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No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.

>Ambient sounds to wash away distraction



File: 1704495103829.png (148.62 KB, 422x236, 211:118, just-a-guy.png) ImgOps iqdb

time is a great healer, i enjoy the expression 'this too shall pass' and watching somebody that wronged you years ago fall into ruin. i think having someone get right up in your face, abuse you, try and torment you, and knowing what awaits them round the corner is one of life's simplest pleasures. it's the only relatable normie quality i posess. i have waited so long for it and i finally got what i wanted. i might not be a winner in this life, but i sure enjoy imagining the suffering you're going through for what you did to me all those years ago. you had it all at the time, and i had nothing. everytime you abused me i took great pleasure in knowing one day you'd end up miserable, and i am glad it happened. what goes around comes around and you fully deserve every bit of it. the world would be more bareable if there weren't people like you in it, i'm just glad i got to see something awful happen to you firsthand. just wish i could play this for you


I wonder how many people we have left browsing wizchan and more importantly, what the hell those people are even doing. I've posted extensively about comics, movies, documentaries, TV shows, books, rpgs and even cooking but you never get a response about any of those things. It's pretty much talking to yourself. Even the big two, games and anime don't get much going anymore. I get that when you're depressed or waging there's not much energy left for anything but is that it now for this place? Just the droning shrieks of the sad and miserable?


I spent upwards of 12 hours a day on interesting games as a young adult. The more I aged, the deeper my depression became and now I no longer feel anything.

I used to get immense joy from exploring game universes, and now it's been 6 years since I even played a game for 15 minutes before realizing how pointless it is.

Really, count yourself lucky if you still get joy from TV shows, movies and games.

I really have no other dopamine sources left except food, despite being normal weight. And it doesn't taste as good as it did as a teen or 20-something, but it still creates happiness for a few hours.


File: 1704682073963.jpg (89.22 KB, 537x596, 537:596, GDH_dmqXwAA7-nv.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

With all due respect, it's a good sign when posts about:
- Comic books
- Movies
- Documentaries
- TV Shows
Don't elicit engagement. Any site that isn't Facebook or Instagram would do better to discourage those who are in the cult of mindless absorption of multi-million dollar media from propagating their celebrity worship.

Wizchan or its users aren't dying. All communities of this size go through periods of drought. Seasons, if you will. Things aren't slow; they are as fast as they are and that is how they ought to be. Things are cozy. Exciting posts and fast threads will return when they return.

Anyone who disagrees will have their entire ISP banned forever.


>Any site that isn't Facebook or Instagram would do better to discourage those who are in the cult of mindless absorption of multi-million dollar media from propagating their celebrity worship.
Oh fuck off nigger. Shared enjoyment is one of the pillars of community.


>it's a good sign when people don't discuss about wizard hobbies
did you hit your head as a kid?
Nothing should generate more discussion than fiction or hadcore science in a wizard board.


if i was a hermit in a shack in the middle of no where, id still want the internet.

but being on the internet posting on wizchan daily, following the trends. might as well be back in society. one is never more among people than on the internet. it ruins the whole isolation.


>zoomer LARPing as a wizard
Even the oldest zoomers aren't wizards yet.


I've been avoiding eating junk food and sweets since I need to lose weight.
A coworker brought Wendy's for lunch and felt tempted after seeing and smelling the greasy food.


Make healthy burger at home.


>coworker brought Wendy's

Be sure to ask if you can actually eat it this time. Wouldn't want any more awkward conversations with the boss.


Badly twisted my ankle going to work.

Like had to call the ambulance and everything because I couldn't walk and was stuck laying on the concrete.
Shit is probably going to be expensive as fuck even with insurance.


Nobody knows the price of anything.
How is this allowed?

I have to wait until they send the bill in the mail to even find out how much anything cost.
This shit is so bullshit. A actually scam.


You couldn't call an Uber or something?


In that particular situation, not really.

I was stuck laying on the concreat at night after everything is closed and the tempruture was dropping.

By the time a cab or uber got around to coming I probably would have had to get treated for hypothermia as well as the messed up ankle.
There response times in my area around that time is around a hour or two for cabs and worse for Uber. It ain't a major city.


I would've at least checked with a taxi service or Uber if there was a ride available. You're not going to blead out on the side walk and hypothermia seems very unlikely if you're dressed for the weather. Just the ambulance ride on its own is probably several hundred if not thousands of dollars. Then there's X-ray, meds, the physicians rate etc. America is such a comical country.


Well, my insurance will likely cover some of it, and if I provably can't cover the rest then the hospital will litterally write it off as a loss for tax reasons and call it a day.

It's just retarded how there is no price on anything because there are like 12 different industries propped up by bureaucratic scams relating to the retarded way the medical industry is.
If it wasn't for all the paper pushers trying to get their peice of the pie the US would be the best in basically every functional way, as the quality of care is quite good, but shit is intentionally broken on the administrative and financial side.

Simply having a price system would solve so many issues, I shit you not.


how serious is it? can you walk?


I like the photo that you put at the top of the thread, these weeks I went to the beach and since I don't have friends I was going to walk through the sand hills, I walked for 4 or 5 hours and I didn't see anyone, it was cool one He is alone with himself.

But I noticed that at times the wind stopped sounding and when it was completely silent I felt somewhat uncomfortable, a strange discomfort, I just felt a different sensation.

I recommend that you do it as wizard, bring a hat and water and go for a walk in unpopulated areas, to think, you find yourself for a short period of time


Yeah I quite like deserts. Never actually visited one though.


Currently I have to use crutches and wear a splint for 4-6 weeks.
I am going to swap out the crutches for a cane though. Just have to actually make it to the store first.

I am susposed to call for a follow up appointment with a specialist but I don't feel like going or doing all that bullshit.
I will rehab it on my own.

Honistly if it happend closer to home I would have splinted it myself and ordered a cane online.
But it didn't and thus I had to call for help and get patched up at the hospital.
Large doses of ibuprofen make it not even painful as long as I don't actually try to walk on it. But for now even with the splint it can't support any weight.


Oh, wait, I just remember I have a cane in storage somewhere.
I don't have to buy shit. Yeah!


I wanted to study at a library today but all of them were closed. Frustrating since Saturdays are the only days I can study comfortably due to work.


File: 1705301768844.gif (2.63 MB, 320x180, 16:9, 5YlBmD.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Although I might still post on /dep/, I at least finally conquered one of my fears:

I rewatched a porn movie for the first time since I was 12 :D


What happens to wizards over time? Do they end up becoming normalfags? Or do they rope? Or just leave the internet? Sometimes I wonder like what some of the wizards from like 5 years ago are doing now.


They get their first job, car, smoke their first ciggie and start thinking they're too good for us. Then they either make it and finally leave (good riddance) or they come back crying again.

Very few true wizards have no aspirations of becoming normalfags and are simply glad they've found something resembling a home.


File: 1705600545745.jpeg (70.94 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, bd376d_7e943b9f19224d7086….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

It's been at least 20 years I last seen someoneg associating cigarretes with becoming an full fledged adult. It's a product that's under attack now for a long while. I think I belong to the last generation of kids who were able to purchase a pack of smokes by just telling the clerk I was getting it for my aunt (which in my case was actually true.) Pic related, her favorite.


Normies do enjoy vaping nowadays.


Impossible not to look cool with a cigarette. Niggas light up their first smoke and suddenly become less invisible to succubi and people stop treating them like a kid.


Huh. I never smoked a cigarette in my entire life and I grew up in a neighborhood with a lot of smokers.


Can only speak for myself, but I was here 5 years ago and still here.

I post a bit less but still lurk at least once a day.

Main thing that changed with me is dropped some hobbies and picked up some new ones. Moved a few times. Had some health up and downs. That kind of thing.
I have no urge to kill myself or suddenly start chasing succubi (or men), and the thought of leaving the internet makes me shutter.
Hell, I probably will keep coming here in particular since I like the direction the new staff have taken, even if the new mod is a bit of a lush and shitpost when drunk with their tag on sometimes, lol.
All this site needs is a competent dev to fix all the broken shit and it will be a new wizchan golden age.
Not that I can complain much since my knowledge of web-dev is minuscule but I know enough to know how overwhelming it can be when you don't know much.

