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File: 1706716823597.jpg (146.28 KB, 1024x684, 256:171, homeless.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Do you have experience living on the streets?
How does your country treat the homeless?
How do you remain warm and fed?

As someone that will likely be homeless one day I wonder how should I prepare myself…


>How does your country treat the homeless?
The bums who are on drugs and alcohol are given free motel suites and money.
The guys who are homeless due to circumstances generally beyond their control are booted out of shelters to make way for birth tourists.


Probably seek shelter and somekind of welfare ASAP


Public shelter is very low quality, you get to live with third worlders and straight up criminals


>Do you have experience living on the streets?
Yeah, it sucked.
Do what you have to to avoid it.
>How does your country treat the homeless?
Depends individual circumstances and location but generally speaking no matter where you are in my country it's impossible to starve unless you wanted to or did something retarded like hike miles away from civilization without supplies or survival skills. Which if you are that dumb something else will kill you long before you have the chance to starve.

>How do you remain warm

Fuck no.
>and fed
Yeah you will stay fed. Hell, you can stay morbidly fat if you wish.

>As someone that will likely be homeless one day I wonder how should I prepare myself…

Get a job, even a shit part time bullshit job, and save money in case you need to make a deposit on a place to rent.

If you can't avoid the streets you will want a fast exit from the streets asap available.
Money helps with this. That means getting a job.
Even if it's Literally shoveling shit for minimum wage on a farm.
Do what you need to do.


How do you get a job without skills and without a car?


Labor jobs don't give a shit.
They will hire basically anyone willing and able to work.
Use exp from that for upgrading to a less shit job later.


>without a car
If you're homeless, you just set up your bed roll within walking distance of work.


Doesn't work in cold places that get to like -30c in the winters. You need a home or a car or you die.


Whatever you do, DON'T be homeless without a car. There is a big difference between living on the streets with no shelter and living in your car. You need more money to sustain it but it is worth it.


>You need a home or a car or you die.

Or a sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and cloak that are rated for safety in extreme cold. It's all tat my ancestors needed in order to endure.


they didnt have to fight a malicious technological society


What's someone gonna do, install an app on their phone that blows cold air at you?



Dont become homeless. the streets eat guys like us alive. we dont have social skills or a network of people to Save Us. And i doubt most of us could pull it in squattin community.

if you re seriously lookin at bein homeless. i would drop all else and plead w/ any family or friend you have left to stay in a basement or attic or watever til back on your feet. but your lazy days are over, you will be on thin ice for rest of your life. workin non stop.

also, ignore meme advice. you wont get in a shelter, its for homeless normies. not people like us. And, InB4 Kevin comes by to say, Yea yipyipyip rite on, van livin, Kevin was never homeless in a van. it will break down, at worst possible place, and worst possible time, you ll wind up takin plates off and ditch it

you re about to get a cras course in how hard life really sucks


They can make it illegal for you to build a cabin. They can destroy the ecosystem so it is much more difficult and illegal to survive on the dwindling resources that remain. Most importantly, they replace the previous societies, so there is no non-malicious community to help you


As usual, fuck off with your fear mongering. Explain how we would be "eaten alive". OP likely isn't so socially dysfunctional that he'd let himself be taken advantage of whatever imaginary bandits you believe roam the streets in search of virgin men to bully.


If you have NEETbux and you're homeless, just go to the countryside and sleep in the forest, or find an abandoned shed to crash in. Every small town in a rust belt area has some rotting shed filled with tractor parts that gets opened maybe once every three years.


worked for me many moons ago


in my country i would freeze to death unless it is summer


I would strongly recommend making a good impression with the locals if you try to pull that in most of the US.

The parts of the country I have been in, lets just say if they figure you for the wrong sort they will fix you up themselves.
Now if they seen you by the church and people vouch for you then they might fix you up a meal instead and tell you not to camp there no more.
Especially if you are polite and humble about the whole thing.
If you get rude they might just put you down for good then and there.


Watch a few prison documentaries, lurk r/homeless, and watch a few videos like these.
Put aside the ego & pride and be real with yourself. Can you really handle this? On top of the bullshit you are probably dealing with if you're here?


This. THese ideas generally only work in warm countries. Even in most of the US this idea stops working once it's around October and around winter time you would simply die from cold no matter how much clothing you had on.


File: 1707762686432.jpg (60.69 KB, 894x501, 298:167, silver mat.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Being homeless in the woods sucks, but it isn't that bad.
Buy a mat like this, the silver bullshit on top will heat you up good, a sleeping bag/ large thick winter jacket, backpack to carry cooking + water purification utensils, compass, hatchet and you're set. Don't even need anything over your head, as long as you keep a fire going it will dry you out and keep you warm. Fires don't go out even during heavy rain and if you do it right you can feed it wet wood.
I've spent 3 months in the woods in a northern Eastern Euro country during Fall and worked in a nearby lumber yard.
Had close encounters with boars and deer, chased them around with a spear, luckily never caught up to them, or I'd be fucked, animals can mess you up.
Squirrels stole the acorns I had collected and soaked.
Stole maze and potatoes myself from fields at night.
Used up an entire bic lighter trying to light a fire in the middle of the night trying to start a fire during serious rain.



