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A clear, calm mind
How do you get there?
Obviously, the ingredients would be:
>Breathing deeply (proper air circulation)
>Letting go of thoughts and feelings, not getting entangled with them
>Accepting pains and annoying things instead of fighting them impotently
>Focusing on the present moment
But how do you get there? Also, are there other things to be aware of? Maybe proper food or avoiding certain things?

Currently I'm trying to restrict my conscious efforts to breathing and to observing. The result is that my body is moving on its own. I'm just observing it do it's thing, and making sure that I breathe properly.

How do you do it, if at all?


File: 1701334579615.gif (3 MB, 410x420, 41:42, 2023.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Just Do It ~ Nike, goddess of victory


File: 1701342826187.gif (2.07 MB, 498x280, 249:140, 930473D5-2357-4029-88C5-8D….gif) ImgOps iqdb

It helps to have something to actually focus on rather than just focusing on an abstract moment. For example, if out in nature, you could perhaps inspect an interesting looking plant or some animal tracks.

I practice archery and it is a process that, for me, involves overriding the subconscious and focusing my efforts and attention towards my shot, thinking about each individual step.


regular practice forms a discipline and escalating difficult makes you better at it



By damn fasting and avoiding damn gluten, for 11th time.
You can just swoop the userbase here whining about how shitty their diets are while having mental issues all the way. If you get constant insulin peaks messing your brains no wonder it's hard to achieve whatever there inside.


what you describe in the op should go a long way. just making sure you use don't breathe shallow breaths but instead use your lungs more fully i believe to be the biggest difference you can feel.

i think spending very little time on the computer is important. don't doomscroll because spending time on the phone or on a real computer makes your head ignore reality and focus on the digital reality. when i look at the websites, i just get in a bad mood how fucked up this world is. is just a reminder that humanity is fucked, meanwhile i have a chance at a life that is not fucked up.

fasting is crazy. it is just you against temptation and habit, the strongest forces fighting against you to corrupt you. i do fruit fasting, that means only eating or juicing one fruit for days and eat nothing else. it is a similar strong mental battle against the forces of habit and degeneracy but without the risk of running out of energy or starving. it is purely an effort to become the driving force in your own life and not being led around by what ultimately corrupts you.

i was at the construction store yesterday buying building materials to build a bed in my truck. at the checkout some dude 10 years older then me and in bad shape was standing in line in front of me, buying some consumerist nonsense. the checkout was armed with candy. standing in the literal funnel of the checkout line the entire left side was FILLED WITH FUCKING CANDY. boxes and shelves with various candy. people wait in line and can't help seeing the candy why they wait to pay. this bitch in front of me grabbed like 2 bags of candy ~200g and ~300g. what a fucking loser. when you are fasting, corruption like that ceases to occur, your mind is set on what you have decided to do, there is no room for temptation. but you have to be in the arena a few times to know the feeling because it is torture and agony when your body is used to eating the garbage and then you try to change the gut biome, making the bacteria inside die loudly. you know they influence your mental state? i guess is not unlike mind control. they play theater in your head to make you buy the shit. you have to be torture by thoughts like that for a few days and win the fight against the dumb food to gain true self-respect. to have you mind be a moviescreen where the thoughts of unhealthy food is projected all day MEANWHILE YOU STAND STRONG AND NOT GIVE INTO THIS TEMPTATION WHILE LITERALLY NOTHING ELSE HAS SPACE IN YOUR MIND. i remember how it was for me the first time. I WAS WATCHING COOKING VIDEOS THE ENTIRE DAY but i was not giving into the temptation. i was thinking about it, watching it, but i was not eating it. after 2-3 days it began to fade away. emerging from a battle against the weakness in your body, that will improve your focus and mindfulness alright.



>exercise/cardio/maybe even some kind of physical expression (dance)


Good post, but less than 1% of people have that kind of force of will and determination.

Almost every single person in the US gives in to junk food, alcohol, fentanyl, excessive porn, other drugs or whatever gets them high.

Meeting someone who rejects all addictions, advertisements and lures and has sixpack abs with a toned body is like meeting a living god, when it should be the natural state of man.

I have severe addiction to chip and fries.


They figured this shit out long ago.
It's really simple

You just sit
Nothing else. Not magical ritual. Not weird diets. Not over complicating things. Not complex breathing techniques.
You just sit there and do nothing but exist in the moment for awhile.
No thinking. No nothing. Exist in the now as nothing more but a passive observer. Like a tree or a rock.
Don't have to do it all the time. Or for a great deal of time.
But for something so simple most require practice to really get it. That said it isn't too difficult. Once you get it, you can cultivate that inner calm and take it with you to refer back to when ever you need all the things you laid out (clear, calm, serene, sharp, focused, creative, etc).

It isn't magic, It isn't a special trick. It's just being. Just existing for a bit and nothing more.

Give it a try. The most you have to lose is a bit of time.


this is some eastern right hand path bullshit.

Want to achieve calmness? Go for a run, scream, sweat, whatever. no need to torture yourself with monotonous activities like this. Or even better… learn real sorcery.


>"just do litterally nothing"
>that is tourture you should instead do vigorous painful activities and obscure extremely complex nonsense that doesn't work instead

You are just being contrarian.


>running is a vigorous painful complex activity

lol found the fat blob. You never ran as a kid? your childhood must have sucked. No playing tag or red light, green light.


