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Anyone else have tooth problems and are scared shitless over it? Currently I can't chew with any part of my mouth or I'll get a tooth ache, but I have no money for any dental work…


Yeah, I have like 3 cracked molars, can't afford a dentist 'cause America, ya know? If the government provided basic health care to its poorest that would be communism or something. Anyway here's what I do to keep the pain at bay.

>Go to Walmart get a pack of the cheapest toothbrushes (Dr. Fresh) get the stiff ones, use any Flouride toothpaste.

>GENTLY brush your teeth, use cold water, take your time. Probably spit blood a few times.
>GENTLY floss, don't snap your gums or you'll be in a world of pain.
>Brush teeth again.
>Warm salt water rinse, a teaspoon of salt in a cup of warm water, stir well, slosh around in your mouth for about 30 seconds, do it again 2 more times.
>Rinse mouth with cold water.
Use lots of toothpaste for a rich foam. Brush inside as well as outside of teeth. Do this before going to bed. Don't eat drink or smoke until the next day. This'll give your gums time to heal. Try to gently brush after every meal. Don't snack, limit meals to preferably one or two but at most three a day. Drink at least three cups of cold water a day (measure it out to make sure). Try to avoid soda but if you can't then rinse mouth immediately afterwards.

I found a low cost clinic but they can't see me until mid-March (I made the appt. in Jan. lol) they'll probably pull the fuckers out it's okay I don't care.

Anyway good luck hope this helps.


Just one tooth that's decayed beyond recovery. It's going to come out, but hopefully the canine next to it doesn't. Aside from that I have the usual chips and cracks a man on third through his life might. Sometimes when I eat sugar for the first time in a day, I get excruciating pain on all my teeth that lasts a few minutes before dissipating to a tolerable level. I also have some ground down sides to my molars that get pretty close to the nerve, probably from years of eating uncooked ramen and Dotitos.

>can't afford a dentist 'cause America, ya know? If the government provided basic health care to its poorest that would be communism or something
Don't worry,it's not just 'Murica. Even countries with socialized health care explicitly exclude dental. Even a tooth pulling could still cost thousands and set the patient out of work on unpaid leave. Dentistry, especially cosmetic, is one of the most lucrative and corrupt business models on Earth. Everyone's got teeth and everyone's eating garbage. Perfect means of milking them dry.
>Warm salt water rinse
Everyone should do this. bacterium haet the hotsalt.


>uncooked ramen and Doritos
That's funny, it was actually Doritos that fucked me up enough in Jan. to look for a charity clinic (best thing I found was a low cost) The oldest of my fucked up molars cracked about two years ago but has been getting worse and worse, it's almost all gone except for part of one side. I'm kind of surprised I don't have more pain but like I said I try to keep my mouth clean. I do the warm salt water rinse only about once a week. Doing it too much can actually fuck your teeth up more. Can't wait until March!


silver diamine fluoride

ur welcome


tldr its a cheap liquid, a few drops are enough to treat your entire mouth. cavities and bad areas are blackened, the enamel is rebuilt, and the entire thing imbues your teeth with antibacterial properties thanks to the silver


wow, I am a minumim wagetard from ANOTHER country and I have had 2 endodontics, but the goverment can just take them off for you, but no new crown much less an implant, in fact implants are prohibitively costly so most people just remove them when a crown is not viable.


Oh wow a chemical that destroys bracrabs and has been used in the past to lobotomize entire populations. Forget just eating right, brushing, then flushing with salt and alcohol. Oh no, the alcohol that kills bacteria isn't kosher so we can't put it in our mouths, better use something that has the same effects as mercury when swallowed.

>the enamel is rebuilt

Like what happens when cleaned with any other method?
>the entire thing imbues your teeth with antibacterial properties thanks to the silver
Plaque that has n bacteria in it is a vessel for regeneration and protects against new destructive microbes from reaching the teeth.

