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I just enjoy watching entertainment products blow up spectacularly. Its like watching a train wreck or car crash except no one is actually hurt except financially. At the end of the day its just entertainment media so it doesn't really have real world consequences except for the billions burned. Its like the schadenfreude of enjoying another's suffering, but no one is really hurt. And the best comedies are the unintentional ones. Its like the behind the scenes drama of failing brands is more entertaining than what they actually put out.

I don't like those who have an agenda of hating a brand and wishing for it to fail. I mean I actually grew up on DC heroes instead of Marvel and so wanted the films to be good. But the whole DCEU has been an epic train wreck that deserves to be a soap opera in itself.

And then there are the recent games like Battlefield 2042 and Starfield.

And I enjoy the snarky critical reviews just tearing it apart like RLM or Pitch Meetings or Honest Trailers. The spoofs, parodies, cynicism, mockery. Longform reviews of terrible movies is an art in itself.

And for the most part AAA products that fail, its not in the so bad its good comedy level either for the most part. Because they try to keep it safe, and its not defined by some wacky producer's vision. Its usually safely in the so bad its bad category.

I've been watching the recent failure of Rebel Moon, and while there some funny quips, I'm still waiting for someone to comedically dissect it RLM style.


I only enjoy it if 1. I had little to no interest in the product and 2. the failure is deserved. So something like starfield I like seeing go down because it was a lazy game by a greedy studio and I didn't really want to play it very much. But lots of games that I was excited to play have turned out bad and that makes me sad.


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A working class villain is something to be


i cant believe the high school pep rally song became the crab anthem


Not a hobby but whatever


Well it seems mod agrees with you. I thought any media consuming went into hob.

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