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File: 1702173860977.jpg (83.82 KB, 600x395, 120:79, melted-plastic-in-oven-600….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Man I'm just not made for this world.

I was about to take my food out of the oven when I dropped the heatproof cloth on the bottom of the oven and after I removed it I saw that a part of it either the coating or the synthetic material this cheap piece of shit my parents bought is made of burnt in.

I ended up throwing out the food and had a meltdown over this because idk what fumes I breathed in and even after scraping it off and cleaning the oven I am still paranoid over the plastic particles that might still be in the oven.

I also hate how useless the internet is on these issues. One side is like "just clean the oven and its fine" and other one is like "plastic fumes cause cancer throw the oven out just to be sure".


Sounds like you hate yourself so much the way you punish yourself for a small burn by throwing away your dinner.
>"just clean the oven and its fine"
just clean the oven and its fine
>"plastic fumes cause cancer throw the oven out just to be sure".
Everything causes cancer, especially the plastic that makes up computer mice and keyboards


It's not some autistic punishing I just hate the uncertainty of not knowing if the fumes got on the food and what, if any, harm they cause. In the face of this uncertainty throwing it out is better for my well being than worrying about what I ingested. I'm aware of the microplastics problem but melted plastic is a different beast I think.


just burn it to ash to be safe. max temp, if your oven has a cleaning mode do that.


If the insignificant, imperceptible, inconsequential effects of eating something that's been in the vicinity of a tuft of melted plastic is enough to have you shaking and shivering, then one could only imagine the torment you feel in your daily life of breathing automotive exhaust, being blasted by EMF radiation, having polyester entering your pores, blue light slowing your mitochondria, secondhand smoke coating your lungs in acidic cyanoniacinic film, and fecal bacteria from my thunderous assgas covering your pallet like a blanket.


wearing a mask can prevent toxins from entering your lungs


you can remove the bottom metal plates in ovens. this is to make it easier to clean when stuff like this happens. mine can be removed from my oven in like 30 seconds

once it's off, just chisel away everything and then scrub with whatever cleaner you have


I am in the just clean the oven and it should be fine camp.

Everything causes cancer. If you threw out everything that has a study saying it caused cancer out you would not have anything at all.
If you aren't breathing in plastic fumes every day, like say living next to a 3rd world plastic burn pile or worked in a plastic plant with no care about regulations, then you probably will be fine with such a small exposure.

If you just scrap it off and/or do a self cleaning cycle while you stay out the room, then it should be enough to get it out.
Then just pre-heat normally and give a sniff to tell if there is still a plastic smell.
If there is, give the bottom plate of the oven a good once over with a metal pad and some oven cleaner (probably wear gloves and do it outside).
Finish with a superficial wash of the rest of the oven and it should be good to go.

Had to go through similar bullshit when I used the oven to bake/harden sculpty projects.


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