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File: 1701689930266.png (610.02 KB, 680x1280, 17:32, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


It is often said gifted individuals have powers either to help or to harm. Intelligence, creativity, and talent can steer toward both negative and positive ends of the moral/ethical continuum. Bright individuals can be either creatively malevolent or creatively benevolent depending on the interweaving of their values and behaviors. Gifted individuals are possibly at greater risk for adjustment difficulties, especially during adolescence and adulthood, due to their heightened sensitivity to interpersonal conflicts and higher levels of alienation and stress as a result of their intellectual and creative abilities. Some gifted students struggle in their school and community environments due to emotional intensity, motivation and achievement issues, lack of peers and isolation, identification problems, sensitivity to expectations and feelings, perfectionism, and other difficulties. These gifted students endure and survive in school rather than flourish.

what you think about it wiz? are you gifted?
i think there's 50/50 in wizard community, some just not able to get in to normie life or don't want to.
and some self isolate himself because his IQ creates huge gap in social harmony this basically alienates him and makes impossible to get into normie life because he sees normies as subhumans.


File: 1701701700802.jpg (1.32 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, 1661805053065784.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The IQ difference “communication range” (Hollingworth) or “window of comprehension” (Simonton) does exist, and it is very much real. Whether it is 30 points (as Hollingworth suggests) or 15 points (as Simonton suggests), is the real matter of debate, not if that range is a myth or not.
In a nutshell it means all meaningful human interaction is possible only within that range. If the IQ difference of two persons is more than 30 points (Hollingworth) or 15 points (Simonton), all communication breaks up and no meaningful interaction is possible. It means we find all our meaningful human relationships, employment, friendships, spouses, romantic relationships, companionships, hobbies, interests etc within that range.

i just found this situation has name lel


That's exactly how i feel with my mother. I was considered gifted when i was a child, and she cant even use the correct you/you're, there/their, etc. Every time i've tried to have a meaningful conversation with her she doesnt understand anything im saying. It is awful.


It can mean all sorts of things. There are patterns but not rules. Im good at math, but have so much anxiety i'm unemployable and can barely do grocery shopping, but thats apparently a "gift"? no, im just a freak with different strengths and weaknesses than a normal. Society is hostile and unaccommodating to anyone who diverges too much from the norm, so being better than normal is often a curse


All it takes is one retard spouting off every couple of minutes to drown out a few decent posts.


I mean I don't think I'm a big genius or anything. But I definitely experience the "gifted child" experience of constant praise from teachers and treated like a boy genius.

idk maybe it is just the default compliment when you have nothing else to say about the quiet kid.

Or as others have said its just classic Aspergers hyper-focused on one topic, with no social skills.

It sure is a letdown when you suck in adulthood, almost better if you never had any expectations at all.

But I guess in a world where my peers hated me, and I didn't have a warm connection with my parents, teachers were the only source of praise in my life, and the only ones who made me feel like a special little snowflake of destiny.


My verbal IQ is 135. I suck at math though


If this is true, then I am in trouble. I always found it easier to interact with genuinely retarded people and children as opposed to the average adult, which means that I am within 15-30 points of retardation, but more than 15-30 points from average. This gives me at an upper limit of 85.


yeah IQ tests have both verbal analogies and math. On spatial and math pattern recognition I'm practically a 0. Full on retard. But on verbal analogies I'm at least decent.

I took the last SAT to have verbal analogies and got like a 650/800 and then got a 800 on the New Sat critical reading. I know its pathetic to mention your SAT scores as an adult. But at least its some objective proof of my brains, besides attaboy gold stars from teachers.


Numbers are just so abstract to me and I've always been bookish. I like to daydream and create my own inner worlds. Thats a good score. I took the SAT too but forgot my scores.


my verbal IQ is indefinite but negative for sure.


Yeah back in HS, I tried to force myself to love math, I watched lectures on Euclid and the history of math. And tried to appreciate it as pure rationality. But I'd never want to sitdown and do practice problems.

I think its now, many years out of school that I actually have the most appreciation for math. I especially like probability as its concepts can be explained in plain english, and you can totally ignore the numbers if you want. The concepts are so counterintuitive to common sense much of the time.

When I look at the triangle problems in an IQ test, I'm like wow this is what it feels like to be literally retarded. Its an IQ test, the definition of intelligence, and I have no idea what to do. And theres a fucking time limit on it too. I might as well just guess, but that'll actually rank me higher than I deserve. As the honest answer is I'm a 0, I have no idea.

But I guess I'd rather lose the game of life by a mile than an inch. Like OK in addition to being a social retard I'm an IQ retard too.


File: 1701761301222.png (332.59 KB, 600x600, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

anon if you have zero information on iq tests and you thinking like "wtf im looking at" you need to learn how it works.


File: 1701761984249.jpg (12.85 KB, 924x521, 924:521, photo_2021-08-20_05-38-14.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

and iq tests not fully calculate your brain, it's fucking impossible when you think we still don't understand how human brain works.
we just know human brain is the most complicated thing in the universe (assuming that no other intelligent creature in the cosmos) so it's stupid to say iq tests precisely calculates your intelligence.