Anyway, I suspect most wizards sort of get into a comfortable holding patter once they find a equilibrium that works for them.
When you get into the habit of more or less doing the same stuff over and over again what is the point in posting about it? So it's natural to post less when nothing is going on.


I used to get a quarter for buying packs for my chain-smoking morbidly fat neighbor back when I was a kid.
I also had asthma back then so the thought of smoking was absurd to me. Breathing clean air was hard enough. Intentionally breathing smoke was crazy.

As I got older it was the financial part of it that kept me far away from it. It's a expensive habit with very few up sides and many down sides.


there are some minor upsides to nicotine, that come with taking a short acting stimulant, and you can mitigate the downsides like cancer, by not consuming nicotine, and addiction by using more gradual dosage mechanism like transdermal patches instead of smoking or using snuff. any tobacco use is associate with cancer, while nicotine use is not well studied in non-smokers, it doesn't seem to be carcinogenic in anywhere near the same degree as nicotine.

if you already consume, caffeine, i would say the stimulant side effects are not worth it


by not consuming tobaco*


File: 1705642027590.png (381.26 KB, 648x432, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

nicotine is linked to cancer because stimulate vascularization; the tabacco is fine, as long natural and not in form of cigarette (the main cancerogenic stuff made to addict and kill you), but cigar, pipes or rolling paper. The main issue about smoking is the hot smoke (and hot things in general) which also linked to cancer, but can be avoided smoking with a cold drink, and tar/burning leftovers, which is reduced by using a filter, but isn't 100% and removes the flavor reducing to taaste like smoke, and overall lung health problems which are serious and a big no-no, but true deal breaker for me was erection dysfunctional and penis shrinkage. Few years ago I realized that stoic and calmness from old men were because nicotine and I also confirmed this by my father, which used to be stoic, calm and taciturn, became a man with vagina after quitting smoking and alcohol. So, if you already are smoking and not plan to quit, do yourself a favor and smoke pipes or cigars, your addiction gonna be controlled, much less frequent and cravings at maximum 2 times/week at worse. Don't fall for the vaping pods trap, they are worse that cigarrete on addicting


Also, the main thing about nicotine is having post nut clarity without fapping or sex at any place, basically having an instantaneous post nut clarity and "eternal" rational mode until the craving kicks again. The other option is meditating and tea, which is not so practical, just like sex and fapping. Also, wanted to reduce my anxiety and hasty personality, which meditation worked like a charm and did last for days, but annoying to actually do, however, the actually only viable way


I bought a pack once for a homeless guy. I was at the bus stop and this guy was walking around looking for cigarette butts to smoke. For some reason I crossed the street, purchased a pack and a lighter from the convenience store and handed to him. He didn't say anything, didn't even looked at me, he just grabbed the pack, sat by the curb and chain smoked furiously for the next 30 minutes, maybe longer, he was still smoking when I got on the bus and left. I remember being shocked how expensive cigarettes were, but I had made up my mind and wouldn't go back empty-handed.


if its about hot smoke why do wet snuff users have elevated risk for mouth cancer?

agreed, its a nice clear headed feeling, but dependency builds in only a week or two.
meditation is a more sustainable way, and it has more compounding benefits in ways that tobacco and nicotine don't. meditating daily for a year or two will have benefits to your mental state and equanimity for much longer then the year or two period.


Enough time has passed that the computer parts to upgrade my computer are actually cheap. I remember thinking 10 years ago, I’ll pay less for the cpu now and update later. Well 1 graphics card set on fire, i had to replace the cpu cooler and fans, but finally I’ll swap out this cpu and get 25% better performance.


File: 1705856587287.jpg (171.43 KB, 800x1280, 5:8, Screenshot_2024-01-21-18-4….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Verified YouTube account posts on YouTube in the comment section of a video. Never saw that before.


*Official YouTube corporate account. Like corporate accounts on X with jokes made by interns.


Or maybe I saw once but it was on a multimillion-viewed viral video, not something way less popular.


File: 1705857480444.png (48.71 KB, 836x433, 836:433, Protopod Things from Walma….png) ImgOps iqdb

Protopod got messages from the official Wallmart acc a couple of times.


Thinking about trying to live in my car again. Probably not permanently but for a few weeks at a time so that I have an escape from my parents. Would be nice to go camping and hiking and stuff.


A car camping trip or even a bit of a road trip is a nice way to get out of a rut.
Living out of a car for more than a week or two kinda sucks though. It's basically a different rut.
If it's winter for you then I would keep your adventure short, to maybe a few days. Mainly just because car maintenance is a pain in the cold and if something goes wrong it can cause a chain of problems to snowball into more then you can handle.
Though if you know what your in for don't let me stop you.


Yeah, I know maintenance is a bitch. I bought an old camper van to live in for a while and it was a mistake. Maintenance cost me a lot. I had no towing insurance either and got stranded in the middle of nowhere one time and had to pay a bunch for the tow and the repair. Getting your car worked on while you live in the car is always awkward too. Makes you feel homeless because you have no where to go. I have a feeling I got taken advantage of too by basically every mechanic. They can sense weakness. Now I have a car that is still under warranty though. It's smaller without the amenities of an RV but the fuel and maintenance should be much cheaper so I think it will actually be better. I didn't really need all that space, the only thing that is really nice to have that I will miss is a toilet. I will just have to use public toilets.


Also, winter is when I find myself most wanting to do this because you can just head south where it is still warm.


I always had a blast with Game Dungeon but after watching the last one just now I realized I don't have much fun with it anymore. This is bad because Game Dungeon is one of the last things I care to watch on YouTube. Ross's game selection has been rather boring for a while now. The Black Mirror and Veil of Darkness are the best episodes in the series.


Apparitions are still going at it.

Showing that they care less of my doctors than I do.


What does the inside of the rest of your heads sound like?

I'm not exactly sure when I started, but I almost always frame my thoughts through conversations in my head. Usually it's just me talking to myself, but often I use other people's voices be they real or imaginary. When I'm typing this post or just reacting to things around me it's more like talking to a void, but when I'm alone with my thoughts it's very back-and-forth.


Heard they're reforming the Dawnguard - Vampyre hunters or something, out of the old fort near Riften. Might consider joining up myself.


Speaking of Skyrim. I tried modding for the first time and game just won't launch. Turn out you need to install 3rd party software to install and manage the mods or to provide functionalities the mods requires. Fucking dependency hell in my video games. Not in the mood for this shit.


You can still install mods the old ways. The main universal dependencies are:

- A version of the game EXE that isn't the current version
- The Script Extender (All Creation Engine games need one)
- The Archive Invalidator
- Form List distributor or soemthing idk?

Which are one-click installs with the Skyrim-specific or Nexus general managers. They too can be installed the old way but due to different EXE versioning demanding different versions of the SKSE etc, the manager makes sure you're using the correct one. Once the game is in this modable state, ESMs and data folders can be dragged and dropped as usual.

The benefit to using a Mod Manager is that it's non-destructive. In manual mod installation, if you have two non-ESM mods that change the same piece of default content, the latter install will overwrite and break the former by deleting the first instance of that content's filename. With a Mod Manager, you can install both mods and while one the latterly loaded one will work, you can tick it off and the contents of the former will still be intact.

It puts a lot of responsibility on the mod author to define the filepaths appropriately for compatibility while removing the risk for the player to wreck his save or game entirely


>- The Archive Invalidator
>- Form List distributor or soemthing idk?
So all mod manager does is version control and load order? I could install with mod manager and my game can still crash? Is the only way to fix it is to deactivate individual mods until I find the problem? Oh man.


Post mod list. Don't be shy, we're all Oppai Loli Sex Mod fans here


Maybe tomorrow. I already shut down my pc.


>Maybe tomorrow. I already shut down my pc.
normalfag with no shame


Cry about it

Posted from my iPhone


Is anyone here familiar with circuit simulators? There are so many of them I'm a little lost. I've been looking into LTspice and Micro-Cap but there are so many out there.




