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I was born in Moldova and my native language is Russian. I moved to America when I was 10, and since then I have forgotten quite a bit of Russian. When it comes to reading/listening, it’s fine. But when it comes to talking/writing, it’s getting pretty bad. I have an American accent in my native language, that’s assimilation for you.

So what should I do? Should I try to practice Russian or just let things be? It’s sad because if you don’t use a language , then you lose it. Does anyone else have a similar experience in forgetting their native language?


Passive media consumption not to forget severely/completely should be enough. Talking and writing to who? Even silent Muscovite normalfags defacto gave/giving support to the regime by passive role in the politics throughout Muscovy's whole history. Even many oppositional politics/bloggers have empire complex. And large part of new emigration wants to forget living in Muscovy and its aspects like a bad dream. Plus more people from the former Soviet Union delete Muscovian language from their everyday life with English among the youth being studied more and more. Thus active usage is overrated here. And if for some reason there's a desire, then passive usage is more than enough.


Though be wary, that YouTube monetization from Muscovian users is absent. However, foreign views still get money for Muscovian video creators and can (even if minimally) sponsor the regime where huge sums are needed for a full-blown war and more international efforts are united (unlike with Saudi Arabia and China). Rospochta is already in huge debts up to billions for the first time ever. With corresponding effects to the economy.


*Pochta Rossii.


not totally related but i feel kind of socially retarded when all i consume is subtitled anime

i dont learn english this way… the way you talk in conversations, the mannerisms, social rituals, all this stuff is absent with jap voices and eng subtitles

i wonder if watching english voice tv show, anime, movies, etc would help. probably not at this point im too old


Don't forget your roots. You are a russian speaking(formerly) man first and pendostanian second.
Try reacquiring the language skill by for example playing vidya in russian and watching films/series in russian with english subtitles.
That should help you mend what was lost.


I'm forgetting my native language because I spend 16 hours a day on the computer immersed in English and my internal monologue is also in English. I keep forgetting words when talking to my mother. Sometimes I use the completely wrong word or I just pause in the middle of the sentence because I just can't recall the right word.


Pretty much exact same story, except I was born in the Ukraine. People will tell you to consume Russian language content in the form of video games, movies, books, etc. but that's just parroted advice from people that have never actually learned a language (or tried to maintain it). Watching a movie once a week, or reading a book every once in a while, isn't going to do much for your language skills, except for maintenance at best. There's not enough repetition, not enough exposure, and not enough time for things to seep into your long-term memory. You might pick up a new word or phrase, every once in a while, but that's it.
This sort of 'comprehensible input + immersion' style of language learning requires a shit ton of 'volume'. You need to be blasted with the language you want to learn 24/7 by television, books, newspapers, ads, films, games, and most importantly the people around you. Whenever I used to visit family on vacation, my language skills would noticeably improve, even just being there 2-3 weeks, but then coming home they would subsequently dwindle.

But yeah, there's really not much you can do. If you really want to improve you have to put in the work and essentially study just like anybody else learning the language would have to, except you're starting at a higher language qualification than a complete beginner.
The alternative is to just cruise and maintain, talk to your mom (that's my biggest source of language retention), read a book every once in a while. That's about it.


Not "once a week" or "once in a while". If he just would force himself to switch almost exclusively to russian in his media content consumption, then it would be enough of "exposure" to improve from nonexistent to passable level of language


Watch Nevzorov on YouTube. Monetization won't go to Muscovy as he's hiding from the repressive Muscovian law somewhere in Italy with a Ukrainian passport. Videos still in Muscovian and he's well-versed in it. Be aware that he can give false harmful medical advice. Like when he adviced casual fucking for normalfags "miserable" from not fucking.


>Does anyone else have a similar experience in forgetting their native language?
Sort of. Since I very rarely go outside (I live in the US and I go outside once every month or every few months) and my mother and I only speak Spanish; so, I've now noticed that I often speak better Spanish than English despite having been born in the US (and my mother born in Mexico).


the way i learned English when i was young was through extensive consumption of media and over-exposure to the internet, this probably applies to millions of people, i had English classes in school but the contribution was insignificant, therefore it's definetly possible for someone to learn a language through these means, English can be considered a special case since the language is easy to learn and widespread
as for OP, does he have a practical use for the Russian language or is he simply frustrated with losing his national identity? considering that he lives in the U.S. being able to converse in Russian seems unnecessary, reading and understanding speech seems more than enough, these abilities can be maintained through, as others have mentioned, consumption of Russian media


the mandatory language classes they make you go through in school are 99% useless, and can be detrimental as they make it very unappealing to the few who might have had an interest in actually learning a foreign language, since the way it is taught is mind numbingly boring and limited. you could not even call them preliminary courses… nobody gets anything out of them

you either go all in, preferably with a favourable environment (educated parents, tutoring, real life experience, young age…) or don't bother at all. when you think of it, it really highlights the problems of general compulsory education, where the same can be said of every other school subject


You just described almost all school subjects.


You should do some reading in your mother tongue, that should be enough to keep things working.


>Sometimes I use the completely wrong word or I just pause in the middle of the sentence because I just can't recall the right word.
Same, I mistakenly say English words that does not exist in my native tongue when I speak to my mom or my employment advisor.
If that kind of thing happens to you, you know you're a real NEET.


File: 1711810149404.png (272 B, 290x174, 5:3, st george cross england.png) ImgOps iqdb

Embrace the English toungue. Embrace English law. Succumb to the greatest culture on earth.

Inside every eastern european there is an Englishman just waiting to be set Free.


can we move there?


Would you want to?


the whole continent would if you'd let them


Pretty much every country on earth is better than the polluted falling-apart shithole that is england. Can't get a doctors appointment, roads are full of potholes, rivers full of sewage. You dont want to live here, and you dont need to either.


>So what should I do?

learn romanian, your true mother tongue


What are you going to use Russian for?


I don’t know, I just feel like I’m losing a big part of my identity. I suppose watching Russian Youtubers, listening to Russian music and reading Russian books will be enough for passive attrition.


I feel the same way about my native tongue Polish, trying to read books, reading The Witcher series in original Polish.

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