Mommy Mommy

Its UNFAIR i have a high IQ

whats next, people in here moanin about 9/10 faces and bein 6 ft 4 in



File: 1701768364668.png (163.59 KB, 900x500, 9:5, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

it's not like that anon.
think like this %99.9 of people are homo erectus and not homo sapiens (no homo :-DDD) it's nearly impossible to not being lonely and isolated.
and for me, im not crying i just want to find out what causes isolation and not being able to relate normies.


Let me blogpost for a bit since it's 2 am here and I am depressed. I got recommended those math olympiad problems youtube videos and tried to solve one without help. It was fun, once you're focused there's like this explosion of pleasure in your brain that's like eating delicious food or orgasm. Unfortunately I'll never be able to put my intellectual gifts to good use. I have zero work ethic and discipline. I dropped out of engineering school and learning application programming is extremely tedious. It's all reading dry documentation, googling problems, trial and error. Complete opposite of a fun math problem. I just ended wasting my time on the internet again as I had done for probably 10 years now. I just don't have the drive. Yeah maybe I am smarter than average but I can't even do something 80 iq people do with ease like driving, socializing or working a job without wanting to kill myself. I am a subhuman that happen to have a decent trait he can't make use of. Like a very strong retard or photographic memory autists. The only thing being a gifted student gives me is disappointment at being promised things never in my reach.


Equating the elation felt when solving a problem to the feelings of orgasming is pretty gross, low-iq even.


for you.


Yes, as a gifted Wizard, the prospect of relating math questions to shooting hot jizz is quite discomforting.


you're not gifted. That's a comforting lie you tell to yourself.


Plato would do it. He would say the pleasure of orgasiming to a pleasing female form, is just a lower form of appreciating the beauty of geometry


Plato and all the other drunken philosophers that get tangled up in their own word salads are nothing but a bunch of fags.


Yes I realized after I typed it, that he would find the beauty of a boy more perfect than a female form

he was a volcel though, fitting with math being the higher beauty and love


It's a completely different thing imo. For me, whenever I jizz, it is purely animal. I am barely even conscious when I'm horny, it completely takes over my mind and the pleasure that I get is more like that of a late night binge on some food that makes you feel horrible. Successfully solving any kind of problem is nothing like that, it's a more stable feeling that I am obviously more aware of.


giftedness is really just overspecialization. the thing that makes you intelligent is being able to solve a wide variety of general problems and adapt to various environments. a math nerd that's really good at this tiny domain of abstract problems is arguably less intelligent than the average person that can drive, navigate complex social situations, isn't particularly good at abstract problems, but can easily pick up various skills through imitation and practice etc.

the reason for this overspecialization could be accidental, but often it's just the person being really bad at ALMOST everything and then one thing works out, usually a dry, sterile, academic subject, completely unrelated to everyday reality, and then the person puts all his eggs into that one basket, eventually outperforming everyone due to the amount of time, effort and motivation he puts in. ironically, the person gets praised for being different, for being really "fascinated" by chess or mathematics or computer programming, but without that he's basically nothing, a complete failure of adaptation that would die very quickly in nature.

so my thesis is that giftedness is not what causes deficits in people's personalities, but rather deficits in personality are what causes people to overspecialize and then get mislabeled as "gifted". in reality, they were screwed from the start and forced to become a freak of nature specialized in a board game.


Very accurate. It's seen in university math departments all throughout the world: theyre full of people desperate to prove that theyre smart because theyre useless at everything else, and math has a weird 'social status' as supposedly being for smart people. It's about ego and self-esteem


There an interesting book on this guy



Does the TV show Young Sheldon accurately capture what its like to be gifted?


Based and Cynicpilled


File: 1701815094055.jpg (953.03 KB, 1800x1322, 900:661, diogenes ubermensch.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


What about the claim that all "useful STEM" is ultimately built on the shoulders of abstract math?


true wizards are dumb.


I dont see the relevance


Like useless math theories turn out decades later to explain how the universe actually works. And be applied in things like engineering to practical affect.


File: 1701845704314.png (86.8 KB, 651x698, 651:698, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

anon, main problem is laziness in high iq people. if this people have discipline and no fear of failure, it's when real geniuses created.
if you not using this power, this power just shackles on your feet to prevent you live a normal life.
if you are gifted but not using it, basically there's no meaning on it.

since when i understand i have a serious discipline problem, im worked on it for 4 months and since that time i had very good progress. im not watching porn, deleted all video games.
im reading for hours, training and working every day, and i never feeled happy and free like this in my life.

i don't want to become a "30 years old no skills no interest anything in life" wiz (im 24). i really don't give a fuck about normie life but i sincerely want to "actualize" myself.

name of the book?


Wallace, Amy (1986). The Prodigy: a Biography of William James Sidis, America's Greatest Child Prodigy


That can simultaneously be true alongside them being desperate for ego and self-esteem, i see no contradiction.