File: 1706541691027.jpg (12.23 KB, 240x346, 120:173, 51t-d3EeufL._SY344_BO1,204….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I decided to focus on LTspice due to the amount of tutorials online for it.


File: 1706571822012.jpg (98 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, GE_7p2NbQAAYcnU.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

both the dollar store clerk succ and the coffee shop clerk shop were very rue and grumpy today. not just to me but to the other patrons, to children even


Todd is back on youtube and alot more volcel now


Does anyone knows any guide on how to live on the bux?


I went outside today at around 1 AM but then came back home after about an hour or so because the voices in my head kept telling me that I was going to die but they kept on telling me that I was going to die even once I got home.


File: 1706668154496.mp4 (700.73 KB, 450x530, 45:53, funnyWizcatFunny,jpg.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

funny cat image comic pic wizcat, can i post


I don't get it.


heathcliff cast a spell on levitate the sucubus hahah


also he is a 30 year old virgin who shuns succubi


It is nothing more but a mere prank, brother.

All in good humor


Some retarded mod banned me for 3 days on 4chad I evaded it then he banned me again this time for ban evasion of course I didn't wanna wait entire month to post again so I evaded a few times more and he range banned me. And I barely posted anything, faggot targets me specifically. God, I hate braindead, vindictive mods like that. Thankfully I can still phonepost.


He's doing you a favor and you're unappreciative.


how do can ban evade on 4chan? Can you teach me. I've been banned in the past this year for 3 days, global ban, for a bullshit reason like spam(I have no ban history) it was made up too, probably the mod didn't like my thread, i was just asking for movie recommendations.
some 4chan boards are great.


>Waah wahh I broke the rules and now I need to take a short brake from posting waah waah i like dubstep
wizchan isn't a refuge for you chronic badposting phoneposting retards


>be too obnoxous 4 forchan
>calls others obnosxious


having a meltdown this early in the morning? I guess that what triggers your kind is that other wizards enjoy 4chan, the hobbie boards, while you rot.


Dynamic IP, it changes by itself or you can change mac adress of your router. It's pretty easy. But I have no idea how to evade range ban
I barely post there anymore and only in few places


>Search for Proxy plug ins and install in your Opera Browser

The ones that allow you to set up proxies manually?


The bulb in this lava lamp can't fight the 7°C of my bedroom so I must upgrade to a reflector bulb


Found this one, but someone already got banned using it. I mean yeah you can evade bans this way but most of those proxies don't work or extremely slow


why does opera's private windows all share the same instance

ie i have 3 windows open, 1 normal, 2 private
im signed into goygasm.com as "account_1" on the normal window
i open a second window, a private window, and im not signed into goygasm now in this
i sign into goygasm on the second window as "account_2"
i open a third window, another private window… and im still signed into goygasm as "account_2"

i am PRETTY SURE i have can as many private instances in firefox and they are all spearate. what the fuck is the point of having only a single private instance for browsing?


File: 1706963743327.jpg (271.18 KB, 1482x1200, 247:200, 1593469830877.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I was too bored, so i got a sudden urge to re watch the 2011's HXH After almost a decade of my first viewing, i am Surprised i Can binge watch Many episodes of this at the Time.
INB4: shounen-tard


My balls feel heavy and swollen today.


I'm pretty sure only Safari does 100% contained private tabs on each open. But I don't like Apple as a company so I don't like using their browser even if it's privacy conscious and bans telemetry.

I did notice that on nightly firefox releases my login credentials were shared among incognito tabs. Meaning the tabs were not sandboxed in any form.


My rebuttal to Google stuff is you're using stuff developed by an advertising company


Maybe I'm stupid but why should I care if any of these cancerous ad companies are tracking my every move? I was born in the 90s, so I'm pretty sure the NSA has my entire life in a file like East Germany, and maybe even several other countries and bad actors, too.
I guess that attitude is what allows them to keep an up to date file so easily, but I just don't care. Is there a special kind of paranoia where you know every move you make or thing you say is tracked and logged, yet you just don't give a fuck?


they will target you with the products you most desire and you'll waste money on impulsive purchases.


It's true that I impulsively buy videogames on sale, but that's pretty much it. I've got pretty heavy adblockers and rarely use websites that would force me to disable it. The most advertising I'm exposed to is scamming sponsors on youtube, which are not all that personalized.


i checked and firefox doesn't do actually do it. for some reason i thought it did

really wonder why it's like that now. when i think of a private space, being able to go somewhere private, separate from the current window, i naturally assume opening another private window would make 2 private spaces

i guess it has more to do with the default way separate windows already share data and logins and cookies and session data or whatever. so private windows must also do the same behavior


well for most of these things, preventing it is very simple… imagine choices you make online as being two doors

one that has a sign saying you will be recorded and tracked and monintored
the other door says you won't be tracked or monitored

apart from the effort invovled with looking, seeing there are two doors, reading the text, making a decision, it is not much work to choose the door where your privacy is respected. you use adblockers which also block most trackers, so you already made the choice to protect your privacy


You don't get to complain when the internet gets shittier day by day then
I wouldn't be surprised if there's a setting for it somewhere


Feeling clear-headed today. In a bad way. Like I can't think.


I am tired of having to order tea online.

I am going back to tea bags instead of loose leaf.
They don't sell loose leaf black tea anywhere near me.


cat got the flu, feels bad. hopefully she gets better


Give her some bone broth and mammalian blood to drink. Cats can extract everything their immune and recovery system needs from those two fluids.


huh i think can make a broth from chicken bones


I remember this painting I was very fond of and loved looking at it. It was this Persian miniature in silk I think and it showed the interior of a house with several people doing different activities and you could spot several individuals at sleep in random places. It had this workaday atmosphere to it but imbued with charm, optimism and beauty. I can't remember the artist's name. Damn it.



My everything hurts.


until chatbots are basically digital slave cortanas calling master chief, i dont want these fucking ai enhanced programs, browsers, operating systems


i have an uncle that's like almost 60 that still lives with his parents. he is 400lbs and under 5 feet tall. he receives disability for anger management issues and has never worked a day in his life

honestly incredible lad


File: 1707797841859.png (299.87 KB, 1022x1176, 73:84, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

I cant believe so many people regret being Science majors


I can. There's not much you can do with one with just a bachelor's, and the job market is rather tight.


i realize while it is the 2nd worst in relative terms, less than 1 in 5 isn't that big in absolute terms, people regret shit all the time. it means 4/5 are happy with it.


Cool dreams, Mr. Sandman!

Still doesn't make up for all the other fucked up shit before and after.


Thats much, much lower than i expected. How can only 9% regret doing math? I did math and it is absolutely useless


I finally found it.


they made a country music song about him i think


Beaches and shores!


what song i must know


just the line about 5ft 300lbs guys on welfare buying fudge rolls


Need some free proxies to post on 4gay again, trannitor got mad and ranged banned my phone too. I really don't want to pay money to post in that shithole.



>To continue to The New York Times, please confirm that you are human.


File: 1708042271285.jpg (361.74 KB, 1291x3104, 1291:3104, 20240215_180924.jpg) ImgOps iqdb



File: 1708043049004.jpg (267.71 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, 81VaLs XBL.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

To the guy who posted about the peppers that come with pizza, you should give these a try. They are a top tier chip flavor.


i deleted it, posted it in the random image thread instead of crawl thread

thanks. i will have to try them out


Good job but I think you got a few hiragana wrong.
とても むずかしい。でも、がんばれ


>during summer I like to swim in the ocean and sunbathe on the beach drinking vodka and cramberry pre-mixes with the dog
>literally the best mood uplifter
>have my own secluded spot away from normies with their families
>every so often faggots watch me from bushes, or scurry away, packing up their orgy as I approach

Can homosexuals not have sex in the privacy of their own home or something?