Dumbass poison-pusher.


we are all adults here and can make our own decisions. i can tell them whatever i want and they can decide whatever they want. get off my balls


>i can tell them whatever i want
Then why tell us to ingest such a horrible poison? Why do you hate us so? And if you wish to be regarded as an adult, try to at least type like someone born before the year 2023.


Yes, I have some sort of swelling above the gumline on one of my teeth that keeps getting irritated and peeling and the area right at the gum line has had terrible decay. I had a filling there already done but it keeps falling out and giving me issues. I know something is up above the gum line some sort of infection but I went to the oral surgeon and they couldn't diagnose it. I get terrible cavities centered around that one area no matter how much I brush or floss. I don't have it in me to keep scheduling appointment after appointment with differnt doctors. I have already been like 5 times to dentists or doctors for this but it never goes anywhere because I do one step and then get defeated and stop until later when it gets so bad that I have to start all over again. I really don't like not being able to keep myself healthy. I know gum issues like this can lead to more serious issues like heart disease.


There actually is a proven cure for cavities btw and it's not that silver bullshit. Some guy genetically engineered the main cavity causing bacteria to produce ethanol instead of acid. It outcompetes the original strain and you don't get cavities anymore. It got stalled in regulatory approval and never saw the light of day again.


because it works. it's about the only way you can treat an entire village in under an hour for a few bucks. if you dont have fucked up teeth and arent desperate, good for you. i can type how i please, stop being such a dick telling others what to say, how to type. you are annoying

if you want something similar, look into xylitol. bacteria try to utilize it instead of sugar, but end up starving since they cant digest it properly. you can get it in granule form like sugar and just pop some in your mouth after brushing. less destructive than ethanol or a mouthwash


with all the conspiracy heads around here it was to be expected that someone would lose their shit at the sight of the word 'fluoride'


Fluoride being a poison isn't a conspiracy theory you fucking martian


File: 1707724754451.jpg (867.45 KB, 1400x1000, 7:5, e1f093c2f66f1d4b04eacec1fa….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>because it works.
So does alcohol and antibiotics
>it's about the only way you can treat an entire village in under an hour for a few bucks.
Alcohol and antibiotics.

You suggesting something so inexplicably awful as flouride on the grounds that it's "cheap" and "The government *treats* entire villages with it" is no worse than suggesting someone swish bleach and gasoline. You have no business in a mouth care thread if you're just going to parrot the same contractually obligated tricks that keeps dentists in business. The only reason flouride is used in mouthwashes and toothpastes is because Alcohol isn't kosher or halal to put in the mouth. If you're not a semite, there's no reason to gargle something that demands a hazmat response 10 times the size needed for an Anthrax spill.


Antibacterial properties of colloidal and/or bioavailable silver solutions are largely superstition. They pushed hard by Libertarians in the mid-to-late 20th century explicitly because silver treatments were debunked by academia and lost FDA approval, and if western governments and mainstream scientists funded by the public were against it and 19th century America was for it then god damn it must be the Libertarian way to do things. Don't turn yourself blue just because some internet urban legend told you it would make you immune to gangrene (it won't).


Every piece of evidence or argument that it is possible to reverse cavities is talking about stage 1 cavities, or "caries." When the surface deterioration is the problem. They are never really talking about cavitation stage cavities, when the physical cavitation (not just demineralization) creates physical holes in the physical dentin. This is also the stage at which your dentist will for simplicity's sake tell you that you have a cavity, whereas previously the demineralization stage or entry stage cavity was usually called a "watch." Because at those stages it was reversible. He almost certainly told you that it was reversible f it was found at that stage, and he probably did tell you a means to reverse it. And it is possible that not doing those things also saw reversal of caries in other patients who managed to keep the area clean and maintain a remineralization process by being particularly diligent through an alternative approach.