Any math major from a top school can just go to Wall Street and make $100k. Only qualification needed.



I just read this article and it was very satisfying. Wizkid that was a prodigy tells his parents he will drop out of school if they don't buy him an apartment, then once he finishes school he just refuses to work and does nothing. Based wiz.


File: 1702162803633.png (16.03 KB, 668x131, 668:131, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

picrel summarizing the normalfags on this. They are truly insane. Dude lived a fucking hell, but it's a "gift" and he's selfish for not giving back.


i don't think parents owe their children anything. his attitude is spoiled. i think most people have shit childhoods, it is no excuse to force your parents to buy you stuff or do things for you as an adult.

it seems more like a convenient excuse. he doesn't want to admit to himself that being lazy is based and working is for sheep. or maybe doesnt want to admit so publicly. either way the reason doesn't matter, his parents are paying for his rent and expenses while he does nothing which is an awesome arrangement, especially for a place like china. i wonder how long he can continue living like that

i've relied on my parents to neet in the past, for about a decade. and for 4 years now i've relied on another relative to neet. so almost half my life has been as an adult neet. all the money ive made or earned has been through various online schemes, not counting the trumpbux a few years ago and indianbux last year. no regular bux however. if i was him, i would rent out the apartment and then use the money to live in a cheaper one, and then pocket the difference as income


>i don't think parents owe their children anything
Beyond what age though?


i don't feel comfortable saying any number in particular. i remember other kids when i was in high school working part-time jobs, full night shift jobs, driving cars, living in apartments… but me i was playing video games and watching cartoons still. the transition to 'you need a job' and 'you are an adult' was painful and sudden and i was not prepared mentally. in a way im still not, i've never been independent

maybe 20-something at the absolute latest is when you shouldn't expect anything from parents. i think legally it is 18 for americans, so 20-something is quite generous. other cultures are different. i know in italy or greece sons can live with their parents and extended family for a long time and everyone is happy with the arrangement. for americans though it seems once you're 18 and graduate high school, you are on your own. 'good' normalfag parents of 'good' normalfag children help them get jobs, teach them about working, pay for their college, help them move out, help them get their first car, etc. so by 20-something, if you're a normalfag it would unusual to continue relying on your parents

but we aren't normal so what about for neet wizards? we are just lucky to have nice parents/siblings/relatives who enable our neeting. i don't think anyone of us truly expect and demand money or special treatment. if you are, i think you're a bad person. to live without working is modern royalty, we are privileged, contemporary digital kings


>he doesn't want to admit to himself that being lazy is based and working is for sheep.
>“There is no financial freedom when working for someone else, that’s a joke. At least now I don’t need to deal with the attitudes of others,” the 28-year-old said.
he said this


Gifts are to be cultivated, given or not. And that's all we should worry about… not about feeling special or misunderstood.

Not for OP, but many types here look like not evaluating this correctly


I always submit my answers around the 30 questions mark and have 15-20 minutes left. Doing so I scored 102


Wizards used to be very clever, but im sure those intelligent wizards don't post here anymore. The smart wizards either don't post anymore or they use /hob/ board only. /wiz/ is a shitshow of low iq people, lots of crabs in disguise, poltards, etc.


evidently gifted is when you score above 130 on an IQ test. That's the top 2%? I'm not gifted, I knew a gifted child in gradeschool and found him to be quite irritating. This seems to generally happen every time I meet a truly gifted person. They are so quick to get an answer that I'm always invariably lagging behind and often quite dumb about it. Never saw any evidence that these people were particularly maladjusted, the two I've met seemed quite social.
>in other words, genetic factors accounted for 72 percent of the variations in IQ, while shared environment accounted for only 15 percent
It's a depressing thing to fixate on, since most people will of course already be operating at a fairly appropriate shared environment IQ level and won't be able to squeeze too many extra points out


poltards are almost invariably very intelligent if you screen out the neonazis. People in W and N are almost all at 1SD and above, it's a very literate and intelligent political system


Stop calling them poltards. They do what they can against the ZOG.


I am a misanthrope schizo. Diagnosed aspie as child, pretty well adapted to this society since IT DOES NOT ENGULF ME into its games.

Alienation is adaptation. Otherwise you get cuhucked by normie dynamics of bootlickery


What exactly would you call them if not that?


Poltards are among the the dumbest people i ever met. They are like a failed, worsened version of normalfags. They have NOTHING to do with wizards.

They are much more like boomers on facebook with a little bit more of tech literacy.


you quoted my post first, and then i replied. im just sharing my opinions about the thread that op made. you are angry for nothing


just ignore him. Anyone that hates white people is stupid by default.


you're quite right, It's just irritating to see this kind of cancerous thought-policing spread to previously open spaces once quite receptive to alternative topics.


>terminally roasted liberal
What are you even doing here. Get to kiwifarms with all the other itchy asses


You need to go back


File: 1714833943786.jpg (11.73 KB, 255x252, 85:84, crabs at wizchan.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Back to tell you back to kiwifarms, cuck

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