>wizzie like to hang out in a bathing suit in secluded areas around homosexual orgies
Oh oh, be careful wizzie


there was a song posted here years ago that is driving me insane. it was in Japanese. it had 2 cartoon characters signing about being lazy / do nothings. i think at one point it mentioned having a 256 character diatribe that noone liked so they went back to being depressed. At one point there was a cartoon cactus in the video. This is driving me insane if anyone knows what im talking about please help.


feeling REALLY good today and I just woke up. Slept to my heart's content and yesterday I ate more than usual. I really needed those calories. Protein and carbs really help with my energy levels.


back on noopept. i assume this is probably how people without adhd feel takign adderall

it's a bit like caffeine but better and it doesn't freak my heart rate out or make me shaky. no headache when i stop taking it and it doesn't disrupt sleep





File: 1708125557765.jpg (760.1 KB, 2320x4096, 145:256, 20240216_171821.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


do you like any racetams? i had good experience with phenylpiracetam and i'd almost describe it the same you describe noopept. its more stimulating to me, but doesn't impact my sleep.


a lone monk and his congregation of cats



rape thyself!


as cringe as imageboard arguing is, nothing beats twitter arguments

i just saw an argument for age of consent being lowered when socialism advances, and the ad was a guy arguing against it saying hes wrong and to click to see why

the political stuff goes much the same way. paying for ads so peole see your dumb posts


I learned that it is legal for 12-year-old succubi in New Zealand to purchase and consume horse semen.


thats really great work anon-kun! youre right its nice to have things clean and it does make you feel better about yourself.

its as peterstein says, clean your room.


Any pics? Vids? Stories of them doing this? I need proof for my research. A hypothosizm I have regarding horse semen is how it could be used for GAINZ. Human testes, when full of semen, continue to produce semen and sperm, absorbing the oldest fluid in the glands and using it to directly and efficiently build testosterone. Of course, semen breaks down in the stomach and gut to the point that when guzzled, all which is left of it after digestion are the radical androgens which, upon being sent to the liver and dermis, become etrogenic by stimulating fat cells. So I was thinking, if horse semen is injected in to the testes directly, could it be absorbed by the organs responsible for breaking it down in to usable testosterone?


it's my birthday today! Only one more year to be a wizard


Happy birthday dude.


my understanding with racetams is that they deplete something in your brain, so long term you basically need a supplement if your diet isn't great. i think either choline or phenylalamine or something. in either case when you deplete it you basically have brainfog, headaches, all kinds of bullshit. noopept doesn't do that though. i haven't tried anything besides noopept because noopept is cheap as hell and traditionally has been easy to get via ebay


File: 1708359551246.png (17.18 KB, 757x292, 757:292, hkkk.png) ImgOps iqdb



The other day I successfully burned George M. Cohan's "Over There" onto a CD! It's the first time I ever burned anything!

God, I feel just like Lupin!


File: 1708398441573.png (8.89 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png) ImgOps iqdb


Hey cool Google Translate actually managed to translate the text in this image to:

"Not sleeping
Now it's time."


There are over 4,000,000 cities in the world today!

I therefore calculate that one new city gets created every day and that this has been the case since the year 10,000 BC!


is youtube fucked for anyone else

vertically videos (mostly shorts) produce a gigantic player in a similar vertical portrait aspect ratio, but the actual video is at the like top 1/4 of the player, and i have to scroll down a full scree to see the controls

what the hell


I'd guess it's something like "I won't sleep this night".


they fixed whatever it was

someone must have pushed shitty code!


how is your internet?

i have xfinity and it's so fucking bad right now, but the second i go to speedtest and check, it improves. i think im being throttled, and they are monitoring my traffic when i perform a speedtest so they can unthrottle so their scores arent affected

i wonder if i can take advantage of this by automatically repeatedly running the speedtest


>they are monitoring my traffic when i perform a speedtest so they can unthrottle so their scores arent affected
ISPs do in fact do this, and other tomfuckery too. Like they will throttle by default but allow full speed from servers flagged as Netflix or Disney Plus and similar. If you have two people surfing the web, the dork streaming garbage shows will be given top priority.


chew you havisfaction a singlelicious satisfact to snack that up


Chew enjoy all the filling, that’s why


just love it when i make a thread on 4chan, take a nap, come back, and it has 90 replies and it's on the first page.


for me its, controversial question + attractive jezebel pic


oh, i've never used a whore in my OPs. Just bait them with a shitpost inside a serious post. You gotta mix those together well to create a successful thread.


you should up your game. why put so much effort for the same result?


because I'd rather share my actual thoughts on a topic and see if someone can prove me wrong or correct me and make me see things differently, even if it means having retards just getting butthurt and throwing insults. "Controversial" or bait questions don't have the same results except for the butthurt and trolling. besides, my method always works.


ChatGPT just permabanned me after I gave it like $80.

Shitsux, brah!


Train a local llm. ChatGPT is only good for writing code for you at this point. Sucks because it was amazing at everything half a year ago, but it is what it is.


gemini 1.5 is bout to come out


If the company has been infected with "toxic femininity", as I like to call it, then the same bullshit is going to happen as all the other ai and chat bots that were killed by Karen from HR mentality.


gemini 1.5 can code tho


File: 1708850189711.jpg (131.65 KB, 1167x1672, 1167:1672, 9f4221d82f548bb5ac9b8f8685….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I need to start using my desktop more holy fuck phoneposting sucks. I owned a smol Thinkpad X220 years ago, sold it because poorfag but also the cpu was starting to show its age. But the form factor was super comfy. If there were cheap, decently powered sub 12 inch laptops without chiclet keyboards id get one. Or I could just stream everything from my desktop to this netbook. Hmmm


You could steal a Steam Deck and hook up a keybaord and mouse


>laptops without chiclet keyboards
I just use a USB keyboard with my laptop because the built in keyboard has dead spots due to overheating.


I want to murder myself so bad.

With a 256 MT nuclear warhead.


they dont exist. go watch that documentary that proves it beyond all doubt. it will inform your world view, which presently would seem at odds with reality.


conspiracy heads will believe devastating earthquakes are man-made but nukes? nah don't be so credulous


I actually got to do a tour of a old nuclear test site.
Didn't bring sunscreen and it was in the dessert so I got pretty bad sun burn. All and all it wasn't a fun time.

Anyway, my point is I have seen with my own two eyes objective proof that nukes are real. No screwball documentary is going to convince me otherwise.


Two weeks ago I too a shower in the rain at night (nude and everything).
Just wanted to do something an anime character would've done in the 80s and before, yet would be scowled upon if I even drew a sketch of today - -.


Cool rain is God's gift to wizards.


I seen plenty of anime from the 90s,00s, and 10s that featured similar shenanigans.
And plenty of artist draw nude people doing stuff to this day.

I think you are just hanging out in overly prudish corners of the internet.


watching The Fairly Oddparents again, this cartoon never fails to make me laugh


I wonder where they came up with that running joke of never revealing the names of Timmy Turners' parents, even when they were kids their nicknames were mom and dad, respectively, and when you're about to hear their names in that episode where Timmy travels to the 70s and meets his parents, a passing truck makes a noise that stops him form hearing the names, twice.
it's akin other cartoons not revealing the face and just the body from the neck down of characters.



What a funny word!

Succubi! Succubi! Succubi!

Ha ha ha!


I just yawned and squeezed out some tears out of my tear ducts and my own tears are burning my eyes is this normal


Yeah, just your eyes flushing something out that probably shouldn't be there.
It's a feature not a bug.


The crocuses and irises are blooming. Looks like spring is here. I always have mixed feelings because on one hand I like the warmer weather, but on the other hand the pressure from my parents to become a normalfag wageslave always picks up in the spring.


some guy has a paypal account with an alias of my own gmail address

mine is "my.email@gmail"
theirs is "myemail@gmail"

the way gmail works, they are both my emails, his is simply an alias that resolve to mine. i dont understand why paypal allows this

im a neet without income so it freaks me out seeing emails for all his purchases, and i always think someone hacked my paypal account. but no, no activity or purchases on my paypal account


My name is 1 letter away from the word "admin" and like every 3 months or so I get random transfers ranging from $50 to $200. I just take it as the universe trying to shove me extra cash. The email domain has never contacted me after 10 plus years.


Things are finally looking up for Sadmin


holy shit man, the universe loves you


loving my wizlife right now. All I had to do was sleep for 5 hours and have lunch for breakfast sponsored by my beloved wizmom.