It is extraordinarily irresponsible to tell someone that the techniques by which demineralization spots or superficial caries can be reversed will also manage to cure or reverse later stage dentin infections and root disorders. 50% of maxillary abscessions which reach the stage of spreading beyond the tooth result in patient death. That's in the United States today, with antibiotics and treatment. 50%. The debilitations that are caused even in successful treatment at that stage often include blindness and permanent brain damage. No recovery without either physical removal of the infected tooth or of the infected tissue/passage within the tooth has ever been recorded. Not in any American for profit hospital, not in any Australian hospital, not in any British cheapass socialized healthcare hospital, not in any German hospital, not in any Russian hospital under either Soviet or postsoviet regimes, not in any Chinese hospital, nowhere in the entire world has treating or cleaning or performing apical surgery on an infection managed to save a life without direct physical operation on the tooth. Root canals and extractions are life saving procedures.

Tooth infections are ridiculously common in mammals in nature. Bears have a lot of them due to their omnivory. You'll find a lot of disinfo on this subject online, and a lot of ignorant questions like "why don't dogs get cavities" (what is the lifespan of a dog and how many cavities does a child who doesn't eat candy usually get by the age of 12, dogs get caries all the time anyways).

Don't get an abscess. If you get an abscess, get it treated. It will either cost your money or your life.


>any part of the mouth
Single-source problems might be responsible for this.
If you are very, very lucky, then this could be explained with TMJD.
If you are very, very unlucky you may have a bone infection in the skull which has a high mortality rate (can't simply amputate the skull the way other bone infections are treated).
The younger you are the more likely it is to be a TMJ disorder. The older you are the more likely a TMJ disorder would have been found previously and the more likely it is something that developed later as a result of physical deterioration, such as an infection.

However, not every problem in the world is just one problem that can be solved with just one WEIRD TRICK click here for more info buy my book buy product. Unfortunately, a lot of people manage to have two or more different issues. Well, I say "unfortunately" but that would turn into "very fortunately" if it means two or three cavities instead of one major skull infection.


colloidal silver is not silver diamine fluoride. you can google it if you have no idea what it is


also neither ethanol nor antibiotics simultaneously treat decay and rebuild your enamel and protect against bacteria long after treatment


No, he's right. I have gone under the dental care rabbit hole too. Everything, has a price, anon.


>Alcohol isn't kosher or halal to put in the mouth.
The former is untrue, the latter is untrue if used as medicine.
Conspiracytards can't even do their own research©


>The former is untrue
Jews not being allowed to consume alcohol outside of special circumstances is why alcohol isn't allowed to be used for decontaminating dairy equipment, leading to mandatory high-heat treatment for all commercially available milk.
>the latter is untrue if used as medicine.
And "hygiene" isn't considered medicine to Muslims. Decontaminating the mouth is considered vain and unnecessary.


Fair enough. It sounds like one of these trivial topics that are absurdly complicated in both religions depending on whom you ask. I doubt that's the only reason fluoride is used though, but gotta blame da jews.


>but gotta blame da jews
The Jews literally made it illegal for us to perform root canals on our own children.




If you are so low IQ you rather die of an infected dental cavity instead of taking a simple ethanol remedy… That's just natural selection at work.

Why would someone capable of creating entire universes and planets care whether some random arab in a desert puts ethanol into their mouth?


Didn't Muslim arabs invent distilled spirits mainly for medical and perfume uses?
I just think they aren't allowed to get drunk for fun.
Sort of like Mormons banning basically anything that can have a effect on the mind unless it's for medical reasons.


>Didn't Muslim arabs invent distilled spirits mainly for medical and perfume uses?
No. Alcohol has been found in tombs all over the desert, but not in those associated with Islamic burial practices. It was likely carried by silk road travelers and militaries not of Muslim stock. They do use it to disinfect wound todays, but again, dental hygiene isn't considered a wound and the wrath of allah for putting alcohol in the mouth outweighs the benefits it has for decontamination.


Clove oil makes great. No need for booze, but be sure you have a nearby glass of water when taking the drops. Some people also claims vinegar and salt make do, some other use baking soda.


ive never been to the dentist my entire life. i drink 3-4 energy drinks a day and i dont have a good outlook on how long my teeth are going to last. i was supposed to get braces as a kid and i never did, and i dont think my front teeth have stopped projecting outward. fucks sake lol

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