You are very very fortunate. Any one of those boars would have sliced you up if they really wanted to.


where do you live that you don't need anything above youre head? here in the eastern half of the united state you absolutely need tarp and or tent, ideally both, since most common tents become gross humidity traps or don't protect from rain well enough.


>most common tents become gross humidity traps or don't protect from rain well enough.
All tarps and tents need to be conditioned with silicone or paraffin before use under wet conditions. The silicone is sold as a spraycan at department and outdoor stores for like $7 and waterproofs server square meters of material for an entire season. As for humidity, it's usually necessary for the highest point of the tent to have an opening at either side for this reason.


Keep the fire going permanently and it will dry you out as fast as you get wet.
And if you really can't be arsed to keep the fire going then a simple sheet of plastic hanged overhead will do, get a bigger one though, "camping" tarps are usually too small.


services are very full many places. if you dont look the part or cant act it there are people working in those services with special ingroup preference or maybe you remind them of a group they don't like you wont get the help.

people professionals, their help stops where the responsibility and accountability starts. its a job, they're part of an economy. there isnt a safety net its more like a spider web they keep you there, not alive, not dead.

i started in winter. each week to give sense of progress and things getting better, i would improve my camp, it was in bush still in a town setting, but isolated enough not near houses, people. nobody ever did disturb my camp in six months.

little comforts are important and to give yourself morale boost, talk to self and being positive is very important, that you get something from the experience, that you will be better on other side etc. you need to convince yourself whatever will work because this isn't you depressed in your room this is your survival.

i had to wait till every morning to do a toilet, it was very hard sometimes, i wish i could do the toilet normally instead of waiting the gym to open.

streets are dangerous normals that are drunk, and crazy other homeless, drug users, main concerns. they will rob, i didnt get thieved but only because i was lucky and very careful about things. some did try.

one of favorite past time of normal people is to drive around in their ute with their other drunk friends and go threaten homeless people with violence.

stay away really from other homeless when you're trying to do sleeping, other things, stay away from alcohol drugs.

i have actual useful information very scattered if you ask specific questions can answer better.

staying fit was really important you need to exercise, walk a lot, otherwise your mental degenerate and then you will not be able to be homeless it will get worse and worse then you will lose yourself i saw it happen.

im only lucky and i still lost some of myself out there i'm still out there i will always be some of me out there it got left behind in that tent in the bush that is still there.

its important remember this one tents dont block UV i also have damage to my eyes because one day when i was in severe pain and had to lay down i went back in middle of day and was very stressed i lay staring up at noon sun, through two layers of poly tent, and i was being burned, i verified later and the damage to my vision. it was about 40min a good about of the uv-b got through and did something to my eyes. so you will get sunburned try remember that one.

dress layers, dont do lights at night, remain stealth, be inconspicuous. remember this quote because its important, 'one mans cruelty is another mans pragmatism' people that believe that are good people will do evil things to other people if they feel goo about it and it can be framed the right way.

you need to understand that as homeless, you dont have rights you arent treated like a human you arent treated even like a wizard. you are beneath them as a homeless you will be met with contempt, accept this and use it to build your character and forgive them.

there are some good people out there just very very rare, they may help you a little dont count on it. youre really on your own. so dont beat yourself up.

homeless is a mental game with serious physical consequences. it will wear you down eventually and then your mind will crack in one way or another.

i never made a fire, its a big danger and can bring attention to your camp site. being homeless next to a fire is a larp, unless youre talking about burning toxic plastics and stuff in a garbage can on the street.

i read through some of the other comments and it is beyond obvious that there are people here giving advice when they havent even been homeless. because i did try these things and its not like that. being in a car isnt homeless do you know how easy that is, you have moving walls a mobile home storage.

and you can do one month ok that isn't homeless i dont know how to explain it but it doesnt hit you. even when its very difficult, that's only a month. a month in, even two months it it wasnt the same as that last month there.

you dont even want to joke about this or make a thread where there is a chance you give yourself as if its not a big deal. the reason that so many homeless 'manage' is because their minds are totally gone, you will not manage the same way without also losing your mind.

dont end up homeless. it isnt just then the homeless period, it doesnt end when you get back into 'housing' it doesnt

prepare yourself best by never letting it happen or being in a situation to allow it to happen. it can build onto you its a fine balance because it will take from you too.

if you are absolutely going to, then be in a car. 'homeless' in a car is a 3 difficult on a 10 scale and if you're on the street you can expect a solid 8 by comparison on a good day.

spend time at the library its your friend be nice to the people there and stay humble they will be your few interactions and you may get some basic help or even more computer time.