I let my parents convince me to go to therapy again. I spent this morning bawling my eyes out after talking to some stranger about how pathetic I am and how much I want to kill myself. It's strange, I can think about these things on my own no problem, but talking about them to another person just opens this floodgate of emotion. I suppose that's the point of therapy, to feel and process your emotions, but I've done it before and it's never really helped, I just cry like a bitch and then nothing ever changes. why can't they just be contented with letting me exist here in the house in peace? We can only get moments of peace before they go back to trying to make me be a normalfag. I basically can't say no considering all they do for me and how desperate they seem, but I know it's never gonna work and I'm never gonna be a normalfag. Even if they somehow magically fix all my issues, I'm still probably just gonna go live in my car by myself and spend all day on the computer working the bare minimum that I need to in order to survive.


I assume you are still young, when I was young I was vulnerable and suffered a lot, and this is not an overstatement. I still have word documents with hundreds of pages where I wrote down what I felt at the time. Time and trying to understand myself and life in general helped me overcome all that pain and suffering, now it seems to be a thing of the past, but it took me almost a decade to be where I am now. Thankfully, I never resorted to any drugs or wasted money on therapy which is a scam that works only for normalfags.
It’s a long journey for things to settle down when you are a wiz, depending on your own particular situation. Sometimes you have to show an effort on your own part for your family to understand you struggle with the life they expect you to have. Getting a job of any kind, preferably a freelancer one, or where you do part time, is a good way to get them off your back, spending less time at home, being more active, not in a social way, but just being outside if possible, where they don’t see you while also having a job to back up that semblance of normalcy all parents desire for their children will help you. Good luck and remember that living on your own can be way much harder and taxing than living with your folks, wizcel friend. Sometimes the best solution is to try and make up with your parents, that's if they care about you, they should understand. And like I said, if you show to them that you can handle yourself at least a bit in life, by doing something they consider good(having a job, helping with the bills, etc.) then that secure good family relations.

Hate the normalfags love the wizlife.


What's the capital of Bangkok? Thailand! LOL!


no don't hate. hate isn't wizardly and is the path to the dark-side of failed normaling.


What's your wizlife like as a long term NEET? I have been NEETing it up for about a year now and am still going strong, but it seems like a lot of wizzies end up growing tired of NEETdom after a while.


what is it like long-term neet?

that is going to depend as you well know on, richfag or poorfag status, and if you have nice people around you that care or on your own, and if you have health issues or fine.

so it's not a neet question it's more about, if your life can be good then it can be good as a neet or no. if it's going to be bad it's going to be bad and there is only neet and no.

so, well i read that this guy said time is a great healer. not true. time is required for healing, that doesn't make time a healer. time can make things much worse and much more painful.

that expression from the ring, this too shall pass, you entirely missed the meaning and its context as delivered in the story where it came from. literally in the sentence after you said it you went against the meaning of it.

people can spew out anything and not make any sense of it just say things, and then not see other things that are self-evident. just read that post, that is not a person that has healed from anything, that is a really sick individual that is deriving pleasure from the suffering of another, and putting themselves in a position to judge what punishment someone deserves.

you are no wizard, you're not even a sir, you're not even a normal. you're a legit sociopath that is deranged and you must suffer horribly. i will pray for you.

being a neet is going to be a highly personal experience at the end of it all. you can get something out of it, or you can get nothing out of it, it can do good for you or bad for you, for some it will lead them to good path and others bad path.

you all know how to live your life, it's in the choices you make every day down to the smallest one. that guy i quoted is choosing to be evil, he let the evil consume him, and he became even more evil than the guy he's describing. it's really sad.

whatever you do as a neet long term, take this for granted, it's way to easy to get your head stuck up your ass and be in a stupid little echo-chamber because you want to make yourself feel good and you're so important and special. you aren't, learn to control that ego in check and play your part. you don't need to be the mc. humble yourself.

time gives birth to truth, which many are clearly in need of.

you will learn in time, and you will learn what 'this too shall pass' actually means.


>Thankfully, I never resorted to any drugs or wasted money on therapy which is a scam that works only for normalfags.
lies. some people need therapy. just because you've had a le epic life doesn't mean other people haven't had to deal with some serious things. if you're fortunate enough to get therapy in a non professional context that is great, better if you don't need it at all in the first place.

i'm glad you don't need it, to say that it's a scam when it's very important for some people and some conditions, especially extreme trauma related, that's a lie.

the drugs part yes in 99% cases going to be a scam and make you worse off but there are 1% applicable cases and here again pareto principle applies and for those 1% its going to be life changing. not everyone is a larp, there are a tiny minority that are legit needing help. if you've never interacted with or seen them on/off medication you don't know anything and your opinion is only puff your breastplate out like a spring chicken. yuck. i've seen then, when they don't get their monthly injectable, they go from living in supported housing quietly, to being huge drain on the system, they run homeless, piss everywhere cause problems in everyday life, waste lots of public resources.

therapy for some things is essential, for other things, it's a surrogate and enabling, however that is really the best some can manage so that too isn't even throw-away. tired of all the failed normals man it really is a bummer, their lack of insights and ignorant takes is so old.


>the drugs part yes in 99% cases going to be a scam and make you worse off but there are 1% applicable cases

lmfao so wizards should change their point of view because of that 1 percent. Nobody that is intelligent speaks thinking of some tiny minority, what kind of retard are you? No, drugs for the most part are a scam that endangers your life sometimes permanently and therapy is a waste of time that works only for normalfags their goal in fact is to have you be a mindless drone that works for society without asking questions, it's all connected to the pharmaceutical industry that cares only about profit so they don't give a single fuck about you.


Therapy is a scam. Want therapy for declining mental health? Go pet a cat.


I prefer a long walk alone in the woods.

Cats make my itchy.


no youre meant to read what the person says, think about it, then formulate a response. not just dribble out feces from your proverbial mouth.

some people need therapy they have no other external support to provide the absolutely essential one on one interaction and communication required to deal with certain conditions and traumas. you internet edgelords shouldn't even be trying to engage me in serious discussion when you have no experience of knowledge of what you're talking about. there are myriad of mental health conditions some of which respond to treatment and many that don't. for those conditions that do respond to treatment and require therapy/counselling, they're very important and useful to make a person functional. a lot of homeless veterans for example, don't need medication, many would do amazing with good therapy, there are few good therapists however and the ones that are good are prohibitively expensive and in high demand.

i'm not talking about the angst-driven nonsense you read on depression, i'm talking about real mental illness, trauma, real stuff. the kinds of things most of you sheltered kids haven't the least notion of nor would you ever want.

pro tip. it's better to not state your opinion, than spew garbage that is nothing. if you do the former you avoid looking stupid, and you help reduce the amount of garbage nonsense on the internet. yes its very cool to say that therapy is about making you into a drone very cool. people that are permanently disabled and will never work again and are not trying to work again in their life, get therapy too and they need it not so they can work but so that they can resemble functional human beings and not shells. something you privileged sheltered failed normans wouldn't know anything about.


installed an extension to block images. Seen niggers and females and normafalfags on the internet for a lifetime I think.

I wish there was an extension that blocked all 3dpd and allowed only 2d.


big words on how to talk on a internet from some one that doesnt even punctuation


How can I get my parents to let me keep NEETing? I dropped out of college recently and have been a NEET ever since but they are pressuring me to get a job or continue my education. I don't have any major mental illness like schizophrenia or autism so it's hard to convince them that I really can't work.


We don't know anything about your parents or even your own situation, so all anyone can do is default to the universal solution to pestering parents. That solution is to kill them.


It's all about gaining time. Pretend you're applying for jobs but not getting any calls back. You can try an online degree for a couple years. If your parents believe in psychiatry, you can try to give them a sob story about being depressed, burned out, feeling lost and you can go once a week to therapy, so in their mind, you're working on yourself. You can "attempt suicide", that always rattles them a little and they'll think twice about pushing you too hard.

But at some point they will get sick of you and start lashing out, comparing you to your cousins, childhood friends, successful people on TV etc. You'll always be a reminder that they failed and that they feel shame when they talk about you.


Go full grounds keeper/handy man mode of taking care of the house and most of the chores around the house.