>I have no argument so I will misrepresent what was said then sling insults.


so do you mind explaining how running is a vigorous painful activity or are you going to sage your way out of that as well?


>Good post, but less than 1% of people have that kind of force of will and determination.

it is the same as with courage. it is not an attribute that some people have and others don't.

it is an activity and when you do it, you get better at it.

the reason i succeed in stuff like that is because for whatever i do, i take a lot of time and seek for the smallest step.

every time i tried fruitfasting, i succeeded but look at how low i chose the goals:

>1 day

>3 days
>6 days
>10 days
>14 days
>20 days
>30 days
>45 days
>60 days
>75 days

basically this was how i did it and also real water fasting is harder.

now some people start somewhere in the middle, they want to go for 7 days instantly. that's likely to fail, the thoughts and temptation will eat a dude up, the dude will have no idea what he is in for.

i did it like the turtle, slow and steady.


NTA, but you literally strain your knees and stress your heart when you run.


>t. never heard of Runner's High

I feel bad for you. What is like not knowing that your body can make you feel extremely good doing basic activities such as a running?


It's bullshit.
Ran tons in my youth and never experienced such a thing nor knew anyone personally who experienced it.

Running sucks. It isn't done to feel good. It's tolerated as a means to a end.



god damn the people saging here are dumb. you need to ask one of the adults responsible for you to teach you how to walk.



>When this happens, stress and pain occur, causing endorphin levels to rise in the brain.
Exactly, running just to run is retarded.


>Exactly, running just to run is retarded.

especially when you are too dumb to use your legs without hurting them, which your precious normality does not protect you from.


you sound upset and angry, you should go for a run so you can relieve stress, get that good dopamine from exercising a little. Being obese isn't healthy :)


Experienced and professional runners suffer from those injuries too, retard.
>Stress your body for absolutely no reason
We're meant to move yes but we aren't meant to mindlessly exert ourselves.


Running isn't reserved for thin people or professional runners or athletes, you can run too. I'm pretty sure you'd feel much better once you're not overweight.

Start with 2.5 km it's fun and healthy!


>Experienced and professional runners suffer from those injuries too, retard.

no they don't suffer from injuries resulting in not understanding their anatomy, that is exclusively the domain of the idiot who does not know how to use the legs. you walk wrong.


File: 1715287603024.jpg (25.13 KB, 576x415, 576:415, fat idiot you dont even un….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Stress your body for absolutely no reason

so there are good reasons for eating pizza and ice cream but using your legs, there is just no reason for it.


>so there are good reasons for eating pizza and ice cream
No one said that. Nutrition is extremely important.
>but using your legs
Regular movement is fine, running is unnecessary exhaustion. There's no point unless you're training for something.


>No one said that. Nutrition is extremely important.

you didn't say it but you may as well have been and it would not be out of the ordinary, sage posts like yours have been saying so many dumb things that i just assume you are retarded and usually it is right and this time it wasn't but you are still a retard for using your legs wrong. you don't understand what your legs can and can't do and i hope your parents will have time for you once the divorce finalizes and can explain to you the things you still miss.


Eating properly and rest are necessary, exercise is not. Enjoy damaging your heart and knees for no reason.


All this nonsense because you take offense at sitting in a room doing nothing for a few minutes a day.

Dude, you need to chill.



>exercise is not necessary

congratulations, you are the dumbest person i have encountered all year. you do not understand the anatomy of the body humans are born in. your lack of understanding is offensive to me. i herby unperson you.


Sure healthy habits play a huge role on our bodies. But you have to understand that cardio is also improtant especially when you're in a scenario where you can't fight 1v5 so you have to run like hell or muscle strength when you have to travel a distance with your baggage


File: 1715330837527.jpeg (2.24 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, IMG_8131.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

>Maybe proper food
I think us poor anons are destined to die early on as most of us are unable to afford nice food. Here is what I eat on a daily basis, instant noodles with a single egg. Can’t even have a nice topping like lettuce or shumai.

Itadakimasu! ;(


Why make a rational argument explaining your position or pointing out how the other guy is wrong when you can just spew a long string of insults.
Top tier communication. Just fantastic dialog.
Can't see why anyone isn't convinced by your tirades.


he is a sad retard who says the dumbest shit on wizchan.


Are you at least freezing those starches to make them resistant? Also drinking vinegar before eating helps to control glucose peaks


supplements. Certain racetams with choline will produce a very smooth, cerebral experience especially after you've gained a bit of tolerance.


File: 1715374096362.jpg (260.86 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 1695373571221.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

monks across SEA have rice gruel everyday and are the definition of mindfulness (dunno about dying early)


the more you use parts of your brain, the more neurons are assigned to it. Meditation is like doing reps for your prefrontal cortex


Yup but their cereals might not be genetically tampered


File: 1716918611504.jpg (114.16 KB, 1000x499, 1000:499, Vendetas.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Wait a sec, OP. Are you oscillating between being
>serene, sharp, focused, creative
and being not at all any of these things?

I had a similar cycle once, the key was to not chase my bonus state all the time, stop doing what I did which needed that bonus state, so the energy inside me would not deplete before the downer part of that cycle.

>accepting pains and annoying things instead of fighting them

Maybe there is still a solution, still without fighting. Something surprisingly effortless. Take care of not draining yourself trying to constantly recover this focus you wish so much.

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