File: 1708158057561.jpg (11.85 KB, 250x186, 125:93, old man.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Not only is this illegible, but it's also full of pseud bullshit.
>you will be met with contempt, accept this and use it to build your character and forgive them.
Suck my forest dwelling balls.


there was lots of good and useful information there. dont confuse your lack of comprehension and understanding. there is another one for you, always look to yourself first, then to others. in instances where you believe there is fault or wrongdoing.

'peace begins with me'

these are survival skills and tips for being homeless. if you are ever homeless then what you quote will be of great value to you. being an edgelord on the internet is not compatible with surviving homeless.

surviving homeless is a mental game the streets would give you an attitude correction very quickly.


>surviving homeless is a mental game the streets would give you an attitude correction very quickly.

Lol, no it isn't and no it doesn't.
You haven't met or spoken at length with many homeless people.
It sucks really hard to be homeless but it isn't actually difficult to survive. The hard part is having the mind and will to be able to get off the streets. Actually totally delusional and mentally retarded people are able to survive. Stop romanticizing homeless. I am so sick of people like you spewing romanticized bullshit every time the topic comes up. It isn't cool. It isn't a fucking adventure. It doesn't make you some kind of tough guy or real man.
It's a failure condition that fucking sucks and is almost always the result of a long chain of fuckups. It's figuring out your way out of that shitty situation that is most important.


Tell something actually useful then.
Not only you, plural everyone in this thread. How do you get free clothes? Let's say in Florida. What about food, food stamps?


>. It's figuring out your way out of that shitty situation that is most important.
yes that's what i said. it's a mental game. if you play the game poorly the consequences and feedback is going to be far more extreme on the street, and you will sink or swim based on how well you perform mentally, how you frame things, how well you can adapt your mind to deal with a very bad situation and still stay positive and in a frame of mind conducive to improving your situation and getting off the street.

i spent a long time out there. already covered the other points you made too. i wasnt romanticizing anything, its a very bad situation and is result mostly of sickness and trauma. a lot of broken people out there.

>It doesn't make you some kind of tough guy or real man.

there is no such thing. only people that are standing so high on the shoulders of so many giants as to have lost perspective. a tough guy or a real man doesn't make themselves, if that thing were to exist, they're made by massive amounts of resources being invested into people and having a fortunate combination of genetics and early developmental experiences. in terms of adding to you up and providing an opportunity to learn, and work on character flaws, build some self-confidence even, that is there still. even though the entire thing damages a person even if you get out of it, and even if you come out of it with something learned, it still did a lot of damage.

clothes food blankets those things are much easier, there are charity bins people use to throw away all their old items and clothes, find one take what you like its all sitting outside the bin overflowing. as for food, there are many services setup for food that isnt a hard part. people will even help you, if you were to go around and ask you could manage food that isn't a problem compared to the real concerns. safety, getting proper sleep, not getting injured or health failing due to these bad circumstances, something happening which makes it impossible then to get off the street because you cannot think or function properly.

the right mental game will make the difference between making it and losing your soul out there being consumed by it and turning into a crazy person or dead. even here on wizchan, there are some wizards with way worse situation that are coping better, and some with actually really nice life, but their mental game is off very much, for whatever reason, and they squander and waste and miserable for no reason at all. disregard females acquire magic.


>Tell something actually useful then.
Do whatever you have to in order to avoid being homeless. If you have to shovel shit then shovel shit. If you have to rent a room from a obnoxious faggot because it's all you can afford then do it. If it means making up with estranged family members who are assholes then unless they are physically abusive just do it.

Have copies of your important documents. ID, ssi card, birth certificate, passport, etc.
If you don't have that shit it will make getting off the streets exponentially harder since to bureaucrats you aren't a real person without such paperwork.

Libraries often have list of services in the area. Such as food hand outs like farm shair and churches giving clothes.
Speaking of churches, in my experience those with homeless outreach are a good resource. That said be polite and don't "tip your fedora" at them even if they are cult freaks. Just politely take the goods, go through the motions, then bounce.

Number one tip, no one wants to help a rude asshole. So don't be a asshole or people will go out of their way to make your life worse. It's not even about being a good person. It's about not making shit harder on yourself.


Both those places usually have decent security that will kick you out once they catch on that you don't belong.

That said it varies from place to place. Some will ignore you for months as long as you don't cause trouble. Others won't even let you get past the door.

Shoplifting is also a place to place thing. Some places the cops don't give a shit and the store does nothing. Other places if they catch you they take you behind the building and beat the shit out of you.
So know where you are at and read the vibes. That said stealing is totally unnecessary unless you need drug money. It's risk with low reward. I would advise against it. No need in taking that kind of risk when you don't have to.

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