It will at least make you productive in their eyes, even if it's only a relatively tiny amount of time spent compared to a actual job.




I had a dream the other day that someone gassed my family to death but I escaped and was rescued by Catwoman.


was it halle berry cat succubus? she was hot in that movie. Still is I think.


No I think the Catwoman in my dream looked more like one from a video game.


File: 1709526243190.jpeg (22.53 KB, 322x309, 322:309, C5A26CA4-AFC9-4F19-B5B2-D….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb


I think us wizzies need to get together and INVADE North Korea! Who's with me!? OORAH!


As much as I dislike their particular -ism, they haven't actually done anything directly to me.

The worst they have done that has effected me is some suspect they were behind the Sony hack that took down the PS3 servers for a few days like 10 or so years ago.


Cloudy, winduy.. hmm cozy weather


File: 1709676835280.jpg (115.22 KB, 706x528, 353:264, GGDAAsia4AAh4Vq.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

where img(Images are being restored)


I am dependent on my parents and they are getting tired of me NEETing and doing nothing. The deadline to enroll in local college is approaching and they are putting heavy pressure on my to enroll. I don't know how long they will let me keep NEETing. I don't really have a good excuse.
Thanks for the advice wiz. I'm going to be trying a lot of this. I know this won't last forever, but I just need to keep kicking the can down the road and buying more time.


Fun fact, since we're technically still at war with north korea if you get elected president, you can issue an invasion unilaterally without the need for congressional approval.


File: 1709786020261.jpg (56.12 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1704402194207851.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Would any of you mates happen to know if there exist webbrowser extensions or programs to keep track of your own posts and replies across multiple altchans? something like a unified thread watcher of sorts. I still visit 4cucks because no other place compares in speed, but quality keeps reaching new lows and I cannot take it anymore. Also adhd and tab hoarding make it harder for me to keep track of conversations I was having elsewhere


File: 1709786480303.jpg (122.7 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 0d7192e4a97bb69e4ff4059792….jpg) ImgOps iqdb



File: 1709789618755.jpg (36.8 KB, 336x476, 12:17, 5a071eef0ed7accc9793c26903….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

First time hearing of it. Looks promising. Thank you wizzie


File: 1709848980371.jpg (71.63 KB, 975x975, 1:1, 1616248308-055239000.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm all out of blueberry soda. I'm gonna go get some more tomorrow, I think I'm becoming addicted.


File: 1709916814678.jpg (68.96 KB, 550x522, 275:261, 1311479-Guillaume_de_Macha….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I found an old acoustic guitar in the garage and I've been trying to learn a song or two. Never touched an instrument before and I'm not musically inclined, but I'm somewhat fond of medieval tunes, so I picked up Quant je suis mis au retour by Guillaume de Machaut, that is apparently very easy to learn. I'm struggling but making some progress. My fingers are burning up from pressing the strings but I read it gets better and after a while you won't feel a thing.


>My fingers are burning up from pressing the strings but I read it gets better and after a while you won't feel a thing.
The fingers don't regularly move in the fashion required to fret during common use so the related muscles are probably virgin for you. Music shop employees enjoy selling little rubber devices in which we place our fingers to flex against the elastic resistance. This strengthens the fingers.


File: 1709963651786.jpg (54.03 KB, 568x568, 1:1, 1687312465092253.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


it's good to be be back in the hood


>browsing MAL to see if there might be any shows this season worth watching
>get to an anime that starts off with the following description:
>"Office worker Kiyoshi Adachi has gone 30 years of life without ever having his cherry popped. Due to this profound accomplishment, he becomes a wizard"
>think to myself, lol they're using the same joke as wizchan this should be interesting I wonder what sort of show it will turn out to be, maybe it will be a wizardly show
>continue reading description
> "with the ability to read minds through physical contact. However, he thinks his newly attained skill is hopelessly lame and has caused him to dislike crowded places.
>On the way to his work, Adachi runs into his attractive and well-liked coworker, Yuuichi Kurosawa. Piqued by his personality, he furtively touches Kurosawa and takes a peek at his heart, only to find out that the man holds romantic dreams for a colleague at their office. Adachi attempts to connect the dots, but soon, Kurosawa's fantasies are laid bare—his coworker's perverted thoughts are meant for him! Despite doing his best to concentrate, he can now hardly remain focused with Kurosawa around."
>lmao turns out it's a BL romcom
>truly wizardly


the origin wizard joke implied that no one has ever went 30 years without sex and so what they think happens is you turn into a wizard
why they chose wizard is actually annoying they could've just chose something else but I hate that wizards are now connected to virginity because of an anime
in a normie sense "wizkid" or "wizard" is like someone who mastered something to the point of it being shocking to see for a regular person

it's all a power fantasy for normies, they aren't just loser virgins they are like special masters of the universe


File: 1710246128124.jpg (123.84 KB, 846x822, 141:137, GCq2Zl3XMAArhOT.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Woke up at 18:00 yesterday from an 8 hour deep sleep with my dakimakura in hand,and I even dreamed about having a relaxing time with witchie (2d)

Had leftover steak for brekkers. Spent 8 hours sitting comfy on bed watching vidya essays, dakimakura on lap, drinking a teas.

Hit the gym for 3.5 hours, had it all to myself. My gut no longer gets in the way of my legs during squatz

now back in bed cozy with my waifu (2d) (pillowcase) (witch). I will eat some mashed potato then draw some cute 2d kids while discovering new metal albums


Kept putting off doing what I had to do today until the tree fellers working next door dicked off but they were here with their chippers and lift for 10 whole hours and they'll be back for more tomorrow. Insurance must be paying because they're killing every good tree on the lot.


There's something quite odd going on with my computer. I have a C drive where windows 10 is and a storage drive, D. When I try to copy files from the C to D the computer crashes and I actually have to remove it from the power socket to make it work again. This only start happening today. The same happens when trying to copy files from D to C, but it doesn't happen if I copy files from C or D to an external hard drive or copy files from it to them. I've never seen this happening before.

I booted Linux Puppy to see if it is a windows problem and the exact same thing happened. As soon as a copy and past a file from C to D or D to C the computer crashes. I wonder if anybody here ever had that problem or perhaps know what it could be.

I've checked device health of both C and D drives with HWinfo and they're at 98% and 100% respectively so I'm truly at loss here.


It's your m.2 drive slot on your motherboard or your motherboard is being a little fucky.

Try disconnecting and reconnecting the drives. If that doesn't work, get a new motherboard.


I suspected the motherboard, thanks. What I don't understand is why it only triggers when C and D interact in a file transfer. Why do they work just fine except in such instance? Is there a particular thing the motherboard does when transferring stuff between internal HDs? Like I said I can transfer files from both drives to anything else but not between each other, that's what confused me.


Is D connected through SATA? You can try plugging it in to another port. Communication issues between ports, especially if your board is from the earlier half of M.2 support, are prevalent and are typically fixed with a chipset firmware upgrade.

Aside from that, Windows is sometimes configured to store generated temporary data such as thumbnails on the respective drive the images are on. The index could be messed up and is causing a crash when updated. You can use Disc Cleanup to delete these files which might help.


They're connected through the m2 sockets, no cables. It's a secondhand B460-I motherboard I've been using for 3 years now. There are no extra m2 ports, I would need to purchase a cable to test it out. I just did a disc cleanup and the problem persists, so it's definitely not windows. It also happened when I transferred files using linux.
Oh well, thanks for your help. Knowing it's the motherboard already helps a ton.


File: 1710513287339.mp4 (6.84 MB, 256x256, 1:1, s.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

this is what the entire the whole house sounds like all day today


You can try to put C in the D port and vice versa and then just change the boot order. Problems that appeared for no real reason can sometimes be solved in unreasonable ways like that.


I have tested it out and it's the socket where D is currently installed. I cleaned it and tried to fiddle with it but the problem persists. I'll just have to purchase a new motherboard eventually.


07:30 they begun the machine


>20 minutes of trying to learn programming
>give up after multiple errors that isn't easily googled
>8 hours of troubleshooting sexy skyrim mods
>hyperfocused, highly motivated, can go for another 10 hours just installing things over and over again


Interesting. You're able to spend more time and feel more engaged in an activity you actually care about and whose outcome you are much more invested in? Conclusion: You have ADHD and require a daily dose of amphetamines in order to generate sterile motivation for that which we societally deem more valuable.


