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I haven't been to wizchan for a good while, I remember there being a thread about psychedelics and drugs but it seems to have gone so… I will just create this thread to ask this question. Please excuse me for any spelling mistakes or anything, I'm sleepy af right now.

Anyways I want to use psychedelics to treat my OCD. I've always had a very mild and ignorable case of OCD that I think I inherited from my father. It consisted of very rare intrusive thoughts and some compulsions. But since 2022, shit's gone to hell. It all became extremely frequent and intense, and has take a toll on me. My life has been drastically affected and I'm feeling like crap due to it.

I have heard that psychedelics are extremely effective at treating OCD so I'd like to hear insights from anyone who has used those drugs before. I'd like to try this before going to therapy or whatever. Btw have a good year, wizards, peace.


You probably inherited your mental illness from abusing drugs, dumbass. More drugs aren't going to untangle that mess.


>I want to use psychedelics to treat my OCD

I wouldn't recommend self medicating willy nilly. Especially with street drugs of uncontrolled and unknown potency and purity.


I do also have intrusive thoughts on a daily basis.
I don't think it comes from genetics, rather it may be due to the extended loneliness wizzies then to live in.

Your brain is a supercalculator and if it's not calculating reality, it will begin to generate its own calculations to calculate.


Mushrooms are safe for most people. Please remember to stay hydrated and be in a comfy environment


I have never used drugs, otherwise I wouldn't have really posted this thread.

Fair point. I wouldn't get anything off the streets tho

I am almost certain I inherited it from my father, he has an obsession with checking door locks for as long as I can remember. But yeah, prolongued isolation has likely worsened my case.

Sure. I'd make sure to take them while in a good mood as well.


In this safe for most people means about a 1-5% chance of long term to permanent negative mental consequences, common side effects include paranoia, anxiety, instability, HPPD (hallucination perception persistenting disorder, you have psychedelic like visual indefinitely), delusions. Probably others I am forgetting.


Nothing in life is 100% safe or secure, everything involves some degree of risk. You can be neurotic and overthink everything to death if you want. Good quality mushrooms in a comfy safe environment aren't going to cause any of that, the stuff you're describing is more likely to happen after a bad "acid" trip (research chemicals) than anything else. Mushrooms are mostly harmless and if you really want to minimize the risk, just grow your own


1/100 to 1/20 for permanent or long lasting mental defects isn't something you have to neurotic to be wary off.


Consider trying it, unless you have bipolar/schizophrenia or a family history. I put research chemical psychedelics up my ass regularly and it definitely helps my mental health.

Start with low doses and gradually increase for each trip. Ensure your set and setting are suitable. There is a lot of information online on how to do this.

It's very difficult to direct your thoughts when tripping. Prepare by practicing an OCD guided meditation (from YouTube or whatever) you like and listen to it while sober a couple times. Then listen to it while tripping. This method helps to direct my thoughts. Another popular method is to just journal with pen and paper.

Scientific studies on psychedelics for mental health always include follow-up integration sessions, so try to periodically reflect and integrate what you've learned after your trip(s). Psychedelics provide new perspectives, but you have to do the work yourself.

If psychedelics are daunting to you, start with really low doses (like subperceptual) and slowly work your way up. Permanent negative mental effects are rare unless you're predisposed, use retard doses and/or are in a bad set/setting. HPPD usually happens with frequent psychedelic use but goes away after a while, and it doesn't affect daily functioning or anything.


I hate when people perpetrate this belief. I remember when I was in high school hearing things like this and how they could cause permanent psychosis which simply is not true. Yes if you take way too much psychedelics at one time (mushrooms mainly) and think about feelings of worthless and loneliness sure you’re gonna have a bad trip but there are no long term effects if any there are any it’s positive effects on mood. Have I met people before who are acid burnouts? Yes I’ve met a couple people who I assumed to be like that but most of these people probably took like 10-20 hits everyday for years on end to become like that. Psychedelics are perfectly safe as long as you aren’t abusing the living fuck out of them


it's happened to dozens of people ive become close to, sorry its such a personal affront to you to hear that drugs are bad, mmkay


It literally happened to a friend I had after he ordered drugs online. He permanently stayed in a trip with visions appearing and had massive headaches every single day.


I'm not the master of psychedelics or anything, but I've tried both of the major classic psychedelics a handful of times.

Mushrooms would probably be your best bet. Don't go overboard, though. I haven't had a bad experience with them yet, but I also didn't take 10 grams of them or something. They tend to be sedative, so it'd probably help some.

Personally, I wouldn't recommend LSD for you. I've had good experiences with it, but it seems to be much more sensitive to set and setting. It also makes me more paranoid as a general rule, and I can't imagine that being good when combined with OCD. It also lasts for a pretty long time, and it's way harder to sleep on (if not completely impossible). Taking it at ~11 PM means you're not going to bed until 8 or 9 AM.

And, yes, set and setting are important. Moreso for LSD, but you shouldn't just ignore it. If you have any anxiety about anything at all, it'll probably be a problem. For instance, if you think someone is going to interrupt you, that will be a problem. Generally, you don't want to be around people. It might be useful to talk with someone (doesn't have to be in real life) but it's not necessary, as long as you aren't doing anything stupid it should be fine.

It's hard for me to really tell you how effective they'll be for your OCD, since I don't have OCD myself, but they could help. After all, they do change how your brain works temporarily. Just don't do it if your family has schizophrenia or some other mental illness since it can awaken that in you earlier than normal.

In terms of safety, you only really need to be concerned about the psychological aspect unless you take LSD (there are rare but not unheard of substitutions for LSD that taste bitter, and have negative effects). The lethal dose for both mushrooms and LSD is likely far too expensive for you to even reach. I've also never heard of anyone spiking mushrooms with anything. However, you do need to be in a stable mental state. I wouldn't want to be the one to find out what happens if you aren't.


My apologies then but I’ve just never heard of this happening before outside of hs teachers spouting nonsense but then again I wouldn’t ever take drugs that weren’t from a source I trusted


how many people in total have you been "close to"?



Taking LSD absolutely DESTROYED my OCD. I learned to manage it by experiencing the symptoms during a trip. I understood it is like thiking is a lot like breathing. Trying to manage your thoughts is like breathing manually - it doesn't work for a long time.
However, I was too much of a glutton and went to far, it obliterated my every illusion of being a separate entity, cut away from the universe and my will to exist.


This is just a perception disorder, it passes after a while. Headaches are something different entirely.


my grandmother had schizophrenia bad
but i got ocd and want to try shrooms, especially after reading >>310789
kind of thinking i should still go for it and then an hero if the schizzles are too much to handle, but schizo wizards would probably eat me alive with this naivety


after reading some other threads, mainly on bullying and about how bullying keeps things normal, i kind of want to become schizophrenic now
the unfixable abnormal, wreaking havoc upon normies without them being able to socially correct me


start with acid, try shrooms, and then do dmt


File: 1713721625733.pdf (63.66 KB, Principles-of-Holotropic-B….pdf)

Holotropic breathwork has same effect with no undesirable side issues. Run away from drugs, for your own sake.


and yes, sometimes weed makes you hallucinate, specially if you eat it

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