such projects?
i think it could be pretty meditative
making some sense of this life


File: 1686398910339.png (19.19 KB, 575x696, 575:696, Oekaki.png) ImgOps iqdb

bin trying draw my waifu for 12 years

someday's i feel like giving up


About ten years ago while I was reading about this black physicist (not Neil deGrasse Tyson, different black guy) who claimed to be working on a way to travel back in time to be able to meet with his dead father while he was still alive I came up with this idea of a time machine being built within this huge underground facility like the one by CERN for the LHC, but this one would use a spiral of powerful lasers that could create a superheated fireball which might contain a micro-black hole (or microsingularity). At least two such microsingularities could have their polarities manipulated by each other's spin rotations resulting in vortices capable of producing traversable wormholes and/or Einstein-Rosen bridges which could themselves be captured and trapped by employing the Casimir effect within Faraday cages. The bridges could allow for data to be transmitted to the past, but perhaps only as far back as to when the machine was first switched on. Thus information such as stock market info could be transmitted to have a causal effect on the past. The bridges could perhaps be expanded sufficiently to transmit self-replicating nanomachines to the past. These nanomachines could perhaps expand the bridges from the other side to allow humans to travel to the past as well. Also, assuming that M theory is true, this might also end up creating alternate universes and/or creating bridges to pre-existing universes. This whole thing might cost over $10,000,000,000 to $60,000,000,000.

Or something like that. Maybe. I dunno. I don’t remember the details anymore. Did any of that make any sense? I was probably experiencing some sort of a manic episode when I came up with all of that shit. Whatever.


Going to learn a bunch of languages and become a hyper-polyglot. It's pretty much a lifelong project since there will always be another language to learn, ways to make the process faster, smarter, more effective. Also building a tool that's going to help me learn.


How many do you know currently?


I'm bilingual and working on my third language the last 9 months. It's rare that I can get obsessed with a particular hobby but this has been a lot of fun. I can see myself getting fluent in a dozen languages before I get bored.


Do you use DuoLingo?


No, I used it just for a week in the beginning when I was playing around with different methods. Once you figure out how to actually learn, you'll realize just how inefficient apps like Duolingo really are. It's like a very poor drip feed, their whole goal is to just get you addicted to a small gameplay loop and give you the illusion of progress. They have no incentive to make you fluent because that means you'll predictably leave faster. I've seen redditors with multi year streaks with very little to show for it and they're super proud of themselves if they can catch the odd word here and there on a TV show…


My parents wanted me to learn languages since I seem to be good at it but most prospects about it involves talking to people which I hate.


I just read books and consume media. Talking is overrated and doesn't actually help you improve all that much.


File: 1701984163833.jpg (40.63 KB, 600x600, 1:1, orangutan_square-191840837….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

i always took getting old for granted but lately i started to get random pains all over my body and now idk anymore

so its hard for me to start a long term project with this anxiety over the future

but if someone confirmed me i will at least live for 40 more years in good health my goal would be to study aesthetics so I could help make this world a bit more beautiful


I've been thinking of starting a thread like this, but didnt have the passion to do it.

I just feel like before I suicide I need one last big passion project to throw myself into it. And that's it the finale to my life, good or bad, its what i existed for. but i just dont have the bipolar manic high for it at the moment.


>life long passion projects
it's so very rare
just having a hobby for a bunch of years is rare enough
at least for fucked up depressed dudes like me
I always end up abandoning my hobbies


When I go musing all alone,

Thinking of diverse things fore-known,

When I build Castles in the air,

Void of sorrow and void of fear,

Pleasing myself with phantasms sweet,

Methinks the time runs very fleet.

All my joys to this are folly,

Naught so sweet as melancholy.


I wanna learn every field in science. Haven't started yet due to many years of extreme depression and suicidal urges, but thinking of officially start studying on January since my mental health finally improved.

Using science, I can absolutely destroy everyone that I hate. Every faulty argument, every faggot nonsense and propaganda, every lie. Hell, I can even destroy entire fucking countries, all I need are the resources.


i like her. maybe not much for 12 years, but as of now shes cute.

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