You might have ADHD. Programming - activity that doesnt produce enough dopamine - can't do for shit.
Sexy vidya - raises dopamine to normal levels, can play around with for hours without getting bored.
I've noticed this thing again and again. When I am consooming porn games, I feel motivated as fuck. I make 1000 plans and then after I jerk off that enthusiasm lingers for some time and then dies off.
The fact that normalfags seem to have that insane level of dopamine all the time while us stuck in our low-dopamine cages of flesh makes me suicidal.


preferring to do enjoyable task over boring, less rewarding task is not a mental illness holy shit


Its impossible to hold down a job when you never smile. normies will pick up that you're miserable and start bullying you or trying to get you fired because you ruin their day being "negative" or "not being a team player". Even if I were to get a job I'd get just get bullied and fired for not smiling. I have no choice but to neet until I die.


>normies will pick up that you're miserable and start bullying you or trying to get you fired
No they won't.


It is when you can't do what you actually want to do. It is impossible to explain unless you lived through that.


Plus enjoyable is a subjective description. Normalfag brain produces more dopamine from cleaning their houses than I can get from gaming, it depends entirely on brains.


>enjoyable is a subjective
Oh wow the sky is blue and fire is hot…
>Normalfags have it easy and are superior
yea yea whatever


>Its impossible to hold down a job when you never smile.
>normies will pick up that you're miserable
They don't care, adults have their own shit to deal with. They couldn't care less about you.
> and start bullying you
Again, you are a grown man with other grown people.
If they are really acting up then go to HR or your supervisor while keeping things strictly professional.
If you are working and they aren't and they are interfearing with the work being done then management will take action against them to preserve productivity. That highschool bullshit doesn't fly in any workplace that actually is profitable.
And if they don't take action and you are being harassed then document it and then file a lawsuit for the ultimate payday. Then you truly won't have to work ever again because you hit the jackpot and will make tens of thousands, to even millions of dollars if you were legitimately harassed and the company did nothing about it.


IMDB needs a god damn marvel/superhero filter
also something for children's shows/movies

wading through this shit is a god damn task. and the ratings (G, PG, PG-13, etc) don't seem to work at the moment, i can look up a new tv series for example, look at its rating, and then search for that rating and it doesn't appear. so no convenient way to exclude 'G' content which would exclude most kid's shows

and the genre filters are AND modifiers. for clicking both scifi and fantasy search for movies tagged 'scifi AND fantasy'. a way to search using OR would be nice

i can't believe this is the biggest site for searching through movies and so on. it is not good



>all mammals more than six or seven pounds take an average of 21 seconds (plus or minus 13 seconds) to empty their bladders


Certified hood classic. Twitch channel 'iSnortFridgeMold' literally just plays this all day and has been for years, because they can.


I remember seeing this on KC like 5 years ago.


Dear God I'm getting old. Went for a walk up a mountain that I used to bounce up when I was young wiz, now I can barely get a quarter of the way up before I am gasping and wheezing.


I've never really understood how you're supposed to talk about TV. Like other than saying if you liked it, what is there to say? It's just entertainment. Most of the discussion about these topics is extremely shallow and uninteresting. I think that is >>310476's problem. If you want to have an actual discussion about something, you need to get into a hobby in which you can actually do something, not just sit there and consume it. Something like electronics you could talk about endlessly. The deeper the knowledge and technique required to do something, the more you can talk about it with someone. The problem is having hobbies that don't require any knowledge or even require you to actually do anything.

The older I get the more I realize the best hobbies involve some aspect of design or creation that requires research into how to best do it or some mastering of technique. Get into some sort of crafting. Make things you want/need. That provides intrinsic motivation to the hobby. Writing, woodworking, blacksmithing, welding, electronics, coding, 3D modeling, etc. There is a whole world of things out there waiting for you to learn how to do, but people go for the lowest effort, highest reward stuff like watching TV and end up feeling unsatisfied with life.


Replaced by Ai
>woodworking, blacksmithing
Not a real hobby unless you're a Renaissance Faire larper
Oh yeah bro let me just get my neet ass out of bed to start welding steel into doors to stop aliens from getting in
As in what? Making your lightbulbs? Making a wire run through from a cup to another cup and calling it a phone?
>coding, 3D modeling, etc.
Replaced by AI



ahh yes, my mistake, I mentioned hobbies that have some aspect of thinking involved. I can see you're not a thinker. Hmm, what sort of hobbies would be good for you? Perhaps juggling bowling balls or very, very sharp knives? Or how about being a worthless contrarian on the internet? Oh wait, I see you're already quite the enjoyer of that one. Perhaps you should get into inspecting wire loops? If you ever find one just go ahead and put your head in there and check it out, it will be lots of fun!


I was in my uncle house in a family reunion, and my cousin which is almost 20 years older than me appeared with friends, i greeted him because he knows me and i know him so we get along well, but the friends he was with were the classical dark triad sociopath chads, when i was done i gitted out of there.
I assume that my cousin is the same but since he treats me well (i also have another cousin with asperger and those two get along fine) i guess some individuals of that kind of people can be empathic too.
This makes me think that we should have been more sociopathic when we were young.


>doing a hobby for the sake of doing it and not because you like it
that's called being a poser
no one is impressed that you're not watching movies or playing games


Look, I'm not saying that there's nothing at all to discuss, but at the end of the day discussing is all you can really do. You're not contributing or creating anything, just interpreting someone else's work. It's passive, not active, that's my problem with it. With other hobbies you have goals and those goals inform what you talk about. If you want to know how to make a chair you can share your thoughts with someone and talk about different joints you could use for example. It is productive. Commenting on media is just worthless because all you can do is refine your interpretation of a work of art. If your end goal in life is to be really good at understanding TV, well I guess you've found your hobby, but it just feels a bit empty to me.


I agree with you.

I especially hate when things are purposefully left open-ended or there are a lot of unresolved narrative arcs; that's just an excuse to make the fandom talk and talk and talk.

After I've consumed the media, that's it. I then prefer to move to a hobby where I actually create something, instead of discussing something that, after all, is merely a story that a dude in the US made up.


Start training, man.


So you're building bridges and skyscrapers after watching a movie? What do you even consider as "creating"? I just took a shit and created a beautiful brown bowl.


File: 1711344219227.jpg (1.99 MB, 3000x4000, 3:4, 20240325_012042.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

have the entire gym to myself (wizard)



lionheart gymgoer wizcel getting fit during a decaying age of mass consumption, distractions, and addictions, focusing his mind and spirit into training every muscle group of his virgin body that pumps mana through his bulging veins, readying himself up to be a talented warrior hungry for vengeance. The demiurge and its devilish pawns will get their comeuppance.


I have never trained/exercised in my life, just did things, now I can't. Probably doesn't help that I haven't been to the mountains since 2020, so I probably do need to exercise now.



File: 1711661735658.png (2.36 MB, 1704x2048, 213:256, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb


me the faceless background pedestrian


me very bottom right, stylistically depicted as a sleepy guy in a square bed, if you cant see me you are soulless


good one


File: 1711752681481.png (119.85 KB, 428x468, 107:117, 1621.png) ImgOps iqdb

Yes, she mistook him for someone else, another writer.


tfw when you fail the entrance exam of vienna arts academy



YouTube has been recommending random videos from all genres recently, often with only 1 to 15 views each. It just gave me this one. It's a Swing / Jazz song called "Hikikomori" but looking at the description…

>This track has been either partially or entirely generated using Artificial Intelligence tools. As the rights holder to these works we declare that this piece is not bound by any copyright restrictions and is freely available for use. You are welcome to incorporate this music into your projects, videos, podcasts, or any other creative work without a concern over copyright infringement.

