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>been drinking sugarfree energy drink (160mg caffeine) or a large cup of coffee in the morning
>energy drinks are becoming too expensive and I worry too much about all the other stuff that is in them
>try caffeine pills instead (200mg)
>feel nothing
>try a 2nd one (400mg)
>feel so sleepy I have to lie down

What do I do now to get some energy?


energy drinks have more stimulants than just caffeine. taurine for example.


How much sleep do you get? If you're getting less than seven hours of sleep per night; you should try taking some ZzzQuil and/or melatonin before going to bed.

Alternatively: go to a psychiatrist and have him prescribe Adderall to you.


You might also be constipated.

Try prune juice.


If coffee worked for you then switch back to coffee. As long as you make coffee yourself from cheap grounds, it's actually really cheap.


I find it strange that energy drinks and iced coffee don't do much for me, however if I drink a hot coffee it rocks me. I wonder why this is the case.


File: 1697897293189.jpg (101.06 KB, 896x896, 1:1, FroIoulaEAUy93F.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Remember that caffeine in hyperdose quantities can have an immediate opposite effect on energy. Some sort of glitch in the matrix. You also need time to "recharge" the chemicals released when caffeine is taken, otherwise you're firing an empty barrel each time you take a sip. In the long run, the brain develops more fatigue receptors to compensate for what it believes are faulty ones which were really just choked by the caffeine. Consider quitting cold turkey and supplementing with electrolytes (Just a Powerade) to hold back any headache or stiffness resulting from the abrupt cessation.

>What do I do now to get some energy?

Mix your own energy drink. Bodybuilding solutions for energy involve preworkout mixes loaded with natural chemicals that instigate a release of energy in the body from fat reserves while refreshing that energy after digestion. "Warming compounds" in particular are known to heat the body up with how much reserved energy begins to burn. Combine these with exercise in any capacity and you'll get a blast of energy. If you're buying takeout coffee, brewing a "pod" coffee, or opening an energy drink every day, then mixing your own high-potent preworkout will be cheaper. The natural ingredients mean poor shelf life for a mixed drink so this route has that disadvantage to canned energy drinks, which really should last someone serveral days considering they're loaded with %1000 redundant amounts of vitamins.

That, or abuse antihistamines and experimental nootropics.

>inb4 called a broscience pill salesman by that single wimp who says that to every post mentioning exercise


i don't believe coffee actually works. i drank a cup from time to time because i like how it tastes and smells.

ultimately you have 24 hours per day and you can walk as far as your legs can carry you. while the day progresses and you make decisions, your overall potential for walking is affected positively or negatively, which is your health.

just get healthy and you have lots of energy. regularly drain your energy with physical activity, eat healthy stuff, rest not too much and not too little, stay away from toxic people and their scams, don't drink alcohol


8 hours sleep
maintain schedule
no caffeine needed anymore


Maybe keto. But it can affect your hair roots. They get closed due to hormonal stress andd make you think you are balding.

You are just generating a slow but sure path into insuline resistance making a fuzzier shit of yourself quicker with all that stuff you mentioned.
Also with sugarfree, since they have other poison which stimulate your nerves badly. Ever heard about maltodextrine? Worse than sacarose, go google it.


Large dose of caffeine can trigger psychosis


Only with enough sleep deprivation.
It's more likely to cause things like heart palpitations, diarrhea, and kidney stones.
With a high enough dose straight up ripping your heart apart or causing you to have a stroke.


>What do I do now to get some energy?
You need to lower your tolerance.

In the mean time while you lower you dose of caffeine practice good sleep hygiene, stay properly hydrated, and make sure you are getting proper micro nutrition.
A brisk walk in sunlight also is beneficial.

Use green tea to avoid withdraw while your tolerance lowers. It also has other minor positive health effects. Eventually make the brew weaker until you don't feel you NEED caffeine but instead taking it is a choice when you need a little extra pickmeup.

The thing is Caffeine doesn't actually give energy. Caffeine just makes your body able to ignore fatigue. You need to heal that fatigue to lessen your need for Caffeine. That is why several are suggesting you get sleep, micronutrients, and sun.

That said if once you healed you want to get back on the caffeine train but worried about your budget then brewing your own tea or coffee is the cheapest option and allows you to control the strength of the brew so you don't build too high of tolerance again.

The price per a cup is a few cents at most, and you can make it just how you like it.


Exercise, you fat fuck


Never helped me lose an ounce of fat.

What helped was eating less. Actually, just dropping out bread from my daily meals dropped my weight by 50 pounds in a year with no other changes.


>poor knowledge against fatness
"MetabolismoTV channel in English"




Diet is to lose fat, exercise is to increase blood flow and heart health, which improves mental clarity and increases energy while also decreasing the amount of time you need to sleep to feel rested and decrease the feeling of tiredness you feel throughout the day.


contains it and several other components. Very very legit noots vender, although they don't seem to have phenylpiracetam hydrazide anymore for some cursed reason


No need to demonstrate a thing to me. Just letting you all know where help can be found

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