>GO-ON is dedicated to fostering a fair and equitable creative industry. To this end, we pledge that any and all proceeds generated from the distribution of this AI-created music will be used to either pay artists directly for work or be donated to support the unionization efforts of artists

The AI generation part is one thing. The vocals become apparent in their synthetic nature about halfway through the song, but how much of the instrumental composition is done by AI? Does the author consider VSTs and other synths to be "ai"? Why not just use a Vocaloid or Voiceroid singer? The other weird thing is the proclamation of being a 'forward-thinking' company. It's ominously robotic in its appeals. It's as if the entire thing was artificially generated.


I'm a failed cartoonist and pretty used to being rejected by editors and publishers but today takes the cake. I got into contact with an editor a couple days ago and she refused to even look at my work. Usually they'll accept your pages and never contact you again or tell you it's not what they're looking for. It's the first time I was barred from even showing my stuff to someone. They probably looked my name up and upon realizing I have no social media presence whatsoever didn't even bother with the actual work. Not to toot my own horn but at least visually my stuff is better than 90% of the alternative comics they print. Feels pretty miserable to not even get the chance of having your material rejected.


Sounds like job hunting only in this case the rejection is even more personal, which sucks.

Have you tried going independent and building a following that way?
Apparently a lot of cartoonist are turning to twitter and webtoons but I don't understand how they monitizes.
I know most older school cartoonist have their own websites too, but the way the web is now such sites probably get almost no traffic.

I don't really have any real advice, at least none from experience.

I just wish you luck and hope someone that matters sees value in your craft.


Not that poster, but it's clear as crystal it can't be monetized that way. You can't have a twitter or social media following without being published first. It's a catch 22.

And if you don't get published by someone who already has lots of capital, your stuff decays and nobody sees it except you.


Send your comic to every Ethernet mail direction in the world, print it and mail it to every direction in the world, send it to every publisher in the world, draw a single page on a bunch of paper sheets and let the wind blow it away, transmit it as a signal to be picked up by any receiver, send it as a message to every chat platform


There is so much competition in the modern world that this would still likely yield zero results and a lot of listings on spam filters.

Hell, in a year or two they can prompt an AI to make a short cartoon on any subject with unique art styles in 5 seconds.


>Hell, in a year or two they can prompt an AI

You say this about everything


File: 1711884216617.jpg (453.48 KB, 596x850, 298:425, pg no txt.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I've shared my stuff on social media for years without any actual benefit so I took it all down and began sending stuff to publishers. Oh well. Here's a page for the story I was trying to show the editor who told me to not even bother sending in. It's about a guy going LDAR but then a strange alien entity shows up in his room.


Somehow I'm starting to feel whole again.
Yeah, my cynicism still persists, but just the absence of pressured pretense is comforting. ^^

Especially knowing I'm not one of a kind in the best way possible. ^^


File: 1711915668690.jpg (424.4 KB, 1259x1171, 1259:1171, wizart.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Don't even need to wait 2 years. The algos can already do it today.


File: 1711915682193.jpg (821.77 KB, 2579x1153, 2579:1153, wizart2.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1711955467049.jpg (Spoiler Image, 198.81 KB, 1472x890, 736:445, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Today was a highly bittersweet day for me, so I did this to cheer myself up if not help keep me away from the dreaded deppression crawl thread. :D


The grand master wizard's dragon has 4 fingers on one claw and 3 on the other.

I always wondered why AI always does weird stuff to fingers.
I think it will be a few years before the finger artifacts go away.


>no social media presence whatsoever
That's probably the problem, they have no way of gauging the popularity of your comics or your fanbase. At least have a twatter account where you post your comics, you don't even need to engage with the comments, just post your work so it gets views. Even Japanese mangaka have social media these days in order to advertise their work.


>The pro-AI art wizard doesn't have a wand or staff, rather just a normal stick
Excellent self-critique from AI


File: 1711969501643.jpg (116.97 KB, 736x970, 368:485, ww.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I did have a twitter for 3 years or so and in that time I amassed around 250 followers, about 30 of them obvious bots and who knows how many fake accounts. It's quite a task to churn out content to keep up with your social media shit and like I said I never saw any quantifiable return for it. It feels like chasing a ghost, it's a very elusive process. You get 1k likes in one picture and none in another. Producing content for social media is a scam if you ask me, it's just yet another way to work for free.

AI is completely irrelevant. Cartooning in this day and age is a personality cult. People purchasing lots of comics are buying it because they like the author (the person, not the work) or believe in whatever they think the author stands for. The quality of the artwork is also mostly irrelevant. Many cartoonists nowadays spend more time in podcasts and talking garbage at snippet interviews on instagram than actually producing content. I've also noticed they got considerably more attractive over the years. There's no way a clunker like Wally Wood would've made it today. In fact many of those older guys are now cancelled for being toxic or whatever.


potted plants are really useful if you happen to be a hikki who can't come out of your room for a while because of people in the house. Like a piss jug but you don't need to empty it and it makes zero sound while pissing.


私 の 仕事 と 楽し 和 とても 無透かし
でも 頑張って です


I had really intense and vivid dreams last night. It was great. Probably had something to do with the easter candy I ate. My shit smelled foul today. I really wish I could dream like that every night.


File: 1712130031053.jpeg (18.09 KB, 360x360, 1:1, images-3.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

I dunno.
I guess knowing stuff like Mr. Imaishi having taken a pay cut for his art is what pushes me forward in times like these.

That and, of course, memes from a era when my brain could handle dopamine like a walk in the park. ^^


>he did it yet again
Since no one else can be bothered to do it, I will.

Rule 8: stop it.


Whoops, forgot about rule 11. Anyway, since it's the crawl thread on /lounge/, I won't report it this time. Mods can remove my posts if they wish.


We won fellow volcels


It pains me to delete my porn


>doesnt get you in trouble/harms you
Masturbating at all does physical damage to the brain. Adding stress responses to extreme fetish material is only going to increase the ill effects of cumming.


File: 1712173083207.png (25.68 KB, 251x274, 251:274, 2.png) ImgOps iqdb

Its always the middle


>I did it again

Do what? Be an optimist?
I'd love to be more negative but the depression crawl thread is textbook counterproductive.

As for the rules:
>8.Do not sign your posts with a name, avatar, signature, or any variations thereof.
I didnt know I created Studio Trigger/art student owl, SWEET!

>11.If a post violates a rule, report it. Do not respond to the post or announce your objection.

Well at least you're self aware, ya megalomaniac you :D

But hey, if I DO get banned, at least it'll be for something honest rather than because I was framed (I'm not gonna provide the image cause I'm more mature than that).


My AG album should get here today.:D


Power went out again. I try to post here like normal but I always forget I am banned because of some shitposter in my area who has the same mobile IP. Makes me realize how much I rely on this place for social interaction. Even just going a day or two without being able to post sucks. It will suck when this site inevitably goes down forever.


My range is banned too. God dammit.


Got ketchup on my keyboard.
Had to take the keys off to properly clean it. Such a pain.
I need to stop eating while sitting at the computer.


next time you ever get any of your electronics wet, just wash it and let it dry

as long as it doesnt have any battery or capacitors storing power the water will just clean it


I can only hope the USA is all right rn.
I don't live in it, nor an English speaking country.

And even then I could hear someone yelling "F*** U!" from four to five blocks away a few weeks ago.



Mechanical keyboards don't react to being wet well.


Mechanical keyboards are an over-engineered joke


Interesting I realized the whole house was shaking a while back and I figured it must be a mild earthquake and it turns out that it was. We don't usually get those around here.


Since you already went to the effort of signing your posts, why bother to pretend now? Your text wall speaks for itself.


They really aren't.


Speaking of over-engineered, has anyone here seen the new wave of CPU coolers that have embedded LCDs? You can even play videos on them. Just crazy. And of course, with RGB.

Although they can be functional in a display piece sort of way. But they're definitely not for me


>has anyone here seen the new wave of CPU coolers that have embedded LCDs?
No actually. Totally new to me.
Where would they even sell those?
Got pictures?


I have a video, this is from Corsair


The fuck is that bootleg scam site you tried sending me to.

I don't trust it.


yet you trust youtube, that's ironic because you have it backwards


I went outside once


Time to test out some AIs!


Ones you wrote?


I don't know how many times I have to post this…but anyway:
Don't tell me you're too afraid to even visit a Github link?

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